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annoyed or jealous?

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warning: smut

“Who are you texting?”

Neymar’s curious because she’s spent the past hour almost glued to her phone, laughing every time it dings with a new text notification. She hadn’t even paid much attention to the show on TV. She looks practically giddy as she responds to each message, but Neymar had just assumed it was one of her friends – like Anto or Dani, since she’s close with them.

“Leo,” she answers, her fingers typing furiously fast as she replies to another text.

Leo?” Neymar asks in surprise. “Messi?”

“Mm hm,” she hums, nodding her head but not looking up from her phone screen. “He’s so funny sometimes, you know.”

Neymar huffs out a frustrated sigh and crosses his arms over his chest, scooting down to the other end of the couch. This isn’t the first time this had happened – she’s always gotten along with Leo because they clicked the moment Neymar introduced them. And while Neymar is glad that she gets along with his friends so well, he’s also annoyed – well, no, not annoyed.

He’s jealous.

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A girls’ soccer team joined the boys’ league and won the regional championship

  • Perhaps it’s time to rethink gender segregation in sports.
  • After realizing a single girls’ team was consistently dominating their league, Sergio González, president of amateur soccer club AEM Lleida in Spain, decided to register the team for the boys’ league in 2014.
  • And in 2017, they beat out 13 boys’ teams to claim the junior regional league championship. Read more (5/12/17)
The Girls’ Soccer Team That Joined a Boys’ League, and Won It
AEM Lleida recently conquered 13 boys’ teams in a junior regional league in Spain, where women’s soccer remains mostly a sideshow.
By Raphael Minder

I don’t know them but I’m proud of them


Alex Morgan, Forward

  • FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Silver Ball: 2008
  • ESPY Award Best Breakthrough Athlete nominee: 2012
  • ESPY Award Best Moment Nominee: 2013
  • Women’s Sports Foundation Sportswoman of the Year, Team Sport: 2012
  • U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year: 2012
  • FIFA World Player of the Year finalist: 2012
  • National Women’s Soccer League Second Best XI: 2013
  • CONCACAF Player of the Year: 2013
  • USWNT All-Time Best XI: 2013
  • SheBelieves Cup Golden Ball and MVP: 2016
  • FIFPro: FIFA FIFPro World XI 2016

Soccer coach comes out to his youth team as trans

Kaig Lightner, 36, is the founder and director of coaching for the Portland Community Football Club in Portland, Oregon. The only thing he loves more than soccer is sharing that passion with underprivileged youth in his community who also love the game.

reblog this and tag Your football player. you know. the one that when you look at them you think ‘i will never love another football player/man/woman/human like i love you’. the one that not necessarily was your first favorite but the One that makes you think ‘i never truly knew a favorite player until you’. the One. we all have one. who is yours

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