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Manuel Neuer | UEFA Champions League | Bayern München x Real Madrid | 12.04.2017

At school, almost everyone was a Real Madrid fan and that was the thing my grandfather Eulalio most complained about. He explained to me, patiently and simply, what being an Atlético was all about. He told me about the special feeling that surrounds the club. He didn’t tell me about the players; what he told me about was what it means to wear the Atlético Madrid badge on your chest, with the bear and the strawberry tree emblem that symbolises the city. He told me about the values the club represents and always had done over 100 years of history: hard-work, humility, sacrifice, and overcoming adversity; about resistance to Real Madrid, the city’s football giants… 
Atlético are a big club too– but for different reasons. Atlético Madrid represent a permanent battle against the odds; being an Atlético means never giving in, always fighting to the last. Atlético Madrid are on their own, fighting against the establishment, doing it the hard way. It is the people against the power. That’s why my grandfather will always be an Atlético. That’s why I will be too.
—  Fernando Torres, El Niño: My Story