LEGO + Star Wars = Awesome

We’ve seen all sorts of fantastic models of the Millennium Falcon over the years, but this may be the first time we’ve seen an extraordinarily detailed model of the ship’s interior, and made completely out of LEGO to boot. Singapore-based LEGO community Titans Creations spent two months buildings this massive 3 foot 7 inch by 3 foot 3 inch model using 10,000 LEGO bricks. The ship also features 24 lights built into the hyperdrive, cockpit, and corridors.

Visit the Titans Creations Flickr account or Facebook pagefor additional photos of this awesomely detailed creation.

[via Kotaku]


I got a juvenile red tailed hawk (weighing in at only 680grams, really emaciated as feathers not looking too healthy) that was stabbed by a stick from a human who was trying to save the wild rabbit he caught. Thankfully it was a through and through and the stick broke off when it tried to fly away from the human who stabbed him. A bystander who saw this happened followed the hawk until he lost track, he searched for a couple of days and luckily found him in time while a flock of gulls were attacking him and the hawk fell into the water. The guy went to his rescue and brought him to us! The wound by then was infected, that’s where I came in and with a vet we did an emergency surgery until 1:30 AM. We pulled out the piece of the stick and a whole lot of pus (bird and reptile pus is chunky compared to mammal which is a thick liquid) from the wound. The RTH luckily can still stand and use his foot but very weakly, his rehab process is going to be long and tough, so guys welcome another member to my red tailed hawk crew, Equinox!
Current red tailed hawks: Falco, Flinchy, and now Equinox❤️