Tall boot secrets

- the Ariat Heritage Contour ($300) has the widest selection of sizes if you’re hard to fit. The calf will wear through if you ride once a day for 2 years. If you need it to last, get a patch added by a cobbler. The zipper will never break.

- Try Tredstep or Mountain Horse if you like the slim ankle fit but Ariats are too baggy.

- Don’t buy Parlanti ($600-1000) as a schooling boot. Our petty revenge on terrible trainers is to sell them Parlantis. Actually, don’t buy Parlanti unless you are a tall and thin 13 year old who will grow out of them in 6 months.

- the Tredstep Da Vinci ($500) is discontinued and on closeout for $250. They are getting replaced by the Medici ($400), which has an improved footbed and zipper. If you get a tight enough fit on the calf and the zipper doesn’t immediately break, this is a great deal. Swap the footbed out for an Ariat one. Only purchase from places where the option for a return is available if the zipper splits.

- the Tredstep Michelangelo ($800) is a work of art and beats the Ariat Monaco ($750-1000) but the Tredstep Donatello ($300) can’t compete with the Ariat Heritage Contour ($300). Don’t buy a Donatello for the next year until the “understated” weak zipper is quietly swapped out for the durable YKK one.

- Use heel lifts when breaking in boots that are too tall. Use those small tack sponges behind your ankles to avoid blisters. Literally a life saver.

- For unusual foot and calf combinations that aren’t available on any size chart, try men’s boots before you go custom.

- Your boots should be near impossible to zip up the first time, especially if they have a stretch panel. Someone should lace a string or shoelace through the zipper and crank them up for you. You should feel your calf throbbing. I promise they will stretch. If the calf is this tight, they won’t drop very much. If you can zip them up by yourself with ease the first time, expect 1-1.5 inches of drop.

- Affordable brown boots: Ariat Challenge Contour ($400), Ariat Heritage Contour ($300), Mountain Horse Sovereign ($400), Ovation Olympia ($225)

ok so like

do any of you have tips for working on your feet all day?

I am constantly moving in the deli and it hurts my feet sooo bad, and my knees aren’t doing that great either, my back isn’t too bad. My slip-resistant shoes I got for the job have an anti-fatigue footbed built in, but that doesn’t seem to mean much of anything if today’s any indication.

my feet have been in ice water to help after a shift, but I feel like there might be a better option? anyone got anything?

in my defence they were on clearance, and i got an added 10% off, and they’re really cute and a discontinued style so they’re also unique. leather straps, soft footbed, and an oily bottom whatever that means. i’m gonna get porn blogs following me for this post

Miraculous Ladybug Progress Pictures

I made my Ladybug cosplay in about two weeks before Momocon 2016 in Atlanta. I had recently finished watching the show’s released episodes and immediately knew that Marinette was my favorite character.

 I began my cosplay by looking at different kinds of red spandex and comparing them to the shine on Ladybug’s costume. I knew that her costume’s fabric featured a hexagon print design and I feel like I achieved the resemblance of that by choosing a red spandex with super small metallic dots covering it. In pictures the fabric looks more solid and the metallic dots help to disguise seam lines.  

Once I picked fabric I patterned out the suit. I used McCall’s M7269 and some leftover spandex, to test sizing. I ended up having to lengthen the torso so that the zipper in the back would not pull as tight and to prevent discomfort in the crotch of the suit. 

Once the final suit was sewn together and the edges and hemlines finished, I began to paint dots onto my suit. Using circular objects I found around my home, I tried to match the proportion of the circles on my suit to their size on Ladybug’s. I would set the circles I wanted to trace in the correct position on my suit, draw around them lightly with a pencil, and fill them in with matte black tulip fabric paint. It is important to create a stretching board when you are painting spandex fabric. 

Not only did my paint bleed through (the cardboard I used prevented the paint from getting to the other side of the suit), but stretching the fabric gently while tracing and painting allowed the fabric paint to not crack and the design to look less warped when I wore the suit. 

During the time it took to dry my fabric paint, I worked on accessories. I used a compact mirror from Walmart to create Ladybug’s yo-yo. I found one that had holes in the bottom, which was useful for hanging it around my waist by a piece of red cording. It was initially cleaned, primed, and then spray painted. Then I hand painted the black spots on the front and covered the whole thing with gloss sealer. 

I also worked on my mask. I had to search online for a domino mask pattern and then modified the shape to suit my face and Ladybug’s style. I then cut the mask out of craft foam and coated it with 5 layers of matte modge podge on both sides. 

Once everything was dry I used metallic red acrylic paint and bright red acrylic paint mixed together to achieve the color I wanted. It look 3 coats of red mixed paint to cover up the white foam and two coats of black paint on the spots. 

To finish the mask, I punched two small holes in the sides so that I could thread elastic through and covered the whole thing in a heavy supergloss modge podge so that it’s shine would match the suit. 

The last two projects I tackled were the gloves and shoes. I used Yaya Han’s McCall’s M7397 pattern for the base of the gloves and patterned the shoe covers on my own. I had to modify the glove pattern due to my extremely thin wrists. For the shoes, I covered a pair of cheap slip-on Sketchers gel footbed shoes. I knew that I wanted black soles and something comfortable to walk around in all day at the con, so these shoes fit the bill. Both the gloves and shoes were painted with ladybug spots when they were finished. 

I was really happy with how all of my accessories turned out. I had never made gloves, shoe covers, or a mask before so I now know the things I would change and have some patterns drafted for when I need to make these Items again. 

Miraculous Ladybug was my first experience sewing spandex and I am excited to work with the material more. Her suit turned out much better than I thought it would so I am really pleased. The wig that I styled helped to further pull together the outfit and I will be wearing this costume lots more. It is really comfortable and one my favorite cosplay’s so far.

So, you think yr a DIY'er?? Today I did a makeover on my $300 Bejeweled stilettos. The footbed was completely worn out and I couldn’t even wear them anymore, you know how it’s time for new shoes when your foot just keeps sliding forward and out the shoe lol?? Well the rhinestone part looked mostly fine and I just couldn’t stand to throw them away!
I took the footbed out, threw it away. Took the footbed out of a pair of shoes that are practically new but I never wear (clear shoes in the pics). I took the straps off of another pair of shoes I use to practice bedazzling on (weird white shoes) and changed the rhinestone shoes to a double strap instead of a single strap–I hate single strap shoes but when I got the Bejeweled shoes, they were the first style ever introduced and they didn’t offer a double strap shoe.
So, I just brought these shoes back from the dead and saved myself from having to spend a chunk of change on a new pair.
Strippers MF only, biatchhhh!!!!!

Check out all of the new Holiday colors of Steve Caballero’s Half Cab Pro featuring suede and canvas uppers and UltraCush HD footbeds to keep the foot close to the board while providing the highest level of impact cushioning. Visit for more info and to locate a retailer near you. 

Style 112 Pro in Navy / STV Navy / White

Vans The brand new Style 112 Pro, designed by the Vans skate team, is made with suede, canvas, and leather uppers. The UltraCush HD footbed keeps the foot close to the board while providing the highest level of impact cushioning, and the Vans original waffle outsole allows for a firmer grip. 

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Project: 028.170
Available: 03.21.15
Style: Authentic Pro “S” and Slip-On Pro “S”

Vans Syndicate collaborates with auteur, provocateur and skater Harmony Korine. Harmony gained fame as the teenage writer of the controversial HIV-era cult classic film Kids that was set among the burgeoning mid-’90s New York skate scene in which he was immersed at the time. Harmony continues to write, direct and produce a growing body of influential films, books and works of fine art. Harmony created the custom checkerboard print pattern and his artwork is featured in the footbeds on his Authentic Pro “S” and Slip-on Pro “S” styles in canvas and suede.

Authentic Pro “S” and Slip On Pro “S”
•     Suede/Printed Canvas with custom Harmony Korine artwork on the uppers and footbeds
•     Enhanced cushioning in UltraCush HD sockliners
•     Vans original waffle gum sole featuring Harmony Korine’s original art

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