football is important

This is directed to everyone in the football fandom.

After the Barca - PSG match, I’ve felt this fandom break apart. To be fair, I don’t care who thinks what and if the ref was on Barca’s side or not. I care about this community being united instead of seeing everyone fight with each other. Almost all the post I see on my dash are filled with hate directed to other people and that makes me feel so upset. Please just remember that we all share love for the same thing and that we’re all part of the same community before picking a fight with someone. That won’t solve anything. Whether you suppose Real Madrid or Arsenal or an entire different team, just don’t forget that at the end of the day, we all have so much in common: our love for football.

That’s what unites us and I hope that that’s not what will break us apart.

#261: You Hate Each Other | High School AU


I know it might be weird considering the boys are college ages now and high school AU’s are pretty much dying but i still adore them very much and I’ve always wanted to write something alone the lines of this. Rivals were something I also had in high school and let’s be honest nothing is better than haters turning into lovers.

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”When you think nothing can be worse than history classes.” You mumbled under your breath and tried to breathe, your heart racing and in fast pace and your head spinning. You could feel your legs were to the point of turning into jelly but you seemed like the only person to have such struggles. Everyone around you didn’t seem to struggle the least bit, they were all running together two and two trying to get to the finish line as the first. It was an usual P.E class, aka morning hell and why not start it out the worst way by running? You hated it more than life, getting sweaty and having to use your body in ways it was never used to. “Look at you sunshine.” You rolled your eyes and tried to run faster when Luke suddenly showed up from your behind, the expression on his face showing nothing else but surplus. “Go away Luke.” You breathed and tried to move between a few others to get away from him but with his long legs and pretty good fitness he was quick to run beside you again. “Why? it’s not a well morning if I haven’t annoyed out your ass.” He commented with a smirk, “You know, some needs coffee other needs a cigarette. I have my own ways.” “Well your ways suck.” You spat, you were pretty amazed how you hadn’t stopped running yet you almost couldn’t breath. He looked at you with a challenged look and with one push you were out of the running lane and heading towards the trees that formed a small forest. You were out of breath and felt his hands on your shoulders keeping on pushing, you were almost ready to collide and fall onto the fresh leaves. “What are you doing?” You questioned confused, looking up at him with wide eyes as he pressed you against one of the trees. “Having my own way.” He announced, he was out of breath himself and looked down at you with furrowed eyebrows. “Your own ways?” You mumbled off and curious, not really knowing what to say and his hands were still on you. “Yes.” He breathed and leaned down to give you a breathless kiss. It was quick yet so passionate you were left even more confused when he pulled back and decided to run back to the field with the rest.


“And Y/N you will partner up with… Calum.” Your head shut up so fast it was ready to fall from your body, your eyes were wide and your jaw was to the point of touching the table beneath you. The expression on your teacher’s face was bored, and it didn’t help when you smacked your hand against the table in anger. “I’m not gonna work with him!” You spat and watched as Calum placed his books on top of each other to change his seat and planted his ass on the chair next to yours. “It was a random choice Y/N.” The teacher reminded but you didn’t care. “I protest!” “You’re a high school student, Y/N. Not a debater. Now would you show Mr. Hood a bit of respect and start your protect. I’ve got other groups to assign.” You rolled your eyes and fell in your chair by her words, like you would actually listen to her. Calum was nothing else but a spoiled jock, you didn’t want to waste a minute on him! “You heard her.” He hummed from your side and pressed his pencil into the skin of his chin. You looked over at him and gave him a bored look, wanting to make him shut up already by forcing your book in his face. “For once show something respect.“ "And what? Be nice to you? I’d rather dissect a frog.” You didn’t want to look at him and glanced back at the books in front of you. You were never fond of reading but now it was the only thing that seemed to get your attention. “Y/N.” He hummed, poking you with his pencil. “Calum I’m reading and so should you. We’re two in this project there’s no way I’m letting you get away with me doing all the job.” You could hear a small cough come from him in respond but you didn’t want to look up at him. A challenged expression came to his face by your lack of interest and he decided to poke you again. Once, twice, and by the third time you couldn’t take it anymore so you grabbed it fast and broke it into two. “Read.” You spoke in monotone, looking at him with daring eyes before they adverted back to the pages. A small smile came to his face by your reaction and he looked down at the book as well in achievement.


“But that doesn’t make any sense! We’re in a country of free speech and that means everyone is allowed to express their opinions without being told you’re an idiot!” You were so angry you were almost knocking down the chair behind you after standing up, just to show how you were feeling about this. “Well when we’re in situations like these where you’re completely off the actual topic then yes, Y/N, you’re an idiot.” Michael replied with the exact same tone as you and stood up from his chair as well. “Maybe if you woke up one day and saw it from another perspective than your own you would actually understand what is going on.” Your eyes widened and you opened your mouth ready to reply but that was when your teacher slammed her hands on her desk. “Y/N, Michael, that’s enough. High social classes are for debates yes but this is getting out of hand. I’m gonna ask you both to leave the class room immediately.” You looked over at her surprised but there was no way you could argue with her without getting attention. It was with a huge death glare towards Michael your threw your bag over your shoulder and leaded out of the classroom with him in your heels. “This is all your fault!” “My fault?” He spat and crossed his arms. “You were the one starting the argument in the first place.” You tossed your bag to the floor and smacked the door shut to the classroom. The argument would only get worse from now that you were out and free to say anything you wanted without weird glares. “I didn’t start anything you’re just always the opposite of me! I can’t express anything without having you right in my heels to comment on something and literally lick Mrs. Claire’s ass!” He furrowed his eyebrows by your words and crossed his arms again, the sun streaming in his face through the windows. “I’m not licking her ass I’m just trying to point out something because you always have a comment in something. Maybe you should let others talk?” “No because when you do it’s only crap coming out.” You almost wanted to yell, looking up at him with an angry expression but he didn’t say anything. He was looking down at you with such an intense stare you felt your heart skip a beat, something you hadn’t felt before with him.


“What are you two yelling about this time?” Calum almost groaned and moved past to stand between you. He could tell from the distance that something was up and since your voices had been echoing throughout the whole gymnastic hall. “He’s being unreasonable!” You almost wanted to step your feet on the ground in pure frustration after explanation to Calum what was going on. “I’m not being unreasonable you’re just being unrealistic.” Ashton argued and folded the sleeves of his football jersey, looking over at his best friend for help. “Y/N thinks that it will be best if we give some of the football field to the cheerleaders.” “Yes, because it’s a part of our job to cheer and lead when you’re playing a game! How come it be so weird!” You yelled back, this wasn’t the first time you were arguing. It happened every single time there was practice for the cheerleaders and the football team, you could never get along. Ashton was too stuck up in his own football to realize and the fact that he was captain didn’t make it any better. He thought he was the owner of everything but you were there to prove him wrong. “But if you’re asses are filling the whole thing we’re not able to play football properly. Important games are coming up and we need to focus on more important things that showing your knickers under your skirts.“ Your mouth opened wide by his words and you almost wanted to smack your hands against his chest in anger. Calum was standing behind you with the same boring look as always, why did he even bother to break in? It was always the same between you and Ashton. "You’re just a freaking ass Ashton. Maybe that should have been your name.” You pushed past him to get through and go back to the rest of your friends, you didn’t care you wanted to fill the whole football field if it was possible just to annoy the crap out of him. “I fucking hate her.” Ashton mumbled below his breath and cracked his knuckles in reaction. Calum looked over his shoulder and leaned down to tie the knot that had loosened on his football shoes. “You love her knickers though.” He announced in a low tone but it was enough for Ashton to hear, his eyes wide and following you head back towards the girls.


Every year on the 15th of April, the football world comes together. The world game stops worldwide and remembers those who were lost on that day at Hillsborough in 1989. A day where 96 football fans followed their team to a match and never returned. Every year, on this day, rivalries are lost and all focus turns to remorse, in remembrance of the fans that never returned. In a day where football is so important, some things are more important than football. 

So if you’re a player, family, a fan or anyone at all involved in this wonderful football club, remember the 96 who lost their lives at Hillsborough and most importantly remember, You’ll Never Walk Alone. 

The balloon squad are so beautiful. 

They are translating a book into numerous languages. They are tracing back to their native languages. They are tapping into popular culture. Reaching into indigenous traditions and their value for keeping their mother tongue. The French football mention is so important, because the French were revolutionary in their racial diversity in their football team. Like honestly I studied Zinedine Zidane at university during my History degree. They are just switching back and forth so interchangeably. Brown people are powerful. They trace their own line. Not trapped between two cultures. But freed by the liberty to declare their own unique multifaceted identity. This is the beauty of multiculturalism. 

// You Can Do Better Than Me // Part One

Reggie x Reader / Jughead x Reader (platonic) / Jughead x Asexual

A whole lot of friendships, relationships, inner turmoil and indecisive teens ready to mess it all up.

I have to face the truth
That no one could ever look at me like you do
Like I’m something worth holding on to

These times I think of leaving
But it’s something I’ll never do

‘Cause you can do better than me
But I can’t do better than you

warnings: it’s so british??? and swearing.if you read the snippet/preview please note that i changed the beginning, so make sure you read it all! also added the whole 2nd part as well.

word count: 1710

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It is hard to talk about it and hard to find the right words. We saw a lot of times on TV and it was far away from us, even when it was in Istanbul which is in my country

Last evening we felt how it is to be in this situation. I don’t wish a feeling like this on anyone. I don’t know if people can understand this but until I was on the pitch in the second half I did not think about football to be honest.

Last night I didn’t realise what happened and when I got home my wife and son were waiting in front of the door I felt how lucky we were. I know football is very important, we love football, we suffer with football and I know we earn a lot of money and have a privileged life but we are human beings, there is so much more than football in this world, last night we felt it.

When I was on the bus last night, I can’t forget the faces, I will never forget those faces. I sit next to (Marcel) Schmelzer and I will never forget his face. It was unbelievable.“

—  Nuri Sahin
You Me Her

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Chapter Seven: New Beginnings 

Word Count: 5978

↠ ♥ ↞

After what had been an incredibly stressful six months after Thanksgiving Riley feels as though she’s gained a little more control over her life. In that time, three new relationships blossomed. The first was between, Riley and Noah.

Since their brief encounter back during the auditions for Grease, Riley began interacting with Noah more often. Not in a romantic sense by any means but they’d share small smiles if they passed each other in the halls and they’d chat before and after English. Noah even started to frequent Topanga’s during summer vacation along with a few of his football teammates. Riley began to pick up on something that Kai was otherwise oblivious to. 

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I’ve heard the phrase “its just a tv show” more times than I can count in my life. I get a little obsessed at times, I’ll admit, but it’s what’s important to me, just the same way watching football games is important to some. In this world and time, more people are watching tv than reading. That’s not a judgement, just commentary. They watch tv shows, talk shows, movies. And although we do it for enjoyment, media can change how we see the world without us even knowing it. There’s no such thing as “just a tv show”. Tv shapes opinions, minds, and perceptions. As much as people don’t want to admit, their children learn a great amount of their “ideals” from television and movies. You are one person, and try as you might, even an hour of television gives your kids more exposure to the world than you ever could. Media allows for the introduction to things many people would never see in real life. Cultures, religions, race, etc. These aren’t the only things. How should relationships interact? What are socially acceptable responses to situations? These are micro influences tv can have on your personality that you don’t notice. 20 years ago today, the lead character on a prime time tv show (played by a queer actress) came out of the closet. On a show that was meant to be a comedy that was doing relatively well, the character admitted to the world she was gay. Although inevitably, it resulted in the show being cancelled due to sponsors pulling out and writers not knowing what to do with a lesbian character, it was the start we needed, the attention we needed for the real change to begin for the queer community. While she wasn’t the first queer character in tv, and she could have disappeared into the dark hole of cancelled tv, the actress refused. It was a career ending event, or could have been, but she never gave up. Instead of seeing it as a failure, and despite her popularity plummeting, she kept going and the world has changed completely because of her. She continues to be a beacon of light, even today. She’s taken over tv fearlessly and she has positively represented the queer community in a way that only she could. So thanks Ellen DeGeneres for taking the first few stumbles so the world could find its footing.

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Florentino Perez interview:

I’ve heard about the Cristiano issue from what a newspaper said. Cristiano has a contract and is a Real Madrid player. I haven’t spoken to Cristiano. I’ve heard about everything from a newspaper. Life gives you unexpected situations but you must deal with them and find them solution. Cristiano’s buyout clause is 1,000 million. All this is very strange, Cristiano is a good guy, I have to talk to him and see what happens. 

I believe everyone must comply with their tax obligations and I know that Cristiano always does things the right way. Cristiano has the same corporate structure he had in England, where he spent many years without problems.

It has affected me how the media treated Cristiano, the presumption of innocence was not respected. I will always defend Cristiano as footballer and as a person, he is a good person, very supportive. Cristiano is not only a great footballer, he does a very important social work.

I am sure that Cristiano complies with his tax duties, it must be a confusion that will be cleared. Of course, Cristiano wouldn’t want us to pay his fine, if there is one, he’s not like this. Cristiano is not angry about who will pay the fine.

I heard about this because they sent me the cover of A Bola. The last time I spoke to Cristiano was in Cardiff, after the match, the tax situation happened after the match.

Cristiano’s law firm, who I know, came out and gave all the explanation, Real Madrid and I have had disagreements with the Treasury, and we came up on top on some of them. What can’t be done is to call him delinquent, that really bother me, it hurt me. 

At the moment, I don’t know anything about Cristiano. When he’ll finish the Confederation Cup, we’ll talk about this subject. Cristiano assumes the fact that he has to comply with his tax obligations.

I don’t think that the Treasury felt obliged to investigate Cristiano because of what has happened with Messi. 

All I know is that Cristiano is angry about the treatmeant he has been given by the media. We must always find the best solution for everything.

Cristiano’s had no desire to cheat because he didn’t hide anything, he’s presented everything to the Treasury.

I’ve never said to Cristiano to bring me an offer. We’re delighted with him as a person and a player. 

Cristiano feels hurt and he might be right.

I’ve never had any issues with Cristiano. If he was sad, it was not because of me.

Cristiano doesn’t go behind the money, he just wants to be the best player in the world. I’ve not spoken to him but what I know is that in this country he isn’t being treated well. If Cristiano wants to leave Madrid, it won’t be because of money. I think that the press hasn’t treated Cristiano with respect on this issue, they stigmatized him as a fraudster.

PSG’s president is a friend of mine, and he hasn’t called me. I’ve not spoken to him or with anyone else. We haven’t received any offers for Cristiano, Morate or James or anyone.

I have a good relationship and a good friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo and I want to talk to him. At the Bernabeu, there is a group of people, I think they are wrong, that whistle players. If there are whistles in the Bernabeu, there will be players who won’t want to come to Real Madrid,

I will talk to Cristiano when he finishes Confederation Cup. I don’t know if Zidane talked to Cristiano. Neither I, nor anyone in Madrid contemplates that Cristiano might leave. Real Madrid member adora Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano is part of the history of Real Madrid, is at the level of Di Stefano. Cristiano is not business, he is part of Real Madrid’s history.

Pepe is a good guy, I don’t think that he’d recommend to Cristiano to leave. Something very rare must happen, which I do not see happening for Cristiano to leave Real Madrid,

On 07/03/’09 Santos rolled out their latest wonderkid, as Neymar made his debut for the club

Neymar, 17, came on with 30 minutes of the match remaining and marked his first appearance with an almost instantaneously shot that clipped the bar and post on its way into the net.

Being called the new Robinho at the time Neymar has proven what an amazing football player he is. Eight years later - and with many prices won - the player of the Seleção and FC Barcelona still has a bright future ahead of him. 

Imagine fighting over the TV with Chris.

Thank you to @smilexcaptainx for the prompt, I read it and immediately started to write ‘cause I pictured the cutest story in my head and had to get it out. So thank you, I hope you and everyone else enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

You stood at a small distance and watched your bag of microwave popcorn rotate and pop in the machine. Ever since you were a little kid, you had been told that you shouldn’t stand in front of a microwave while it was in use as it cooked not only the food you were waiting for but your insides as well. It wasn’t true- you’d found out a little later in life- but it was an irrational habit you couldn’t get rid of.

“Whatcha doing?” You heard your husband, Chris ask, and you turned to him; he was getting a bottle of beer out of the fridge.

“Just getting some popcorn ready for my episode of Supernatural,” you told him and his eyes narrowed. “What?” You looked at him weirdly.

“But it’s Sunday afternoon, you do the laundry on Sunday afternoons.” He stated as a matter-of-fact and you heard yourself scoff in disbelief. “You can’t watch the TV.” He told you in an abrupt, slightly harsh and authoritative tone.

“Excuse me?” You frowned, your hands now on your hips. “If you think for a sec-”

“No, babe.” He held his hands up in surrender; his blue eyes filled with slight angst. “No no no,” he chuckled, softening his expression and tone. “What I meant was- football’s usually on when you do laundry so…” He trailed off, pressing his lips together.

“Oh,” you felt your demeanor soften; you’d completely forgotten about his football.

“I was just referring to the time clash, I would never mean it like that.” He laughed and walked over to you, hugging you with one arm and drawing a smile from you. “You can watch all the TV you want, my love.”

“Since I can watch all the TV I want,” you spoke in his chest; your voice muffled against his shirt. “I’m going to watch Supernatural.” He pulled away from you and groaned, causing you to giggle. “I really appreciate you giving up your Sunday afternoon football.”

You weren’t really going to make him surrender his Sunday afternoon football; you knew how much it meant to him and you could always watch Supernatural tomorrow when it released on iTunes. You just really enjoyed messing with him because it was the little things that kept you entertained.

“Y/N, you know I love you.” He began as you padded back over to the beeping microwave. “There are a lot of things I would give up for you, and a lot of things I would do for you-” You cut him off before he could get to his “but…”

“Thank you, sweetheart.” You threw a smile over you shoulder and pulled out the piping hot bag; the smell of butter filled the air. “This is why I married you, you’re just the most thoughtful guy in the world.”

“I have never missed a game!” He protested, following behind you like a pouty puppy as you walked into the den where the TV was. “Y/N, please. You are going to buy Supernatural on iTunes anyway, why do you have to watch it on TV?”

“Because it’s the premiere I’ve been waiting months for, I’m not going to wait till tomorrow to watch it.” You told him like it was the most obvious answer. “Everyone else will have watched it already, I’d be risking spoilers.”

“But-” he cut himself off with a whiny whimper that sounded similar to a puppy and you suppressed your urge to laugh. “No, you know what- no.” He said and you turned around, raising an eyebrow at him. “You are the one who said we only need one TV ‘cause you watch your shows through your iPad.”

You chuckled softly because you remembered that argument very well when the two of you were shopping for your new house. He had wanted to put a TV in the bedroom but you argued against it, stating “the bedroom’s a place for sleep and sex, nothing else.” He reminded you of this every time you laid in bed watching series and movies from your iPad, to which you’d counter with “it’s not a TV, it’s an iPad.”

“Wow.” You faked disbelief. “Look who’s going back on his wedding vows now?” You said and he rolled his eyes. “All I want to do is to make you happy, Y/N,” you mocked him in a deep voice and he cracked a smile. “You know what- fight me for it, Captain America.”

“What?” He laughed.

“Fight me for it,” you repeated then ran towards the den.

“Hey!” He ran after you, laughing. “My game’s already on so technically I’ve won.” You stopped, glanced at him with a smug smile before turning your attention to the remote laying innocently on the couch. “Don’t you dare,” he warned playfully, pointing at you.

You threw your bag of popcorn aside and pounced for the remote. It was definitely unnecessary but you were an enthusiastic person who found entertainment in the little things. Of course you’d have a mess to clean up later but- it was worth the fun now.

“Seriously?” He stood in the arc frame, his eyes on the bits of popcorn all over the floor; both of you were trying hard not to laugh. “I wasn’t even going for the remote.” He shook his head, chuckling. “You really need to rein it in, sweetheart.”

You switched the channel to Supernatural then held out the remote with a smirk on your lips. “You going to fight me for it, Cap?” He rested his hand on the side of his face and chewed on his middle finger, watching you with amusement. “'Cause it’s the only way you’re going to get to watch your game.”

“Fine,” he dropped his hand and put his beer down on the mantel above the fireplace. “If that’s the game you want to play, let’s fight for it.” He smirked then pounced on you, tickling your sides. “I know all your weaknesses, Y/N!”

“Oh my God, no!” You shrieked with laughter, squirming as he attacked you. “Chris- that’s- no no no!” You clutched the remote tightly, choking on your laughter. “Stop! Stop!” You begged, feeling the tears well in your eyes from laughing too hard.

“Give me the remote and I’ll stop,” he told you, chuckling.

“Fine fine fine,” you shoved it into his chest and he stopped, smiling. “Get off me, you jerk.” You giggled, slapping his chest lightly. “That’s was cheating, you know how badly I hate getting tickled.”

“Now you know not to mess with my Sunday football,” he poked you in the cheek.

“It was never in my intention to mess with your Sunday football, I just wanted to mess with you.” You teased him and he chuckled. “I’ve been with you for five years,” you reminded him. “If I still don’t understand how important football is to you, then- Cap, I think you’re going to need to find yourself a new girl.”

“I don’t think I can aim any higher,” he told you; you smiled when he brushed your hair out of your face. “I shot for the stars and got the moon instead, Y/N. And if being with you means missing a few football games then, fine. ‘Cause as long as I have you, you’re all I need.”

“Was that plan B?” You laughed. “Guilt me into letting you watch your football?” He shrugged, pressing his lips together to hide his cheeky smile. “You’re real smooth, you know that? That would have definitely got me.”

“What can I say,” he winked, “I’m as smooth as Tom Brady.”