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Birthday Suprise! w/Rob Gronkowski For Anon.

Rob Gronkowski:

Outfit (The fight/The party planning/actual party):

Scenes (As it goes on):

Children(Different Races):


“Kiss my ass, (Y/N)! I hope you’re happy with the dick you’ve been sleeping with!” Rob yelled while throwing things in the trunk of his truck. You are behind him trying to explain to your husband of 5 years, he was making a HUGE misunderstanding.

“NO! If you would just listen to me for 10 seconds!” You say pulling his huge arm, attempting to stop him from walking out of your life.

“What?! So you can make MORE excuses as to why you have been coming home late?! HMM?! Or the secretive talks on the phone for an hour, everyday for the past month?! You really are a slut!” He screams in your face and you stand there stunned and hurt. You were a virgin when you were with him and you loved him so much. You were planning his surprise birthday party with his mom and brothers. It was gonna be the best party Gronk will have and it’s all out of your pocket, but you love him that much that he deserves an awesome and crazy birthday. The smell of burning rubber enter your nostril pulling you out of your thoughts. Rob is already gone and tears go down your cheeks as you stand in the abandoned driveway but you are not alone. You put a hand over your stomach and whisper a silent prayer that things will be okay for you and your future baby.

*Time Skip to 3 weeks later: May 16 (2 days after his birthday) 10:36 am*

Today is the day! It’s Rob’s birthday celebration and you have everything planned out even though Rob hasn’t tried contacting you, meaning he was still upset. After the almost month of morning sickness and planning this birthday bash with his family, everything will turn out okay. As you are thinking Rob’s mom, Diane, walks in squealing with waiters and waitresses behind her carrying many of Rob’s favorite food.

“Hi honey!” She gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, you smile and hug her back until you smell the most awful smell: hot wings. You run to the bathroom and make it just in time to reach the toilet before you empty your stomach. Diane helps you get cleaned up and gives you some water.

“Honey, I wanna ask you something and I think I know the answer…” She softly smiles and gives your hand a squeeze. You nod for her to continue.

“Are you pregnant? Am I gonna be a grandma?” You smile and nod your head. She squeals and starts jumping up and down, you laugh at her reaction. As this is happening, Rob’s brothers walk in on the situation happening, laughing at there dancing mother.

“What’s going on, Ma?” Chris and Dan asked while carrying some furniture inside the venue. Before you can tell them she interrupts.

“I’M GONNA BE A GRANDMA!” You laugh and see them run up to you yelling there congratulations, you are happy that they are happy but you are sad that Rob wasn’t the first to know.

“How did Rob react?!” Gordie asks while giving you a gentle hug. That’s when your eyes start to tear up and you look down to the floor, to embarrassed to look at there faces.

“Rob thought I was cheating on him a couple weeks ago, he called me a slut and left.” You whispered the last sentence, hating that it came from the love of your life’s mouth. You look up to see Diane look at you with pity and the rest of the guys looked pissed, they are the one’s to keep Rob happy and having fun until tonight and now you feel like you ruined the day.

“Son of a bitch…” Glenn mutters, causing Diane to smack the back of his head really hard, the family chuckles lowly.

“Please don’t tell him. I want him to enjoy the day and please don’t mention me, just do what the schedules says and come back here at 11:30, okay? I just wanna this to be a special day for him. Be nice for me and blueberry, okay?” The brother’s nod and the whole family looks very confused as to what, ‘blueberry’ means.

“Blueberry is the baby’s nickname, I don’t know the sex yet but I do know when I found out it was the size of a blueberry.” They all nod in understanding and they go out to fulfill on making this day special for Rob. As the brothers leave, Diane gives you a huge hug and whispers.

“I am so proud of you and I’m glad you are my daughter-in-law.” You start to tear up and smile at her, you link arms and continue on getting everything setup.

*Rob’s POV*

Today was fucking awesome! We went to a Red Sox game and I got to throw the first pitch. Then, we went to the TD Garden to shoot some hoops with some of the Celtics players. Finally, we went to the best bar in town, North 26. By 11:00, I was ready to party but everywhere we went reminded me of (Y/N), she was still the apple of my eye. No matter how many girls flirted with me, all I remember was the tears on her guilty but beautiful face. If she never cheated on me, I would’ve been okay with just us hanging out on my birthday but I love my brothers.

“Rob! What are you thinking about?” Gordie asks driving us through the town. Chris and Dan have been snappy sometimes today but have been having fun when I’m not talking. I look at Gordie and sigh.

“Just thinking about (Y/N)… she cheated on me and…” Dan laughs humorlessly, causing me to turn around and glare. What’s so funny?

“What the FUCK is so funny? I love her and she cheated on me?! W-” Before I can rant Dan interrupts me.

“With who?” I don’t know. I stay silent.

“What evidence did you have?” Again, I stay silent.

“Did you even ask her or give her a chance to explain?” Silence. He scoffs and we stop in front of this nice building but it looks like there is no one there. Where are we?

“Guys, what the f-”

“Just go inside…” Chris chuckles and pushes me a little too rough but I fake chuckle and walk up the flight of steps. Gordie goes in front of two huge doors and shoves them open with force. The doors open and many people jump out screaming surprise while a giant cake comes out with sparklers on top as they start singing, ‘Happy Birthday.’ I blow out the sparklers and briefly thank everyone for coming, yelling, “LET’S PARTY!” I start eating and dancing when I see the most beautiful women walk inside with a clipboard in her beautiful soft hands and mic in her ear. (Y/N). She looks more radiant than ever but she broke my heart. I’m taken out of thought when I see my mom walking up to me with a disappointed look on her face but a smile to cover it for the guests. She escorts me to the hallway that is some what silent.

“You fucked up…” She said softly, I sigh and was about to explain.

“No! You messed up and worst of all she is suffering as well.” I’m angry now.

“I’m your son! How could you just go against your own son like that! She cheated! She’s the slu-”

“You finish that sentence, I will tell everyone here to leave and you may be 6’6 and all but I can still whoop your ass. Now! You wanna know WHY she has been out all night a couple weeks back? To look for party venues on the other side of the city! For YOU! You wanna know why she has been whispering on the phone?! Talking to caterers and contacting important people about today, for YOU! You wanna know how YOU didn’t even have to pay for anything today from the game you watch and the food and beer you had today?! She paid for it! She did ALL of this for YOU! Get your head out of your ass and get back the most amazing girl before it is too late. She loves you SOO much that she has been depressed but she is destined to make YOU happy. What are YOU gonna do to make her happy?” She said walking off.

What have I done? I just accused the love of my life of being a slut and of cheating on me. I just convinced the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me she was nothing in my life. I just wanna  hold her and kiss her and apologize for being the biggest dick of all time. Thank god for the loud music and some of the drunk teammates and people around that no one realized what just happened. I start looking around for (Y/N) but she know where in sight, I turn and I see Gordie standing right there.

“She just left, she felt unwanted here. You did mess up but I know you’re gonna make it right.” He pats my shoulder and I go to find my babygirl.

*Your POV*

It was a success; Rob is happy so I’m happy, even though he hates me, I still love him. I am on my way to my car to go home because I just didn’t want to be there: the smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies was everywhere and I just can’t handle the awful smell. I gave Diane the power when I left and she completely understood. I am unlocking my door I hear my name being screamed, I turn around to see Rob running after towards me and I panic. Even though he won’t physically hurt me, what if he’s drunk and wants to yell at me more? I get into my car and turn on the ignition but before I can pull off, the passenger side door swings open and Rob hops in. You avoid eye contact with him.

“Get out!” You spit in anger, avoiding eye contact. He looks so guilty and you know that he knows what he did.

“Baby, I am so sorry I treated you that way. I’m sorry for calling you a slut. I’m sorry I left home. I’m sorry for not giving you a chance to explain yourself. I’m sorry I didn’t thank you for the amazing day today. I love you.” He tries to caress your cheek but you flinch away and get out the car with a huff. You can’t take three steps before you are gently grabbed and pulled back into a warm chest that you love to cuddle up to. You fight the sparks and hit his chest repeatedly and squirm in his hold, he grips you tighter.

“I hate you for making me feel this way…” You cry and bury your face in his chest as you cry. You remember stress isn’t good for the baby.

“I love you too. I am so sorry. I don’t care if it takes my whole life to make it up to you, I will make it up to you forever.” He whispers in your ear and you smile softly, you push him lightly away and wipe your tears.

“Crying isn’t good for the-” You stop your self and pause, forgetting he doesn’t know about the baby yet.

“Isn’t good for what, (Y/N)? Only time I’ve heard that is if your…” He pauses and lifts you off the ground and spinning you around.

“Are you?”

“Yeah…” You grin widely and he smiles with tears running down his and your face. He looks in pain and guilty and you know why.

“I left for almost a month alone when I should’ve been there helping you with my son. All because of my dumbass assumption!! He slams his fist down on the top of the car in anger and you see a tear roll down his cheek.

“Hey, but I’m here now. And besides it’s gonna be a girl so…” You smirk and place your hands on his sides. He turns around smiling and wraps his arms around you protectively. He bends down and gives you a quick but passionate kiss.

“I love you…” He breathes while your foreheads are together. You smile at his question.

“Good! Because I love you…” You give him a kiss and you both start walking to the party again, hand and hand. That night you knew that Rob Gronkowski will love you forever.

MAJOR Catching Up w/ Luke Kuechly for Anon

Luke Kuechly(sexy ain’t he?lol):

Outfit(Beyonce slays my life like, seriously!(Gala/That Day)):

Nala eye’s(seductive ain’t it?lol):

LJ(Small baby to now):

Second baby with LJ:


“(Y/N)! Hey! I’m talking to you! Why are you walking so fast?!” Luke asks while grabbing onto your upper arm gently. You are looking down, hiding your face from embarrassment and hate on his face. You hear LJ in his stroller giggling from going so fast, you smile and you quickly snap back to reality to feel warm lips on yours. You immediately push away.

“What the fu-dge, Luke?! I am trying to go to my new office, Luke! I am your physical therapist!” You correct yourself because you are in your baby’s presence. Luke looks stunned and hurt for a second but quickly covers it with annoyance and anger.

“You left after...that night, 2 years ago and I haven’t seen you since. Now I see you being showed around by Cam, my single best friend. Are you interested or something?” He looks heartbroken at this moment and your heart screams to wrap your legs around him and tell him you love him.

“Why would you ask me that?” You cross your arms in a challenging way. Luke groans and runs his hand through his sweaty hair, which you thought was SO sexy.

“You are so beautiful and funny and smart. Your dark skin and those eyes, that body, and your smile just makes me go crazy. Cam would be stupid to not grab you while you’re single…” Luke growls possessively, your legs almost go weak but you hold on to LJ’s stroller.

“Luke, you don’t have to worry about tha-” You are cut off by LJ’s baby yells and whines, rubbing his eyes. Luke’s attention snaps to LJ in surprise but confusion. You take LJ out of his stroller and you see he is sleepy and hungry. You rub his back as he talks more gibberish and claps his hands randomly. His hazel-green eyes meet Luke’s and almost a connection happens because he leans to Luke for him to hold LJ. Luke looks taken aback but accepts the fairly small 11 month old. LJ puts his head on Lukes large shoulder and gives you a toothy grin while clapping his small hands. Luke and you softly chuckle.

“(Y/N), who’s the father? I know he is yours from the dimples and the cute nose.” Luke takes a step closer, as if he knows that…LJ is his son.

*2 years ago, New York Gala*

“Luke! That was SO funny, man!” You giggle as Luke teases you about how you used to cheer and you fell off the pyramid one time at the state finals for football. You were attending a Gala for work with the Giants organization, you rammed into a wall but the wall was your childhood best friend. You talked the entire time and you decided to go out to a bar afterwards, you are now a little tipsy but still aware. Luke puts his hand around your waist and you give him the Nala eye’s for some odd reason.

“What are you doing, Luke?” You ask with a slight smirk and a bite to your lips. Luke groans quietly and puts his face into your neck. You wonder if he is just drunker than you expected. You feel light feathery kisses on your neck, you hold back a moan by putting some water in your mouth.

“Luke, you’re drunk…” He growls lightly, sending vibrations through your whole body.

“No, I’m not. I want you, babygirl.” He states and you look into his eyes to see pure lust and love.

“I only do that with someone I love and someone who loves me. You know that, Luke.” You whisper in embarrassment, he leans back with a stone face and said the words you have been waiting for since you were in high school.

I love you. I want you. I craved you for so many years and now that you are actually here, I’m never letting you go.” Luke grabs your face gently and places his warms lips to yours. It starts off sweet and innocent but starts to get heated and seductive. You pull away realizing you were the only ones in the bar but the bartender, who is on his phone, thank god.

Let’s go…” You whisper seductively, but failed because of you trying to catch your breath from the firework of a kiss. Luke chuckles from your sudden struggle of breath and nods, going back to his hotel and having the best night if your life.


“It’s me, isn’t it? I’m his father.” Luke whispers, trying not to wake a sleeping LJ in his arms. You explained everything at the park and he put two and two together. You tried to grab LJ from Luke to feed him before he went to sleep but he kept holding on to Luke for dear life, eventually fake crying to make you stop.

“Yes… I’m sorry.” You whisper, looking down at the grass underneath your toes. Luke slides closer and grabs your chin with his free hand, he kisses you softly and looks into your eyes.

“It’s okay.” You shake your head, tears blurring your vision.

“No, it’s not! I kept him from you and I feel like a terrible mother for keeping your son away from you. I hate myself…” You whisper as you break down in soft sobs, Luke lays LJ in his carseat from the corner of your eye and he grabs your shaking small, body into his large, warm on. You instantly calm down and just sit there in silence waiting for him to speak.

“Even though you kept him away, you kept him away from the media hurting him and you. You kept him away from the media bashing him, you kept him away from the ladies hating you for having the cutest baby in the world by the sexiest man in NFL.” You giggle quietly and roll your eyes, he smiles.

“What I said 2 years ago, I meant it. I loved you since I was a freshman high school. You are the only women that matters to me. Now, I love LJ so much and I met him 2 hours ago.” He gazes at LJ in love and softly runs his hand in LJ’s soft curls. Your baby boy moves a little and opens his gorgeous eyes sleeply. He stares at you and softly smiles at both of you, putting his hand in his face. Luke tickles his small belly and LJ giggles loudly and claps his hands some more, his favorite thing to do.

“I was wondering, maybe after you find a good babysitter for baby boy over here on Friday. Can I take you out? Properly?” You laugh and nod your head enthusiastically. He smiles wide and kisses you with so much passion, you pull away remembering LJ is right in front of LJ. You look at LJ to see him clapping and yelling, “YAY!” in his baby voice. You both smile and you lean your head on Luke’s shoulder with LJ on Luke’s lap playing with his toy.

You think about your little developing family and you smile. You couldn’t be happier.


Football by Ivan
Via Flickr:
Foootball player

Sports Vocabulary in Spanish and French

Sport – el deporte - le sport

Soccer – el fútbol – le football/ le foot

Football – el fútbol americano – le football américain

Tennis – el tenis – le tennis

Basketball – el baloncesto – le basket-ball

Baseball – el béisbol – le base-ball

Hockey – el hockey – le hockey

Swimming – la natación – la natation

Volleyball – el voleibol – le volleyball

Badminton – el bádminton – le badminton

Skating – el patinaje – le patinage

Archery – el tiro al arco – le tir à l’arc

Olympic Games – los Juegos Olimpicos – les Jeux Olympiques

Athlete – el/la atleta – l’athlète (m./ f.)

Referee – el árbitro – l’arbitre

Competition – la competición – la compétition

Medal – la medalla – la médaille

Gold – el oro – l’or (m.)

Silver – la plata – l’argent (m.)

Bronze – el bronce – le bronze

Skates – los patines – les patins

Court – la cancha – le terrain/la court

Player – el jugador/ la jugadora – le joueur/ la joueuse

Team – el equipo – l’équipe (f.)

Ball – la pelota/ el balón – la valle/ le ballon

Racquet – la raqueta – la raquette

Bat – el bate – la batte

Uniform – el uniforme – l’uniforme (m.)

Coach – el entrenador/ la entrenadora – l’entraîneur (m.)/ l’entraîneuse (f.)

Point – el punto – le point

Game/match – el juego/ el partido – le jeu/ le match

Goal – el gol – le but

To score – marcar – marquer

Winner – el ganador/la ganadora – el gagnant/ la gagnante

Loser – el perdedor/ la perdedora – le perdant/ la perdante

To win – ganar – gagner

To lose – perder – perdre

Stadium – el estadio – le stade

Practice – la practica – la pratique

To train – entrenar – entraîner

Let me know if I’ve made a mistake or forgotten any words!

Sports Vocabs

lo sport - sport
il campionato - championship
i mondiali - world championship
le olimpiadi / i giochi olimpici - olympics / olympic games
il campionato italiano - italian championship
le competizioni - competitions
l’europeo - european competition
la classifica - classification
il risultato finale - final result
la passione - passion
la forza - strenght
i muscoli - muscles
l’esibizione - exhibition, show

il calcio - soccer
la squadra - team
il portiere - goalkeeper
l’attaccante (m.)- forward, attacker, striker
il gol - goal
il difensore - defender
il rigore - penalty
l’arbitro (m.) - referee
l’ammonizione (f.)- yellow card
l’espulsione (f.)- expulsion, red card
il guardalinee, il giudice di linea - linesman
l’invasione di campo - pitch invasion
la partita, il match, la gara, l’incontro - match 

il basket, la pallacanestro - basketball
il playmaker - playmaker
la guardia - guard
il punteggio - score
la divisa - uniform
il canestro - basket
andare a canestro, segnare - to score
il ferro (del canestro) - rim of the basket, basketball hoop
il primo tempo - first half
il secondo tempo - second half
il fallo - foul
i tiri liberi - free throws, free throws line
i tiri da tre - three pointer
il tiro dalla lunetta - semicircle throw, free throw line
la pausa, l’intervallo - pause, break, half time
5 minuti allo scadere del primo tempo - 5 minutes until the end of the first time

la pallavolo - volleyball
la rete - net
l’invasione (f.)- invasion
il tocco - touch
il palleggiatore, l’alzatore -
lo schiacciatore - outside hitter
l’opposto - opposite
il libero - libero
il centrale - middle blocker
la battuta, il servizio - service
la schiacciata - hit
la ricezione - reception
il muro - block
la difesa - defense
l’ace - ace
il punto - point
il set - set
il tie break (il quinto set) - tie break
il beach volley - beach volley
l’allenamento - training, practice
le ginocchiere - knee pads

il tennis - tennis
la racchetta da tennis - racket
la terra rossa, terra battuta - clay court
il torneo - tournament
il tennis tavolo, il ping pong - ping pong
la macchina lanciapalle - ball machine

il pugilato, la boxe - boxe
i guantoni - boxing glove
l’asciugamano - towel
i round, la ripresa - rounds
andare al tappeto, finire k.o. - knock out (to be knocked out)
i pesi massimi - heavyweights
i pesi piuma - featherweights
il sollevamento pesi - lifting
il peso mosca - flyweights
la lotta, il wrestling - wrestling
il judo - judo
il taekwondo - taekwondo
sotto la cintura - under the belt
l’incontro - match
la palestra - gym
il bodybuilding - bodybuilding
i pesi - weights

l’automobilismo - car racing
il motociclismo - motorcycling
i motori - motors, motor sports
il circuito - circuit
la velocità - speed
il giro - lap
il giro più veloce - fastest lap
il cronometro - chrono
le prove - trials
le qualificazioni - qualifications
la gara, la corsa - race
i piloti - pilots, riders
la scuderia - team, stable
la pista - track
il casco - helmet
le due ruote (=le moto) - two wheels (=motocycles)
le quattri ruote (=le auto) - four wheels (=cars)
l’asfalto - asphalt
la caduta - fall
la scivolata - slide, slip
la gomma, lo pneumatico - tyre
i freni - brakes
le marce - gears

l’atletica (leggera) - athletics
la corsa - running
il salto in alto - high jump
gli ostacoli - hurdles
la maratona - marathon
il maratoneta - marathon runner
il corridore - runner
il velocista - sprinter
il lancio del peso - shot put 
lancio del martello - hammer throw
i cento metri - 100m
il salto con l’asta - pole valuting
l’asticella (f.) - horizontal bar

il ciclismo - cycling
la bicicletta - bicycle, bike
la mountain bike - mountain bike
il ciclista - cyclist
la camera d’aria - inner tube, tube
i pedali - pedals
il gruppo di testa - top peloton
la società - society, stable
la borraccia - water bottle, canteen
il ciclismo su strada - road cycling
il ciclismo su pista - track cycling
la volata - sprint

la ginnastica artistica - artistic gymnastics
la ginnastica ritmica - rhytmic gymnastics
l’attrezzo (m.) - apparatus, tool
la palla - ball
il nastro - ribbon
le clavette - little clubs, gym clubs
la ruota - cartwheel
la capriola - flip
il salto - jump
la pedana - springboard
il cavallo - horse, trestle
il corpo libero - floor exercises (lit.: body free)
gli anelli - rings
il trampolino elastico - trampolining
le parallele - parallel bars
la pertica - pole

il rugby - rugby
il football americano - american football
il fango - mudd
la palla ovale - oval-shaped ball
il mediano - half back
la mischia - scrum
il pilone - prop
la meta - try
touche - lineout
il baseball - baseball
il guantone - mitt
la mazza da baseball - bat, baseball bat
il cappello da baseball - ball cap
la macchina lanciapalle - pitching machine
la base - base

gli sport acquatici - water sports, aquatics
i tuffi - diving
il trampolino - trampoline
il nuoto - swimming
lo stile rana - breaststroke
lo stile dorso - backstroke
lo stile delfino - dolphin crawl
lo stile libero - freestyle
il nuoto sincronizzato - syncro
la pallanuoto - waterpolo
la calottina - swim cap
stare a galla - tread water
la vela - sailing, sail boat
il surf - surf
la tavola da surf - surfboard
il windsurf - windsurf
la canoa / il kayak - canoe, kayak
il canottaggio - rowing

il tiro - shooting
il tiro con l’arco - archery
le frecce - arrows
la carabina - carbine, rifle
il tiro a volo - skeet
la pistola - gun, handgun
il volano, il badminton - badminton

la scherma - fencing
la sciabola - saber
il fioretto - foil
la spada - fencing, sword, epee

l’equitazione, l’ippica - riding, horseback riding
il cavallo - horse
gli ostacoli - hurdles, obstacles
il dressage - dressage

la pallamano - handball
il pentathlon moderno - modern pentathlon 
l’hockey su prato - field hockey

gli sport invernali - winter sports
l’hockey su ghiaccio - ice hockey, hockey
lo sci - skiing
gli sci - ski
lo sci alpino - alpine skiing
lo sci di fondo - cross-country skiing
il freestyle - freestyle
il pattinaggio artistico - skating
il pattinaggio di figura - figure skating
i pattini - ice skates
il ghiaccio - ice
la neve - snow
il bob - bobsledding, bobsleigh
lo skeleton - skeleton
il curling - curling
lo slittino - sled, sledding
lo snowboard - snowboard

la (mia) squadra del cuore - my favourite team (lit.: the team of my heart)
il tifo di casa - home supporters
io tifo (per la) Roma - I cheer for Rome F.C.
giocare in casa - to play at home
giocare in trasferta - to play outside
tifare - to cheer, to root for

l’infortunio - injury
la slogatura, la distorsione - sprain
le ossa - bones
i tendini - tendons
la caviglia - ankle
il ginocchio - knee
la rotula - patella, kneecap
la spalla - shoulder
rompersi i legamenti / il crociato - to break your own ligaments / cruciate

Lazy Saturday *Explict* w/ Luke Kuechly For Anon

Luke Kuechly:

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                “Babe?…” Your boyfriend of 2 years, Luke, whispers huskily in your ear as you lay on your bed. You are watching FIFA World Cup while Luke lays there looking good with nothing but his basketball shorts on. It is a lazy Saturday and you are grateful because you had classes all week and you needed a quick break from the Master’s classes. You feel Luke rubbing your inner thigh under the covers and you cover up a moan with a cough, he gently sucks on your neck, finding the sweet spot. You moan out softly and you pull him on top of you.

                He looks down and kisses down your jaw and neck, sucking and nipping at your skin while rubbing up and down your sides. I moan a little louder and bring his lips to mine, devouring each other in every way. My arms are around his neck pulling him down to my lips as his arms are around my waist rubbing small circles on the top my butt almost. His tongue explores my mouth and I lose it. You jump up and straddle his waist, grinding your hips on his hard on.

                All you are left with is your black lace panties, you blush and turn. He chuckles and looks over your body with so much lust and adoration. Luke stops taking a hardened nipple into his mouth, lightly sucking making you moan loudly. He takes your right one with same care, causing you to moan with same passion. He slowly makes his way down to your navel while taking off my lace panties. His hot tongue traces over your butterfly on your lower belly. You arch your back as his cold fingers slowly takes off your panties, rub around your center slowly torturing you. He finally finds your clit and you moan he rubs slow then picks up the pace and adds 2 long finger inside you. You feel something building up inside of you, you feel something wet on your clit and you scream his name in pure ecstasy, feeling warm everywhere but hot down there. He gets up after lapping up all your sweet juices and takes off his boxers. You kiss him with so much passion and love, breaking apart to look into each other’s eyes. You whimper because he goes slow but goes all the way in. He starts to pick up the pace as he sucks on your neck causing you to moan. You wrap your legs around him, pulling his hair, sucking on his neck.

“Ah! Faster Luke…Harder! Oh, God Please!”You scratch his back in desperation while he grunts and moans as you find his sweet spot behind his ear. He begins to slam his hips inside of you, just the way you like it; you squirm under him in pure pleasure, eventually hitting a spot inside you that is making you go into over drive. The man of your dreams is making your dreams come true. You love this man so much and you wouldn’t give him or this moment up for the world. He looks into your eyes and you mirror his desperate ones, he is trying to find his release.

                “I love you so much, (Y/N) you’re the most beautiful women in the world…” He grunts while thrusting faster and deeper, both your bodies colliding and covered with sweat, which feeling builds inside your stomach again. You release at the same time as him and you both are panting and trying to catch your breath. He pulls the blanket over top of both of you as he pulls out of you, kisses you on the cheek, you turn towards him and stare into his eyes. He looks happy and you smile at him, you turn your attention to the game, Italy VS Uruguay, to see that in the 81`, Uruguay finally scores. You scream and start yelling loudly, ‘GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!’ Luke is laughing and pulls you to him giving you a kiss on your forehead, you lay your head on his chest, snuggling close to his hard chest and wrap your arms around him. He whispers as you are dozing off…

“You are perfect (Y/N)…”

cheska444  asked:

Cuales son tus personajes favoritos de Candle Lummia ( no se si lo escribí bien :T)

Le estas pidiendo a una mama…

Niles: Ella arruino mi infancia ahora me asegurare que su vida sea un infierno

Cheetah: Tener todo el dinero del mundo no compra la felicidad

Nelzabet: La belleza verdadera no se encuentra del otro lado del espejo

Mask: Yo no soy un Psicópata solo veo las cosas diferentes a ti

Blanca: Los deseos del Corazón no son fáciles de cumplir

Zack: El silencio de la Biblioteca es lo único que me reconforta

Miles: El dolor del Alma se oculta detrás de una sonrisa

Jacky: Un Accidente me arranco de los cielos y la vista, pero ya deje de ser ciego

Angel: El arte oculta los secretos de la Mente y el Corazón

Virus: Nunca digas que estas solo, por que solo yo se lo que es la verdadera soledad

Jinny: Nacer diferente es difícil

Jhon: No tener voz es difícil, Mas doloroso es que te presten una

Vim: No permitiré que me quiten la poca luz que me queda

Mitzuko: Solo un Candle se apiado de mi, y lo protegeré como sea

Alice: Tener sangre azul no significa que seas Princesa

Chipp: Tengo un ejemplo a Seguir ¡Y ES EL MAS GENIAL DEL MUNDO!

Snow: ¡AJU!

Chispa: Pedí tener la Energía para cruzar corriendo 20 estadios de Football americano y me dieron la capacidad de Recorrer medio mundo con mis pies

Splat Dodger: Can ya show me ur world?

¡QUE ESCOJA ENTRE TODOS SUS BEBES Y LOS DE SU HERMANA! ¡ES IMPOSIBLE! D//’8 Además que AHORA e que me falta hacer Referencias y actualizar algunas por que cambie los colores o tengo que simplificar personajes DFJPONVDLKFSBLKDSBNSPBGK Y si…. Si llego al punto de hacer CandleLumina con mi hermana es mas que posible que Splat aparesca allí eWe

Look on the Bright side w/ Luke Kuechly For @meganbrookebolt20 *Explicit*

Luke Kuechly:

External image

External image



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External image


“And that’s the game, folks. In Carolina’s heartbreaking loss to NFC’s top team San Fransisco 49er’s. Carolina lose 14-9 with a battle of defense. Luke Kuechly may have been phenomenal but it is not just him and he should have pulled everyone close to get there heads in the game. Next on-…” You cut the TV off when you hear Luke’s truck pull in and the door slam hard. You run to the garage to see Luke with his head down and him clutching the door handle hard. Normally after a loss, he is angry for a couple hours and then you cuddle on the couch, watching other games while you talk about everything that happened that day.

This looks completely different, the Panthers are going to the Playoffs since they have the 2nd best record in the NFC and 3-1 in Divisional games. You walk to him slowly and you lay your small hand on his shoulder lightly, he doesn’t move. You wrap your fairly small arms around his large, shaking frame, you feel him turn towards you and you pull away quickly, afraid he will lash out. He has never laid a hand on you nor disrespect you but he yells at you and you yell right back and you end up just apologizing afterwards. He is still staring at you with his beautiful sapphire eyes and his 6’3 frame over your 5’4 stature.

You look down at your dress and sneakers and you are about to speak, you look at him when you feel soft lips on yours. You go to wrap your arms around his neck when he pushes them above your head and holds them with his large hand, his other hand goes under your floral dress. You moan softly against his mouth and you feel his lips curl up. He bites your lip hard causing you to bleed and you gasp, allowing him to explore your mouth, you push with all your might and run into the house and to your bedroom, to hide the embarrassment.

You feel Luke haul you up bridal style and throws you on the bed. His shirt is already off and his pants are to his knees, you quickly remove your spandex and he yanks off your dress and strapless white bra with force, it hurt for a second but you are long from the thought when 2 fingers are inside you, deep. You moan loudly and you feel something building up inside of you, the second you are about to explode, the fingers disappear and you whimper. You look at Luke to see him taking off his boxers and him pouncing on your small frame, you look to see how serious he looks and you shiver in delight.

“Tell me Megan, were you going to come a moment ago?” You shake your head and he slaps your ass…hard. He looks at you with fire in his eyes and you stare back with desperation.

“Don’t lie to me, I will be nice and not punish you. Now answer this again, were you coming a moment ago?…” You lower your eyes and nod your head, looking at him for a brief moment. All of a sudden you feel him thrust into harshly and you almost immediately release, he is violently thrusting into you harder and faster and you can’t help the pleasure flowing through you. You hold your release for him and you feel it coming very soon, his thrust become sloppy and you throw your head back and scream.

“LUKE!” You scratch his back while he grunts and you feel him release his load inside you, followed by smaller thrust. His face is red and he has a huge smile on his face. You are so confused by how he went from being so quiet and sweet in public to being this dominate sex god in bed, in the 3 years you have dated and loved one another, he is some secret sex god. Don’t get it twisted, he is amazing in bed but this was so refreshing and so amazing words couldn’t describe every moment. He is cuddled to your naked body under the covers and you watch reruns of Weeds, your favorite show.

“I love you Megan… I’m sorry for being ruff, I was just angry and mad and I didn’t want to hurt you…”

“I love you too, Luke… and even though I want you to succeed in life, you should lose more often because that was amazing…” You smile and you hear a deep chuckle come from his chest. You lay there with the man of your dreams…


Recien Salido del horno, sinembargo esto no termina hasta que es publicado JAJA. Bien ¿Porque Sena? ah no estoy seguro, es un personaje bastante noble y sencillo, agradable a mi parecer y completamente distinto a lo que prefiero, y muy introvertido en sus inicios.

El orgullo es la fuerza motriz de la voluntad.

Un dibujo con horas de trabajo y concentración. Espero les guste!

Boku no hero academia AUs

Sumario de AUs de tumblr

Criterios: Au con mas de 2 imagenes .No AUs basados en franquisias existentes(Disney,Evangelion,etc).No sirenas, dragones, fantasmas o AUs sobre oficios.No AUs de pairings. Puede contener yaoi,yuri o temas adultos

Puppies AU


En esta Au, todos los personajes son pequeños perritos bolita<3 incluyendo a los villanos. AU muy tierna y divertida. Posdata: eraserhead es un humano, Shoji es una ardilla voladora y Tokoyami, un cuervo 

Footbal AU


AU de tematica deportiva,los alumnos de la clase A pertenecen al mismo equipo de Football americano. All might es el entrenador and el trio Deku-Baku-Todo son los jugadores estrella.

BHA Swap Au


Aca, All might y Deku cambian de roles. All might ( aqui Toshinori) es el joven deseoso de ser como su heroe. Deku es All might. Allmight es Deku. Simple y efectivo.

Dad Might & Mini Deku AU


Toshinori es un orgulloso padre e Izuku hace del hijo mas cute de la vida. Toshinori es un padre solo joven que se encuentra entrenando a Deku para ser un superheroe. Pueden disfrutar de este au en  athanatosora page, con animaciones de bastante buen ver.

Expelled AU


Aca Izuku, Todoroki, Jiro , Iida y Kirishima son alumnos de la escuela Shiketsu. Por su lado, Bakugo, Urakawa y compañia siguen asistiendo a la UA. Pueden ver las imagenes y su headcanon en the AfO Blamed orange site.

Apocalypse AU


Con una estetica postapocaliptica, Dondy nos presenta esta au.

Pets Au


En esta AU los jovenes heroes son animales en una tienda de mascota. Deku es un conejo, Uraraka, un pajaro y muchos mas. Chequenlo.

Young Toshinori AU


Este AU expone la idea de que los heroes jovenes cambian de papel con los heroes adultos. All might es una joven estrella en ascenso, va a la UA junto a Endeavor.

Shitty Cousins Au


Otro AU de Blameorange. Mountain Lady y Bakugo son primos incomodos que llevan una relacion de jod3r$e- amarse.

My friend Nomu AU


Nomu termina abandonado y vagando en las calles. Unos pequeños Izuku y Bakugo se topan con él. Mientras, Bakugo lo ataca, Izuku decide cuidar de él y una amistad comienza. 

Villain Deku Au

Autor: Varios artistas exponentes

El AU mas popular del fandom ( detras de Fantasy AU). La premisa se basa en un plot twist de la trama original. Izuku nunca se encuentra con All MIght y nunca adquiere el AllforOne. Finalmente, Deku termina por unirse a la Liga de Villanos. La personalidad de Izuku (segun el headcanon fandom) se cambia a una cruel, inestable, alterada  y con un odio irracional a los heroes. La mayor variacion en esta AU es la relacion Deku-Bakugo: Segun el autor, puede que Izuku regrese las agresiones y matoneo a Kacchan. En otras,Deku se reencuentra con Bakugo ya heroe, convirtiendo en su mision el torturarlo y matarlo. En el caso de historias yaoi, Deku muestra delirios yandere hacia Bakugo y/o Todoroki, en otros casos, esta en una relacion con Dadi o Tomura. En caso de un romance hetero, la pareja es Deku/Himiko. 

The Hero Lover AU


Un AU yaoi. La historia cuenta como Izuku posee un peligroso quirk, Queen Heart. Esta vez su tutor es Stain, y junto a este forma un duo mortal de mata-heroes. Izuku es un fanboy demente de heroes. Deku se ha vuelto totalmente loco; mostrando una actitud seductora, dulce y lasciva hacia sus objetivos: en especial, Todoroki y All Might. Un personaje yandere segun la regla. Si les interso este universo, siente libre de entrar a la pagina del autor.

Prototype AU

Autor:Kohei Horikoshi

 AU basado en la idea original que Kohei tenia para su manga. Aqui Izuku es Yamikumo, un chico sin poderes, que posee una gran capacidad analitica y una actitud depresiva.Él crea todo tipo de estrategias y gadgets para igualar en fuerza a los heroes (un simil a Batman/Ironman). Kacchan iba a ser un alumno sobresaliente siendo el rivla/amigo de Yamikumo. El prototipo de Uraraka no esta claro.All Might se mantiene igual.

english version:


Date Night Disaster w/ Clay Matthews *LONG* for Elena

Clay Matthews:

External image

External image

External image

Guest Star (Lucy Hale as Bella):

External image

External image


External image

External image

External image


External image

External image

External image


“That is amazing!” You and your date, Clay, laugh over dinner at this fancy restaurant. You are out with Clay after he spilled hot tea all over you while walking to Taco Bell. You were a little upset but managed to forgive him and after countless flirty text and flowers shown up at your work, you caved and decided to go out with him. You were very independent since you were little and when it came to boys, you didn’t waste your energy and you kept going. When you hit about 15, you got massive curves to where you were so sick of wolf-whistles, random phone calls from older guys, and lecture after lecture from your abuela. You learned to have a hot tongue and an independent attitude. When Clay used old pick up lines and things like that, you didn’t fall for until you saw he didn’t give up and you found that very attractive. Your first date was to a carnival and you had a ball. You feel a warm hand on yours and you instantly smile brightly, you blush when he smiles and bites his lip. And to think, you thought all athletes were all money hungry, party-animal, attractive man-whores when Clay was the complete opposite; he was very sweet, kind, and funny.

“I will be honest with you, Elena, everytime I look at you I see absolute beauty, I couldn’t stop thinking about you since the moment I saw you…” You smile and put your other hand on his cheek, lightly stroking it over the table.

“I’m not finished… you are perfect…my dad told my mom this on their second date, and anyone in my family said it to. So here it is…’ You were waiting and you were so excited all of a sudden.

‘…you are good football breeding stock…” You almost choke on your own spit. Did he really tell me that? You gently take your hand out of his and you sit back thinking about what he just said and if it was true.

“I’m what?” You ask in disbelief.

“You are good football breeding stock; perfect hips, the attitude, the beauty, your competitiveness. You are perfect to breed my kids!” He laughs and takes a sip of wine. Tears come to your eyes but you refuse to cry, it shows weakness. You grab your coat and your purse, you grab the red wine bottle, you stand up, and dump red wine all over Clay’s head. Clay looks astonished and confused with a of sadness. You thought Clay was different but now that he said that , he just showed you one thing; all he wanted was sex.

“ELENA! WHAT THE HELL?!” You look at him with no emotion, a stray tear falls out of your eye, causing Clay to look at you in pain.

“Find another breeding whore…” You whisper and walk out, the whole restaurant looking at you with sympathy and shocked. You walk home and tell your roommate. Bella, everything that happened while stuffing your face in Taco Bell and watched novellas all night as you cry.

*32 Days Later…*

“Hey Elena, they need you to work shift today…” Bella says, walking into your room with her purple scrubs on, sitting on your bed as you wake up. You groan and get up, grabbing your scrubs and heading to the bathroom for a quick shower and you and your friend leave after 30 minutes to the hospital. You are checking on patience when you hear a whole bunch of screaming girls down the hall. You look from scanning your next patience file to your left and see the one person you dreaded to see for a while…Clay. He is smiling at all the little girls and boys who have cancer. He looks up and you turn your head back to the file, you still feel his warm eyes on you and you walk to your next room. As the day went on, Clay has tried talking to you numerous times but you rushed into a closing elevator crowded with people or you have a patient excuse. After 2 hours of this going on, you finally lose him go through your last couple of patience.

“The doctor will be right with you…if you need anything just press this button, okay?” You ask the adorable little girl with sparkling green eyes with a smile. She smiles, showing you her missing front teeth and nods. You poke her cheek and leave, waving to her mother and the other little boy. You are about to walk to your right when you run into something hard and you look to see Clay holding you around you waist with a small grin. You scoff and try to pry him off of you when he grabs your hand and drags you to an abandoned room.

“What?” You push him away with all your might but he barely moved. He takes a deep breath and exhales stepping closer to you, taking your small hand into his fairly large one.

“Elena, I’m so sorry I offended you that night, I wasn’t thinking. I lost it, usually a women swoons when I look there way but when I met you, you were a challenge. I love a chase and you are that girl that can keep up with my lifestyle and my ego, keep me straight. You can make me laugh, you are so beautiful in anything, you are so amazing with children, you are literally almost perfect. I said that because my mom and my aunts were the same way; independent and strong with beauty and hold their professional football husbands in line. I want to be like my parents one day, still married and still in love like they just fell in love yesterday. The only thing you are missing is Clay in your life… Please, I just need another chance and I won’t fu-” You grab his face and go on your tip toes and kiss him with so much passion. He snaps out of his trance and wraps his large arms around your waist. You were wrong the whole time and you were falling for Clay and you were around him for a couple hours, he is right. You do need Clay in your life. You pull away from your passionate kiss and look him in the eyes and smile.

“Okay, I’m sorry for dumping wine on your head and avoiding you all day…” You whisper, leaning your forehead against his. He smiles and lightly kisses your neck affectionately.

“The wine may have burned my eyes but it added a nice color and softness to my hair.” You laugh and hide your head in the crook of his neck.

“Okay, now here is your roo-” You are interrupted by Bella wheeling in a small patient who is crying a little. You pull apart and look at the little boy, smiling. Bella shakes her head and whispers to you before leaving, “If I would have waited longer, you would have been bent over the bed, ya nasties…” She laughs and walks right out and you turn red. The little boy instantly stops crying and starts laughing and smiling at Clay.

“Look mowmy, dats Clay! He pway for Packers! You awesome!” He smiles and shows him his Clay Matthews jersey with a smile, looking over to the mom with a smile as you see dark circles under her eyes and a little sadness. Clay and the little boy are talking and laughing and you sit next to the mom.

“I see the way he looks at you, he truly loves you, you know that right?” You look at Clay and you see him smiling at you while the little boy is showing Clay a game on his iPad. You start to feel butterflies and you almost feel the same way.

“I know and I think I love him too…” You whisper with a smile and you never looked back.