‘Fans’ seem to forget that goalkeepers make mistakes just like any other player on the field and sometimes it may cost a game but that doesn’t give any you the right to completely drag them through the mud for it.

It’s much harder for a goalkeeper to gain experience compared to the rest of positions on the pitch so try to remember that the next time y’all play the blame game. They’re human just like everyone else.

My goal in life is to play soccer with the boys

Nobody should talk about the rats winning the CL.

We should talk about the team spirit, the world have seen, when Ulreich apologized his mistake.

We should talk about Mo salah leaving with tears the field because his dream bursted in seconds. And the whole world waiting for calming messages about his injury.

We should talk about the fans, applauding to Loris Karius, when he apologized after the game.

We should talk about all the emotions football brings.. but we should never forget that football is a game. A important game, but in the end a game. It doesn’t save lives when you win, it doesn’t kill someone when you lose.