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I’m pretty sure I understand quidditch better than football, tbh.

why Is There A Pureblood At My Football Match? (Draco Malfoy x girl!footballer!muggleborn! Reader)


A/N: I had this idea when I was supposed to be playing Hockey in PE today but I ended up doing little imagines like: “IMAGINE: Draco protecting you from….” for my friend…notice I said friend…ANYWAYS, this came into my head and I was like: OH MY …. YES I HAVE TO WRITE THIS UP FOR THEM! So YEAH.

Y/N hadn’t expected anyone to show up to her football match…after all it was in London (MY PEOPLE!…I’M DONE!), she weren’t even expecting her parents or any friends…because your parents had a meeting with some muggle business people and her friends were all on holiday to wizard places or couldn’t come.

But as Y/N stretched ready for the match a person she hadn’t expected entered, their blonde hair and tall height felt familiar in the crowd of strangers. 

“Who’s that?” Y/N heard whispers starting from her teammates.

It was Draco…Draco Malfoy who hated muggles and muggleborns and what muggles did…and he was at her football match. 

“He’s cute!” A girl giggles to her friend and Y/N glares at her…she didn’t exactly like her teammates…they were to annoying for her .  

Draco actually looked quite nice…his normal school wear missing and his usual smart weekend clothes gone and in their place a F/C colour hoodie, black jeans, green converse and of course..his Slytherin scarf.

Draco’s blue(A/N: Are they blue?) scanned the teams, a couple of girls stood tall hopeful, before coming to rest on Y/N. He smirks slightly and winks at her. She feels her cheeks flush and she quickly turns away, not wanting Draco to see her blushing. 

The game flies by, Y/N obviously winning for her team because…she’s her, she’s amazing that way. 

When the game ends…the teams swarm the stands around where Draco was standing. Y/N annoyed pushes through them to get to Draco.

“Hey Malfoy!” she greets. 

“Hey L/N!” He smirks back. 

“Why exactly are you still here?” She says after a moment and turns around to the teams and waves vigorously.

“Jealous much…?” Draco smirks.

“…Why’re you here?” She says ignoring his question.

“Felt like!” Draco states, then adds.“I don’t regret it…but it’s a little confusing.”

She laughs and Draco smiles. 

This is how they wanted it to stay forever. Together…

(Three) things I want to happen during this international break:
  • - Götzeus
  • - Neumer
  • - NO injuries for Marco (and every other of the guys)
  • - did I mentioned Neumer?
  • - no injuries for Marco
  • - oh right I almost forgot Neumer
  • - NEUMER!
  • - no. injuRIES. FOR. MARCO!!!
  • - I fucking need moooooooore Neumeeeeer!
  • - Götzeus too but I'm on a kind of cold turkey regards to Neumer...
  • - what about Neumer?
  • - ...
Nando and his sassy, persistent little fan ;D (x)


“Torres, here, I’m blonde too!”

“Torres, I want to go with you!”

“Torres, why are you so mean?”

*ruffles hair* :D

© disclaimer by mata-torres

Football Girl (Niall Imagine)

Summary: in which Niall just learn that you actually like football after a while of dating.
Pairing: y/n x niall
Requested: yes. Thank you @nutellaxwifix ur user is goals tbh

‘Princess?!’ I turn to where Niall called. 'Yea? Whats up Ni?’ I ask a little bit louder considering he’s on the man zone. Consist chips, beer, pizza and football match. I don’t mind actually bringing him food when he’s in his zone. It’s really a pleasure probably the mom side in me.

'What time is it babe?’ He shouts. I laugh out loud. 'It’s 2 pm you lazy glob!’ I shout back laughing at how silly he is. 'Hey! They’re almost goaling! Don’t mind me not taking my eyes off the tv!’ He chuckle. 'I know i know’ i said coming to him and kiss his cheek. 'You glob’ i add finally and laugh. 'Who’s they’re up to anyway?’ I ask before glancing at the tv and froze. I’ve been stopping my football fangirl-ness after One Direction.

'HOLY SHIT NI!’ I shout grasping his arms. 'I know babe! They’re good right!’ Niall said in agreement. 'They’re so close to goal if only the number 5 would just fuckin open!’ It was my used-to-be favorite team.

Another half passed with me shouting with Niall every once in a while when they failed to goal or someone got hit or kneed.

'Damn! If only the old manager was still there! They could’ve won but instead there’s this lame ass formation!’ I shout frustrated my old spirit is back.

Niall whistled. 'Damn baby who knew my princess also like football?’ 'I always love football but i just stopped after the one direction infection got me.’ I wink. Niall laugh.

'I know princess. And I’m happy you did.’ He said as he kiss me.

I hate how no one at my school likes musical theatre. I have to fangirl by myself while they fangirl over football and mainstream pop. All anyone talks about is Somo, Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, and etc. All I talk about is Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Jessie Mueller, Sutton Foster, and etc. How come I’m annoying when I talk about my music but when you talk about your music it’s not annoying?