football nail polish

askthemisfitsgt  asked:

Yo! What color did the other dudes paint their nails? ((also i love this art so much!! it's too cute!!))

R: I like to paint my nails either an orange or red.

JD: I usually go with a light blue, or with clear nail polish. Football usually ruins the paint job.

M: I paint mine red. It’s like, the best color to use.

gifts i’m buying for the signs

Aries: Barnes and noble gift card, chocolate, gift card to a horse supply store

Taurus: box of Count Chocula cereal, guitar pick, bath bombs

Gemini: pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups, Japanese cherry blossom lotion, Pusheen keychain

Cancer: Necklace, Red Lobster gift card, DVDs of favorite movies

Leo: small makeup palette, perfume, colored pens

Virgo: Amazon gift card, cozy scarf, book about Salem Witch Trials

Libra: lotion, football team merch, nail polish

Scorpio: new AUX cord, tickets to a movie coming out, vegan soap

Sagittarius: earrings, lipstick, books

Capricorn: tote bag with cute woodsy design, rose facial spray, coloring book of Greek mythical creatures

Aquarius: (more) bath bombs, scented candles, crystals

Pisces: drumsticks, book with writing prompts, cozy blanket

My Super Bowl mani for today..with a claw pose cuz I spent way too much time  on that logo not to share it! Lol. I won’t pretend that I’m a huge football fan that watches year round, BUT I do always watch the Super Bowl & the occasion calls for a special mani!