football brotp


I usually just go and hand the ball to a fan, or dap up the fans, but I saw the towel hanging. I had just seen my boy [Edelman] on the couch a couple of nights before, just down and out. So I just figured I’d cheer him up. He [Edelman] loved it. He sent me a couple of emojis. I think I’ll keep those between us. {x}


Navas: “Yo, mothafucka! Ain’t heard of fair play lil’ punk?! Wish opening my net this way, huh?”

Anonymous player: “Dad!… I mean ref, help!!!”

Navas: “Know who’s lying on the ground worthless twat?! Gareth fuckin’ Bale. Hey! Look at me when I’m talkin’ to you! See you after game, assface.”

Kovacic: “Gareth is my friend, dude. Does friend mean anything to you?”