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Σήμερα στη Νέα Σμύρνη, οι οπαδοί του Πανιωνίου και του Απόλλων Σμύρνης, αντί για κλωτσιές αντάλλαξαν κασκόλ.
-Ειναι περισσοτερα αυτα που μας ενώνουν παρα αυτα που μας χωρίζουν-
Saudi football team fail to observe minute's silence for London Bridge attack victims

Minute’s silence for London terror [victims], Saudi players wandering around like they don’t give a f***. Saudi fans shouting the whole time.

Some users claimed that observing silences ahead of football matches was not a part of Saudi culture. However, Saudi side Al-Ahli Saudi FC observed a minute of silence ahead of their Qatar Airways Cup match against Barcelona last year.

Absolute animals. Can’t even muster up the bare minimum of pretending to show respect for a single minute on live international tv.

Diversity in football : a blogroll

@footybedsheets : the blog of woc writer Shireen Ahmed. Featuring her work and international news about diversity and accessibility in sports.

@redcardhomophobia : the url is pretty clear. The blog covers homophobia in football and the initiatives to fight it.

@offsideplays : a blog to « expose the everyday occurrences of racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, disability and other forms of discrimination that take place in sport and physical activity ».

@footfeminin : in english despite the url, focuses on the history of women’s football. Expect a lot of old school black and white pictures and gifs.

@soccergenderandsexuality : exactly what it says on the tin. Apparently a school project, it’s a collection of external articles.

@footballisradical : covers « the frequent collisions between football and radical politics ».

@rebelfootball : focuses on political and social protests in football matches, with a focus on anti-fascism.

The last three blogs are no longer updated, but they are well worth a read, and most of their articles are still very relevant.


Hiii so i know i haven’t posted imagines for a really long time, but lately i have kind of been obsessing over punk one direction. hopefully im not alone in this bc i can really imagine it.

Band Name: White Eskimo? 

Members (in order of age):

>>>William “Will” Tomlinson, 25 years old, vocalist  & guitarist;

>>>Javadd Malik, 24 years old, vocalist & base;

>>> Edward “Eddie” Styles, 23 years old, vocalist;

>>> James “Jamie” Horan, 22 years old, lead guitarist;

>>> James Payne, 22 years old, drummer.

Will Tomlinson: Likes graffiti, skating, radical sports, video games, football. Gets on best with Javadd. Funniest in the band, moody, sarcastic, prankster, likes teasing people, wild child, chilled out…Single.

Javaad Malik: Likes graffiti, skating, drawing, designing tattoos. Gets on best with Will. Very moody, introvert, witty, daredevil. In a relationship with Louise Edwards.

Eddie Styles: Likes going out, dancing, every type of music, acting, modeling. Gets on best with James, has had various girlfriends in the past such as : Amelia Thirlwall, Marie Gomez, Charlotte Watson and Jane Collins. Current girlfriend being Marie Gomez (on and off relationship).  He’s one of the most animated in the band, very energetic, flirty, funny, sarcastic, smart, relaxed, cool, chilled out, wild child, cheeky, etc…

Jamie Horan: Loves playing music, football, radical sports, travelling, photography…Gets on best with James and Ed. Very funny, energetic, outgoing, crowd pleaser, athletic, daredevil etc… Single

James Payne: Likes football, running, travelling, pretty much anything athletic, writes poetry. He’s very quite and reserved, but also has a wild side and loves to have a good time with the rest of the band. Gets well with all of the other band members. Single

(fetus James)