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Give Me Wood

From The Treasure In His Pits To The Treasure Line Disappearing Into His Kit, Mason Wood Is Wood-Worthy!

Woof, Baby!


Smuggling Saints

There May Be A Slight Chill In the Air, But The Sun’s Out, So The Saints Have Their Buns And Other Assorted Body Parts Out!

Smuggle On, Dudes!


Magpie Crazy!

Jonathon Marsh Is A Hot Talent…And Hot In Tights!

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What's happening in Australia atm

So there’s this footy star who is aboriginal and sent a 13 year old girl out of the stands for beig racist. Now people are booing him for it.
I’m sorry but at what age is racism ok? Cause according to me it’s never and the mum should have been booted out as well.
We should be congratulating him for standing up against such disgusting behaviour and doing so in the right way. He wasn’t rude he just made her leave, whih is the correct response.
itstand by Adam Goodes


Luscious Lycra Lad

Matthew Boyd Rolls Out In Lycra.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!