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football meme: [2/7] players » Marc-André ter Stegen

“Barça has been a d r e a m for me, since I was a kid. I am very happy to be here and I am willing to be on the pitch and play.”

I don’t really think that’s what Sans meant, Pap, but you take that comment however you want to buddy.

…But seriously just imagine Underfell! Papyrus in his own “cool dude” outfit

All of these characters are amazing and i love them all but.. can we talk about Josh, handsome football superstar/white popular dude, who had a crush on the nerdy girl for a year, watches Buffy, asked if his crush was comfortable about kissing, didn’t pressure anyone to have sex with him, listens to adults, insisted on dancing with his crush when she came out to him instead of being a hurted jackass, is an actual role model for younger boys like Alex and loOKS LIKE A DAMN PUPPY? I JUST LOVE HIM ALRIGHT THANK YOU FOR THIS KID WHO COULD HAVE BEEN A CLICHE BUT IS A SWEET HEART


When you’re at the game with your side dude and realize you’re on TV.


Seth Rollins a.k.a. Champ vs. Mr. 24/7 (Madden 16 Tournament) — Gamer Ga…

Literally everything about this video is great. From Seth and Kofi yelling like it was an actual football game to that dude popping in telling them to be quiet to their reactions (and a helluva lotta bleeps), this is awesome.

Everything I Know About Miraculous Ladybug Without Having Ever Watched It (Thanks to Tumblr)

1. The main characters are Marinette, AKA Ladybug, and Adrien, AKA Chat Noir.

2. Ladybug and Chat Noir fight crime together.

3. Marinette has a crush on her classmate Adrien, having no idea that he is also Chat Noir.

4. Adrien has a crush on Ladybug, having no idea that she is also his classmate Marinette.

5. There are other characters too, but I’m guessing they don’t interact with the main two very much since this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Tumblr fandom focus only on hetero ships. One of them is a bitchy blonde rich girl, and another one is this football player-looking dude with rad hair.

6. I say “ships” in the plural because some of the fandom treats the superheroes and their secret identities like separate people???

7. Ladybug and Chat get their super powers from these tiny little kawaii things that sit on their shoulders. One looks like a ladybug and one looks like a cat.

8. Chat makes terrible cat puns all the time.

9. The show is French… or maybe Korean. I’m not sure how I got these two mixed up.

10. Apparently the episodes do not have any kind of chronological order, which I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU PEOPLE DEAL WITH. LIKE OMG, THAT SOUNDS SO FRUSTRATING.

11. We also have no idea how old the characters are, other than that they are teenagers.

12. The creator of the show likes to keep random but seemingly important things like the show’s chronology and the characters’ ages ambiguous ON PURPOSE. Seriously, how do you people handle this kind of torture?!

13. There are webisodes that go along with the show, and they give hints about the chronology.

14. I heard that Chat Noir has an eight pack. That Chat Noir is shredded.