football in the knee

bear with me…

  • neils got blisters so many blisters along the heels and balls of his feet and he usually has one or two toes bandaged bc they were bleeding from how much he runs and practices 
  • hes got dry ankles and banged up and bruised and cut knees almost all season 
  • he has that light ginger almost blond body hair covering his arms and legs and body thats so light that in the right light it looks like hes completely shaven 
  • his calves and thighs are probably the thinnest but most defined of the whole team even allison cant compete with the definition of neils upper thighs bc of how much and how fast this kid can run 
  • hes got freckles along his legs and up his back they arent in any sort of pattern theres probably not even that many theyre just spread randomly on him 
  • hes got this birthmark that looks like a bruise on his right outer thigh that he pokes and prods waiting for it to heal but never realizes that its permanent he just thinks he keeps bruising that particular place over and over again 
  • neils got a rather defined stomach as well perhaps not as much as say kevin or matt or even dan but he has a v clear 4 pack that could be a 6 pack if kevin had his way with neils diet 
  • hes got scars 
  • old and new that have just become a part of him as much as every freckle 
  • theres a gunshot wound from when he was 14 on his lower left flank other scars from where gunshots scraped past him 
  • other times when shrapnel pierced his skin
  • and multiple knife wounds, stabbings and deep cuts, each once had a story that not even andrew knew yet 
  • some had stories that neil would rather not remember himself 
  • he doesnt have a v broad chest but its still p defined as well 
  • hairless which hes not sure how he feels about esp when andrews not 
  • his arms are nice but more lean and less defined and muscular for the sake of muscles 
  • he has long arms that were a problem when he was younger and they got in the way while he was growing they still look a little out of place considering hes not v tall still but he has arms that rival nickys in length
  • he has a scar right by his collar bone where hed been stabbed and another along his neck that you couldnt see unless neil was looking directly up in good lighting 
  • from when he had had a man start to slice his throat when his mother hadnt dropped her gun fast enough even when her sons life had been on the line and deeper still even after she had dropped it 
  • he has small ears 
  • rather ears that dont stand out too much esp when he lets his curls grow out, he eventually gets quite a few piercings along his left ear leaving the other alone 
  • he has a very chiseled face his jawline very defined his cheekbones hidden behind a couple of bad scars 
  • his eyelashes and eyebrows a shade or two darker than the hair on his head and his eyes the color of an iceberg framed by long lashes and and crows feet that he gets from his mom 
  • Andrew has small feet…not necessarily small, but smaller than Neil’s 
  • He’s got light brown/dirty blond body hair and this boy is hai ry 
  • hairy lil baby 
  • i digress 
  • hes got calves that should scare you, not necessarily v huge and strong like Neil’s, but so ridiculously defined even the football players are jealous 
  • his knees are soft but still scratched up and scarred just like the rest of the foxes 
  • his thighs are a little chubby bc that sugars gotta go somewhere
  • that somewhere being his chubby thighs and chubby butt and slightly squishy abs that shouldnt be abs but ARE bc my son exercises 
  • this boiiii
  • i love him so much idk what to do with myself 
  •  anyway 
  • hes hairy like i mentioned so i mean im not, no, no im totally saying happy trail
  • also can we talk about these idiots and the v defined V’s they both sport 
  • like 
  • stop it you two 
  • but also never stop i support and love - i digress 
  • where tf was i 
  • oh
  • the..scars 
  • Andrew’s got scars along the tops and sides of his thighs, those were all him 
  • he’s got barbed wire scars from a stint gone right and only those scars to prove it, all along his right hip and onto his stomach and the top side of his right thigh 
  • he’s got freckles, a lot of them, along the small of his back, along the back of his thighs, and down his spine, some bunched up at the back of his neck
  • hes got small hands, but pianist fingers, long and thin and knobby 
  • he’s got scars on scars on scars on his knuckles from various fights with people and the couple times he smashed a mirror with his fists
  • he wears his armbands at all times, im just…wait. a hijab. I wear a hijab at all times except when I’m home and/or around people I can take it off with, and that has nothing to do with this, but really…parallels well with the armbands 
  • wow i derailed im sorry 
  • anyway his armbands hide the worst scars
  • the ones around both his wrists, the ones that have since scabbed over but still sometimes itch that he tries his best to ignore 
  • hes got sharp, banged up elbows and 
  • broad shoulders and chest to match 
  • he probably does one handed push ups to one up Kevin bc he knows how much it pisses him off
  • he’s got a long neck, and a sharp collarbone that Neil adores
  • a necklace of hickies as proof 
  • his hair usually stay up and out of his face most of the time, but sometimes if he brushes it down it covers his eyes and he does that head jerk thing short haired people do to get it out of the way and he has soft hair and Neil loves pulling on it and running his fingers through it 
  • anyway this got way too longjust take it
  • me: *enters a room wearing heely's, an underarmor sweatshirt, nike basketball shorts, sunglasses, and adidas knee-high socks. i have a football in one hand and a bottle of gatorade in the other, and i smell strongly of axe cologne. i sit on a chair backwards, pushing my sunglasses down to the tip of my nose*
  • me: i just don't understand why the writers of newsies treated sarah jacobs solely as the obligatory love interest for jack kelly. i mean, she's a young jewish woman in the nineteenth century for fuck's sake. she had so much potential. not to mention, in the original script, she had her own song and a whole lot of character development that, in the end, got cut. and as much as i adore katherine plumber, was it really necessary to cut sarah out of the staged version of newsies? it would have been so much more interesting to see katherine and sarah getting to interact. sarah jacobs deserves so much more than she got, and i will not rest peacefully until we solve this issue.
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Daveed Diggs 

One Shots

Overprotective - Daveed is pissed when your cheating ex-boyfriend shows up at your birthday.

Cramps - Daveed comfort’s you whilst on your period. 

When You’re Home [Smut] - When Daveed get’s home from tour, you show him what he’s been missing.

How Could I do This? - Daveed has to tell you that he cheated. 

I’ll Make You Feel Better [Smut] - Daveed had a bad day. you cheer him up.

2 A.M - It’s your last year of college, you and Daveed discuss having to leave each other to go your separate ways. 

For The Birthday Boy [Smut] - It’s Daveed’s birthday and you give him a present he won’t soon forget about.

The Evolution of a Relationship - The story of a relationship told with five important events.

Let Me Make It Up To You [Smut] - You approach Daveed when you’re worried he is cheating on you.


Dad!Daveed- Daveed is good with kids, then discovers you’re pregnant.

Okieriete Onaodowan

One Shots

Late Night Coffee Run - You make Oak get out of bed at 2am to have coffee with you.

Comfort - Oak is there to cuddle you when you need it. 

Finally [Smut] - After weeks of denying your feelings, you and Oak get together. 

What Comes Next? - When Oak injures his knee playing High School football, you help him figure out what to do with his life. 

Knockout - The cast of Broadway’s Rocky is training at your usual gym when one cast member catches your eye. (Collab with @alexanderhamllton )


College AU series

  • Stuck - You and Oak are stuck in the library together during a storm.

Roseville- Set in a small town, following your interest in the mysterious Okieriete Onaowdowan.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

One Shots

Cups of Coffee and Lazy Mornings - You spend the morning at home with your husband.

Because You’re Wonderful - You have a horrible day, Lin is there to comfort you.

When Fate Intervened- You meet your soulmate.

Sparks Flew - You meet Lin in a diner on New Year’s Even after your boyfriend dumps you.

The Big Storm - You and Lin are stuck in a blackout during a storm and find wys to pass the time.

Jasmine Cephas Jones

One Shots

Shape Of You [Smut] - You’re mesmerized when you meet Jasmine in a bar.

Rafael Casal

One Shots

Out of Gas - On your way to an important event, your car runs out of gas. 

When I See You Again [Smut} -  Your college boyfriend Rafael comes back into your life and you decide to give your relationship another shot.

Mandy Gonzalez

One Shots

Coffee Date - You meet your friend Mandy for coffee.


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parts; (one) (two) (three)

summary: calum applies to the record shop you work at, seeking forgiveness and, possibly, a second chance.

word count: 1,096

warnings: swearing and mentions of abortion

When Calum was 15, he broke his knee in the middle of a football match. The Maori boy was dribbling the ball as near as he can get to the net and trying his hardest to run from the other team that were chasing after him. He doesn’t remember much, but next thing he knew, he kicked the ball into the goal.

The crowd erupted into cheers. The 15 year old was the first freshman in his school’s history to ever do a winning goal; that fact alone made him giddy and unrelentingly happy, but before he could scream in victory with them, he fell onto his back.

It seemed as if the adrenaline coursing through his veins momentarily distracted him from the popping sound he had heard. As soon as the noise came and his teammates ran after him with gracious smiles on his face, he felt it.

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Hayley's a hateful b*%#h (18+) (Expansion)

Oh how the mighty have fallen. How could someone once the cream of the crop now be a national embarrassment? But to answer this question I have to go back. Her name was Hayley Winford. She was a rich, preppy, and popular upperclassmen at Montclair High. She spent her lunch periods with multiple different rich white lacrosse players on multiple different days. She was prom queen junior year, and prom queen senior year. Hayley had it all. Including a killer frame. She was a soccer player so she had a flat toned stomach she liked to show off at any occasion, toned thighs and a perky ass, and a pair of store bought double-d’s. If there was a stereotype for the white American teenager this was it.

It was only when the fat people hate Instagram page showed at Montclair High. She was an active contributor to the page and proud of it. She knew no matter how controversial and offensive the things she said were that she wouldn’t be punished. She was untouchable. She was notorious for roaming the halls and belittling any fat kids that wandered into her view. Still she was respected and loved, nothing was too far for her to not be under the umbrella of “Feisty”. Little did all of her friends and fans know what would happen to her next and how this whole incident would come back to bite her.
January 06, 2017: Hayley was on her usual walk home down the quiet suburban upper class neighborhood. For once she wasn’t walking with a friend or an ex or an ex-friend. Witnesses say a gray van pulled up next to her and honked its horn twice before a man wearing a black balaclava and black tank top grabbed her by the throat and dragged her into the back of the van. She wasn’t seen again for nearly 48 hours. In that time news stations across the country exploded with reports of the rich, white, Christian girl who’s been kidnapped. They broadcasted slideshows of hayley’s half naked body from her swimming days, pictures of her with her other white friends, pictures of her at Catholic school. The perfect missing white girl story. It was the perfect bite for newscasters to spew up. But a nightmare for Hayley Winford

Some students called it karma. Others called it terrorism. Some even called it an act of God. But all I know are the facts. January 9th, Wednesday morning 7:00 am. Students began to filter into Montclair High School all standing around on the campus green with cups of coffee waiting for their friends to show up. In the front of the school there was a large red curtain covering the school’s main stage. It drew students attention as they began to gather around. At the exact sound of the first bell, the curtain fell. It revealed Hayley Winford, standing on stage in a pair of panties and a bra, metal shackles around her ankles fixing her to the pole back stage. Students all gasped

“Hayley?” Frightened voices whispered through the crowd. “Yo, she’s hot af” a voice yelled from the audience. Student faculty members began sprinting towards the stage to get her down, when the loudspeaker system of the school turned on. A deep modulated voice called out “Take another step, and the girl dies.” The faculty members froze in their tracks and the audience fell silent.

“My name is unimportant, but my message is paramount.” The robotic voice said menacingly.

“The young woman you see before you is a supporter of hate speech, racism, and homophobia. She must be punished for her uncivilized treatment of others and abhorrent beliefs.” The voice droned. Chuckles of disbelief spread through the crowd, as is common when someone liked is criticized and accused of something. The projector secured to the film rooms window from the 4th floor of the building adjacent to the stage turned on and projected an image that was brightened by the dark morning sky.

“Don’t believe me?” The voice chuckled

A screenshot of a previously deleted conversation appeared against the wall displaying Hayley’s use of islamophobic and anti-refugee slurs. The crowd gasped as their image of this star student fell apart. Hayley said something for the first time since being revealed. “It’s not true! That’s fake!” She yelled out to the audience trying to win back their love and affection. The slideshow continued to a direct message between her and a on-campus BLM page, where she threw slurs and her beliefs in a drunken rage. The crowd gasped again, some people muttering phrases under their breath and insults.

“Never worship false idols” The voice said again. The last screenshot appeared showing a deleted comment she made on the profile of Charlie booker, star High School student who was killed in a drunk driving incident two months ago. She commented “Rot in hell man whore, that’s what happens when you have two dads, it’s god’s will” The entire crowd began to boo in unison, throwing trash and empty coffee cups onto the stage at Hayley who was now in tears.

“Now that I’ve shown you the truth behind this woman, I’m going to present you all with an ultimatum.” The robotic voice croaked. Hayley continued to sob, humiliated that her true wicked personality was revealed to hundreds of her peers.

“Over the last 48 hours your beloved student has been endowed with a curse, a curse with a great power that can only be activated by speech.” The voice claimed. The entire crowd scoffed once the words ‘curse’ were audible. Was this all a big act? An art display with Hayley as the main character? They all thought to themselves. Nearly the entire school was present in front of the stage now, faculty members frantically yelling into their comm devices while staying a certain amount away from the stage according to the demands of the terrorist.

The projector changed to a slide of a black slate. “A five letter word will appear on this slate.” The terrorist said. In big yellow font the letters. “B-I-T-C-H” flashed upon the wall. This was the moment everything got serious. None of the students really knew why they took it so seriously but a silenced hush spread across the crowd. The echo of the loudspeaker traveled across the campus, the only sound was that of the seagulls overhead.

“With each utterance of this word Hayley will exponentially change into the same group of people she has targeted and tormented all these years” The voice began to laugh before cutting off

“Alright students!” A teacher yelled into a bullhorn. “All students please stay silent, regardless of the validity of these claims we can’t take any chances! Please follow faculty members off campus!” The echoing of the voice grew quieter and quieter until silence. Students began to shuffled away from the stage. Until..

“BITCH!!” A guy’s voice yelled from the crowd as he ducked and hid his face. The crowd gasped and turned back to the stage in curiosity. “Stop!” Scattered through the crowd at the culprit, one man who was identified as Hayley’s ex-boyfriend chased after the guy full speed off campus grounds.

Hayley stood on the stage in her underwear, dried tears on her cheek. She shifted uncomfortably as the crowd’s eyes all moved to her, her shackles clanking with the movement of her legs. She began to breathe quickly. Her flat stomach began to groan and grumble, audible due to the silence of the crowd.

“W-Wha” She began to mumble incoherently while shaking her head. The hissing sound of air echoed across the stage. Her belly began to rise and grow. She placed her hands over her belly trying to push it.

“N-No!” She yelled

Her belly began to expand outwards taking the shape of a pregnant woman’s stomach, her tits rested on top. Her thighs began to grow,swallowing her panties.. As her ass grew fatter her undies wedged in between, creating a thong. Her body jiggled as she shifted nervously, tears pouring down her face. She tried to cover her breasts and pussy with her hand to no avail.
. “N-no!” She cried in disbelief. “Make it stop! Make it s- oooohhhh” she moaned out uncontrollably. Her body stopped growing, the air hissing hushed. She was left looking 20 pounds heavier, her pudgy belly nearly round, her double-d’s ever so rounder, her thighs and ass delightfully thicker. Hayley looked down at her body carefully as if she was an active bomb, an expression of terror on her face. She looked out to the hushed crowd, as if to beg “please don't”. You could’ve heard a pin drop, everyone frozen not knowing what to expect.
“BITCH!” The high pitched voice of a chubby Latina girl called out passionately, as if getting revenge. The crowd reacted instantly, girls gasping and some of Hayley’s friends sobbing in fear, some faces smiled, some faces laughed, and one just stared.
Hayley began to panic, crying again. The hissing began, louder this time. Hayley’s life was falling apart. She wanted to scream, cry, puke and piss herself all at the same time. She sobbed on the stage, everyone staring at her growing form. Her belly grew rounder, forming a fold on the side near her love handles. Her arms and wrist grew chubby, her hands staying the same size. Her thighs grew so wide that she had to adjust her stance and spread her legs apart. Her panties finally snapped, the elastic flying into the crowd. Some people cheered as if it was the final touchdown in a football game. Hayley’s legs began to shake, her knees turning towards one another. Her bra latch creaked and bent, her giant tits now overflowing the cups. *Snap!* Her bra flew into the crowd her round perky tit’s bouncing on top of her fat belly. “Noooo!!” She sobbed, trying to cover herself entirely ashamed.
“BITCH!” Another voice called out before running out of the crowd, avoiding lunges and punches thrown at him. He made it off campus, throwing up his hood as five lacrosse jocks chased him. Hayley’s body loudly rumbled, echoing over the panicking crowd. Hayley’s cheeks begin to puff out, her arms and legs chubby, her fat ass exposed as well as her puffy pussy, her tits beginning to leak breast milk. Hayley’s best friends are at the front of the stage, reaching out to their leader as she balloons and bloats.
“BLOAT BITCH, BLOAT!” A guy screamed. Hayley’s body quivers, the hissing increasing, she sobs a little bit harder every time someone screams the word.
“No more! Pweeease!!” She tried to yell through her chubby cheeks, flapping her arms. Her belly was round and taut, her arms beginning to become part of herself. It was like she was turning into a giant blueberry. The hissing continued, the crowd panicked, a mix of emotions. Hayley grew rounder and rounder, barely able to stand on her own. Her pussy began to get wet in front of the whole crowd, either from arousal confusion or fear.
“BITCH!” One voice yelled. “POP, FAT BITCH!” Another followed. Her legs could barely support herself. She collapsed under her own weight, her body jiggling in shock. Half the crowd cheered and chanted as she rolled into her beg, showing her ass and pussy to the audience. Her feet and hands flapped in detest.
“Bitch!” “Fuck you bitch!” “Racist bitch!” The insults kept coming, and Hayley kept growing, her body spherical. Her body groaned and freaked, reaching its limit. She just kept ballooning up, like a blimp. She was no longer the size of any girl she was nearly reaching the ceiling of the stage, filling the entire stage floor.”Bitch gonna pop!” One guy yelled, laughing to himself. The administration ran around in panic, trying to stop the kids from yelling and grabbing those who do. Nothing can stop the crowd, they all want to join in. Her giant body casting a shadow over the crowd. She’s nearly at capacity and she knows it, it’s amazing she made it this far. She whimpers and moans, her face surrounded by her inflated body. Her body creaks like a plastic balloon being rubbed. One kid from the crown calmly stood up, closing his laptop and sliding it into his satchel. He stood up and walked through the panicking chaotic crowd, coming out the other side and towards campus doors. He walked right out, phone in his hand as various police, students, and teachers ran past him towards the crowd. He stepped across the threshold. *BOOM* echoes across the campus and the streets surrounding, sending a shockwave followed by the screams of the crowd, both excited and horrified. The crowd began running and stampeding off campus. Yet this one student calmly waited for the public bus, not a care in his mind. As police zoomed around the block, sirens wailing. He boarded the bus, taking a seat. He pulled out his laptop and opened it. He opened a complicated script program. A blinking white dash over the text box. He began typing.
Back at the campus, the crowd dispersed, only leaving administrators stumbling around in panic and police officers arriving and parting off the crime scene. Over the loudspeaker the robotic voice begins. “Hayley is gone, along with her hatred and negative world views. That’s one down, a few billion to go. That’s a point for the good guys, the people who saw something, said nothing, and did something. This is only the beginning.” The voice echoes across the campus, everyone stopping in anticipation, total silence. The weight of the words and it’s threat lay over the crowd like a thick fog. *click*…the sound of white noise goes over the loudspeaker. The Mario death noise plays over the speaker before cutting off.
Back on the bus the boy sits, smiling at his screen. He closes the lid and puts the laptop away. Staring out the window as ambulances and fire trucks drive past.

He saw something. He said nothing. He did something.

August 17th, 2017: And that’s everything I know. Those are the facts. That’s what happened. I’m writing this letter because I am going away for a long time. You will not find me, you will never find me, so use this to remember and immortalize me and my actions. And know that across the world, somewhere I am doing the same to another person, another human who deserves to feel the karma of their actions. I will clean the world of them all, every last one. I’ve seen something, I’ve finally said something, and I’ve done something. Now It’s time to do it again.

-Yours truly, [REDACTED]

Onsra ─ 5

Originally posted by bloody--cherry


Pairing: Jungkook x reader | Jimin x reader
Genre: angst, fluff
WARNINGS: Infidelity, brief mentions of alcohol/drinking
Word count: 2.8k

Summary: While reminiscing in your most meaningful memories, you come to a decision made from what you knew you couldn’t handle the most ─ their love

OnsraLoving for the last time; that bittersweet feeling you get when you know a love won’t last.

“We should have a child,” Jimin hummed gently, his head resting over your shoulder. You both were sitting on the couch under a big, shared blanket absentmindedly watching whatever was playing on TV.

“Sure,” You strum your fingers along his forehead, your engagement ring glimmering, “After we’re married,” Flicking the smooth surface, causing Jimin to yelp and lift his head. You giggle at the annoyed frown on his face, “Don’t make that kind of face, it’ll give you wrinkles!”

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Birthday Surprises // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff, parent!phan

Words: 1.6k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Martyn and Cornelia visit on Emily’s sixth birthday.

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Two Steps - Part 5

Hey! So you guys are going to kill me but this is another character development chapter. There’s maybe one mention of Finn but Luke is in this one too. But as a consolation, just so you guys know, the next 2 parts are at a PARTY!!! Party parts are always great for angst and feelings and stuff. So get excited. Thanks for reading!!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Part 5:

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Rhydian stared jealously at you taking care of Tom’s cut. They had been playing football in the school’s yard and Tom tumbled with Jimi, deeply scraping his knee on the asphalt. Shannon wanted him to go to the infirmary, but since you had a first aid kit always at hand, you volunteered to take care of it yourself.

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Never Grow Up

Summary: Steve’s unsure about what his future holds anymore at 28, he’s a respectable professor at the university. When he was fresh out of high school he married his high school sweetheart, Peggy Carter. Eighteen when they married and twenty-three when he was widowed.

Words: 3416

Author: Caitsy

Characters: professor!Steve x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Wanda Maximoff, Peggy Carter (mentioned), Sharon Carter (mentioned), Natasha Romanoff

Warnings: Possible swearing, mentioned death, angst and fluff.

Disclaimer: I do not own any gifs, images or marvel in general. Nor do I own the song ‘Never Grow Up’ by Taylor Swift. Enjoy!

A/N Small one shot that’s been in my mind for awhile now. Plus apparently I’m mainly an angst reader. PLEASE REQUEST STUFF. My heart burst at how adorable this was to write


Tagging: Below. Let us know if you want on the forever tag list, Travelin’ Soldier, Little Do You Know or anything else!


Prompt List

Originally posted by sergeantskinnyjeans

Plans. That’s what Steve had always had growing up because organization was an important part of Steve Rogers. From the moment he could walk Steve wanted to make a difference in the world even for one person. It wasn’t until he blew his knee out in a football game that he realized he wanted to teach. From that moment in freshman year to now he had planned his life.

What he didn’t expect was too fall deeply in love with the student body president and women’s rights supporter Peggy Carter. Sophomore year involved heart eyes towards his daydream worthy girlfriend that miraculously didn’t fall for his best friend.

The spring day had brought back memories for Steve as he placed his hands in his slacks. Peggy loved springs days because of how perfect the weather was during the season. That was the thing he preferred to think about that than the tragedies.

Once college was over Steve had wanted to start a family with his wife because that was the second most important thing to Steve. Family. He hadn’t had a true family in years since his parents died. He thought he had the answer with Peggy.

He broached the subject on his twenty-first birthday when he was officially able to teach university students art and history. He graduated early from high school and college too. It had sparked information he hadn’t know before marrying Peggy.


“Peggy?” Steve bit his lip leaning back in the diner booth, “I want to start talking about having a family.”

“Steve we are a family.” Peggy sweetly smiled as she jotted down notes in the small book she cared around.

“I want children.” Steve said watching as his wife froze in her seat before continuing writing.

“Steve, baby. You know we can’t do that! I’m volunteering in Africa for a month and then I have appointments.” Peggy sadly smiled, “I’m sorry Steve but right now my career is more important.”


“You know what. I’m tired, call Bucky. Have a boys night. I’m going home.” Peggy said nearly slamming her notebook closed, “I told you when we were dating that I don’t like kids.”

Once sitting alone confused at the behaviour of this wife, they had talked about wanting kids before they were married. Now she was saying that didn’t happen? He wasn’t sure why she had stormed out so he called Bucky to join him. He had ordered his best friend the type of pop he liked before waiting.

Ten minutes later Bucky strolled in to the diner chuckling at the place before sitting across from his friend.

“Punk, happy birthday.” Bucky grinned. Steve’s eyes widened at he remembered something, “You okay?”

“She forgot my birthday. She never forgets my birthday.” Steve mumbled, “She’s acting weird. I brought up family and he got angry.”

“Well I don’t know why so let’s go get drunk.” Bucky grinned placing some money on the table and striding out the door with only a wink to the waitress.

Steve followed getting wasted which was quite rare for him.

Thinking back he didn’t know how he hadn’t seen that way life was going for Peggy and him, the lies that were told. She had been wrapped around wanting to do her career that she forgot the promises they made. He respected her decision but kids were something he wanted and didn’t think he could get passed that but in the end worked out he guessed.

Peggy had been the supportive girlfriend in both high school and college which made him fall deeper in love with her. Had he looked closer he would have saw her for what she truly was. Steve, two years following her death, had managed to forgive her but it deeply wounded him.

The following morning after their fight he had woken up to see a tray of breakfast sitting on the bedside table. On the tray was also Tylenol and water. He let out a sigh of relief before digging in, he was eating the last of his bacon when a sheepish Peggy walked into the room.

“Hey.” Peggy bit her lip, “I want to apologize for my behaviour yesterday and I’m really sorry I forgot it was your birthday.”

“It’s okay.” Steve sighed placing the half eaten bacon on his plate.

“I’m ready to have children.” Peggy smiled at her adorably tired husband. He grinned before motioning her over to him, “We should start now.”


Sitting down in his office chair Steve rolled until he was gazing down at the quad populated with students. He had cancelled his last class due to his attention being missing in action and had spent the better part of the afternoon barricaded in his sanctuary.

No pictures holding images of himself and his life were to be found in the room anymore, instead there was art on the walls. He had removed all the personal images a couple months after Peggy’s funeral. God he remembered the betrayal before her death.


He stared down at the object in his hand and the open letter addressed to Peggy and him. In the letter it gave instructions to make an appointment to see if any complications came with the surgery. He had been confused until he read the rest of the letter, Peggy had check-up following getting sterilized. They had been trying for a baby for nearly two years now, and with no luck but he found the letter dated from last year.

She lied to him about wanting kids and lied further about still trying for kid. He felt horrible and depressed. He felt like he wasn’t enough, that his childhood sickness led her to this decision. He didn’t know what he was going to until she walked in from work.

“Hey honey.” Peggy said kissing Steve on the cheek, “How was work?”

“Margaret.” Steve said emotionless, “So do you get off on lying or having control?”

“Excuse us?” Peggy’s indignant tone expressed.

“You’re a…a lying…I have no words.” Steve finished pushing the letter harshly towards his wife. The woman he believed he had known, “You went behind my back and let my hopes get high.”

“What are you talking about?” Peggy huffed.

“YOU CAN’T HAVE KIDS ANYMORE!” Steve roared throwing his hands in the air, “You know that’s all I ever wanted! I wanted children. I wanted to name my daughter after my mother and my son after Bucky. How could you?”

“It’s my body and I didn’t want to ruin it with children. It’s not that big of a deal.” Peggy waved it off, “We don’t need kids.”

“You’ve changed Peggy. I don’t even know you anymore.” Steve sighed pinching the bridge of his nose.

“I’m still me!”

“No you aren’t. You are a selfish human being that disregards anyone else if it doesn’t fit what you believe. You haven’t remembered anything, you cancel dates and I sure as hell know you’re calling someone at odd times.”

“I am-“

“I know you’re cheating on me.” Steve announced glaring at her. She gulped trying to say something to fix it, “Who is it?”

“None of your business.” Peggy hissed shifting on her feet.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Steve shook his head, “I want you out of the house. Now.”

“You ca-“

“Get out now. We’re over.”


She died later that year. He still loved her but he wasn’t in love anymore, especially when he saw someone that resembled Peggy a lot. Sharon Carter.

Sharon Carter was born in the year that Peggy had been in Africa volunteering, of course he learnt she hadn’t been there. For six months since his wife was in hiding in order to give birth to child that turned out to be this ten year old that spoke at her funeral.

“Hi. I’m Sharon Carter, Peggy was my mom. Not many people know that Peggy Carter was a mother to me, in fact people who knew were told I was her niece.” Sharon said looking around with tears, “She loved me. I know that but she couldn’t be with my Dad. I never knew until I was six Mom had a husband that wasn’t my Dad. She gave my Dad full custody but requested I get her last name.”

Steve was crying out of the sheer amount of things he didn’t know about his own wife.  He had a stepdaughter but Peggy didn’t want kids with him. He didn’t know what was true or not with her, all he knew was that there marriage was real.


He was having dinner with Bucky and his fiancée tonight and he was not excited at all to see them all happy. He wanted that but with the failed marriage he didn’t think he could go through it again. It was the weekend so he didn’t bother shaving and he pulled on a pair of worn jeans, simple white shirt and a leather jacket.

The house was small but homey looking and entirely what he had wanted himself. His apartment, he sold the house Peggy and he had lived in, was small but it was his place. Bucky had always told him he could walk in without having to knock but Steve found that uncomfortable. Bucky opened the door with chuckled stepping aside.

“Hey Buck.” Steve smiled pulling the man into a hug.

“Hey punk.” Bucky grinned pulling away to head into the kitchen.

He poked his head in to see Wanda singing in her native Sokovian language, she wasn’t the person he had thought Bucky wouldn’t settle down with. Bucky had been the ladies man that went out with bombshells a lot of the time but after his last relationship Wanda was perfect. She was kind, smart and an amazing chef given that was her career.

“Steve!” Wanda exclaimed pulling him into a hug.

“Hey Wanda.” Steve replied kissing her on the cheek, “How’s my favourite chef?”

Wanda’s mouth opened to answer before a voice from the entry called out Wanda’s name. The brunette squealed as she took off, meeting halfway with another female. Babbling they pulled way with a grins. Soon the woman was in Steve’s line of vision and she was gorgeous.

“Steve this is my best friend Y/N Y/L/N. She’s an DEA agent.” Wanda grinned, “She works closely with Pietro.”

“I’m Steve Rogers.” Steve smiled not taking his eyes off the beautiful girl.


You were grinning watching Bucky and Wanda kiss once they were declared husband and wife, they had a long engagement. Three years before they finally had enough money to have the wedding and taking some time off for a honeymoon. Wanda was exquisite in the dress she had chosen with a beautiful lace material that covered her arms, back and chest. It was gorgeous and simply Wanda and a pair of red heels. Bucky was very nice in his suit that was tailored perfectly.

“She’s gorgeous.” You breathe staring at your best friend and her husband.

“Y-Yeah.” Steve’s voice cracked. You looked over at him to see him quietly crying.

“Are you okay?” You chuckled at the overemotional man.

“I’m…I’m having a tough time.”

“Bucky’s still your best friend. He may be married but he’s always-“

“I don’t want her to grow up.” Steve cried looking at his daughter in his arms, “Oh darling don’t you ever grow up, don’t you ever grow up. It could stay this simple, I won’t let nobody hurt you. Won’t let no one break your heart, no one will desert you. Just try to never grow up.”

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“Oh honey.” You said hugging his side and kissing your daughter on her cheek.
You laughed at your fiancé’s antics because your daughter wasn’t even six months and he was already picturing her wedding. It had been a welcome surprise when you found out you were pregnant after only a year of dating.


“Oh no.” You whimpered throwing up even more. It was early in the morning in your apartment and you were feeling like absolute shit.
You were making eggs and bacon when the smell hit you hard and had you running for the garbage can. You thought you were going to die from the amount coming out, it felt like what you’re cousin described after eating two pounds of sugar free Haribo gummy bears.

You were shaking as the smell filled the room again, you barely made it into the bathroom after turning the stove off. You were chilled and had sweat pouring down your body and you felt like death. You leaned back on the door pulling your phone out to ask Steve to come over. You crawled to the sink and pulled out the box left from your cousin.

A few minutes later Steve let himself in with the key he had, a year of dating and he was more than worthy of it. He saw the kitchen before walking to the bedroom where you were sitting on the bed. He sat down beside you waiting for you to speak.

“I got sick. I was making breakfast and it was half done before I ran to the garbage.” You said playing with your fingers, “I kept puking at odd times for the last couple days. Steve, I think I’m pregnant.”

The shock was evident in the room because there was absolute silence as Steve processed the news. He was internally freaking out because they had been together for a year and weren’t even engaged. It was a polar opposite to what he would have had with Peggy if that had worked out.

“We should test it.” Steve mumbled looking up at his girlfriend whom was crying, “I’ll go get a test okay?”

“I have one.”

“Why?” Steve questioned confused.

“Cousin left it here a couple months ago, I didn’t even know about it until a week ago or so.” You replied sighing before you felt Steve grasp your hand.

“I’ll wait for you to do it and we’ll wait together.” Steve whispered kissing her forehead, “I love you and if we’re having a kid…I’m so very excited to have a child with someone like you.”

With a smile you disappeared into the bathroom to take care of your side of the waiting. Coming out with the test still in the bathroom you and Steve held hands cuddling.

“What if we are having a kid?” You questioned looking up at him, “I’m a doctor. I think I’ll work until I absolutely can’t.”

“We don’t know if we are.” Steve kissed the side of your head, “I’m not asking because you may be pregnant but I’m asking because I love you so much and I want to wake up next to you for the rest of the my life.”

“You want me to move in?” You grinned leaning up to kiss him, “Of course I will.”

“We can find a nice house with a yard and a couple rooms.” Steve chuckled getting excited at the new plan. You were about to reply when the timer went off and nervously you both went into the bathroom where the test gave the answer.

“I’m thinking Cairolyn Sarah Rogers.” You laughed looking up at Steve crying in happiness.

“Isaac James Rogers for a boy?” Steve replied getting a grin.


You were going through charts for patients that had come into the ER when you rubbed you very large belly. The scrubs were pulled tight over the belly, you were given a lot of the paperwork so you didn’t have to run around so much.

“Maggie?” You mumbled wincing at the head nurse. Maggie turned to look at you before you grasped at the desk nearly falling to the ground in agony, “Mind calling Steve?”

“Okay! People I need a wheelchair! Charlie, can you call the OB/GYN?” Maggie called out coming around to help you, “Y/N how are you doing?”

“Doing good so far. I don’t have a head coming out of my uterus yet.” You chuckled as the pain lessened. You could faintly hear your fellow co-worker calling your fiancé.

Time went by fast as you cussed at Steve, apologized for it before doing it again. He had called Wanda and Bucky to come to the hospital since Steve’s parents had passed away and yours lived across the country. They were there in time to see the newly hired OB/GYN resident came in to help check you. Bucky’s eyes grew comically big at the woman.

“Natasha?” Bucky questioned as the short haired red head turned to see the man.

Wanda watched the interaction with Steve and Y/N as the awkwardness in the room grew more along with Wanda’s confusions and discomfort. Steve and Y/N knew who the woman was from the stories and the way both Bucky and Natasha paled helped place her.

“Bucky!” Nat grinned hugging him, “It’s been so long!”

“I know.” Bucky coldly replied crossing his arms. Nat bit her lip looking him over.

“We’ll have to get together for drinks!” Nat said. Wanda’s eye twitched at the implied question.

“Excuse me? Rookie? I’m IN LABOUR!” Y/N screamed at the red head, “You can either help or get the fuck out of this room before I rip your bloody hair out! AND DON’T FLIRT WHEN YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HELP ME!”

Natasha’s jumped in surprise before going to professionalism again before you reported her. Wanda went closer to Bucky as he pulled her into his arms so he could inhale her calming scent. He felt the tension release from her body before he answered Nat’s question.

“I can’t go for drinks. My time is taken up by planning Wanda and my wedding.” Bucky kissed Wanda quickly, “By the way! This is my fiancée.”

“Fully dilated.” Nat mumbled to the head of the paediatrics. Soon you were pushing with all your might in routine.

It wasn’t much later since labour began that Cairolyn was born healthy to the joy of her parents. She was gorgeous in Steve’s eyes and he cried as he held her for the first time. He felt like his life was complete with her adoring, curious eyes staring up at him. The bond was instantaneous between father and daughter. The newborn baby girl screamed before she was placed on her mother’s chest.

You laughed in disbelief at the wonderful little creation in your arms. Steve knew that moment he would never let you go and weeks later you were engaged.


Steve was holding his baby girl as the wedding pictures inside commenced because Bucky and Wanda wanted the pre-wedding pictures and then post ones. You were getting a picture down with Wanda before Cairo would be included. at the moment Steve was too involved talking with Cairo to noticed the people around him.

“Steve!” Bucky called, “STEVE!”

“What?” Steve questioned looking at his best friend.

“Can I dance with my god-daughter?” Bucky grinned reaching for the little girl. Steve pouted pulling her closer.

“I get the first dance with her.” Steve glared, “You have to dance with Wanda first.”

Bucky chuckled backing up before the entire wedding party was brought in for a group picture before the first dance happened. The wedding was beautiful but tiring as you walked into your house taking Cairo up to bed; the day had been especially long for your six month old baby.

Soon everyone was joining the dancing and you grinned watching your loving fiancé dancing with you beautiful little girl. You could hear Steve whisper as he settled her into the crib as she was sleeping already. It was Steve and your daughters tradition that started the night you brought her home. She wouldn’t settle down until Steve had started to sing a song to her and slow danced. Ever since that night he would do that. Coming closer she stood next to her fiancé watching their sleeping girl.

“Your little hands wrapped around my finger, and it’s so quiet in the world tonight. Your little eyelids flutter cause you’re dreaming, so I tuck you in and turn on your favourite nightlight.” Steve leant down kissing her forehead before gently taking his finger from her grasp and pulling you into your arms, “Oh darling don’t you ever grow up, don’t you ever grow up just stay this little.”

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You Want Date Ideas
  1. Cook together
  2. Read our favorite books together
  3. Bake cookies together
  4. Watch the sun rise then make breakfast together
  5. Attend a local soccer game
  6. Watch an entire season of a tv show
  7. Go for a long drive
  8. Art gallery
  9. Sciport
  10. Play board games
  11. Movie
  12. Visit garage/yard sales
  13. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  14. Dance together
  15. Ride go carts
  16. Rent a movie
  17. Have a carpet picnic
  18. Go to an arcade
  19. Play Frisbee
  20. Go ice skating
  21. Go to a ballet performance
  22. Visit a place listed in an entertainment book
  23. Bike riding
  24. Bowling
  25. Haunted house
  26. Out for coffee
  27. Visit a flea market
  28. Play bingo
  29. Go to an opera
  30. Go to a bookstore
  31. Visit another city
  32. o hear jazz or reggae
  33. Play in the batting cages
  34. Visit a nursing home and hand out flowers to everyone
  35. Have lunch at a new restaurant neither of us have been to
  36. Chinese food(Or pizza) and a DVD marathon
  37. Have lunch at a new restaurant
  38. Attend a poetry reading
  39. Attend an author reading from their latest fiction work
  40. Go antiquing
  41. Attend a painting class
  42. Visit an animal shelter
  43. Go for a carriage ride
  44. Visit the tourist spots in Shreveport
  45. Take a trip to the craft store and pick out a project to work on for the afternoon
  46. Take a walk around a lake, pond, river, etc. in the moonlight
  47. Go to a festival
  48. Create a scrapbook
  49. Attend a matinee movie
  50. Visit a zoo
  51. Go see a local band
  52. Have lunch at a church festival
  53. Go hiking
  54. Go rock climbing
  55. Play croquet
  56. Attend the farmers market
  57. Try out a new cuisine
  58. Take part in a community theater performance
  59. Go berry picking
  60. Attend a live outdoor music night in our town
  61. Go see fireworks
  62. Picnic
  63. Teach each other skills
  64. Go to a free community event
  65. Have a movie night with a theme(Worst movie, worst musical, best movie, best musical, chick flick, scary, Disney, etc.)
  66. Candlelit dinner and a board game
  67. Culturally themed date
  68. Stargazing
  69. Sex(lol bc 69)
  70. Wii tournament
  71. Go for a walk
  72. Make tee shirts with paint/sharpie,tye die
  73. Thrift stores
  74. Ice cream sculptures out of very cheap, frozen ice cream
  75. Take a dance class together
  76. Make a blanket fort
  77. Swimming
  78. Roller skating
  79. Go mini golfing
  80. People watching
  81. Give flowers/balloons to people on the street who look like they need cheering up
  82. Race tin-foil boats in a stream/river
  83. Finger paint
  84. Bake and decorate sugar cookies
  85. Do a puzzle
  86. Ultimate Frisbee/Frisbee golf
  87. Watch stand up comedy specials
  88. Go fishing
  89. Go get pedicures together at a cosmetology school
  90. Take your dog for a walk
  91. Build with legos(build a life size cat!)
  92. Make bucket lists together
  93. Mcdonalds(Wendy’s) date
  94. Feed the ducks at the park
  95. Carve something out of a giant block of cheese
  96. Decorate Christmas ornaments together
  97. Carve pumpkins
  98. Go to a play/musical
  99. TV Show marathon
  100. Test drive super nice cars
  101. Buy several brands of one food or drink, blindfold and guess which is which brand
  102. Raid your fridge and pantry and do a tv style food competition
  103. Do random acts of kindness around town
  104. Start a memory book
  105. Play at a playground
  106. Workout video together
  107. Run errands together
  108. Buy a piece of furniture from goodwill and paint it
  109. Make a fire in the fireplace and drink hot cocoa
  110. Do yard work
  111. Video games
  112. Yard sales
  113. Geocache
  114. Scare/Prank a friend
  115. Climb a tree
  116. Play a mad-libs book together
  117. Wash cars together
  118. Play charades
  119. Scavenger hunt
  120. Country dancing
  121. Go to Haughton together
  122. Paintballing
  123. Photo shoot
  124. Make brownies
  125. Paint twister
  126. Shaving cream slide
  127. Archery
  128. Hide and seek in walmart
  129. Walmart camping
  130. Dollar tree date
  131. Horse basketball game
  132. Watch lightning 
  133. County fair
  134. Gym together
  135. Bonfire
  136. Tubing
  137. Splash kingdom
  138. Water gun fight
  139. Water balloon fight
  140. Tennis
  141. Blow bubbles
  142. Make ice cream
  143. Sidewalk chalk
  144. Fly a kite
  145. Mud run
  146. Go to a bookstore and leave notes to future readers in books
  147. Photo evidence of an adventure that didn’t really happen
  148. Paper airplane war
  149. Write a piece of fiction together and ask strangers for help when you get stuck
  150. Drive somewhere unknown and have dinner in a city you’ve never been to. Use fake names.
  151. Go around the city with sidewalk chalks
  152. Perform short silent plays in front of security cameras
  153. With a camera and a pair of boots make a photo log of a day in the life of an invisible man
  154. Rent a movie you’ve never seen or heard of before. Put on mute and improvise dialogue
  155. Watch the sunset
  156. Amusement park
  157. Karaoke
  158. Go out for ice cream
  159. Make a time capsule
  160. Create pillowcases
  161. Draw pictures of each other
  162. Hide and seek at a park
  163. Guitar hero/rock band
  164. Read children’s books at a library 
  165. Create stories together
  166. Build something with playdough
  167. Play with the toys at walmart
  168. Slip ‘n slide
  169. Hand make cards for strangers/neighbors
  170. Sticky notes at random places
  171. Make a movie together
  172. Set up a tent in yard
  173. Make pizza together
  174. Coloring books together
  175. Who can fit the most marshmallows in his/her mouth
  176. Cotton ball/marshmallow fight
  177. iMax movie
  178. Face paint
  179. Duct tape creations
  180. 4 leaf clover hunting
  181. Tackle football on our knees
  182. Go on a picnic somewhere random(the roof, a treehouse, etc)
  183. Dance in the rain
  184. Whipped cream fight
  185. Silly string fight
  186. Pie fight
  187. Sprinklers
  188. Dance on a dock
  189. Skinny dipping
  190. Ride a trolley
  191. Take pennies to a fountain and make lots of wishes
  192. Cloud TV
  193. Write a letter, put it in an airtight bottle, throw it somewhere
  194. Sock puppet show
  195. Take pictures of people with an instant camera and give them the pictures
  196. Laser tag
  197. The pet store
  198. Go to a car show
  199. Bake cakes and ice them blindfolded
  200. Cuddle and talk

umdoistresdasilvaquatro  asked:

I think it's pretty well established that Alexander was gay, but what makes you think he was a bottom?

• boho coachella headband
• whines often 
• sometimes played a lyre which abc football dad philip probably fantasized about smashing over his knee
• (genuinely though one time told him to stop playing a lyre and be a man)
• (alexander, stomping his foot: that’s your dream dad! not mine!)
• “he was younger and had no beard, possibly implying he was …….. the uh, passive partner” jeanne reames, visiting lecturer and leading alexander scholar in the most uncomfortable hour long lecture of my life, re: the dover model in macedon
• frolicked through a field of flowers one time
• can’t imagine him doing anything but giggling and clapping as persepolis burned like a woo girl after one too many tequila shots tbh
Injured Scotland midfielder Kim Little targets 2019 World Cup
Scotland midfielder Kim Little has got over the disappointment of missing Euro 2017 and is looking ahead to the 2019 World Cup qualifiers.

The Arsenal midfielder had knee surgery two weeks ago to repair an anterior cruciate ligament injury and expects to be back playing early in 2018.

“I got a bit emotional originally but got over it quite quickly,” she said.

“My thoughts are on the World Cup qualifiers that begin after the Euros.”

Little, who had three years at Seattle Reign before a stint at Melbourne City preceded her move to Arsenal, will be a pundit for broadcaster Channel Four at the finals.

Getting Back to the Roots

Joseph had no idea why his boss had wanted him to warn Coach Larson. For all intents and purposes Coach Larson was doing an amazing job finding the perfect athletes for almost all the school’s teams. When they needed a heavy weight wrestler he was able to find a heavy weight wrestler. When they needed a new lineman he was able to find the perfect lineman. However Joseph knew not to question his boss.

Out of everyone he’d ever met that was one of the people he never wanted to be on the wrong side of. Hank Richards was one of the most ruthless bosses he’d ever met. Even though he’d chosen a field in education he’d found that Hank was not found of teaching. He didn’t care what happened to the students after they graduated college. All he wanted was their money.

“Maybe James is giving too much away in scholarships…” Joseph mumbled to himself. He quickly waved the thought from his head. That’s not why he was here. It was to let Coach Larson know he was currently being put on a watch list. He’d have to let him know not ask any questions.

It took Joseph a little longer than he thought it would to find Coach Larson. He’d been out back with some of the football players helping them throw a football down an abandoned street. “Coach!” Joseph called, “Can I talk to you for a second?” Coach waved his teammates to keep throwing the football back and forth. He walked over toting his usual big smile.

“Can I help you with anything?” he asked.

Joseph took a deep breath, “I’m here to deliver this package to you. I don’t know what’s in it. I’ve just been given it from the dean. He said he’s going to start looking into your activities more. I don’t know anything else. You will have to talk to Dean Richards about it.” He finished his exhale. The heat had already started to get to him. The bright sun didn’t feel good on his aging skin anymore.

“Oh did he now?” Coach Larson’s eyes gleamed. “Guess he’s too scared to face me himself?” A deep laugh rolled out of Coach. His entire body was practically shaking up and down. “Eh this isn’t too bad. Thought I would have to be worried for a second.” He paused looking at the package in his hands. “You know what? Why don’t you throw the ole pigskin around with the boys?”

“James… No… I couldn’t. I have to go back to work,” Joseph looked disheartened. He loved playing football in his college days but a knee injury took him out. Sure that was back in the 80’s but he still missed being able to run around with the other guys.

“Nonsense! You’ll do great. It’s just catch,” he gave Joseph a nice pat on the back. “Oh and it’s Coach.”

Before Joseph could even think about it; the football came barreling towards him. His body reacted on instinct. His hands shot up and caught the ball perfectly. “Nice catch!” one of the guys shouted.

“Thanks,” he shouted back. This was a feeling he hadn’t felt in years. Plus his knee wasn’t even hurting. Besides taking an extra 20 minute break to ‘bond with the students’ was good right. That’s what their Dean always said. He didn’t want us stuffed into offices all the time.

Coach just smiled watching Joseph debate with himself. His body was already starting to show some of the changes. The white in his beard quickly disappearing while the wrinkles he’d gathered from listening to that stuffy old dean went too. He was slowly becoming the man he had been; a strong intimidating guy who knew what he wanted.

“Damn Coach,” he cursed, “Mind if I take off my shirt?”

“Not at all my boy. You’ve been working hard today. Might as well cool off,” Coach replied.

Joseph didn’t notice the thick gut he’d grown over the years had completely disappeared. He was too focused on making sure the football made it to the target. He winded his muscular arm back and threw it down the long alleyway. “Good throw Joey!” shouted the guy.

“Fuckin right!” He shouted back. “Joey’s got game!” He jumped up and down a few times excited that he was able to play for a little bit. He didn’t realize how much energy he’d have cooped up from sitting in that office for the dean all day. The sun felt great on his 20 year old body.

“So I’ll see you at the game on Friday?” Coach asked.

“Course man. Wouldn’t let the guys down.” Joey jumped up and down excited that he’d made the football team.

In Love (LucasxReader)

Request: Mine was the one where the reader used to be friends with Lucas and Zay in Texas and everyone was afraid of her so when the reader came back and stood up for Farjle Lucas realizes he is in love with her.

A/N: This was so fun to write! Sorry, I never got in my asks. Thanks for being to patient!

You walked into class with a small smile on your face. “Hello. Who are you?” The teacher asked. “I’m the new student. Here’s my paper.” You replied handing Mr. Matthews the packet. “Y/N Y/L/N from Austin, Texas. Do you have a friend in here?” Mr. Matthews asked. “Yep.” You replied looking at Lucas and Zay. “Two of them actually.” You replied walking over to Zay and Lucas. You plopped down on Lucas’s desk and tapped his cheek. “Yeah we did everything together didn’t we bud?” You asked wrapping your arm around his shoulder and shaking your hand through his hair. “How ya doin, Bucky?” You smiled at him. “Hi y/n.” Lucas smiled up at you. You pinched his cheeks then looked up at the two girls who had been watching you when you walked in. “How ya doin, sweet cheeks?” You asked looking at the brunette. “You know Lucas?” She asked. “Yep. Lucas and I go way back.” You replied looking down at Lucas then looking back up at the brunette. “Y/N, you can sit here. Class was just starting when you walked in.” Mr. Matthews replied with a smile. “Okie dokie!” You smiled and you hopped off of Lucas’s desk. You sat down at your new desk and you got relaxed.

Farkle was the first of the group to accept you besides Lucas and Zay. When you found out that someone was telling Farkle he was just a spoiled rich kid who didn’t care about anyone but himself, you started to storm away. Lucas grabbed your waist and picked you up. “Lucas let go!” You screamed kicking your legs out to throw off his balance. “Stop it!” Lucas yelled putting you down then holding you back against the lockers. “He is one of the only friends I have here so I’m going to protect him!” You yelled at him. “You aren’t stopping me.” You said getting close in Lucas’s face. The two of you stared each other as you waited for Lucas to loosen his grip. When he did, you stormed off.

When you were walking out of the school, you heard people talking about Farkle. “Yeah I’m the one who started the rumors.” A jock said in the crowd. You walked up to him and you stared at him. “What do you want freshman?” The football player asked getting in your face. You kicked him in the knees and got him to fall to your level. You punched him in the face then pinned him to the ground. You pushed your knee into his chest and you got close into his face. “You ever mess with my friend again, you’re going to be leaving with more then just a bloody nose and a black eye. Understand?” You whispered. “Understood!” The jock said. “Good and if you don’t report this to the principal, I won’t tell everyone in the entire school you’ve been cheating on girlfriend.” You said a little louder. “Okay okay okay!” The jock said. “I won’t say anything.” You took your knee off of his chest and you watched as he scrambled away. You turned around and you saw everyone standing at the entrance. “Great now you’re more scared of me.” You said throwing your hands down to your side then looking back at everyone. You covered your face with your hands and you groaned. “I’m going to go home.” You said adjusting your book bag strap then turning on your heels.

Your phone had been ringing ever since you got home and every time you checked, it was Lucas. You were about to answer the phone when suddenly someone started knocking furiously at the door. “I’m coming!” You called unlocking the door. When you opened it, you saw Lucas. You could barely ask what he was doing at your house when he grabbed your hips and his lips crashed with yours. The two of you pulled away breathless. “What was the for?” You asked lightly trying to catch your breath. “I’m in love with you and I never realized how much I’ve been in love with you till I saw what you did for Farkle today.” Lucas said cupping your cheeks. “Well the feelings mutual.” You smiled. Lucas smiled back and kissed you.

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» Min Yoongi.
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» Nobody even asked for this but I couldn’t help myself I’m sorry (not really)… I can’t deal with my Yoongi feels. I know I have requests I need to write but when a random burst of inspiration happens, it happens.                                                  

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