football niall

Everyone is afraid that Rihanna is going to steal their favourite player but y´all better watch out for Niall bc he is the real threat………

And look how he is flirting with Mata

What a whore……………


Is this the most Niall story of all time? ✔ Australia ✔ Cousins ✔ Football ✔ Niall jumping all over a pro footballer he’s only just met ✔ Pub ✔ Beer ✔ Massive night on the piss… by the sound of things. Oh, to have been a fly on that pub wall… 🍻🍻🍻

After Graduation

Requested. Part 2 to Footie Love.

The romance between you and Niall was basically non-existent. All it consisted of was even more “practices”, even if the season was over. You needed to keep your skills sharp for when you went to school.

Thankfully it wasn’t too far away, so you and Niall could work it out. If it ever got there…

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Soccer Aid 2016

It’s been a year since our lives were forever changed by Soccer Aid 2016. Here are some of the beautiful photographic highlights that made us weak in the knees and tingly all over.

1st there was Footballer/Frat boy Niall…

2nd were the sweet Nouis pics:

3rd: The Suit

4th: My favorite “bits” from Soccer Aid

What an event and oh the memories!


Au: Where Zayn and Louis are famous football players and Zayn likes to talk non-stop about his long-term relationship with Liam Payne, 1/3 of One Direction.