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(sorry for this picture but it’s the newest I have; at least you don’t habe to expect halitosis from me)

Hey guys,

first of all I hope you’re having a great day and everything’s okay with you. 

My real name is Julian but I’d prefer being called Jules I don’t know why it just sounds better to me. I am 21 and I am living in Germany.
I don’t really have any hobbies to talk about. It’s basically just me all the time when I am not at work and that’s why I am trying to find friends on here but I don’t know if it’s going to work like this.
I love football (soccer AND American Football), art, museums, music, the night sky, space in general, architecture, flowers and plants, fashion, basically just everything. Talk to me and you’ll have my attention!
I am not really looking for someone to send snail mail with although that would be really cute but I can’t afford this at the moment so texting on tumblr or iMessage, mails or whatever you like would be fine to me.            I speak German, English, some basics of Spanish and two or three words of Polish but that doesn’t really count I guess.

If you’re interested I am open to talk to anyone.

juliankoesterke @ googlemail . com


New photos of Alex promoting The Legend of Tarzan, meeting fans and touring the Museu do Futebol in São Paulo, Brazil (July 19, 2016).

Pic credit:  michelepacifico instagram

Other Photos:  Thanks/credits:

wbpictures_br twitter (x):  How about an afternoon in the park with @marcela_mont? #TarzanNoBrasil #ALendadeTarzan

wbpictures_br via SkarsgardBrasil (x):  Alexander Skarsgard at the Museu do Futebol

cfelipelli instagram

anafriedman instagram:  Today’s tour at the Football Museum (@museudofutebol) was with Alexander Skarsgård, leading actor from the new movie “Legend of Tarzan”. We talked football history, being a fan and national (both Brazilian and Swedish) teams. Fun times at work and something to keep in my memory!

wiiiiill182 instagram:  OMFG!!!!!!! Thanks for your attention, you are adorable!!!

fabioziccardi  instagram:  Last day with Alexander Skarsgard The Legend of Tarzan for Warner Bros. Video Interview  Show! #job #Working #The Legend of Tarzan #WarnerBros #makeupartist #fabioziccardi

wbpictures_br instagram: The King of the Jungle and the King of Football. Today was the day the actor Alexander Skarsgård visited the Museu do Futebol in São Paulo. #The Legend of Tarzan #TarzanNoBrasil 


6 things you may not expect to find in a football museum

Signed footballs, historic shirts, hands-on football challenges: these are the kinds of things you’d expect to find in a football museum right? Well you’d be right, the National Football Museum in Manchester in Northern England is home to all these things. But there are some far more unusual things besides in its vast collection! Find out more

Yahho !

ういっす みんな!

I will hold the figure of the gallery to July 20 and August 9 - August 15


Gallery location is right next to the football museum of Ochanomizu in Tokyo .


come to see!