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Duchess of Cambridge in 2016

  1. January 6- George’s First Day at Nursery School [No Photos]
  2. January 10- Sunday Service marking the 100th Anniversary of the First World War Gallipoli Campaign
  3. January- Shopping with George
  4. February 7- 75th Anniversary of RAF Air Cadets
  5. February 7- Helicopter Ride
  6. February 7- Video for Children’s Mental Health Week; Video
  7. February- Dinner at The Crown Inn [No Photos]
  8. February 17- Edits Huffington Post in Support of Children’s Mental Health
  9. February 18- RAF Disbandment Parade
  10. February- Shopping
  11. February 24- Visit to Edinburgh: Visits St. Catherine’s Primary School; Visits The Art Room’s Studio at Wester Hailes Education Centre; Visits Craigmount High School for “Tennis on the Road” Released
  12. March 7- Ski Holiday Photos Released
  13. March 10- Private Visit to Maytree; Visits St. Thomas’ Hospital; Screening of The Stranger on the Bridge; Private Discussion with people bereaved by Suicide
  14. March 11- visits XLP Mentoring Programme at London Wall
  15. March 14- Commonwealth Day Service
  16. March 18- Opens EACH’s Charity Shop
  17. March 27- Our Queen at 90 Documentary; Video
  18. April 7- Reception for Natives from India and Bhutan
  19. April 10- Day 1 of Official Visit to India: Arrival; Lays Wreath at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel; Meets with Staff
  20. April 10- Day 1 of Official Visit to India: Visits Oval Maidan; Open-top Bus Tour of Mumbai; Visits Banganga Water Tank; Visits Slum; Meets with Representatives of SMILE
  21. April 10- Day 1 of Official Visit to India: Dinner Gala & Reception
  22. April 11- Day 2 of Official Visit to India: Investiture at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel; Launched GREAT Tech Rocketship Awards; Visits The Social; Arrives in New Delhi; Visits India Gate & Lays a Wreath; Visits Gandhi Smriti
  23. April 11- Day 2 of Official Visit to India: Queen’s Birthday Party
  24. April 12- Day 3 of Official Visit to India: Visits Salaam Baalak Trust
  25. April 12- Day 3 of Official Visit to India: Luncheon
  26. April 12- Day 3 of Official Visit to India: Bohag Bihu Festival
  27. April 13- Day 4 of Official Visit to India: visits Kaziranga National Park
  28. April 13- Day 4 of Official Visit to India: Visits Panbari Village; visits Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation; Visits Kaziranga Discovery Centre
  29. April 14- Day 5 of Official Visit to India: Arrives at Airport
  30. April 14- Day 1 of Official Visit to Bhutan: Arrival
  31. April 14- Day 1 of Official Visit to Bhutan: Visits Thimphu Dzong for Chipdrel; Meets King and Queen; Open-Air Archery Event
  32. April 14- Day 1 of Official Visit to Bhutan: Dinner
  33. April 15- Day 2 of Official Visit to Bhutan: Hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery Paro Taktsang
  34. April 15- Day 2 of Official Visit to Bhutan: Reception
  35. April 16- Day 3 of Official Visit to Bhutan: Farewell
  36. April 16- Day 6 of Official Visit to India: Visits Taj Mahal
  37. April 21- Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday Dinner
  38. April 22- Dinner for the Obama’s
  39. April 24- Announces new Mental Health Campaign “Heads Together”
  40. May 3- British Vogue Released
  41. May 4- Opens the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace
  42. May 4- Lunch Reception for Anna Freud Centre
  43. May 4- “Vogue 100: A Century of Style” Exhibit at National Portrait Gallery
  44. May 15- Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday Celebration
  45. May 16- Heads Together Launch
  46. May 19- Sends Message of Support to attendees at International Children’s Palliative Care Network; New Photo
  47. May 20- Visits Portsmouth for 1851 Trust: Opens Tech Deck Education Centre; Sailing
  48. May 23- Chelsea Flower Show
  49. May 23- Walking with George and Charlotte
  50. May 24- Out with George and Charlotte
  51. May 24- Garden Party
  52. May 24- Meeting with Representatives working in support of services for women in prisons [No Photos]
  53. May 24- Boards Helicopter
  54. May 28- Houghton Hall Horse Trials
  55. May 29- Houghton Hall Horse Trials
  56. June 9- SportsAid’s 40th Anniversary Dinner; Speech
  57. June 10- Queen’s 90th Birthday Thanksgiving Service
  58. June 11- Trooping the Colour
  59. June 12- The Patron’s Lunch
  60. June 13- Order of Garter
  61. June 14- Signs Book of Condolence at American Embassy
  62. June 15- Royal Ascot
  63. June 22- A Taste of Norfolk Dinner
  64. June 30- Visits Thiepval Memorial; Vigil at Thiepval Memorial for 100th Anniversary of Battle of Somme
  65. July 1- Opens Thiepval Museum; National Commemorative Event to mark the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme
  66. July 6- Art Fund Museum of the Year Award
  67. July 7- Wimbledon
  68. July 8- Royal International Air Tattoo
  69. July 10- Wimbledon Final
  70. July 16- Visits SAS Camp [No Photos]
  71. July 24- America’s Cup World Series; Presents Trophy
  72. July 26- Arrives in France for Vacation [No Photos]
  73. August 4- Video Wishing Team GB Good Luck in Rio
  74. August 15- Message of Support for Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families [No Photos]
  75. August 24- Visit to Luton: Visits Youthscape; Visits Keech Hospice Care; Visits Hayward Tyler
  76. August 25- Visits YoungMinds UK Helpline Service
  77. September 1- Day 1 of Visit to Cornwall: Visits Truro Cathedral; Visits Zebs; Visits Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm; Visits Nansledan; Visits Tregunnel Hill Project; Visits Wave Project
  78. September 2- Day 2 of Visit to Cornwall: Visits Eden Project; Visits Tresco & St. Martin
  79. September 10- Picnic Lunch with the Queen
  80. September 11- Sunday Service at Crathie Kirk
  81. September 16- Visits Stewards Academy for Heads Together Campaign
  82. September 24- Day 1 of Official Visit to Canada: Arrival; Lays Wreath at Cenotaph
  83. September 25- Day 2 of Official Visit to Canada: Visits Sheway; Visits Immigration Services Society of British Columbia; Event celebrating young leaders in Canadian arts, music, sport, charity, business, and film; Visits Kitsilano Coastguard Station
  84. September 26- Day 3 of Official Visit to Canada: Cultural Celebration; Dedication of the Great Bear Rainforest; Visits Great Bear Rainforest
  85. September 26- Day 3 of Official Visit to Canada: Reception
  86. September 27- Day 4 of Official Visit to Canada: Arrival in Kelowna; Visits University of British Columbia Okanagan; Watches Women’s Volleyball Game; A Taste of British Columbia; Visits Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre
  87. September 28- Day 5 of Official Visit to Canada: Arrival in Whitehorse; Visits MacBride Museum; Meet with Children and Elders taking part in Indigenous Languages Initiatives; visits Youth Art Festival
  88. September 28- Day 5 of Official Visit to Canada: Visits Carcross: Elder Blessing; Song and Welcome Dance by Dakhka Khwaan Dancers; Meets Locals
  89. September 29- Day 6 of Official Visit to Canada: Children’s Party
  90. September 30- Day 7 of Official Visit to Canada: Arrives in Haida Gwaii; Welcome Ceremony; Visits Haida Heritage Centre; visits Haida Gwaii General Hospital
  91. September 30- Day 7 of Official Visit to Canada: Goes Fishing
  92. October 1- Day 8 of Official Visit to Canada: Visits Cridge Centre for the Family; Sailing
  93. October 1- Day 8 of Official Visit to Canada: Farewell
  94. October 10- World Mental Health Day
  95. October 11- Visits to the Netherlands: Meets with King Willem-Alexander; Visits “At Home in Holland: Vermeer and his Contemporaries from the British Royal Collection” at the Mauritshuis; visits British Ambassador’s Residence for Round Table on the themes of Addiction, Intervention, Family, and Mental Health; visits Social Makerspace of Bospolder-Tussendijken
  96. October 14- Visit to Manchester: Visits National Football Museum; Visits Manchester Town Hall; Visits National Graphene Institute; visits Francis House
  97. October 18- Team GB Rio Olympians Reception; Reception for finalists of BBC Radio One’s Teen Hero Awards
  98. November 3- Recovery Street Film Festival; A Street Cat Named Bob Premiere
  99. November 4- Visits HMP Eastwood Park; Visits Nelson Trust Women’s Centre
  100. November 12- Festival of Remembrance
  101. November 13- Remembrance Sunday Service
  102. November 14- Autumn Dinner of the Royal Foundation [No Photos]
  103. November 22- Tea Party to bid Farewell to Dippy the Diplodocus at the National History Museum
  104. November 22- Place2Be Awards; Speech
  105. November 28- Memorial Service for Duke of Westminster
  106. December 7- Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry Board Meeting; Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry Reception [No Photos]
  107. December 8- Met with Juli Beattie [No Photos]
  108. December 8- Diplomatic Reception
  109. December 12- Documentary for 60th Anniversary of Duke of Edinburgh Award; Video
  110. December 14- Special Cub Scout Pack Meeting for 100th Anniversary
  111. December 19- Volunteer Christmas Party
  112. December 20- Pre-Christmas Lunch
  113. December 25- Christmas Day Service

Really excited to have officially launched our new collection from Supporters.Pro; the SoccerWars collection - inspired by the Star Wars films featuring eight character jerseys with original crests.

Buy them here! You can customize them and we offer worldwide shipping. If you are a Star Wars and a Soccer fan we believe these ARE indeed the jerseys you were looking for. Please share and enjoy :)

We are also pleased and extremely proud that our collection is now a feature in the National Football Museum in Manchester. 

Don’t get sidelined—we’re open. The NFL Draft is happening on our steps, so our East Entrance will be closed beginning today. Be sure to enter through the West Entrance today through Sunday, April 30. And local road closures are in effect, so be sure plan your travels to the Museum accordingly.

Photo via Instagram by @kevinmu

It Was Raining...

Hoping we get a Robron scene tonight that makes this daydream ficlet thingy of mine canon…

Chas walked into the backroom to be met with the sight of her son wrapped up with his fiancé, bags at their feet, arms circling each others waists, hips pressed together and lips smiling into each others kiss.

“Ooh, you’re back,” she beamed at them. “How was Manchester?”

The boys shared a fleeting, knowing look between each other, fully aware of how amazing their weekend had been.

“Yeah it was good,” Aaron answered her, eyes wide and lips upturned into the kind of smile that was becoming less and less rare from him.

“Really good,” Robert added, his tone causing something to stir in the pit of Aaron’s stomach.

“So,” Chas pointed at their bags on the floor. “You brought me anything back? Bet you spent hours at the Trafford Centre?”

Aaron laughed nervously, glancing at Robert.

“Nah, as if,” he replied to her, feeling a little bad when he saw her smile drop somewhat. “It was…um…it was too far…from the hotel,” he stuttered.

“Ohh, ok,” she conceded lightly. “So what did you see then? Did you go to that football museum thingy? I had a mate whose boyfriend dragged her there but she said it weren’t that bad in the end.”

There was a pause as Aaron hoped Robert would come up with the excuse this time.

“Errrrr…no,” Aaron admitted, glancing a knowing look over at his fiancé who stood beside him. “It was…errrrrrm…we -”

“We couldn’t find it,” Robert interjected, saving him. “Google maps wouldn’t load. For either of us,” he added with a slight shrug.

“Ohh,” Chas narrowed her eyes, glancing between the pair of them. “What about the Lowry?”

“We missed the metro,” Robert lied with an exaggerated eye roll.

“They’re every 5 minutes!” She scolded, raising her voice to show her disbelief. “Well, you must have at least gone to Canal Street?”

“Why because we’re gay?”

“Bi,” Robert corrected his fiancé under his breath, getting a sarcastic lip curl in response.

“Well, did you?” Chas asked again, ignoring the way Aaron looked so affronted.

“We did, actually,” Aaron conceded.

“But only for a quick pint,” Robert added, smirking.

Chas looked between the two lovesick puppies stood before her, realisation finally setting in about precisely what this weekend had consisted of for her son and his fiancé.

“Did you even leave your hotel room?” she questioned, voice raised with a hint of light-hearted disparagement.

Aaron looked to Robert, who returned his wide-eyed knowing glance, clearly amused with the fact they’d been caught out. He laughed, and Aaron laughed with him; both enjoying the memories of the weekend they’d just shared dancing in the space between them.

“It was raining,” Robert offered in excuse, his face a picture of complete happiness.

Aaron looked to the floor as his smile widened.

He looked back up at his mum and saw the way she was smiling back at him, fully aware of what the boys had spent their weekend doing.

“Yeah, mum,” Aaron simpered unapologetically. “It was raining.”


6 things you may not expect to find in a football museum

Signed footballs, historic shirts, hands-on football challenges: these are the kinds of things you’d expect to find in a football museum right? Well you’d be right, the National Football Museum in Manchester in Northern England is home to all these things. But there are some far more unusual things besides in its vast collection! Find out more