football aka soccer

benefits of being a (american) football fan

and I’m referring to actual football (aka soccer). 

1. You learn new things - it’s hard to judge how famous someone/something is in another country, so needless to say I was shocked when I saw today (thanks youtube) that Mats Hummels is in commercials????? I was so surprised like I had no idea he had been in one, let alone like tons?? 

2. If you run into footballers on vacation in the US, you can be quite confident no one else will recognize them 

3. No one in your family can even name 3 European football teams so rest assured no family arguments at holidays about whose team is better

4. Football is always on early in the morning or very early afternoon. (I literally cannot imagine watching live football in the evening - mind blown). this leaves the rest of your day free…

5. You could literally support rival teams and no one would know the difference. I could support Liverpool and United, or Real and Barca and no one would think anything of it. 

6. You get to watch amused when the World Cup comes around as people around you discover soccer and soccer players and (coincidently) how handsome they are - have you heard of this guy like named ronaldo? - all while you’re gagging inside at the mention of his name. (But it is gonna be funny to watch the US discover Pulisic next summer…)

That’s all I can think of for now - maybe I’ll make a disadvantages post sometime??

anonymous asked:

My best friend's brother plays soccer and apparently they have a really short and constantly grumpy goalie named Nico, who never talks to anyone but is really aggressively good and it made me think of the smol emo boy.

(Fun Fact! Italy’s most popular sport is football, aka Soccer in American.)

One day in camp halfblood, during the winter when it’s quiet and Nico is bored, he bullies convinces all the year-long campers to play a game of soccer. Nico doesn’t play the first game because he cant remember how to play, but the second game, hooo booyyy. Nico turns out to be The Most aggressive player on the field and he’s actually Good at it, but he is Too Rough and is banished to the goalie’s spot. The team they’re against doesn’t get a single goal in bc Nico is full of the power of pure spite.

The next time he goes to the underworld, he plays with a bunch of skeletons of dead soccer players and soldiers and Kicks Ass.

He also probably buys a soccer ball and colors all the white in with black and/or draws skulls on it - in sharpie of course.

Y’all, this gif fucking destroys me.

Because while I am VERY PROUD of Louis, and the mental pep talk he clearly gave himself in order to stand back up, the thing I see the MOST in this gif (and in the entire sequence after he gets tackled) is that Louis IS NOT WITH HIS TEAM. He is not with One Direction there, he is not with the lads that he trusts, in the way that most footballers (unless they are in a truly shitty team situation) are always out on the pitch with the players they know and love best. Most footballers would trust their teammates after getting a hard tackle and let them help him, but these aren’t the boys that Louis knows, and so when they offer him their hands to help him pull himself up, he can’t take their hands. That is huge, and that is TRAGIC, and that’s not him being a Big Man, that’s him BREAKING A FOOTBALL CODE because he knows he’s an outsider and to him, that would be a show of weakness, rather than what those hands offered to him truly are, which is a gesture of SUPPORT and ACCEPTANCE. And he flat out REJECTS IT, and it BREAKS MY HEART and also reminds me of HOW FUCKING YOUNG HE IS, that he couldn’t let himself do it, that he remained apart from the rest of those players for just that one moment. The normal thing to do there would have been to let one of those players pull him up and give him a back pat, and he can’t quite manage it. 

BUT the other thing is that he DOES get over it, moments later, because when Gabby came over for the traditional post-tackle hug and head pat moment, he can deal with it. Not as graciously as he might have, I DO HAVE TO SAY, but he does it. He wrenches himself back into the code of the match, and THAT’S when he actually gets it together. He’s English, of course he did, obeying those unspoken but FULLY UNDERSTOOD rules of conduct is HUGE, and they are absolutely integral to sports in particular. Of COURSE he finally got it together and did the right thing. But before then, when he was in pain and probably feeling a bit like an idiot out there on that pitch, knowing that the majority of that massive fucking crowd (60,000 people, almost as many as the crowd in Mexico City and fully four times the size of the Doncaster Rovers stadium) wasn’t there for him (completely unlike most crowds of thousands and thousands of people he’s been around these past three years), he was so out of sorts that he culturally FORGOT his instinctive knowledge of how being on a football team works. He thought he had to do it alone. He was separate. In that gif I see a child who won’t accept a boost up, because he doesn’t trust that they’ll respect him if he doesn’t do it on his own. And that is HEARTBREAKING, and that’s not being a part of a team, and that’s because HIS team is elsewhere right now, they’re in LA and Australia and Nice and wherever the fuck Zayn is, and that is OKAY because they’ve got their own stuff going on, but god I just need these boys to be back together RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, I TELL YOU WHAT.