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Humans Are Weird: Sports

I think aliens would be so confused by our methods of entertainment. Like if we just look at sports, we have Soccer, Basketball, Football/Rugby, baseball, softball, tennis, swimming, track, cross country, volleyball and so many more. Lets break a couple down.

Soccer: objective is to get the ball into the goal without using your hands. Equipment includes shoes with teeth on them and hard plating to protect our shins.

Basketball: the reverse of soccer, the goal is to get the harder ball into the net that is suspended in the air by bouncing it with your hands. No equipment.

Football: I’ll be honest I hate football with a passion and I don’t know a lot about it. But what I do know for sure is that getting tackle don’t just because you have the ball HURTS.

Volleyball: objective is to keep the ball going in the air over a net with out touching the ground, you use the vulnerable part of your forearms to do this. Special equipment includes knee pads to prevent skinning your knees.

These are only four of earths favorite sports and they HURT. Now imagine an alien learning about them and being horrified, like I play soccer and I have witnessed people have their hip messed up because of a nasty fall, then get annoyed because they have to miss the next couple games. Aliens would be so confused and concerned like, you already hurt yourselves enough. But now you are willingly submitting your self to more pain for the sake of not being bored!?

And they would be even more confused by the miniature games we play to keep our selves entertained. For example, my brother and I have our own version of wall ball we play. It includes a lot of diving to the ground. Or the games we play to warm up to play our other games, hand ball for example, where I have witnessed people vault of other people because they would jump off a cliff before they let the other team have the ball. 

Just imagine human starting a game of hockey of something in the corridors of their ship or something because they all where on break and had nothing else to do. Like the puck goes flying and knocks out a light (which I have also witnessed) and the aliens screaming and ducking for cover).

Feel free to add on. :)

“Kerrage Under Fire”

Not really much to say, other than she’s amazing, and I have no valid excuse for not having made a thing with her up until this point. A billion thanks to the wonderful and gifted @diriedits for inspiring me to do this, and for invaluable input throughout the creative process… and inspiring a super pun-tastic title.


Thursdays In Tights!

Joel Selwood Looks So Sexy In His Tights!

Woof, Baby!
Saudi football team fail to observe minute's silence for London Bridge attack victims

Minute’s silence for London terror [victims], Saudi players wandering around like they don’t give a f***. Saudi fans shouting the whole time.

Some users claimed that observing silences ahead of football matches was not a part of Saudi culture. However, Saudi side Al-Ahli Saudi FC observed a minute of silence ahead of their Qatar Airways Cup match against Barcelona last year.

Absolute animals. Can’t even muster up the bare minimum of pretending to show respect for a single minute on live international tv.

just a shout out to football fans from asia, australia, south and north america and other parts of the world who wake up in the middle of night to watch football and support their favourite teams, despite having school/uni/work on the next day. you are real mvps and I admire your passion and commitment!


Is this the most Niall story of all time? ✔ Australia ✔ Cousins ✔ Football ✔ Niall jumping all over a pro footballer he’s only just met ✔ Pub ✔ Beer ✔ Massive night on the piss… by the sound of things. Oh, to have been a fly on that pub wall… 🍻🍻🍻

Football Federation Australia has always been super slow to recognise and capitalise on the successes of the Matildas, but finally something clicked in their brains and they are moving a men’s national cup final (a competition consisting of pro & semi-pro teams) for the Matildas’ FRIENDLY; both games would have happened on the 22nd of November.

Australia vs Syria, World Cup 2018 qualifiers!

((Well it’s football after all XDD )).






The Syrians, who have never qualified for the World Cup finals, have played all their “home” qualifiers in Malaysia since FIFA banned them from hosting matches in their war-torn country.

☆☆so let’s not forget to thanks Malaysia ~♡

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