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You shallura art has OPENED UP MY WORLD OMG. And if you're still taking prompts, how about shiro and allura going in for a kiss, with their lips just barely grazing each other and their eyes half lidded, but then the moment is totally interrupted with the rest of the space fam settling their betting pool with who bet correctly that the two would hook up and who bet wrong.

I may have gone a little fan-servicey lol Buff!Ponytail!Alluraislove Buff!Ponytail!Alluraislife

Sorry for the wait on this prompt! Real life delayed me and if I have to suffer not drawing them kissing then so should all of you

He knows || Rafinha Imagine

Note: I loved writing this imagine so much! I hope you guys enjoy it! Might do a part 2 but its all up to you!

Today it was like any other match day for your favorite club FC Barcelona, club that your boyfriend Rafael, known better as Rafinha, was part of. You two have been dating for seven months now and you had to admit that they have been the best months of your life. Rafa always found time for the two of you, and if not, he’d ask you if you wanted to go out with his friends. Sometimes you’d agree, sometimes you would stay back home to give him his space with them. You didn’t want to be that girlfriend that would be with their boyfriend 24/7.

You were also still studying in college, transferring from your birthplace to Barcelona to be able to be with your boyfriend. It hadn’t been a sudden decision, Rafa thought of it and told you to take your time as you decided, which you did. You waited for the running semester to be over before moving with him. When you had come to his house, he had set everything up in order for you to not have any problems upon your arrival and in your room, which was obviously his.

  You were watching them train from their bench, speaking with Lucho who ever since you showed up for the first time got a long with you very well and would ask you about your studies. You both sat on the bench, talking and joking around as they warmed up. His eyes casting glances at his players every so often.

  “Everything is fine. Rafa had made sure that I can move around the city without problem” you explain to Lucho.

  “That’s good, but don’t get distracted, he told me you are almost done with your studies so you need to focus a lot with that” he points out. Your cheeks turned a soft pink as you realized that Rafa spoke to Luis about you.

“Yeah. That’s why I haven’t come to the past games. Been studying and doing projects. Managed to come to this one because he helped me finish an essay” you explain looking at the pitch and locking eyes with your boyfriend who winks at you before he takes a ball to practice.

  “He knew he would be starting today, so I guess he made everything possible for you to come. He says you are like his luck charm” Lucho jokes and you laugh.

  “I doubt that, Neymar said the same but you know Rafa has his days, its just a coincidence I’m in those games” you say. “I wasn’t here for the other game where he scored twice.”

  “But you did talked to him on the phone” Luis points out and you arch an eye brow. “Or at least I think, unless he smiles so widely talking on the phone with someone else.”

  You did talked to him on that game, so as Lucho explaining how he knew it was you, you giggled. “I guess I am then” you say with a shrug.

  He pats your arm before he stands and walks over to the team with his tablet to give them instructions. You watch them as they form a circle and you hear Luis explaining the plans for the first half. You look around Camp Nou, noticing the people starting to walk in with their jerseys. You had yours on, obviously with your boyfriend’s name and number. He had given it to you as a “good grade” present as soon as the kits were official.

  “So what lies did Luis say about me? Saw you laughing” Rafa says as he approaches you and you look up at him. 

  “Oh the usual, you smiling too brightly when you talk on the phone and everyone knows its me” you tease as you stand up. He chuckles and pulls you close, giving you a quick, tender kiss before he pulls away.

“Meet me at the tunnels after the game” he says and takes off his jacket. “Aren’t you cold?”

  The weather was certainly starting to get chilly, but you weren’t freezing just yet. Rafa though, had his long sleeves already matching his jersey. “Not yet” you say and he smiles, going behind you and holding the jacket for you to slip it on. “Thanks…” You say and turn around. You smooth his jersey down since it was lifted up in some places. “Good luck out there” you say, resting your hands on his hips.

  “I got you, I don’t need the good luck” he says with confidence and you smile at him. “Besides, its me” he jokes and you roll your eyes.

  “You just ruined a beautiful moment” you say, leaning in to kiss him before Neymar comes from behind and lifts you up making you squeal as he takes you away from Rafa.

  “No distractions. Let’s go” Neymar says and you laugh.

  “Your greetings are getting worst” you say, squirming around and hearing Rafael laugh at you.

  “How rude of me. Are you okay? Did you slept well? Woops, can’t hear you, gotta go” he says as he places you on the stairs and runs away laughing.

  “I hate you!” You shout, then notice the screens projecting the scene and your eyes widen before you laugh at yourself.

  You go up the stairs to your reserved seat where along the way you were stopped by a few fans to take a picture with them. Some girls would tell you how lucky you were to have Rafa as a boyfriend, making you feel lucky yourself. So many girls around the world that would love to be with him, even in his circle of friends, yet he chose you.

  “Hey” you smile as you greet Shakira who was with Milan and Sasha besides her.

  “Hey. Study break?” She asked, leaning towards you to greet you with a kiss on your cheek. You were one of the few people that talked with Shakira when she came to the games. The other wives and girlfriends would stay home with their little ones or only come when there was a special event.

  “Kind of. Still got a few things to work on but soon it will all be over” you say, sounding exhausted before you greet Milan and Sasha with a high five.

  The game started and it started very well for your team. You’d speak with Shakira about random things while you played with Sasha and Milan every now and then. Your mom and Rafa had always told you that you were like candy to kids. Mostly because they’d always look at you and inch closer for you to notice them and play with them.

  “Have Rafa and you talked about kids?” Shakira asked after she watched you play with both her kids during the half time. Your eyes widened slightly before shaking your head.

  “Not really. I know he wants his own kids, but I’m not sure if he wants them now…” You say and she eyes you, noticing something in your tone.

  “What was that?”

  Effectively, she noticed. You bite your lip before you turn to her and sigh, “The other day I felt dizzy in college. I ate, everything was fine. I didn’t faint or anything, it was a small dizziness. I thought…You know, but I haven’t felt like that after that day so I didn’t pay much attention” you commented and Shakira had a grin on her face.

  “Oh my God, then you might be-!”

  “No! I haven’t felt like that before. Nor felt the normal symptoms…”

  “Maybe not yet, but you should check. Not everyone has the same symptoms. Some women don’t even have them” she explains.

  “I don’t know…and there’s no way I can check. Its not like I can go and buy a test. Either Rafa is always with me, or if I do, someone will catch me buying it and the suspicions will be known by everyone” you said. Ever since it was public that you and Rafa were dating, you felt like eyes were always watching your every move. Not that you minded it, you knew it would be like that and never felt the need to complain or hide yourself, until now because of that.

  “Leave it up to me” she said with a mischievous grin and you groaned.

  “Please don’t…” You say and you both laugh.

  “Leave it all to the one that has two children” Shakira says and you roll your eyes playfully and turn to the game. 

  Rafa had scored on the match and you cheered for him, standing from your seat and clapped while shouting. Once the match was over, you moved to the tunnels to wait for your boyfriend to go home. You greeted Messi and Ter Stegen as they walked out. You have talked with Marc a lot since he was one of Rafa’s closest friends, along with Turan, Jordi and, well, Neymar.

  “Ready?” He asks, walking out of the locker room with his white shirt and blue jeans.

  “Mhm” you hum before looking around quickly and kissing him, in case Neymar decided to show up and pull you away. Again. “You played great today” you say with a smile, his hand reaching for yours to walk out.

  “That one was for you” he says and pulls you close, tossing his arm around your shoulders and kissing your temple as you walked. The conversation that you had with Shakira earlier was roaming through your head, wanting to ask him how he felt about having kids, but you decided against it. It would be too random and out of the blue right now.

You two head home in a couple of minutes and soon enough Rafa is working on the kitchen making food for the both of you once he had showered. The both of you ate, talking about the match and him asking you what was left of your final project so he could help you, but it was Saturday, so that could be done tomorrow and decided to play FIFA for a while until you two felt tired enough to go to sleep.

You two would shove each other during the game to make the other lose, and you’d playfully bite on his shoulder for him to lose focus, which always worked.

  “Cheater” he said after he tossed his controller to the side and got on top of you making you laugh.

  “Don’t blame me, blame yourself who can’t stay focused. Is that how you’d play against me on the field?”

  “On the field, I wouldn’t even play. I’d be looking at you fail get past me” he teased and you stuck your tongue out and he moved to pepper your cheeks with kisses making you squeal and laugh as his scruff brushed your skin, tickling you.

  “I’ll go to sleep now” you say and he nods his head. You get up and walk a few steps before your vision gets blurry and you lean against the wall as normal as you could to not worry Rafa. That though, failed.

  “Babe, are you alright?” He quickly asked after he turned off the console and rushed over, holding you by the waist.

  “Yeah. I’m fine…I must have stood up too quickly” you admit. Though the room was still spinning around you. Damn you, Shakira for jinxing me , you thought to yourself.

  “Here, let me help you” he lifted you up from your feet, carrying you bride style to your room and laying you down gently. “You look pale, are you sure you are okay? I can call a-”

  “No! I mean, yes. I’m fine. No doctors…” You watch him frown and cross his arms against his chest.

  “If you wake up in the morning still looking pale, and you do the same thing, I’m calling one” he says firmly.

  “I’m pale naturally” you say with a smirk, but he doesn’t even do that himself.

  “Not like this, Y/N” he says. “Get some rest, I’ll make something for you for tomorrow” he says and disappears through the door.

  You groan to yourself before moving on your side staring at the wall. It must be a damn coincidence that the day Shakira mentions the idea of you being pregnant you feel this way after days going by without you going dizzy again. Just a coincidence… Not long after Rafa leaves the room he comes back, pulling the sheets off for a moment before he slips in and wraps his arms around you holding you close as you sleep on your side. You felt his hand slipping to your stomach and your eyes widen. Could he have suspicions too? At this time, you were sure you were being paranoid and that it was all in your head.

  The next morning you wake up to the smell of pancakes in the room and you are quick to stand up, brush your teeth and go to the kitchen. Your boyfriend was shirtless, his grey sweatpants hanging loosely on his hips exposing his V line. There wasn’t a better sight in the morning for you.

  “Morning” you mutter with a small yawn, Rafinha looks at you and chuckles.

  “Morning, princess” he walks up to you and kisses your forehead. “I didn’t want to wake you up before I went to training. I was setting up everything. Take that tea later, will help you get better” he says, gesturing his head at the counter before he turns his attention to the pancakes.

  “I thought I was going to training” you say with a pout, but smile as you look at the counter where a small piece of paper was folded that had “Princess” on the front.

  “You were, but, since you were sick yesterday, I went against it. You’d be taking all that cold weather, y no quiero que te enfermes (and I don’t want you getting sick)” he explains.

“I’m fine now. I can go.”

  “You need to finish your project. I’ll be back to help you with that, okay?” He serves your pancakes and places them on the table.

  “You are not going to eat?”

  “Neymar told me to go with him to a bakery that has some amazing sandwiches according to him, so I’m going to test that out” he said as he went to the room to get dressed. In a couple of minutes, he was out with his barça training clothe. “I’ll be back as soon as I’m done training. Call me if you need anything” he says, his index finger and thumb holding your chin before he presses a kiss against your lips. “I love you” he says before he is out the door with his training bag.

  You spend the hours watching movies and doing things around the house before you finally decide to work on your homework , not wanting to go out in case Rafa came home earlier. Your phone rang and you reached for it lazily from your spot on the couch. Shakira?

  “You jinxed me” you say with a small smirk.

    “Rafinha told Geri about you feeling sick, and I was around and heard. I’m working on that pregnancy test, my chofer should take it to you soon.”

    “Are you- Do you think I am? Maybe its just a coincidence…”

    “That’s how it started for me. Besides, it doesn’t hurt anyone to check, right?” She says and you sigh. “At least you are almost done with college and you’ll graduate and you won’t need to worry about much because Rafa, by the sound of it, really looks after you. It will be amazing.” Shakira certainly sounded like she was the one that might be pregnant.

    “I hope. I hope he gets excited too…” You say, and now you smile at the thought of Rafinha playing with your son, or daughter, and you taking them to your games. You didn’t notice, but your hand was resting on your stomach.

    “I know he will. Okay, the test will be there soon. Take it before he gets home or try to be sneaky. Let me know when you get it. Oh, I only sent the test, I took the box out because Geri was around when the driver gave it to me and I had to toss it out and not make it so obvious. If Geri knows, he will tell Rafa for sure” she says and you nod your head as you chuckle.

    “No lie there.”

    “Gotta go, training is almost over. Let me know, okay?!”

    “Okay. Okay. Thanks for doing all of this.”

    “No need. See you later!” And she hung up.

      Twenty five minutes later, the driver was up on your door and handing you a small bag that held the test. He even wished you good luck and your eyes had widened. Great. You hoped he wouldn’t tell Gerard about this. You send Shak a message that you got the test and you sit on the couch for a few minutes, contemplating the whole situation and daydreaming a few parts of them. You shook your head and just when you were about to go to the bathroom, Rafinha walked in.

    “Babe, I’m home” he says and you toss the bag under the couch and sit down, acting normal…Hopefully.

  “Hey” you look over the couch and smile at him as he drops his bag and takes his shirt off. He grins before tossing himself on top of you which you squeal at. “Rafa, I can’t breathe” you struggle to say, pretending to be out of breath.

  “Oh, I know I take your breath away” he jokes and you hit his arm playfully making him chuckle. He lifts himself up, resting his forehand on the couch to support his weight. “Are you feeling better?”

  “Yeah. I told you I was fine this morning.”

    “You didn’t miss anything. Don’t worry” he says as he looks down at you, your arms going around his neck. “You know, you look extra beautiful today” he says and kisses down your neck.

    “I have barely gotten out of my pajamas, don’t lie” you tease, eyes fluttering close.

  “I don’t see what you want to point out” he mutters against your skin before pulling away. “Want to go out get something?”

    “Brownies” you say quickly and he arches an eye brow. “I want brownies. Don’t judge me.”

  “You should’ve told me before I left or called me. I was at a bakery, ya know?”

    “Sorry” you smirk before he leans forward and kisses you, he deepens the kiss and his hand moves to your hip, giving it a small squeeze and you let out a quiet moan. “Rafa…”

    “Got it” he whispers against your lips before sitting up. “Let’s go before I change your mind.”

    “You won’t change my mind when it comes to brownies” you point out and he rolls his eyes playfully before getting up.

    The rest of your evening with Rafa was delightful. He got you brownies, he got you candy, and that was when you noticed that this was more than just a small craving. You two went to his favorite place and then returned home, where you both went to sleep rather quickly. He was out first, and you stayed up a little longer looking at him, taking in his features. His lips, his eyebrows, his cheeks. He was everything you could’ve asked for. You remembered the test, and stood from the bed as slowly as you could without making too much sound before heading to the living room.

    You pull the test from out of the couch and look at it, taking your phone with you in case you had to call or text Shakira. Quietly, you close the door of the bathroom and stare at the test before sighing.

  You had taken the test and now you stared at it as you waited for results. One line appeared, indicating that you weren’t pregnant and you frown, but before you place the test on the bag, you see that second line slowly appearing before it’s completely visible.

    “I-” you mutter to yourself before you grin, covering your mouth to conceal your giggles. You were pregnant. You and Rafa were going to be parents. You were pregnant. You quickly take your phone and take a picture of the test before sending it to Shakira.

    [Text: Shak] Tell me this isn’t a false alarm…

    It was late, so you knew she wasn’t going to answer right away. You decide to go and try to sleep, laying down on your side looking at your boyfriend peacefully sleeping as you grinned before you close your eyes to get some sleep.

  Not even six hours of sleep have passed and you were already rushing to the bathroom as you felt that familiar, nauseous feeling. Unfortunately, no matter how slow yet rushed you tried to stand up from the bed, you woke Rafa up. You had closed the bathroom door, and you were glad you did because you had forgotten to hide the bag of the test, so you shoved the test into the small pocket your shorts had before your body decided to throw up.

    “Y/N, can I come in?”

    “Absolutely not!” You said and closed your eyes. You definitely didn’t want him to see you like this!

    “Absolutely, I’m coming in anyway” he said and, indeed, got in. He crouched besides you after you had flushed the toilet. “This is not normal” he said, holding your hair away from your face and in that warning tone that you knew what he meant.

    “I’m okay. Must have been all the chocolate I ate” lame excuse cause you always ate chocolate.

    “Well then, I’m not going to the match. I’m going to take you to the doctor and-”

    “No! No doctors…” You say and he sighs.

    “He will come here” and you groan before you stand up, Rafa helping you and leading you to the bed. “Get some rest. I’ll call him” he says and you frown.

    “One condition” you say and he looks from his phone to you, eyebrows arched in a questioning look. “You go to that game when he gets here and once everything is fine, I’ll go there.”

    “Alright. Now sleep” he says, sitting on your side as you close your eyes.

    Rafinha POV

    He was so worried about you that he didn’t even mind acting so protective of you. He loved you so much that he thought he could protect you from everything. He watches as you sleep, running his fingers through your hair after he talked to the doctor who should be on his way. He notices your phone screen light up and he looks at it. He didn’t want to see the text message that had gone through. He wasn’t one to invade your privacy, but how could he not when he saw the message was in caps? When he moves a bit to read the message, first thing he notices is that is from Shakira. Second, the text itself that made his eyes widen.


    Your POV

    The doctor had come and checked on you. Rafinha stayed for a few minutes, speaking to him outside of your room before he left. The doctor took some of your blood to run some tests, explaining that it was to check if you had a flu in your system. You took it as your golden chance to ask him if he could also run a pregnancy test with it and he had agreed on it.

  You get ready to go to the game, looking at Shakira’s message and texting her back:

    [Text: Shak]: I’ll see you at the match

    You arrive and grin at Rafa’s teammates as they pass by you when you went through the tunnels. You didn’t spot Rafa, so you thought he might think you wouldn’t be coming, but you wefe sure that Arda would tell him you just got there. Making your way to the benches, you spot Shakira and you smile as you wave at her and she waves back excitedly as you get to her.

    “Congratulations!” She says and you laugh before she hugs you. “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

  “I had morning sickness and Rafa called a doctor to check on me. I asked him to run a test to confirm it, he should be sending me the results soon…” You say and she grins.

  “Does Rafa know?”

    “Not really. I don’t want to tell him until I’m one hundred percent sure” you say and she agrees. Just in cue, your phone goes off and you look at the screen, a text message from the doctor with a file attached to it.

  [Text: Y/N] Congratulations, Ms. Alcantara. You’re pregnant.

    “Its weird when he addresses me like that” you voice and Shakira rolls her eyes.

    “Concentrate! (Focus!) What does it say?” She leans to your side to look and you show her and she squeals, giving you a hug. “This is perfect! More little kids for the team! They can play on the institute!” She says excitedly and you laugh. You couldn’t wait to tell Rafinha about this. Then the match started.

    The match started and your boyfriend, you noticed, wasn’t in the starting eleven. Soon enough though, in the second half, he substituted Andre. You were winning thanks to a goal made by the wonderful, best player in the world, Messi, so it was a good game. It didn’t took long for Rafa to score and you jumped out of the seat cheering. You watch him chase for the ball and catch it. Placing it inside his shirt as if he were…’

  “Oh God….”

    “How-?” Shakira trailed off as in shock as you were.

    “No way.”

    Rafa ran to the corner of the field you were in and pointed at you before throwing you a kiss. Your cheeks were heated up a bright red, feeling that heat on them told you so. Your eyes were widened and your mouth half open.

  “He knows…” You say and he grins before laughing at your face probably.

  You look at Shakira and you both sigh in acknowledgement before saying at the same time, “The doctor.”

This close-up, visible-light view by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope reveals new details of the Ring Nebula.

The object is tilted toward Earth so that astronomers see the ring face-on. The Hubble observations reveal that the nebula’s shape is more complicated than astronomers thought. The blue gas in the nebula’s center is actually a football-shaped structure that pierces the red doughnut-shaped material. Hubble also uncovers the detailed structure of the dark, irregular knots of dense gas embedded along the inner rim of the ring. The knots look like spokes in a bicycle. The Hubble images have allowed the research team to match up the knots with the spikes of light around the bright, main ring, which are a shadow effect.

The Ring Nebula is a well-known planetary nebula, the glowing remains of a Sun-like star. The tiny white dot in the center of the nebula is the star’s hot core, called a white dwarf.

The nebula is about 2,000 light-years away in the constellation Lyra. The structure measures roughly one light-year across.

The Hubble observations were taken Sept. 19, 2011, by the Wide Field Camera 3. In the image, the deep blue color in the center represents helium; the cyan color of the inner ring is the glow of hydrogen and oxygen; and the reddish color of the outer ring is from nitrogen and sulfur.

Object Names: Ring Nebula, M57, NGC 6720

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration

Time And Space


Let’s finish with the sauropods, some of the largest land animals ever. The upper photo here is a sauropod vertebrae. It’s the size of a single human. The next 2 images show sauropod growth - a small bone in a baby, followed by intermediate and fully grown leg bones. As with the other animals, researchers at the museum have used modern microscopic techniques on these bones to establish that they’re fully grown and how old the organisms were - by the time they were about 20, they were fully grown and practically football field sized.

the final image is a death assemblage. A number of bones of juvenile diplodocus were found encased in mud - far more than you’d ever expect to find in one spot. The dinosaurs probably got stuck in mud and were trapped there until they died. Some of them even show bite marks.

I tried to save him, I really did! But Coach, man is he one powerful dude… Coach, and the rest of the team, even my best fr…. frien…. Bro… Ky caught on fast, and tricked the hell outta me! I thought I was being slick, sneakin’ around finding all kinds of fucked up shit, tryin’ to get Ky back, but fuuuuck! Coach caught me in his office and fuckin’ screwed me up BIG time!

Ah, no, not again… not again! I have to control this, if I can just keep my mind, I can save Kyle and myself, we can get back to our old selves… But, Kyle, he even helped them Jock me up! He played along with me, egging me on, pretending to be scared, but, they really did turn him into just a big dumb smelly brute! And now, I joined him, all because I couldn’t see through his act, and Coach has the whole team trained to catch guys like me.
It had taken weeks to convince Ky… Kyle, that he isn’t Donkey, the team’s Quarterback. He’s been lumbering around school, and in town, eating up the attention, screwing his way through all the pretty girls and even some of the hotter gay dudes. You could hear him coming, then smell him, as he stomped around with his humungous dawgs, reeking up the place. He seemed to enjoy his pretty boy good looks, reveling in the attention, despite having hated guys like that before. But I finally broke him free of it, or so I thought, long enough to hatch a plan to get him back to normal.

We snuck into the locker rooms after all the players, Kyle included, finished practice. God, the humid, dank musty stench made me cough, Kyle pretended to hate it as well, as we broke into Coach’s office at the other end. I was picking the lock, when Kyle raised one of his thick legs, and kicked the door in, his cleat leaving indented prints in the door. I should have known something was up, Kyle isn’t a violent guy, but I ignored it and entered.

We snooped around the office, checking out every inch for a clue on how to turn him back, to free him of the control Coach has over him, when suddenly, as I was leaning over the desk, Ky grabbed me, crushing the air from my chest, and stuffed a slimy piece of plastic in my mouth!

I gagged, trying desperately to spit it out, but my jaw seemed to clench over it, and I found my tongue lapping at the goo all over the chewed surface. It tastes rank, like an old gym sock smells, rancid and sour, then changed to a sickly strong, bleachy flavor I immediately recognized as being cum! I tried to spit it out, tried to vomit, but my tongue lashed helplessly at it, drinking down the slime, and as it seeped down my throat, it burned, feeling as if I’d caught a sudden bout of Strep.

I could feel my body shaking as the mouth guard dissolved, my head going fuzzy, images of the team, of Ky, sweaty and aggressive after practice seemed to swim through my cotton candy filled mind. I found myself lapping at the flavors as they switched between distinct funk, and sweet, savory cum. I could suddenly tell the difference between them all. Feet, pits, jock ass, balls…. And I was enjoying it more and more, as my mind let go and sank into a twisting spiral.

Oh, no, that wasn’t my mind! That was the spiral on the computer screen Ky had sat me down in front of! Then, I head a deep, dreadful voice, Coach, congratulating Ky on his catch, and heard Ky grunting, and a sudden warm splatter on my arm told me Ky had just creamed himself. I couldn’t look, but I saw the door shut as Coach lead Ky out, and then came back for me.

I was shaking as words and images of football, chicks, muscle, sweaty guys, raunchy sex seemed to meld and twist into my head from the screen, and Coach sat there, goading me on, telling me all of the things I’d now enjoy more than anything else. Worshiping the team, being the team’s stress reliever, wanting desperately to be like them. I teared up, struggling to keep these things out of my head as they seemed to rip away at it, filling in deeply. The screen changed to plays, the field, grunting, running, working out, male, masculinity, virile aggression, the need to be a man! And I wanted it all, I was losing the fight, when in a flash, the screen went blank, and I realized the mouth guard was totally gone, dissolved down my dry, ragged throat.

“Fu…. Fuck bro….. the fuck you do to me Coach!?” I rumbled in a dim, dull sounding sexy timbre, the voice of a Jock, the kind that causes girls to cream themselves, and gay bros to bend over for you!

“Fuuuuuuuck! No!! Fuck!” I tried again and again to stop the words, I couldn’t control my own vocalizations, dumb bro speak pouring from my mouth anytime I tried to talk.

Coach went into a speech about loyalty, and how boys in this school who get caught doing anything against their star team, will find themselves joining. He was rummaging through a wardrobe on the other side of the room while he went on and on about the team, about my new position as a Tight End, making a lewd joke about how Donkey, I mean, Ky, and the team could use one, and how I’d find it difficult to say no. He came over with a few more items, while I tried to get up from the chair. I was sweating with the effort, when he grabbed my shirt and hiked I up and off me.

He grabbed a bottle of what looked like sun screen, and squirted a large blob into my chest, rubbing it in with hard, rough hands, making sure every inch was covered and shining in the oily goop. Then he went to town on my nipples, rubbing, twisting, pulling, pinching, all while he mentioned a surprise as well, as I leaked precum from the nipple stimulation into my pants. Then stopping, and rubbing a little oil into the rest of my torso, then my legs, arms, back, all the way down to my toes and up my neck. Not as much as my chest though.

Then he made me strip and tucked me into a jockstrap and cup, pair of purple shorts, a large, dirty pair of cleats, pads, but left the helmet on the rack in the wardrobe, and ordered me into the locker room, then the workout room with all of the heavy equipment. He put me through the most rigorous workout, yelling at me to work harder, lift more, run faster, pullups, sit ups, bench press, and all manner of grueling exercises. I was drenched by the end of it, feeling my pulse in my entire body, as well as realizing that the uniform I was in, was too tight. Especially in the chest and shoulders.

He finally released me, just as Donkey… I mean, Ky, uh, Kyle, came back, dripping sweat from his Bieber cut pretty boy hair, instantly filling the room with his… fucking, sexy… fuck… fuck no.. No! Not that!!! Anything but…. But…. Fuuuuuck……

I ended up licking him clean, from toes to neck, worshiping his muscles, sucking 2 thick, heavy loads from his balls After he left, I sat, sweating, my chest was now a true pair of man tits, big juicy nips perking up from the meaty pecs. I was panting as coach put some headphones in my ears, and with a sneer, told me to get ready for the surprise. He reached for my nipple, squeezed in between his fingers, and twisted, it hurt like a bitch, but I instantly moaned, my eyes going glazed as I filled my jockstrap and cup with a thick, creamy load of jock jizz. I was Tits now, the team’s sweat slurping, nipplegasming Tight End.