So I started a new game in Oblivion but I messed around with console commands at the beginning so now occasionally the foot-tall tutorial guard will just randomly show up to remind me of my sins

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Baywatch au

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Yeah, after that YOI official art with the swimsuits, I’m shocked I haven’t seen a bunch of Baywatch AUs. Imma be real and say I’ve never watched Baywatch but here we go anyway!

–”No, I’m not drowning for YOU,” is a phrase said to both Phichit Chulanont and Michele Crispino on the daily. “Where is the hot Japanese lifeguard? I need to drown in his eyes.” Being Yuuri’s coworker is a thankless job, unless you consider constant viewing access to his six-pack a ‘thank you.’ Many on the Baywatch team do.

–Viktor Nikiforov, being a pale Russian and a movie star, doesn’t spend a lot of time on the public beach. He is dragged there one day by Christophe. Even though it’s Yuuri’s off day and he’s lying on the beach with his twentieth beer and a comforting Phichit, he still hops up and ‘rescues’ Viktor from the shallow water.

“Oh my god,” Viktor breathes, or at least thinks he does, because in actuality it just comes out as a long gay gasp. Yuuri pushes his wet hair back and smirks down at the man in his arms.

“Thought you were having some trouble,” he hiccups seductively.

“I’m in trouble now,” Viktor hyperventilates. From then on, they go to the beach every day. When a flustered Yuuri, upon his thirtieth day of ‘saving’ a drowning Viktor, asks if maybe he needs some swimming lessons… the rest is history.

–Despite giving Viktor swimming lessons every day, Yuuri still ends up talking to him during regular lifeguard working hours. 

“Makkachin can’t swim,” Viktor bemoans. “I was so worried until you SAVED HER.” Yuuri’s seen the poodle doggy paddling happily around the shallows before. He will never tell Viktor this.

–”I’m going to join the Baywatch team!” Announces Sara Crispino. She pulls open a life jacket to reveal her bikini.

“Oh hell no,” says Michele Crispino. Unfortunately, he is not in charge of hiring.

“Nice to have you,” says Mila Babicheva. She spent her younger years training dolphins, and everything about her is gentle and yet exciting. Sara requests being on her guard stand immediately. They have a beach wedding the very next year.

–”Rescue yourself!” Yurio hollers. 

“You can’t say that,” sighs the head lifeguard exasperatedly.

–Seung-Gil is the fiercest sea turtle activist Phichit has ever met. “I would die for the life of a single sea turtle,” he says, tone completely dispassionate. 

“Uh,” says Phichit.“How about we just start a hashtag instead?” When it’s trending and Seung-Gil’s sea turtle foundation has received millions in donations, he stands at the foot of Phichit’s guard stand for thirty minutes. “Can I help you?” Phichit calls cheerily.

“Yes,” Seung-Gil says, “come kiss me.”

“You’re supposed to say you need mouth to mouth resuscitation,” Phichit complains. He climbs down anyway. 

–Later, Viktor and Yuuri spend a lot of time walking along the beach at twilight, holding hands quietly and listening to the gulls.

“You saved me, you know,” Viktor tells him quietly, as the sun sinks into the waves. “I was drowning and lost and you saved me.” Mere months ago, Yuuri would have assumed Viktor just meant saving him from the water.

“That’s my job,” he replies instead, and pulls Viktor down to lie beneath him in the sand, kisses him. “I do love my job. But you saved me too.”

Since I couldn’t do the livestream, I recorded the process and sped it up for anyone interested in seeing it. :)

I know there are probably errors in his costume, more specifically around his legs but there weren’t many… good references for me to use to figure out what his new leg supports and foot guards actually look like since it’s all inked in black and hard to see. 

from 30 second sketch to clean line work~

I’ll colour it soon!

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What you guys do on this site is amazing! I'm impressed with each fic that you write! I don't know if i'm sending this too early, but my birthday is on February 28th. I have a few favorite tropes: best friends to lovers and arranged marriage. Either one with a M rating would be awesome. Thank you! :)

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Wishing to the happiest of birthday! To help celebrate in style, the lovely @thegirlfromoverthepond has written this wonderful bit of Everlark, just for you! Enjoy!

Someday My Prince Will Come ….

rated M

A/N: Happy Birthday :)

My deepest thanks to @xerxia31 and dandelion-sunset who did a great job at betaing this piece :)

Katniss looked at herself in the mirror, surprised by the reflection in front of her. Instead of the simple dresses she usually wore, she was in full princess attire - tiara included. The grey of her dress complimented her olive skin, the beaded appliques on the top of the bust and the bottom of the bodice making her eyes shine more than usual. The slim fit of the garment embraced her body, highlighting her thin frame, leaving her long arms free of fabric for now. But she knew she would have to cover her shoulders before leaving her bedroom. This wasn’t a ball she was heading to.

Moving was difficult, as she had trouble realizing it was herself she was seeing. She could recognize her features under the carefully coiffed couron of hair on her head - so different from her signature braid - on which her tiara was resting, sparkling with dozens of diamonds.

Her princess tiara.

It was easy, usually, to forget she was Katniss of Everdeen, eldest daughter of King James and Queen Annabelle, that the weight of an entire kingdom would rest on her shoulders one day.

And that this new life was starting this precise day.

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check | ivar ragnarsson

third part in a series

first part: see the whole board

second part: middlegame

The ground was sodden underfoot. The mud had been churned up by boots and wheels and hordes of men battling. Bright pools of blood lay in the hollows, growing as they progressed deeper into the field. More men lay here too, and you slid about them, grasping your dampening skirt hems up about you as you pushed on through the scatter of bodies.

The corpses made for a morbid forest, trunks laying where they fell, mottled and twisted from the storm. Some lay with their eyes open, leaking their death breaths from their lungs, which were often pierced with snapped off arrows, pointing high to the sky.

You tried not to look at their faces but in your haste to move across the field you found yourself having to pay attention to the footing you took. Limbs lay like brambles, tangling up the ground, making your progress slower than you would have liked. Your breath heaved from the effort and the worry and you buckled over, hands braced at your knees, eyes to the earth.

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I Know You Saved Me Too

(Not my gif, credit to its rightful owner)

Summary: You saved Bucky without even knowing him, but little does he know that he’s done the exact same thing for you.

Characters: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Flashbacks of attempted suicide, tons o’ angst, sad!bucky :(, happy ending (not really a warning but yknow), SHIT EDITING IM SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES I WILL FIX THEM TOMORROW

Words: 2171

A/N: This is a song fic based off of Song #3 by Stone Sour (here’s the version I used), requested by the lovely @pommom91. I know the song is a little more rock than this fic, but I took a more soft approach to it and took a lot of inspiration from the acoustic version of the song instead I hope that’s alright :) Anyways, I really hope you like this and it’s at least somewhat close to what you were looking for xoxo


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Remember your 40k guardsman that you commission me to draw?I forget, but what was his story? Is he apart of a Highlander type of regiment or something? I thought he's pretty cool!

Ah, this guy:

He is a soldier of the Morphean Highland Regiments of Foot, an Imperial Guard regiment I created because I saw that there was a distinct lack of Scots-based Imperial Guard regiments, both in the canon and fanon.

DA2: Fenris build.

Fenris, from all the companions, is the one that puts up the most questions when making a build, with him a lot of developers choice for DA2 will become well evident. Using Fenris at Nightmare mode will have you thinking exactly how to adapt your party to him and each challenge you’ll face.

There are two main possibilities for a build:

Damager: forget precaution, as a damager all you’ll focus is killing things fast, all you want is damage and attack, his survivability relies on other party members. Unless you’re going for some exotic party build or a warrior domination, I would advise for you to take this path only if you have a mage ready to save him, otherwise is almost certain he won’t last long.

Off-tank: while he’ll never be the insane tank Aveline is, this build designates some points to skills to increase his survivability, it doesn’t necessarily sacrifices his damager abilities, but here we’re concerned with building him to be more independent from a healer.

In this post I’m going for a mixed build, some protective skills and a lot of damaging ones, the closest one to fitting for boss-battles and mobs. Keep in mind a fine tuned party is vital to work with Fenris, a supportive party will make the difference with him.

Friendship/Rivalry: the friendship bonus is 10% magic resistance, which with his personal skill tree makes him the most magic resistant companion; rivalry offers a 10% critical damage, that coupled with abilities like Control or Might and Healing Aura, make up for devastating blows.

Ability trees

Tevinter Fugitive

Veneer of Calm: this is a tricky passive, it increases his damage the closer he is to death, for the moment take this one, down this post I’ll explain on how to put it to good use.

Battle Tempo: this is a very important skill, it shortly increases Attack speed by +30% upon enemy death, which means on the frequent thrash mobs he’ll massacrate them.

Inner Reserves: another important skill, it will free us latter to assign points elsewhere, it’s the core of keeping him going on mobs, but on boss battles it won’t be usefull.

Deflect: if you’re going with him everywhere get this, it sets +25 Magic resistance that will stack with other skills, making up for the most magic resistant companion, the only reason not to take it is if you’re not taking him to magical encounters.

Lyrium Ghost + Lyrium Specter: get it and the upgrade soon, even for a full damager build there’s little reason not to, the stamina upkeep of 25% does scares, but +20% Defense and Critical chance, +10% of Damage and Magic resistance does justifies itself.

Spirit Pulse + Spirit Flux: this one can be passed, it does a massive Spirit damage to anyone nearby, upgraded it will also stun. It’s highly arguable for it’s usefulness, not only lots of enemies are immune to Spirit damage, but if he gets surrounded you’re already good with upgraded Whrilwind. If you decide to take it, be very careful with this because the damage this does can instakill you or your companions.


Vanguard is the core of Two-handed warriors damage, I cannot stress how much is important that you pick some abilities this tree has.

Control and Might: you’ll need this one for the next skill we’ll see, so you’ll need to take them. Respectively they give a +10% to Attack or Damage, Control upgrade, Command, gives +10% Critical chance and Might upgrade, Muscle, gives +25%Critical damage. They’re both good and nothing stops you from using them, we’ll see them in detail further.

Cleave + Claymore: this is the ability that makes him the killer, it sets +75% Damage for 10s, upgraded you have +5s, 10% STAGGER chance vs. normal enemies and 100% stun chance  vs. BRITTLE targets. Get them fast and you’ll see Fenris slicing through mobs as if they were cheese.

Destroyer: this one makes up for the name, +10% Damage, 3x Physical force and Elemental force for 15s, with Besiege upgrade he does 1x physical base damage against everyone nearby. If you decide not to put a point or two in some skill I present here, I say this is a very good option.

Assail: against warrior’s basic attacks, enemy damage resistance 90% and against warrior’s critical hits 50% resistance, the description is a bit confusing, what it means is that enemy resistance will be lowered to those values in said circumstances, it’s a good passive to take.

Massacre: another devastating skill, for normal enemies below 20% health and lieutenants below 10% health you get a deathblow. It can take down annoying enemies down way faster.


Mighty Blow: this is your basic skill, it gets progressively punishing, doing 4x physical damage and 2x physical force, the upgrade you’ll want to get is Killer Blow that adds +2x physical damage; Shattering Blow upgrade is optional, only useful if you have a mage Brittling targets, you can choose between this upgrade or Reaper as they do essentially the same.

Giant’s Reach: it adds +1m for all the tree talents and basic attacks, it may seem too little to justify, but it does make a difference, just be more careful with his range after.

Sunder: it may not make visible results early, but with other abilities the +10% critical chance and 20% Stagger chance for normal enemies on a critical hit will start to appear.

Scythe: this skill and Reaper upgrade behaves similarly to a weaker Mighty Blow, you can go long without getting it or decide the skill is not worth the points, it’s a playstyle choice, further I’ll show some options.

Whirlwind: another basic move for Fenris, aside from being absolutely punishing, the Tornado upgrade guarantee Staggers, together with a mage you can CC Combo mobs quickly. The Cyclone upgrade reduces cooldown and add +1x physical damage, you don’t need to get this upgrade so soon, but be sure to acquire Tornado.

Other abilities

To complement his build I went with Battlemaster and Defender. Battlemaster is an underrated tree, especially for Fenris, I took Bolster and Second Wind as they both regen his Stamina, which makes a great difference with bosses, if you decided not to take some of the other skills I mentioned, Rally is a good option as it boosts your party, Deep Reserves with its +10 stamina regeneration rate is also valuable to have. Defender is mostly for tanks, but if you want Fenris as your off-tank, or keep him from dying too much I recommend having Turn the Blade and the upgrades: Steady the Foot + Raise the Guard, together they give +15% defense and +20 Fortitude. Coupled with Lyrium Ghost you’ll see the difference right away in his survivability.


The attributes is where things gets shady, what you’ll need and when you need will greatly depend on how you set Fenris, I’ll show you an example:

This is an off-tank set up, as you can see I sacrificed Willpower, but the fact is that I did not miss it; as it is, he rarely falls in battle, does respectable damage and criticals of 1k~2k. With the set up shown and party help I had very few problems with keeping him alive, he was basically tanking and killing his way into the crowds.

I promised to explain the use of Veneer of Calm, to take the most out of it the build should have few points in Constitution, freeing you to put them into Strengh and Willpower, this will force him to use Veneer of Calm, keep a watchful eye on him and ready your mage to help, else he’ll die all the time. Up to 30 Constitution is good for this.


There are lots of good equipments for him through the game, at act 3 you can buy immunity to stun rings on several stores, give one for him and he won’t be stopped by foes anymore; for other accessories anything with +x Attack is a go, many of them even have boosts for health and stamina too, so it’s up for what you have at the moment. As for weapons there are many great ones dropped by enemies, you don’t have to buy, which one you should use depends on which enemy you’re dealing with, as in Nightmare mode they are immune to some things. For his armor runes I recommend that you to use Rune of Protection on all three slots.


Here I’m using Hawke to target him into the mob and keep him away from the rest of the party, boost his damage, typically he’ll get surrounded and then Stagger everyone around setting the breach for a CC Combo, regen some stamina, boost damage again and continue slicing through. I set up three abilities to the upkeep, this is a risky move as it takes 65% of his stamina pool, but weapons, accessories and the passives from his tree helps him regen his stamina.

Self: Any -> Activate: Lyrium Ghost;

Self: Any -> Activate: Turn the Blade;

Self: Any -> Activate: Might; *¹

Enemy: Target of Hawke -> Mighty Blow; *²

Enemy: Any -> Cleave;

Self: Surrounded by at least two enemies -> Whirlwind;

Self: Any -> Bolster;

Enemy: Any -> Assail;

Self: Mana or stamina < 10% -> Second Wind;


*¹: If you prefer set it for Control.

*²: You can switch it to Enemy: BRITTLE -> Mighty Blow or Scythe if you have it, I just don’t recommend leaving it at Enemy: Any -> Mighty Blow.

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Can we get some SoulMate AU?!

Ohhh I love SoulMate AU!! I don’t know if you want me to use my OCs or nah but I won’t just in case!


wнaт тнe нell

Those were the words written on his wrist. Leo has legit thought that his soulmate would say those words out of disgust one day. So he opted to stay completely in the shadows and not debrief until they had gotten home. That way, he wouldn’t run into anyone and not have to hear those words. He didn’t expect to hear them during a routine patrol though. He would see her…about to fall off of the tall skyscraper…and he would pull her back just as she was about to step off to her death. She struggled against his grip and hit his arm repeatedly. “wнaт тнe нell?!” She yelled as he pulled her back to the center of the roof. He didn’t even register the words she just said. “wнaт ιѕ тнe мaттer wιтн yoυ?!” He asked as he let her go. When she turned and got a good look at him she realized what he had just said…and then he caught on as well. “I’m sorry…” he whispered as he pulled her to his plastron. And she let out a loud sob as he rubbed her back.


lєt mє ѕєє

His didn’t mean to run into this situation. He’s glad that he DID, but it wasn’t on purpose. He had just heard a scream from the alleyway below him and he decided that he would investigate. He saw a girl getting pushed against a wall with a guy’s hand under her skirt. He immediately took action and kicked the guy away from her. He didn’t expect to get into a small tussle with the asshole, and he sure as fuck didn’t expect the knife that made a gash on his arm. As soon as he felt the sting of the blade, he knocked the guy so hard into the wall that he fell out unconscious. He was just about to head out when he heard it. lєt mє ѕєє…. He turned around to see the girl still there and he mumbled “dσn’t wσrrч αвσut ít”. She gasped and then let out a soft giggle. “You came to me…at least let me help” she said as she laid a small hand on his arm.


that was amazing

Donatello had figured he would probably wind up saving his soulmate like his two older brothers had. It had happened twice so, there was a 50/50 chance that it would happen to him. Boy was he wrong. He had gotten some information of Stockman having a lab with some files downtown in a small TCRI building. He figured that it wouldn’t be worth the effort of everyone so he went alone. He didn’t expect there to be about 15 Foot clan ninjas guarding the place! After quickly disposing of them, he got to work on hacking the main computer and its system to try and decide some of Stockman’s backup files. “that was amazing!!” Donnie quickly turned around, bo staff ready for battle when he saw someone crawl out from under a table. “what?” Completely ignoring the situation at hand, the woman walked up to him and started to marvel at the computer. “I’ve been trying to hack at this for weeks and I couldn’t do it! I almost had it when the Foot clan showed up but then you came and whipped their asses!” She said as she playfully punched his arm. “Oh um…all in a day’s work?” He said as he laughed nervously.


ƈąŋ ყơų ℘ąʂʂ ɱɛ ɬɧɛ ơཞąŋɠɛ

Those words had plagued him ever since Sensei had taught them to read. His soulmate must have been an artist or something! Or a produce stand owner. Either way it was something to do with Orange! The best color in his opinion! He didn’t expect to hear them while skateboarding through the sewers. He had decided to take a different route today. He paused when he heard humming echo through the tunnels. Who was down here? It couldn’t be April…if couldn’t be Casey…and he KNEW it wasn’t Vern. He picked up his board and walked quietly towards the nice sound. When he turned the corner he saw the prettiest mural of New York he had ever seen. There was a girl in the center, putting the finishing touches on the sunset. “ῳơῳ” he said as he walked up to her. “ƈąŋ ყơų ℘ąʂʂ ɱɛ ɬɧɛ ơཞąŋɠɛ?” she said, not even turning around but pointing at a spray paint can of orange. “Sure” he said, still in awe and he handed it to her. She out the finishing touches on it and then backed up to view it. “It’s nice to know my soulmate likes my art” she said while laughing. He laughed with her and offered his hand, which she took. “It’s nice to know mine is so gifted”

On the evening of March 5, 1770, Private Hugh White of Major Pierce Butler’s Battalion Company, His Majesty’s 29th Regiment of Foot, stood guard at the sentry box located before the Customs House in Boston. A “bright moon-light” sky illuminated thesnow covered landscape before him, including the majestic brick Town House, the seat of English colonial government in Massachusetts.

Town House square was relatively quiet at 8 o’clock. Fate would intervene when Bartholomew Broaders and Edward Garrick, two teenage apprentices from Piedmont’s barber shop, escorted Ann Green, daughter to customs official Bartholomew Green, and the family’s maid, Mary Rogers, to their residence at the Customs House. Having bid their companions goodnight, the boys encountered Lieutenant-Captain John Goldfinch of the 14th Regiment of Foot. Recognizing the officer from his master’s shop, Garrick began taunting him with insults for not paying his bill. Knowing he had already paid it, Goldfinch shrugged off the incident and walked away. This incensed Private White who approached the boys to defend the officer’s reputation. When Garrick continued with his verbal assaults, White reprimanded the boy with a strike to the head with his firelock. This sent Garrick running away in tears. In response, a “motley rabble of saucy boys, negroes and molattoes, Irish teagues and outlandish jack tarrs” began filling Town House square. Swelling in number and armed with clubs and staves, they forced Private White against the Customs House door. Fearing for his life, he loaded his firelock and pleaded for the Main Guard to come to his assistance.

Town House square was now in a state of chaos. Snowballs, some oyster shells, multiple insults, and taunts of “Fire, why don’t you fire!” filled the air. Church bells began ringing. Additional residents emptied into the streets with fire bags and buckets believing a fire alarm had been called. Corporal William Wemms of Captain Ponsomby Molesworth’s Battalion Company, dressed in a surtout, forced his way through the angry mob and led a guard of six men from Captain John Corrance’s Grenadier Company to relieve the sentry. These soldiers included William Warren, the tallest, William McCauley, Matthew Kilroy, John Carroll, James Hartigan and Edward (Hugh) Montgomery. Reaching Private White, they formed a semi-circular line that allowed him to fall in next to Corporal Wemms. Unable to escape to the main guard house, they stood their ground with their bayonets leveled until Thomas Preston, Captain of the Guard, managed to reach them.

Seeing an officer in front of his men, Richard Palmes, a local merchant clothed in a cloth colored surtout, approached Preston. Placing his hand on the officer’s shoulder, he inquired if his men were loaded. Preston replied “with powder and ball”. Andrew, “a Negro Servant to Mr. Wendell”. was so close that he could hear their conversation. So was Jane Whitehouse. She later recalled that the “Centinal - then pushed me back. I step’d back to the corner. He bid me go away for I should be killed.” Another woman near Royal Exchange Lane engaged the “second Soldier from the right” in brief conversation.

Not all the inhabitants were so peaceful. Benjamin Burdick, constable of the Town House Watchmen, carried with him a Scottish broadsword that evening. Having had a bayonet pushed towards him, he later recalled “ I should have cut his head off if he had stepd out of his Rank to attack me again”. Instead, he struck the firelock of the “4th soldier from the corner” with all his might. As the crowd grew more and more agitated, a man in “blue or black plush trimd with gold” was seen walking back and forth behind the soldiers encouraging them to fire.

In a hail of flying ice and sticks, a shot rang out near Royal Exchange Lane. Someone screamed “Fire!” and Crispus Attucks, a mulatto sailor from Framingham, fell. Having witnessed the perpetrator fire, Richard Palmes struck Private Hugh Montgomery with his club. Knocking the firelock from his hands, he turned and hit Captain Preston across the arm as his right foot slipped in the snow. More men continued to fire as Montgomery recovered his firelock. Matthew Kilroy took aim at Samuel Gray, shooting the ropemaker through the head. When his body was recovered, his round hat laid by his side.

After the smoke cleared that cold winter’s evening, blood spattered the snow. Three men lay dead, a man and boy lay mortally wounded, six men were taken away to recover from their wounds and a day of infamy was recorded in the annals of American history.

Gregory S. Theberge, D.M.D.

Art by Don Troiani.