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Whenever a reporter mentions the Eurotrash footballer Bucky Barnes sex tape scandal, Sam just rolls his eyes and asks "which one?" Apparently, there are rankings?

Sam won’t ever admit it but his favourite is the one which hardly even made a splash since the media was so used to his fucking antics and it’s really not much of a scandal compared to the other booze-and-coke hotel room disasters. it’s one shot at home, all soft lighting and rumpled sheets and Bucky looking unbearably tender, smiling all sweet and doe-eyed at the person behind the camera, burying his face in his pillow and murmuring something too low and quiet for the camera to catch, and every time Sam catches that expression he gets this weird lil ache in his chest and some quietly burning jealousy of whoever it was that was lucky enough to have Bucky look at them like that

(Sam is the only one on the team slash in the world who doesn’t see that it’s the way Bucky looks at him all the goddamn time)

Hetalia High School AU (Allies and Axis + Spain)

America: very smart but even lazier. He doesn’t study at all, but still gets good grades in subjects that mainly require logic (maths, chemistry…). He’s barely passing, however, in all the other subjects. Really loud, can’t stay still, teachers hate him. He’s also the resident jock, captain of the football team and very gifted at sports, but if you can get past his self-centred attitude he’s actually a nice kid.

Canada: Straight A student, but so quiet and shy that the teachers forget about him. Like his brother, he’s very smart, but still studies a lot because he’s very insecure, which leads him to believe that he’s never doing enough. Pretty good at sports, but very unlucky, he often ends up getting hurt. Most of the other students remember him only to copy his homeworks. It drives him mad, but at the same time he likes being helpful, so he ends up letting them.

China: Straight As. Tries to keep everything under control and ends up scolding classmates and teachers alike. Wonderful cook, sometimes he brings food for everybody.

England: Straight A in literary subjects, B in scientific subjects. Very good at public speech, if he doesn’t lose his temper. Can’t stand lazy people, often ends up bickering with them. Teachers hate him because he sasses them. Often ends in trouble because of this.

France: Good grades. That one kid that always sucks up to teachers, uses his charm and pleasant attitude to get away with everything. Arthur hates him for this. Flirts with anything that breathes, but he never crosses the line. Always perfectly stylish, tries to avoid PE not to ruin his hair. Had a mental break-down when somebody stuck a chewing-gum to his hair.

Germany: Incredibly diligent, studies a lot, he has a schedule ready for everything and is never late. The class rep. He would have straight As, but isn’t really good when it comes to logic, he’s a bit lost if he doesn’t have a strict guideline to follow. Doesn’t really get Art or Creative Writing. Excellent at sports.

Italy: Very ditzy, his grades vary depending on how interested he is in the subject. Actually smarter than people give him credit for, surprises everybody with his historical knowledge. Doesn’t really study maths, but has a knack for logic, often solves problems thinking outside the box. He and Ludwig are the perfect team. He’s incredibly gifted in Art and Creative Writing, moved the whole class to tears more than once. Tries to hide in the changing room to avoid PE.

Japan: Very diligent, straight A student. He would be the valedictorian, but isn’t very good at public speech. Doesn’t mingle a lot with his classmates. All the teachers mistake his calm demeanour for respect, he actually doesn’t give a damn and wants to be left alone. Sometimes he gets away with playing videogames under his desk, since nobody would suspect him.

Prussia: The master of chaos. Loud and obnoxious, pranks over pranks, nobody can stop him. A teacher’s nightmare. In detention 24/7. He’s actually pretty smart, and loves History, but only a few people know.

Spain: A ray of sunshine. Average grades, but always nice, positive and smiles to everybody. Teachers love him. Sometimes he actually gets in trouble for going along with Gilbert’s plans, but nobody ever believes it was his fault.

Romano: Works the bare minimun to get passing grades, then gets angry when Feliciano gets better grades. Makes a point of being lazy, but can work incredibly hard if there’s something he cares about. Always gets detention for swearing and being rude to teachers, but only male ones. He’s very courteous and respectful to women, both teachers and classmates.

Russia: Average grades, outstanding in Chemistry. He has never done anything actually wrong, but there’s something off about him, very creepy. He’s excellent at sports, but always more violent than needed. Even teachers are afraid of him.

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Since we are talking cheerleader R I present you with Athlete Enj


I always wrote E as being captain of the cheer squad with cosette but he literally??? Can’t do shit so the couch calls in the last cheer captain who was extremely talented but moved onto Gymnastics ® and basically had to help E learn everything


•E being totally anti sports for his entire life until he got into his sophomore year of high school where his councilor and school therapist pulled him aside and agreed it would be best for him to join a sport or two to help with his anger issues

•And so in result to that..
Boy joined (American)football even though his councilor tried very hard to suggest water polo or track because he was more built for those sports and not one that involved tackling each other

•So Boy joined football and absolutely hated it because he was always sore 24/7
The couch always yelled at him for being too sluggish and getting hit all the time
And don’t get Enj started on his teammates
He absolutely hated all his teammates
They were the stereotypical dude bro jock types that talked about fucking 91% of the entire cheer squad
He hated everything and honestly considered joining water polo with courf or track with Ferre or even fucking wrestling with bahorel BUT NOOOO HE JUST HAD TO PROVE A POINT THAT HE COULD DO WHATEVER HE WANTS

•and lets be real..
Enjolras was actually the fastest on the team but needed the proper motivation besides “get this ball over on the other side of the field”

•So on his first game he was just really… not enjoying himself he was benched for most of it and all he could hear was most of the team howling over the cheer squad and making comments about their skirts
Enjolras was just….
So done..

•He zoned out for most of it
But then someone sat down beside him??
And it wasn’t a member of his team because they were either on the field or chatting up whoever they could

•And he looks up to see this dude rocking their schools cheer uniform?? Well it looked like it anyway?? It had the flashy colors and CHEER! written on the front by their school name in glittery gold but it was in the style of athletic track pants and an athletic jersey

•And this boy is just smiling at him and introducing himself as R the cheer team captain and his designated cheer leader

•And Enj just has so many questions??

•How did he get on the team??
•How is he captain??
•What does “designated cheer leader” mean?
•And why the fuck does this dude look so hot with his curly hair in a messy bun and obviously a little sweaty??

•And then R goes to explain that every football player has a cheer leader that is meant to cheer them on and support them and sometimes on important game days they will give the football players gifts

•And boy
Does Enjolras like to hear him talk

•After that R goes back over to continue cheering but not before winking at Enj and making him flustered as fuck
Enjolras spends the rest of the game staring at R and his jaw drops every time he dies something dangerous or completely inhuman

•Since then E is absolutely smitten

•Every practice or game where he’s benched he just talks to R and it’s great until of course Enjolras starts hearing his team calling R slurs and names just because he’s a male cheer leader and Enj will have none of it
He screams at them that just because someone goes against the rules that society laid out that your birth assigned gender should follow is complete bullshit and that it shouldn’t label someone as anything

•R hearing about E’s educational speeches to his team and just going up to hug him

•E and R hanging out more and even E introducing him to les amis and R always just making it very apparently that “I’m only here because I’m E’s cheer bro”
Which honestly kind of hurts E but he can’t decide why?

•E and R become that pair of friends that are almost with each other and the football team won’t even comment on it because they’re afraid E will give another “just because two boys hold hands doesn’t mean they’re gay!” Lecture

•It’s tradition football players ask their cheerleaders to school dances

•And E is always very flustered

•E actually playing in a game and making the final score and R literally running onto the field to hug him and he keeps saying how proud he is and Enjolras just kind of??? Kisses him??

•R of course leans into it and it’s a good 60 seconds that they both realize what’s happening and WHERE they are before they break apart

•Enjolras and R dancing around their gay feelings for each other until they end up making out in the locker room after R’s cheer practice

•after that it’s tradition they kiss before and after each game

•R gets to wear E’s team jacket

•Les amis cooing over E and R when they switch jerseys on game day and both of them are blushingggg

•E wears R’s uniform when they’re together because it’s surprisingly comfy

•Enjolras breaks his hand during a game and R is the first person by his side and stays with him on the benches the entire time he’s still healing

•E R sleep over cuddling after games

•this is very long and drawn out lol



“The name’s Kirkland. Arthur Kirkland. And what’s yours?”

“… My name is Ludwig.”

“Uh, Ludwig, was it? The chaps and I were wondering if you and your friends would like to join us for a bit of football.”


“Yes. Football. You have it in Germany, don’t you?”

“G-Germany, yes.”

“So, yes?”

“… Yes. Let’s play football.”

Gift art for people who are super nice, part 2! This one goes out to romano-is-crying. Whether I’ve deserved it or not, her compliments on my art always made my day. ;u;

After creeping on your tumblr, I decided on drawing a little comic thing about the Christmas Truce since it was your favorite Hetalia scene. Please excuse the historical/grammatical/dialectal/etc. inaccuracies due to my laziness, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.



My attempt at decor and I forgot the damn computer chair.

Ebonique’s room. As it’s made abundantly clear, she adores pink, Steven Universe, and Richonne. Her favorite animal is the panda.

The mirror -and the house- belonged to her grandmother, passed down after she passed. The football was a gift from her MBF Benji, his “one day this is gonna be worth something” autographs. He also gave her the big panda for her birthday last year.

I still need to make some pictures of her family to put on her desk or end table. But I don’t feel like it.

Anyway, that’ Eb’s tiny room and a little back story, I guess. Ignore the backyard. I could barely do this interior.


In Christmas of 1914 many soldiers in the western and eastern front stop fighting, and starting to exchange gifts, play football, an had burial ceremonies for the dead. This even is known as The Christmas Truce of 1914. This shows even when there’s war, on the days of our lord Jesus Christ, war can end to celebrate his day with people who are around you.

Ps: may everyone have a merry Christmas, and may God be with them.