Rings for the Champions - Clarkston High school Cross Country Team asks you for support!
A Championship Team that for 88% consists of refugees requires your help to compete in state meets.

Recently a person appealed to me with the following:

and I willingly agreed to help because it’s a truly important case.

Clarkston high school’s Cross country program was born, and with the guidance of a great coach, they have accomplished the impossible! The cross country boys team have won the 5A Georgia State Championships TWO years in a row.

It’s only the 6th state title in any team sport in the school’s 100-year history!

A Championship Team Consisting of 88% Refugees!

Clarkston High school’s cross country team consists of 88% refugees from all over the world. For some, English is not even their first language, yet they had one mission in mind. Win and defeat the odds.

If it wasn’t for some donations, the cross country team would not able to compete at the State Meets.

$5000 is needed to have the dues paid for all of the 35 students-athletes, and to purchase the rings for the champions.

Let’s Appreciate Their Achievements!

The team is growing and winning, but there’s no booster club or sponsors and only enough money to pay entry fees for a handful of invitational meets. Out of 35 athletes, only 8 were able to pay their fees.

$5000 will be what’s needed for those champions to:

  • pay fees ($110/athlete)
  • buy uniforms
  • get the Champions RINGS ($275/Champion)

This story is just the one (out of many and many others) that had become known thanks to people who are concerned. The sum, that these guys need, is really negligible in comparison with those which are spent right and left - election campaigns, anti-immigration propaganda (that’s especially funny, cause the sport team, appealing for money, consists of these particular immigrants for 88%), military establishment, etc.
I consider it my duty to help these guys, and I hope you will not stay aside but assist to the best of your abilities. #Love it!