some poor creature ✧ cover art ✧ [listen]

01. 12D3 // gorillaz 02. grim reaper // teen suicide 03. some poor creature // foot ox 04. gravity rides everything // modest mouse 05. revolving doors // gorillaz 06. white face, black eyes // andrew jackson jihad 07. we found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers // teen suicide 08. cigarettes // andrew jackson jihad 09. spilled milk factory // ugly casanova

everything is going to hell ✦ cover art ✦ [listen]

01. head on // man man 02. barnacles // ugly casanova 03. weslayan // days n’daze 04. love in the time of human papillomavirus // andrew jackson jihad 05. ole black n’blue eyes // the fratellis 06. dread in my heart // mother mother 07. gift of the magi 2: return of the magi // andrew jackson jihad 08. to roads to go, to roads to go // ugly casanova 09. everything is going to hell // teen suicide 10. in one ear // cage the elephant 11. chandelier // sia 12. to binge // gorillaz

angel eyes and basketball ✧ cover art ✧ [listen]

01. kiss with a fist // florence and the machine 02. glitter freeze // gorillaz 03. lotus // cage the elephant 04. cat faces // ugly casanova 05. el mañana // gorillaz 06. temple grandin // andrew jackson jihad 07. curtains // man man 08. angel eyes and basketball // foot ox 09. kokopelli face tattoo // andrew jackson jihad

pickled pigs feet ✦ cover art ✦ [listen]

01. coffin dance // andrew jackson jihad 02. eat raw meat = blood drool // editors 03. mess is mine // vance joy 04. gangland // days n’daze 05. i wanna rock out in my dreams // andrew jackson jihad 06. dream // autograf 07. my pickled pigs feet // foot ox 08. florida // modest mouse 09. lucky strike // foot ox

I am the world spinning around inside of you
I am the animal that ripped your heart in two
I am the blood flowing out through your nostrils
you have destroyed with horrible chemicals

I’m your shirtless father in the front yard beating you
I am your brothers, begging him not to
and i’m your pregnant mother crying in the bathroom
I’m your pregnant mother crying in the bathroom

I am an offer you cannot refuse
I am a dress you were soon to infuse with
I am the androgyny that used to confuse you
I am your androgyny that used to confuse you

I am your late night TV addiction
I am the reason you can’t pay attention
I’m the only the only girl that could ever love you
and i’m building a pet cemetery inside of your heart