[VILLAIN] Barlo Soldier.

Japanese name: バーロ兵
Romanized name: Baaro Hei

Alignment: Machine Empire Baranoia
Villain Type: Foot soldier
Inspiration: Robot
Status: Inactive.

From: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger


  • Foot soldiers from the past, including a Barlo Soldier, formed the Combined Combatant monster in the Gokaiger movie The Flying Ghost Ship.


The signs as 'Supernatural' creatures
  • Aries // Amazons — Amazons are female warriors known for their super strength, battle abilities and their ability to reproduce incredibly quickly. These powers were given to the Amazons by the goddess Harmonia after a long and devastating war. They are trained by their elders and are branded with a mark of their people on their inner wrist. An Amazon child grows to maturity within three days. At the end of this cycle there is a ritual where they are made to kill their fathers, remove their hands and feet and ingest some of their flesh.
  • Taurus // Crossroads Demon — Crossroads Demons exist to make deals with humans in exchange for their souls. Souls posses great power and these types of demons want to horde them to themselves. They're made up of red smoke but can possess humans while working, their eyes are a blood red and they can be summoned at a crossroads, hence the name. Unlike other demons these are less foot soldier and more businessman. They take a backseat on the fighting and rake in the goods. After providing their 'services' they give their victims an amount of time to enjoy the benefits before sending a hell hound to drag them to eternal damnation.
  • Gemini // Siren — Sirens are creatures mainly found in Greece that have the ability to shapeshift into whatever their victim desires or longs for such as a lover or a friend. They usually use their charm to make the victim fall in love with them and, while under their spell, commit violent and destructive acts, usually resulting in deaths. They have a gland in their mouth that produces Oxytocin, otherwise known as the 'love hormone', and transfer it into the mouth of the human. Once the substance is in the victim they will form an intense love for the Siren and do anything, no matter how horrific, for them.
  • Cancer // Woman in White — Many variations of this story exist but they all share these similarities. A young woman, blinded by rage or temporary insanity murders her children after being wronged or mistreated by the children's father. Once she dies she becomes a spirit, doomed to spend her afterlife crying out for her lost children. She often appears as a hitchhiker, looking for a way home but vanishes when the driver passes a grave yard or reaches her destination. She is also known to stumble across children in the night and on occasion, carries them off to the nether regions where she dwells.
  • Leo // Phoenix — A phoenix is a fiery and powerful creature that is so rare that people dismiss them as mythical. They can disguise themselves in the form of a human however still possess powers such as being able to incinerate a person to a pile of ashes with a single touch. A Phoenix is difficult to kill and immortal. They can heal themselves, regenerate and are invulnerable to most human methods of killing but despite this can still be slain if you know how. Upon death the Phoenix will spontaneously combust and even in death their ashes possess extreme powers.
  • Virgo // Reaper — Reapers are angels that serve death and are set with the task of delivering souls to their final destination. They are hard working and dedicated to their cause. Reapers will only kill on order from heaven however they are unable to force souls to go with them, instead they have to convince them. Reapers are sympathetic and caring with their victims and try to make the transition of death as easy as possible, however they don't cave or make allowances. When a persons time comes, they have to die.
  • Libra // Bloody Mary — There are many variations of this story too, but all center around a spirit that travels through mirrors. Bloody Mary has been thought to be a witch who killed her children, a mother who's unborn babies were murdered or even someone who died in a car crash or a former beauty queen slaughtered in front of a mirror. Bloody Mary can be summoned in numerous ways such as claiming to have killed her children or chanting her name in front of the bathroom mirror three or thirteen times. If successful she will appear and either tell the summoner their future... or scratch their eyes out for their trouble.
  • Scorpio // Four Horsemen of the Apocyalipse — The Four Horsemen represent War, Pestilence, Famine and Death. The Horsemen are powerful, immortal beings that act as instruments of chaos and destruction during the Apocalypse. They are incredibly powerful creatures that appear in human form and drive cars similar to the descriptions of their horses in lore. Although they come together to wreak havoc during the Apocalypse and are much stronger with the presence of Lucifer on earth, they have always been active throughout time and their origin and ages are unknown.
  • Sagittarius // Shōjō — A Shōjō is a Japanese ghost-like monster. It is invisible, much like a ghost, however it is alive and can also be seen by those who are drunk. It can be harnessed in a spell box to do the bidding of it's captor. It usually chooses to attack it's victim when they're inebriated so they can see it coming after stalking them slowly over time. The Shōjō are known for their fondness of alcohol and can be found 'haunting' breweries in Japan, particularly in ancient times.
  • Capricorn // Angels — Angels are powerful, almost robotic, celestial servants of God. They possess humans as a vessel to hide their true form which is overwhelmingly beautiful and dangerous. They do however need consent from their vessel to use them, unlike demons. They're loyal and rarely question their command without outside involvement. They stay faithful to their cause and deliver a righteous judgement to those who challenge heaven. They are by far one of the most powerful creatures in existence which can cause a problem when two of them decide its apocalypse time.
  • Aquarius // Djinn — A Djinn is a very rare and powerful type of cave dwelling creature that are often referred to as Genies that have the power to produce incredibly powerful hallucinations inside the minds of humans. They are humanoid in appearance with tattoos all over their body. The creature can kill with one touch or produce a poison that leaves the human in a coma while they feed on their blood. Unlike Genies, they don't grant wishes, but instead allow their victim to believe they're living their deepest desires while in a dream-like hallucinating state. The fantasies are incredibly vivid and the victim can almost never tell the difference between that and reality. They can be killed with a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood.
  • Pisces // Banshee — A Banshee is a death omen that comes in the form of a woman. It is said that she is the disembodied soul of someone with a strong and powerful connection to a family, be that a positive connection or a negative one. If she loves those she calls upon, the wail is soothing and tender to comfort them that it is almost time to die. However, if she hates them it is a delighted demonic howling as she relishes in their impending death.

[VILLAIN] Dorodoro.

Japanese name: ドロドロ
Romanized name: Dorodoro

Alignment: Youkai Army Corps
Villain Type: Foot soldier
Inspiration: Ghost
Status: Inactive.

From: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - The Flying Ghostship


  • Although the Dorodoro were not adapted for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, they were referred to as “Blue Putties” in a script. They could be seen in Kakuranger clips used in “Power Playback Funniest Moments” and a commercial for the Alien Rangers toys.
  • Their faces resemble the subject from Edvard Munch’s painting “The Scream”.
  • The kodama (木魂), Japanese tree spirits similar to dryads, from Princess Mononoke look slightly like the Dorodoro.
  • “Dorodoro” (ドロドロ), the lower pitched version of “torotoro”, is a Japanese onomatopoeia for pouring liquid.
  • Foot soldiers from the past, including a Dorodoro, formed the Combined Combatant monster in the Gokaiger movie The Flying Ghost Ship.