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With the passage of time, we get older… not necessarily wiser. Battle scars and trophies are proof that “we were there.” But they somehow fail to validate the experience in a way that is meaningful, let alone profound. So, how do we determine what really matters?  I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure the answer lies closer to that scar on my right shin than on the shelf next to my trophies (which, of course, my dad has collected, shined, and displayed in his bar in the living room.) […]

While scoring goals and winning games are lovely to look at, those “roses” are empty on their own. I’ve realized that the emotional aftermath of big wins is the same as the emotional fallout of big losses…temporary. What actually sustains and enriches is the effort put forth…the investment. After fourteen years of youth soccer, four years of college, and (almost) two years as a professional, I still must try hard to not allow my football dream to be my master. After all, my career is not my identity; but my goals are important to me because I’ve watered them…I’ve tended them. That said, from winning I’ve learned to dream big and rejoice freely and from losing I’ve learned to how to get up, brush myself off, and forgive. Assimilating these lessons is how I can still play the game…the application of these lessons off the pitch…priceless.

- Rookie for Life,


Following Football Dreams to Germany with @cmpulisic

To see more of Christian’s life playing for Borussia Dortmund, follow @cmpulisic on Instagram.

American athlete Christian Pulisic’s (@cmpulisic) first memories of soccer are with his father. “I remember my dad throwing a mini ball at me in the house and trying to score on him in the mini goal,” says the 18-year-old. Christian grew up in Pennsylvania, but moved to Dortmund, Germany, three years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Although adjusting to life in a foreign country is never easy — Christian’s biggest hurdles were “the language barrier and finding regular friends to spend time with” — he’s taken to life in his adopted hometown: he has his own apartment, a group of friends and speaks German fluently.

Playing attacking midfielder for the Borussia Dortmund team in the German Bundesliga league eased the transition. “We have the best fans in the world,” says Christian. “They’re the most passionate in all of football. The game means everything to them.” And as for his young age relative to his teammates, Christian shrugs it off. “I was always the youngest on the team,” he says. “It’s normal for me.”

What would your OC prefer?

To start off this blog, here’s an OC question post for character development! Have fun!

  1. Pancakes or waffles?
  2. Cereal with milk or cereal without milk?
  3. Comedy or tragedy?
  4. Sleep in goofy pajamas or nude?
  5. Camping or hotel?
  6. Sweet or sour candy?
  7. Walking or biking?
  8. Fire abilities or ice abilities?
  9. Wooden pencil or mechanical pencil?
  10. Hats or no hats?
  11. Modest clothing or flashy clothing?
  12. Finger-snapping or whistling?
  13. Long hikes or long car rides?
  14. Long car rides or travel by plane?
  15. Stormy night or sunny day?
  16. Summer or winter?
  17. Game night with their family or movie night with their friends?
  18. Chewy candy or hard candy?
  19. Band or football?
  20. Lucid dreaming or never having to sleep?

“Sophomore Matt Kechter had big plans for his junior year. A 6-foot, 215-lb. offensive lineman on the varsity football team—and a straight-A student in the classroom—Kechter was determined to crack the Columbine Rebels starting lineup in the fall. “He was on track,” says family friend Mike Mesch, who coached Kechter in junior high. “He was big and strong and loved charging out of that huddle.”

Kechter was the kind of son football-loving parents dream of. His father, construction supervisor Joseph Kechter never missed a game, and Ann, his mother, organized the team’s year-end party. His only sibling, Adam, 12, idolized him. In death, Matt was reportedly found in the library with his arms around another student. “He was protecting someone,” says Mesch. “That was Matt.”


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ID #30670

Name: Myles
Age: 20
Country: United Kingdom (England)

Hello there!

I am at University in my second year studying Media with Film & TV.
I’m interested in doing this as I would love to get into contact with interesting, open minded people all over the world to discuss anything and everything! It would be great to get to know you and hear about your daily lives as well as exchanging photos. I really enjoy listening to, and getting to know new people!

My interests include:
Listening to a lot of music (The Beatles, Mac DeMarco,Tame Impala, Ben Howard, Frank Ocean to name a few). Attempting to learn the guitar, slowly haha. Taking photos. My dog, but I do love all dogs! Reading, in particular anything by Jack Kerouac. Nights out with friends! Watching Films (American Beauty, Dazed and Confused, Donnie Darko) and Television (The Simpsons, Peep Show, Black Mirror, Friends, Freaks and Geeks, Stranger Things, The Office!). Playing football!

My dream is to buy a camper van and travel the world in it! The world just fascinates me with all it’s beauty and I love to talk about it and hear about other people’s adventures.

In summary if any of this sounds remotely interesting to you and you think we could get on well, I’d love to hear from you!

Peace! :-)

Preferences: No preferences really, maybe just being at least 18!

Oh yeah and nobody likes small talk let’s talk about deep and interesting things we are passionate about!

Opinion: Power Rangers 2017 (spoilers)

This comes from the viewpoint of a 90’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers fan who watched the show on Fox Kids in the mornings.

W O W!

I loved it. The best thing about this film is definitely USE OF LAYERS. The film really does something extra by introducing the characters one by one, revealing more and more about them. You get to know one specific thing about each to-be Ranger and how they all end up at the same spot, becoming Rangers.

They later get to deal with that stuff, train and bond as friends over time, which you all know is quite rare in full-length films nowadays. Typically, the superhero will be thrown into super strength or powerful abilities and know how to use them and bang! enter action.

Here, there is no big threat for a start. There is the looming threat yes, but the Rangers get to know each other, build a level (or many levels actually) of trust before they are even able to morph! This is amazing.

The core parts of the series are present. The main team includes the primary 5 and then there’s also the knowledge about green ranger’s assistance, as the main villain is a former green ranger and the post-credits reveal more of green to come. Zordon is very much present and so are all the classic zords.

The characters are amazing. All are of different ethnicity and all got different but oh so real problems. We got issues with parents wishing some big american football dream on their son, another dealing with his sick mother whom he loves dearly, third being autistic but oh so badass and smart and KIND, a previous cheerleader who gets thrown out of her clique due to some mean but still very common reasons and lastly, an awesome LGBTQ girl who gets to move around a lot and never really stays too long to get to know people and make friends and has to deal with parents who live by labels and don’t take her relationships well.

Also, Rita Repulsa stopping by to grab a donut before going for the crystal was literally every single one of us going #priorities

My best moments that made me jump up and down like a kid on Christmas include:
- Jason and Billy’s friendship moments
- Kim and Trini moments but especially that donut fight because that was so fucking gay like christ almighty calm down you two
- Zack’s moment with his cool af mum
- MEGAZORD!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall: I want more of these. Great buildup, great character intro, all important original series points included, varied cast, no forced hetero romance (actually, no romance at all, which was perfect for this film) and an amazing amount of badass fighting scenes.

I’m totally sold. Call me a nerd but, the child in me has been given the gift of ages.


Goal II: Living the Dream

Goal II: Living the Dream is the second installment of the Goal! film trilogy.  It depicts fictional events in the 2005-06 football season involving involving Real Madrid, Newcastle United and other major European clubs like Arsenal, Valencia and Barcelona and featuring the actual footballers as themselves.

When Newcastle United soccer star Santiago Muñez is offered a spot with Real Madrid, he accepts, but the move - accompanied by big money and fame - tests his ties and loyalties to family, friends and business acquaintances.

“How a team rose from the humblest of beginnings, Scaled heights and Ploughed depths to become the most loved football club on the planet. Revered not just for the trophies we’ve won but for the manner in which we’ve won them. With honour and dignity. With genius and inspiration. And a never-say-die siprit that is the stuff of legend. A refusal to accept defeat until the 90th minute and beyond. It’s a story you couldn’t write. A story you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t lived it, experienced it, witnessed it,yourself. This is the story of Manchester United. The team that wouldn’t die.

young joe biden looks so wholesome… I would be his lover from the other side of the tracks… he picks me up at 1 a.m. and we have good missionary sex in his pickup truck… he tells me about his football dreams and i, well, i listen