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Anon, I wanna thank you cause I agree with like all of this!!! 

In fact here’s a good list to expand on more of this:

( Train AU Beginnings )

The Train AU takes place in a town much like the ones you would find in southern Ireland. I have family over there and the scenery is so beautiful, the train rides I took to visit all my cousins were some of the most peaceful trips I’ve had. I want you guys to imagine a place with wide open fields and close-knit neighbors. But also cobblestoned city streets with more places to walk than drive. I want you guys to picture warm nature and stone fences. 

Altea Academy is a private institution located in the modern downtown district of Finch (a made up town based on Dublin). The high school caters to talented and wealthy students and offers them a college preparatory education. Most of its students are child prodigies and scholarshiped athletes. The school itself is very reminiscent of Trinity University in Dublin. Due to its prominent nature, the school is known for being uptight, but its students are known for being quite troublesome. But since their students are regarded as the “best” the school rarely punishes them. If they did the child’s important angry parents would be breathing down the principal’s neck. The school’s football team is known locally and statewide, they have always dominated the competition.

Students of Altea:

  • Takashi Shirogane - Team captain and quarterback of Altea’s Black Lions. Shiro is seen by teachers as a straight-A senior and perfect student. But his friends and fellow students see him as tired soul. He stays up late to do homework and runs on nothing but willpower and energy drinks. He is constantly making bad decisions when his friends are not with him. Bad decisions include: Random piercings his current hairstyle, and regrettable tattoos. He is a huge space nut and can talk to you all day about the stars, their constellations, and their meanings. His affinity for stars has earned him the nickname Space Dad. He’s an Instagram legend thanks to his friend Matt and is sought after by every guy and girl in the district. 
  • Katie Holt - A computer science prodigy, Katie was able to skip three grades and at age 14 she sits with her brother in the senior class. Due to the strict dress code, Katie was forbidden from wearing the men’s uniform and is constantly writing emails to the faculty about how unfair it is to deny her pants. She may look like she is diligently typing notes but Katie sits in the back of the class for a reason. She’s either hacking the school’s internet and database or playing video games, yet whenever called she can answer the question correctly. Unlike Shiro, the school knows Katie is not as sweet as she looks. Along with her brother, Keith, and secretly Shiro, she has pulled off countless school pranks. 
  • Matt Holt - An angel in the eyes of teachers and best friends with Shiro. He pretends to scold his sister for her troublesome pranks when called to the office, but it’s all an act. Computer science and mathematics prodigy Matthew Holt is the face of several school adds along with Shiro. Due to his father’s strong government ties, the school can hardly punish his sister and thus could never touch him. Matt is Shiro’s lifeline making sure he studies, supplies him with Monster, and treats him to breakfast every once in a while. 
  • Keith Kogane - A reckless punk in the eyes of teachers and staff. But a school icon none the less. No matter how many classes he sleeps through he always aces them. He’s on the football team with Shiro and has scored most of the school record-breaking touchdowns. He’s a golden boy at everything and anything and the teachers can’t do anything about his reckless behavior without incurring the wrath of his uncle, CEO of Galra Industries and Sciences, Zarkon. Keith’s parents died when he was very young. His mother’s brother took him in and raised him alongside his own son Lotor. He loves Keith like his own son and bought him the house his parent’s lived in on the outskirts of the quiet town of Creek.

(Lotor goes to another elite high school in Finch where the football team is co-ed. Lotor is the quarterback and captain and the girls he leads are hella strong. Their team is usually ranked third in the district and is constantly trying to one-up Altea. )

West Creek High is a local high school in the much calmer town of Creek, about a four-hour train ride from Finch. The school itself is a community high school, lots of local kids go here. It’s an old building with laxed old rules, and well-behaved students. The school’s pride is its football team, most kids go to West Creek just to make the team. They are ranked second in the county. In Creek, the streets are more for walking and less for driving. There is a local Somoan bakery that makes fresh pastries every morning and next to them is a cafe. The owners are good friends and together bring in business for both shops. 

Students of West Creek High

  • Hunk Garret- A lovable sweet boy with a heart of gold and the body of a god. Hunk is the school’s famed linebacker, he’s a hulking beast on the field and could break a normal high schooler in two. But Hunk couldn’t hurt a fly and only joined the team for the scholarship so he could save his mother money. He helps run the local Somoan bakery with her and is looking to take over the business when he graduates. He’s best friends with Lance and has been since pre K. They have matching wristbands, the one Hunk wears is Lance’s favorite color while the one Lance wears is Hunk’s favorite color. Sometimes he and Lance stay up hella late playing video games with their online friend Pidge. 
  • Allura - The resident hottest girl in school, Allura is rather down to earth and sweet once people get to know her. She runs a fashion blog and dominates Instagram with gorgeous selfies. Although her father is the CO-CEO to Galra, and she could have gone to any school she wanted, she chose West Creek out of all the fancy prep schools. She thought the homier the neighborhood the kinder the friends. She became friends with Hunk and Lance because she frequently eats at Hunk’ s bakery. Lance is her wingman and always lets her know if a guy at a party is trouble. She currently has a crush on this guy who keeps showing up on her insta feed.He’s got a fringe of bleached hair and piercings. His friend’s feed is filled with pictures of the said bleached boy doing hilarious stunts and sweaty football pics. It’s a blessing. 
  • Coran Smythe - Is the schools most eccentric and loved history professor. He somehow has a strange unheard historical fact for every era they cover in class and often judges the textbooks on getting certain events wrong or the author being completely off base. Not only is he a great teacher but he is also a great coach. He coaches the Creek Creatures football team. The mascot is some kind of cryptid, the current costume resembles Mothman.  
  • Lance Sanchez - A straight-A student and all around excitable guy. He wants to be an astronaut, or a fighter pilot, or something to do with the sky. Lance loves the idea of flying and wants to get his piloting license when he graduates. Lance lives on the outskirts of Creek where his family owns a farm with horses, cows, and lots or sheep. So his mom makes him take the train to make sure he gets to school on time. He’s always been a little bit of a daydreamer and is often caught zoning out in class.

The train ride from Creek to Finch is an hour and a half, the train consists of mostly leisure cars where you can sit at a table and be treated to a snack trolley. Otherwise, you can sit in the many standing cars with minimal seating and more standing room. 


I constantly thank god for esteban // panic! at the disco

Bughead College AU: Smells Like School Spirit

Within her first week in college, Betty learned three very important lessons.  First, just because a dining hall is all-you-can-eat does not mean that you, in fact, need to eat all you can.  Second, the elevators will never come as quickly as you hope.  And third, don’t piss off your roommate unless you want to end up locked outside in nothing but a tiny towel.

Betty just learned that third one.  

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a fever you can’t sweat out + opening lines

Day 101: Discover Orange Bowl 2014 - Go Bucks! 
(Brutus Buckeye - The Ohio State University Mascot)

  • tbh people look forward to football games because of jackson 
  • like he’s been a mascot for all four years of college bc the coach always guilts him into it and jackson’s like,,,,,,,but my studies,,,,,,then agAin can my studies make ppl as happy? diDn’t thiNk so i am iN.
  • since he started being the mascot, attendance @ football games has like skyrocketed and he rly prides himself in that like yeah jinyoung you can act or whatever buT can u sinGle handeDly save College Sports Culture????? no ok sit down.
  • wears this big, fluffy wolf costume and thanks to jackson it’s v flashy and everyone thinks its like the Coolest Costume Ever
  • what they Don’t Know tho is that that suit smells like Ass
  • jackson’s tried to get rid of the smell on various occasions and has even pinned a lil air freshener tree on the inside but Nothing
  • and he always has to leave the suit in the football locker room because if he doesn’t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,He Will Forget Everything
  • but like u would think that this thick ass, heavy ass suit would at least idk slow him down or something
  • nope
  • still mr wang speedy jackson
  • i’m just putting this out there but jackson listens to 2nd generation girl groups when he practices
  • the school’s pride club love him sm that he has his own like fan page?? on instagram and it’s Beautiful
  • like one way that other schools tell if someone goes to that college is if they have a picture with the mascot on their sns
  • what can i say Jackson Is Famous
  • (he’s convinced of it)
  • (one time jinyoung wouldn’t admit how popular jackson is just to spite him and jackson literally paid a freshman to run up to him and ask for an autograph before a game)
  • speaking of games lmao he interacts with and hypes up the crowd s o m u c h that once the coach had to tell him to tone it down bc the players were getting distracted
  • the student body can pretty much unanimously say that jackson makes the football games 99% more fun but of course
  • there’s those few people that Don’t Enjoy Fun and think that jackson’s “annoying” or “too loud”
  • hunty that’s his job??????????????
  • anytime anyone says something bad about jackson 10 other people immediately defend him like How Dare You Disrespect Our Leader
  • (college frat boys worship jackson)
  • does tons of cool flips and dancing and stuff and everyone finds it mesmerizing 
  • (bambam’s always like !!!! jackson hyung teach me your ways !!!! while jinyoung is like ………’re going to fracture ur kidney headass……)
  • and tbh jackson is REALLY good at whatever tricks he does like he’s never fallen or misstepped or something during a game 
  • like there’s legit a rumor going around that he’s like magical
  • i’m not even kidding u this boy is so good that he has college students believing in some harry potter shit
  • he actually made up a few chants himself and they actually caught on really well and fans changed up certain ones to fit other sports bc they were so catchy
  • he always puts his all into it even though some people think being a mascot is a joke and make fun of him
  • stuff like that doesn’t matter to him as long as he’s making other people happy even for a moment
  • anyways, you’re one of the on-site paramedics at the football games because yk,,,,,,,,,,,,football.
  • and the team and everyone football-involved knows who u r because like,,,,,,lemme go like sprain my ankle real quick bc i need some Medical Attention if u know what i mean ;-)))))),,,,,
  • but like ur at another one of the friday night games and it’s the beginning of the season so it’s pretty hot out and all the medics are keeping a careful eye on the team
  • and the game is going really well, the team is ahead by a ton of points and the crowd is all riled up as usual
  • but then all of a sudden the students’ section goes really quiet for a moment before ppl start yelling
  • because holy fucking shit Wolf Down 
  • wang jackson is lying on the ground in his big ol’ wolf costume and he’s nOt geTting uP oh My gOD
  • u get over there and ur immediately like Fuck This Costume 
  • and ur trying ur hardest to pull the sweat-cage off of jackson but 1) it’s heavy and 2) jackson’s lack of consciousness isn’t helping
  • but after a bit of struggling, u successfully peel off most of the costume and toss the head piece aside
  • and u feel for his pulse and it’s rEally fast and ur pretty sure it’s heat syncope bc wtf else would it be???? he’s 90% Sweat™???
  • but u snatch the cuff from ur co-worker anyway and Shocker! his blood pressure confirms ur suspicion
  • one of ur co-workers gets his legs propped up a lil and while ur waiting for some ice packs or something you just kinda,,,,,blow,,,,on his forehead,,,,hoping it’ll cool him down a lil in the meantime
  • and What A Surprise
  • jackson wakes up to see u, cute paramedic, leaning over him with concerned eyes and blowing air on him
  • you smile/sigh in relief when his eyes lazily search your face and his surroundings and he pants a lil bc it’s Still Hot Af
  • and ur placing ice packs on his neck and under his armpits and knees and calmly explaining to him what happened and that he’ll be fine
  • and u hear him mutter “of course i’ll be fine if i get to look at you”
  • inside ur like someone pls take my pulse bc my heart is Wildin
  • but u ask him if he wants some water and he nods and u help him slowly sip it bc for once in his life Strongman Jackson is weak af (probs bc of u but)
  • u tell the coach to continue the game once you’ve got jackson sitting in the locker room and u tell the other medics u got it from here 
  • and while u check on his pulse and adjust the ice packs and towel off some of the sweat, he keeps peeking at u with those Wang Jackson Puppy Eyes 
  • and the two of u r just like sitting there when jackson goes “i guess you could say that when i fainted, i fell for you”
  • ur like “shut it before i put the wolf head back on u, wang” but inside ur heart’s going bonkers and ur feeling all the fuzzies at once
  • and jackson’s like That’s It I’m Whipped