football bullshit

True story

Mike and I were in the same fraternity back in college and always ran with the same crowd, though we weren’t exactly friends. We’d partied together many times through the years and were part of a group that gets together for boys weekends once or twice a year. He’s always been a stud and I’d heard plenty of stories about the way his fat dick makes the bitches go crazy, but he never gave any indication that he knew anything about my slut side. Now that he’s a married dad, I had given up on anything ever happening with mike.

This weekend was one of these boys trips. About 8 of use met up for a weekend of football, baseball, drinking and bullshit. Found myself hanging with mike more and more through the weekend, especially around the hotel pool. Dude has always been hot, but his hairy chest and emerging dad bod were making my fantasies run wild. I was working hard to keep my newfound lust for him in check.

Most of the guys headed out Sunday, but I was staying in town for business and mikes flight got delayed. Next thing I knew, mike was asking to crash at my hotel ahead of a flight out this morning. I jumped at the chance. We stayed up too late watching football and drinking and when he passed out in my king sized bed fully dressed, I figured fantasizing about mike was as good as it was going to get. I thought about stroking off or maybe trying to cop a feel of his bulge while he slept, but decided to be good and go to sleep.

Somewhere in the night, I was vaguely aware that mike woke up. I heard him taking a piss, heard a belt hit the floor, and felt the bed shift as he climbed back in, but went back to sleep without much more thought.

I’m not sure how much later it was that I awoke to a moan. Mike and I were spooning and he was pushing a massive, rock hard dick against my ass. He was grabbing my ass through my boxers with one hand and pulling me back into him with the other, grinding against me. Then I heard the moan again. It was me. And then I heard the deep manly laugh in my ear as he pulled my boxers down below my bubble ass.

As I lifted my ass to let him get my boxers off, he rolled me over face down and climbed on top in one move. His massive dick was buried between my ass cheeks, grinding and searching for my tight pucker. Some spit in his hand and one smooth move later, and his dick head was pressing, trying to fight its way into my tight hole. Unconsciously, I lifted my ass to meet his thrust. He laughed again and said “say please”. I could barely form the words with his weight pressing me into the mattress, but I managed to whisper “please, bro” just as he sunk into me all the way to the balls.

I screamed out in pleasure and pain as I was stretched to my limit with nothing but spit to ease his entry. In no time, he’d worked up to an incredible rhythm as my hole gripped his massive cock. He pulled my ass up and back so that he was pummeling my prostate. It was clear that mine was not the first ass mike had fucked–he knew exactly how to make my pussy sing for him. As I felt him on top of me, chest heaving, biting my neck and saying fuck yes in my ear over and over, I couldn’t help but cum. I didnt even have the words to warn him, but he felt my ass contract and grip him even tighter. Two more massive plunges right into my prostate and I felt my reward as his dick swelled and coated my insides with his incredible load.

I lay there panting in a puddle of my own fag cum as he fell asleep on top of me, dick inside me and his hand on my ass. He was gone when I woke up, but I’ve got three faint bite marks on my neck and back that will remind me what a slut I am all week. Just hope they fade before I head home on Wednesday.

Watching my college team on TV instead of being at the game and with the band has made me quite upset and not just because I’m not there.

The band, cheerleaders, and dance team are not represented at all. I know they all work just as hard, if not harder, than EMU’s football team.

But CBS Sports Network would rather show old guys talk about football at half time than showing the bands half time show. I don’t think they realize how much audience they could actually gain from doing this. I would watch football way more if it meant seeing the band.

Also, the dance team and cheerleaders do great routines and deserved to be shown more.

If you’re going to broadcast football, shouldn’t you broadcast the whole game day experience? Who decided that the actual football was the only enjoyable/important part of game day?

In case you have never heard of the World Championship of American Football (which is entirely likely), we must begin your introduction by stressing that it is not the same thing as the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a three-hour beer and soda commercial starring flaccid old rock stars and the occasional female rapper. The World Championship of American Football is the world championship of football (the type that is played in America).

It’s been held every four years since 1999, making it just as storied a tradition as the World Cup, which is the world championship of that silly bullshit football they play in Europe. The series is organized by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF), whose 64 members include countries like Kuwait and Moldova (which we’re pretty sure was one of the sovereign territories of Vigo from Ghostbusters 2). The organization is also based in France, because as Euro Disney has unquestionably proven, France is the greatest place to put transplanted American culture.

The Hilarious Story of American Football Abroad