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Manuel Neuer | UEFA Champions League | Bayern München x Real Madrid | 12.04.2017

  • Paul: Percy, you wanna watch football with me?
  • Percy: not really a football guy, but I'll bite. who's playing?
  • Paul: well it's the Titans vs. the Giants...
  • Percy: I'm out.

request ; Can I request a Chris x reader where Chris is like some kind of boss and the reader is his girlfriend, but she’s Lin’s sibling and Lin works for Chris, but it gets like awkward. (I tried to be specific bc I know some writers prefer it to be specific haha.)

requested by anonymous

pairing ; chris x reader

summary ; you visit the office, going through awkward encounters and quite possibly one of the best moments of your life.

words ; 1809

warnings ; nada!

You stepped into the office building happily, greeting Jazzy, the receptionist, with your usual, “Hey!” She already knew why you were there, but jokingly asked, “What can I do for you, ma’am?”

“Well,” you smiled, leaning on the top of her desk, “I heard that there was a really hot guy working at the post down the street, alongside some dude I’m ‘related’ to, so,” you shrugged, “thought I’d check it out for myself. Think you can hook me up?”

“Hmm…” she laughed, “maybe. Gonna need a name though.”

“Y/n,” you laughed, watching her pull out pre-made badge with your name and picture on it.

“Seems I’ve got just the badge, Ms. Miranda. Mr. Jackson seems to’ve known you were coming,” she commented slyly, handing it to you and smiling, “y’know, I expect that badge to say Jackson sometime soon.”

You laughed wistfully, sliding the lanyard around your neck and straightening it out where it hung on your chest, “As do I, Jaz. Thank you, anyway.”

“‘Course, now go find your man,” she waved you away, giving you one last award winning smile before you turned and walked to the elevator. Your light, tan-boot clad steps echoed throughout the small yet elegant lobby, filling you with a sense of familiarity.

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