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I'm vaguely scared of what you might do but Ed x Brooke (6 for the ask)

6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

When Ed was twelve, his class had had to fill out some stupid worksheet about where they saw themselves in five years.


No one had taken it seriously. They were a group of rowdy twelve-year-old boys. They neither knew nor cared what they would be doing five days from then, let alone five years. But Ed Carter was a good, studious boy, and he had given it some thought - about ten minutes of thought, before he abandoned it in favor of more fun pastimes, like kicking a football around his room, or helping his parents with dinner, or doodling on his math assignment, or anything but this.

“God, please, no.”

In the end, Ed had slapped on some generic fluff about hanging with friends and making good grades and maybe having a job so he could have extra money to spend. It took all of five seconds and no heavy thinking, but it was still more than the rest of the class bothered with and he had received the highest grade on account of being one of two people to hand it back in the next day.

“Oh, my God.”

Were he to be completely honest, his answers were unlikely to change even if he had sat and really thought about it. After all, what does a twelve-year-old know about where he’ll be in five years. What does a twelve-year-old care?

“Oh my God, oh my God, ohmygod ohmygod omygod.”

And as it turned out, he would have been wrong anyway. How could he have predicted that the world would end? That his parents would die? That everyone’s parents, everyone’s older siblings, everyone who was supposed to know what to do in bad situations would all die? Or not die, and just. Hang around. How could he have predicted that he and all the other surviving kids would be spending their lives fighting the shambling, rotting, ravenous remains of their society?

“Please no, God. No no no nonono no, please no.”

And as it turned out, he would have been wrong anyway. But how could he have predicted that he didn’t have five years to imagine?

“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

When Ed was sixteen, he had led a group of kids - children - into battle. A battle to the end, against the ravenous, rotting, murderous adults, who would stop at nothing to see them dead. Who had given up their sense of fear, had lost their sense of pain, had nothing to lose. How foolish they - children - had been to think they could win. To think they could do anything besides delay the inevitable.

“Ed, please, please, please, stay with me.”

Ed’s eyes rolled around, searching for the voice hovering somewhere above him. He couldn’t quite make out what it was saying, but it did not sound happy. Why? Where was he?

“Ed, oh my God. Okay. You’re going to be okay. Okay?”

It was a nice voice. Familiar. Relaxing in its familiarity. He may not recognize where he was, or know what he was doing, but at least this nice, familiar voice was here to keep him company.

“Ed, you have to be okay, please, don’t do this to me.”

Ed tried to remember, but it kept slipping away from him. It was hard to see, since his surroundings seemed to be so blurry and clouded, so he couldn’t garner any context clues from what he could see.

“Ed, okay, fuck. Just. Let’s get you up, okay? I’m going to pick you up.”

Something about a flag? Maybe? That sounded just south of right.

“God, God, God.”

What was their flag? Was it even about their flag? Was it even about a flag?


He remembered bodies. Lots of bodies. Moving around. A lot of people moving around. Was he at school? Where was Jack, was he not going to help him?

“Ed, don’t - fuck. What do I do? Oh my God, okay.”

No, Jack wasn’t here. There was some reason Jack wasn’t here. Was he sick today?


Was he at school?

“Help! Somebody! Please.”

Everyone was looking for someone, an adult - a teacher? - someone important. Was that it?

“C’mon, Ed, you’re doing great, just keep - just keep walking okay? You’re going to be okay, okay?”

The flag. A crowd. Some teacher? Was that it?

“Don’t - fuck, Ed, please, please move your feet, I can’t -”

St. George?

“Fuck - Ed!”

Without warning the ground gave way beneath him and he felt it suddenly rise up and slap him in the face, felt the pressure of it, felt where the pain would set in in his neck. He couldn’t feel his face.

“Ed, no, fuck, Ed, please”

He couldn’t feel a lot of things.

“Ed, look at me, please, I can’t”

The world rotated around him and then there was more pressure on his head, on his face. What was that?

“Okay, let me just - You’ve got - There’s blood, everywhere, fuck”

The pressure kept at his face and suddenly he could see but all he could see was light. It was a nice, sunny day. Maybe after everyone found that teacher, he could go check on Jack, see if he was up for some football.

“Ed? Ed, God, please”

He saw the voice. The voice was Brooke. That was odd, Brooke didn’t go to his school. Also, if Brooke was here, then Jack was dead. Jack was dead?


He tried to answer her, but something wasn’t right. He still couldn’t feel his face, among other essential body parts. His mouth didn’t seem to be working. Or maybe it was and his ears weren’t.


Was Brooke crying? Why was she crying? They should be looking for that adult, shouldn’t they? She didn’t really have time to be crying, they had to find St. George.

“Fuck, please.”

He was really tired, though, that kind of fatigued where you’re just completely out of it and woozy. Maybe he could take a raincheck on the whole find St. George thing. Someone else could do it probably. Maybe he’d go find Jack and they could chill. Maybe his mom would make them cookies.


Brooke put her face right in front of Ed. Now he couldn’t see the sky. Where was Jack?

She sobbed. Her chest hurt.

He wished Brooke wouldn’t cry. They had more important things to do, he was pretty sure. Also, he wasn’t very good at comforting crying girls.

Her voice cracked, her gasps scratching her throat.

He raised his hand to Brooke’s face. He was pretty sure he did. He didn’t feel his hand respond, but that was definitely his hand on her cheek.

If she had had the energy to scream, she might have done so, right there.

He stared at Brooke. His voice still didn’t seem to be working, or else his ears weren’t, so he tried to convey all he meant through his eyes alone. It was tough. What was he even trying to tell her?

She grabbed his hand, clinging desperately, capable of nothing more than gasping sobs.

I’m sorry.

She couldn’t breathe, her voice kept getting caught somewhere in her chest or her throat or her heart.

I love you.

She couldn’t do this again. She whimpered. She couldn’t do this again.

You’ll make it.

She hiccuped, worn out, thoroughly spent. She wouldn’t do this again. She didn’t want to.


(She screamed.)

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The DJD for the highschool AU c: ?


Terrifying music teacher

He also leads the school choir group

And holds very tough auditions

Used to be a weeny, bullied student at the school but no one knows it’s him because he looks so different.

May take out his anger on his old high school life on some of the students

Idolizes Megatron and sometimes lingers outside his classroom to listen to him teach

Tries to get his students to love Phantom of the Opera and other musicals.

Seems very calm but if you suddenly do something wrong he explodes

A bit creepy and will sometimes watch students from his window as they leave the school grounds

(his classroom is right next to the fields, which is where some students cut through)

Sideswipe gives him the finger frequently through the window

Has very strict rules in his classroom

Despises Grimlock, a senior footballer

And picks on Black Shadow in class a lot

Always early for his classes and sits at his desk waiting for each student

It’s particularly menacing if you’re early as well and he lets you in and you have to sit there while he stares at you

Has favorited some students who he thinks have significant talents

(Vos, Kaon)

Tries to always catch Megatron before school starts to talk to him

Megatron use to indulge him but now he literally sneaks around the school trying to avoid Tarn


A senior

In Tarn’s class

Blind and will whack you on purpose with his white cane

Sometimes he just stares in your direction like he’s looking at you and it’s eerie as fuck

Probably Tarn’s favorite student

Has electrocuted himself in class before

He’s not allowed to sit near electrical outlets now

Usually it’s Vos who helps him around the school grounds

Still comes to school football games so he can hear Tesarus clobber people

Because usually his clobbering ends up with someone from the opposition crying

Has memorized his time table

Doesn’t know that Tesarus has highlighted all his books in pink

Hates the school cafeteria because it’s so LOUD


An exchange student living with Kaon

Barely speaks any English

Doesn’t really listen in class

Has a bad habit of trying to touch people’s faces without permission

Lurks around a lot 

Also a senior

Dislikes gym, but he has hella good aim when they play dodgeball

Wears all black

Everyone thinks he's emo

There is an odd smell coming from his locker that no one comments on

Throws pencils at the ceiling in class

Kaon tries to teach him English during lunch and at home but Vos doesn’t really care for the language

Eats his lunch with his hands

Just no cutlery


Also a senior

On the football team

Huge, hungry teenager

Watch out he will steal your lunch tray if you’re not looking

Shoves people out the way in the hall

His locker is mostly empty because he has lost most of his books

And just forgets to bring his other school stuff from home

Gets bored in class easily

Doesn’t do homework

Once purposely blended something in home ec without the lid on 

It went over everything

Sometimes picks fights with other students when he’s bored

Or takes naps in class


Home economics teacher

Frequently chops up vegetables with way too much force

Has a really bad tattoo on his face that everyone stares at but doesn’t comment on

Everyone is too scared to

Coaches the football team too

Trains them so hard

Everyone is miserable on that team

And extremely sore by the end of one training session

Makes students do like ten laps if he wants to see them suffer just for fun

Probably is a home ec teacher just for the food

Usually just puts on a video for the students to watch when he teaches

His hair covers up his eyes and usually it’s hard to see that yes he is glaring at you because you won’t stop talking to your friend

Overlord sometimes comes in to steal leftover pancakes

Which irritates Helex 


One of the school nurses

Takes her job extremely seriously

If you come in with a cut she’ll lecture you for hours

Then slap a hello kitty band aid on ya and send you on your way

Will smack any complainers

Lectures about good diets to students

Is usually hovering around with an ice pack or something

Kaon is her favorite visitor

Gives him ice cubes to munch on

Even if kids are sick they usually avoid going to her because they don’t want a lecture

And twenty other check-ups

always has cartoon band-aids on her

Worries if she sees that some students are too skinny

As does Rung

We were in a tricky period when he signed – four years without winning anything. But then he arrived with his smile, his quality, his style of play and way of understanding life. He took the pressure off everything! He was happy and he enjoyed his football. We’re all grateful to him for helping us turn our situation around. For me, he’s one of the most important players in Barcelona’s history.
—  Carles Puyol on Ronaldinho
Absence Makes the Heart Grow

Rating: K+

Word Count: 2050

Request: Could you make a reid x reader imagine about the reader and reid being bffs since high school and ultimately both being a part of the BAU add anything else you’d like with fluff and smut please thank you

A/N: The smut didn’t really happen. I didn’t really think it fit. I hope you like it anyway. :)

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Thoughts on "Superman is SUCH a boring character/goody two shoes?"? I can understand the reasoning behind that sentiment but I feel like there is so much more to him that can make for great material based on him: coming from a distant planet and trying to ingratiate himself to life with humans. I even remember batman saying something to the effect of "it's a good thing Clark doesn't see himself as a God or we'd all be in trouble," which is a great theme to explore as well.

I say, what’s so boring about a goody two-shoes? 

The writers should definitely focus on the immigrant angle, especially considering current events in the USA and the creators of Superman (two Jewish men named Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster). It seems like Batman vs. Superman will be using that in the movie, but I’m not sure if they’ll be able to drive the point home considering the irony lost on many The Hunger Games viewers. 

The full quote that you’re referring to is from Batman/Superman v1 #3. 

It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then…he shoots fire from the skies and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him.

Then we have fancomics like this that explore just how heavy the burden of being “super” is. Every moment he spends saving one life, he could be saving others. Even while the unnecessary death toll lingers in the back of his mind, Superman is known for taking the time to talk to people who are contemplating suicide on rooftops for hours. It’s not a role that I would wish upon even my worst enemies. 

Wallace made some pointed remarks on the subject. Particularly: 

That’s life in Superman’s world, here the most powerful being on the planet is glad to call you a friend as long as you work hard and help others. The ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound has nothing to do with it. Born on Krypton but raised in Kansas, Superman is a small-town boy who never developed a shell of big-city cynicism.

Critics sometimes throw jabs at the character, saying that Superman’s off-the-scale power makes him hard to relate to. Not true. Superman is just Clark Kent from Smallville at heart and he’d happily munch on a burger chatting with you about football prospects.

Superman’s humble roots enable him to empathize with all people from the mighty to the meek. He’s not Superman because he has the power to take over the world, He’s Superman because he won’t.

The very first super hero is the one with the biggest heart. After 75 years we’re all still looking up in the sky.

Bruce said that we’re lucky that Clark doesn’t realize that he could be a god, but I’d argue that he’s well-aware of that–he just doesn’t want to and never will. He wants to help people around the world and talk about football and spend time with the woman that he loves. 

And then there’s this gifset in which Clark comforts Billy Batson by telling him, “That’s because good is hard. Bad is always easy.” 

Many people assume that “good” is easy and simple, when in reality, it’s often the hardest damn thing you’ll ever do. Even Kamala Khan points this out: good isn’t something you are, it’s something you do. It’s a choice that you need to make every damn day and it’s not the easy choice. I have no patience for people who think that edgier heroes are automatically better, and neither does Matt Murdock or Wonder Woman. What’s so boring about making the hardest choice over and over and over again, even in the face of countless tragedies? What’s so boring about a man who wants to help other people with his gift when he could conquer them instead?

As Mark Waid said

When Superman, without a second’s hesitation, takes time from his world-building feats to embrace and comfort a suicidal young girl. When he tells her, “you’re much stronger than you think you are”, they become the most moving words we have ever read in Superman history. And they are perfect because they reveal, in one sentence, the fundamental secret of Superman and why we love him so:

Gods achieve their power by encouraging us to believe in them.

Superman achieves his power by believing in us.

Frankly, if you think that Superman is boring just because he’s so good even though he feels so alone in the world sometimes, then I want you to know that he believes in you being better than that. 

There is always a place in fiction and reality for the darker heroes, but they are no better for being so. 


Pop’s was the best place for Peter to be when his aunt was at work. He had money on his card from selling the leftover Spider-Man pictures and was set for a while with the pay he would get from each one. That left a lot of time for him to go ahead and start taking photographs of Riverdale. The surrounding forest and river was gorgeous and Peter often went out hiking now that he had the chance. 

Of course, at school, it was a different matter. He didn’t get to do much between football and helping with yearbook or homework but he took photographs around school. The one he was working on touching up was of Cheryl Blossom. He’d caught her one day, a candid photograph, coming down the stairs in front of one of the large windows. 

He was touching up the lighting in it and the backdrop of the window and sunlight made her hair look as if it were on fire and brought dark eyes to life in a ‘get out of my fucking way’ manner. Starting on lightening the foreground, he manage to put a slight fade on the back to block the students on the edges, making it look like it were just her and saving the photo. 

Peter cropped it down slightly and saved again before sighing and switched over to check the near useless Facebook page he had. Nothing alerted him to people around him or behind him, particularly when he was at Pop’s.

some things to consider now that jack coming to visit bitty on the 4th of july is happening & true & real & not just a fever dream!!!!

  • bitty showing jack his old rink & his high school & all the places he hung out as a kid. introduces jack to his old figure skating coach who says “you move like hockey buffoon on the ice!!” “um… thanks?” “it’s not his fault he has no rhythm this boy listens to country music”
  • bitty probably has lots of aunts & uncles & many cousins who are mostly all short & blonde, & his whole family probably gets together for the fourth to grill & play football. they take a group photo on the back porch every year. 
  • jack is the tallest person in the photo. 
  • he also hits his head on all the appliances in the kitchen
  • jack keeps volunteering to carry stuff & put stuff away in high cabinets & help bitty & his mom cook (also suzanne gets his number & forever after texts him stuff like “good luck sweetie!!!” before he plays). jack can’t figure out how to talk to coach but nobody knows how to talk to coach about anything other than tim tebow.
  • bitty’s moomaw LOVES jack, he accidentally bumps into her in the kitchen & apologizes, “oh dont be sorry young man, i havent seen an ass like that since 1948!!!” “oh my god moomaw no.” 
  • jack running around playing flag football with bitty’s cousins & nephews & stuff while bitty’s running around inside helping his mom cook (he watches him out the window & gets all smiley)
  • they sit next to each other at dinner & bump knees under the table
  • the whole family goes out to a local park to watch the fireworks & bitty drags jack & a blanket & some dessert up a hill out of view & they lie in the grass & watch the fireflies. when the fireworks go off bitty grabs jack’s knee & then jack grabs his hand & they watch them holding hands as it gets dark

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Drag au, nothing like or similar to 1994 though


Eren would be really amazing good but rough around the edges (THINK ACTUAL ADORE DELANO)

Everyone would expect Armin to be into drag but he’s not.  But he’s amazing at styling wigs but he doesn’t like wearing heels and refuses.  So he helps Eren with a lot of stuff

Connie is fishy comedy and Sasha is his biggest fan

Jean would be Eren’s rival.  Like super hot with super killer brows and always red lips.  

Marco is dating Jean and Jean thinks he has NO idea that he’s into drag.  And Jean is terrified to tell him because he doesn’t want Marco to leave him.  But Marco knows and doesn’t say anything because he wants Jean to tell him when he’s ready.  Marco loves it and thinks Jean is super talented.  

And then there’s Reiner.  REINER.  Reiner is incredibly spot-on but he’s also the star football player at their college. Bertholdt follows him around and would help with his makeup but Reiner doesn’t need help.  He is flawless.

Levi runs a tea shop close by the club and they always come in and he is always amused (Eren always tries to hit on him in drag because he thinks Levi is into girls but then Eren comes into the tea shop out of drag and Levi thinks he’s PERFECT AND ADORBS)

NOW.  If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else