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For Club and Country: Tobin Heath (for Portland Thorns FC and the United States Women’s National Team)

“One of my favorite things about soccer is how the art and the passion of the game somehow unites people and nations and classes and races. That’s something that comes out of the game and how it’s displayed and why people enjoy watching it and supporting it.”

(Thank you to @shayylorrd for the request!)


For Club and Country: Roman Bürki (for Borussia Dortmund and the Switzerland National Team)

“It’s clear that we need to create a special teamspirit. But that won’t be a problem, we have super characters in the team. I can learn a lot here from my teammates. There is a wealth of experience around me. I’m happy to learn from my colleagues.“ - Roman Bürki

(Thank you to @rafinhhas for the suggestion!!! If anyone wants to suggest a team or player (or even provide criticism or just to discuss soccer!), don’t hesitate to message or ask me!!)


football meme: [½] clubs: borussia dortmund (bvb)

Klopp’s connection with Dortmund is total. He talks emotively about how the club is “worth falling in love with because this is pure football” and, also, the unique thrill of emerging from the dark and narrow tunnel at the Westfalenstadion (…) to be assailed by the colour and noise. Klopp is the incurable romantic. To him Dortmund are the Rebel Alliance to Bayern’s Death Star.