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And Now I present the characters of 17776, in order of appearance.

  • Nine - Confused Space Probe
  • Ten - Mom Space Probe
  • JUICE - Dave Strider
  • Aaron, Micah and Danny - For when storm chasing and recording football are the same job. 
  • Nancy McGunnell - “She’s fuckin’ crazy. Nancy is fuckin’ crazy.”
  • The PO-lice - The Police
  • Jason - Always check the bullshit cabinet
  • Emily - Is reading all of Wikipedia. Is really confused when she reads the pages on the Centennial Light and the Echo Jones cave. 
  • Lori - “Did I live here before?”
  • Roger and Thuy - Complete Trash
  • Hubble - Had 5 whole lines
  • Lacrecia Evans - 188 points
  • Burger King Employee -  the siren’s song of all that flame broiled beef
  • Eddie Krieger - The OG video game monk. 
  • Tim - Still trying to spread the word of God, despite the fact we’ve all heard of him by now
Bts reaction to meeting their foreign s/o’s family:

@xmille2334 requested:  Hi! Could you do a How would BTS react if their foreign girlfriend wanted to take him to her home county to meet her family and friends? Thank you! 💕

A/ N: This was supposed to be out ages ago, I’m so sorry. Here you go now, hope you like it ♡ 


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I feel like he would be nervous at first but he’ll charm the hell out of them, you know? Like the boy is just naturally lovable it won’t be difficult or awkward at all. As he does to everyone else, Jin will undoubtedly be able to steal their hearts.


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Quiet and super polite like he doesn’t want to mess everything up. Probably avoids eye contact and laughs at lame dad jokes. Would probably even be that boy that goes like “These carrots are just done perfectly, thank you Mrs. _” Once he’s out the door, he’ll shudder and sigh like that was scary. Probably thinks they hated him.


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Still funny and energetic, but not so loud. Keeps comments to a minimum and definitely volunteers to do the dishes. Would probably let a dirty joke slip out before he can help it in front of your dad.

Rap Monster:

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The I-can-take-perfect-care-of-your-daughter typa boyfriend. Immediately transforms to this intellectual man that only wears black suits and spends his free time inspecting health magazines. Insists you two have never done anything intimate and treats your dad like a king. Watches football and lies about loving it.


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So awkward at first but in no time starts to blend in. Probably gets your parents a present before going and showers your mum with subtle compliments. By the time you are dinning he is his normal mochi self. Calls you dear like an old couple.

V/ Taehyung:

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We all know this boy has lots of manners and this is when they will start showing. Still the same Tae. Nothing changed at all, but probably says please and thank you way more. Weird facial expressions reduced to the minimum.


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Gives you the save me I’m dying look all night long. So nervous and stiff your dad starts getting suspicious but your mum thinks he’s handsome so she helps him to a second serving. Which is why he clings on to her as the night wears on. Looks like he is dying when talking to your dad in fear of saying something wrong.

[footballchallenge]: a moment that always makes you smile(cry) –> Thierry Henry return vs Leeds United.

“I played in some big games for Arsenal, Barcelona, France, Juve, Monaco… nothing will ever top that night for me, nothing will ever compare. I really thought I was in a dream. I remember staying in the dressing room for two hours just contemplating. To score a goal again for Arsenal was out of this world.”