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Pairing: Apritello AU: Evil!!!!

did you say AU where they end up working for the Foot after Karai takes control? because yeah that’s what i heard. :D

hooray for future mad scientist donnie and mob enforcer april. <3

“Good night?” Donnie asks, taking in April’s appearance as she waltzes into his lab. He sets aside his current project- refining the mindworms Shredder had once tried to use, and oh the possibilities they held now that Donnie has them- and leans away from his desk to focus only on his girlfriend.

April smiles like a satisfied cat, hair only slightly out of place from her meeting earlier; acting once again as an enforcer for the Foot clan during a ‘negotiations’ talk. (Read as: the Foot breaking fingers until they’re given what they want.)

“Very. You know that feeling when someone’s will finally gives out? Beautiful.”

Like you?” Donnie asks, curling an arm around April’s waist and pulling her onto his lap. She smiles, all teeth and pretty threats, and laughs in chimes.

“Yes, I suppose so,” April purrs, and cups Donnie’s cheek to kiss him on the jaw. “And you? Any progress?”

“Some, but people’s wills are harder to break when you’re not breaking their bones.” He sighs; returning the kiss before continuing. “I went through another three tests tonight, so we’ll need to get some more replacements.”

April grins. “Want to make a game of it?”

A rush of excitement up Donnie’s spine, seeing April’s eagerness. “…what sort do you have in mind?”

“Let’s say… who can get two out of the three first, and the winner gets to tell the loser what to do the rest of the night.”

Oh, exciting. And a welcome challenge. “Okay, and what would you ask me to do if you won?”

April’s smile is knife sharp, wicked and familiar and something that warms Donnie through. “I could definitely think of a few things off the top of my head, but… I’ll save telling you until later. No more work talk.”


“Hm, nope. I came here for adoration and affection, not more planning of work related kidnappings.”

“Don’t worry,” Donnie tilts April’s chin downwards, smiling at her with every inch of love he has for the beautiful, dangerous woman in his lap. “you always have adoration and affection from me.”

“And if I want more?”

“I can give that, too.”

April laughs, and kisses him with a gently burning kiss. Donnie subtly wipes the streak of blood off her cheek as she does, and thinks she’s all the lovelier with the traces of red on her uniform.


(Dunkirk Slash Fic)

Conversations with Alex are short. He skips the niceties and only ever asks questions that he deems essential to his survival. This doesn’t bother Tommy at all because he doesn’t even like talking in the first place, much less, to Alex.

Alternatively: Alex and Tommy board a train together and are going home…for a short while, anyway.

Author’s note: Hello again, after almost 2 years (😳). Not sure if anyone was around for my writing days, but I mostly stuck with Harry & y/n stories. I will go back to writing those, but first, I saw Dunkirk and this story just fell into my head and has been eating away at me. I found Alex’s and Tommy’s relationship so interesting and wanted to pick it up… in a way that I do best, which is with a little smut, but still not undercutting their characterizations or the story…..

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Monk Week: Inspired Encounter

This time around I thought I would try something different for this class's encounter: a skill challenge. A skill challenge is a series of skill checks made by the PCs to complete a complex task introduced in D&D 4th edition. This one will run a tad differently than D&D 4e. The challenge progresses by players rolling initiative at the start of each new skill encounter and taking turns rolling one skill check of their choice. The team must succeed at a certain number of checks before moving on to the next encounter.

This still being a part of Monk Week (late as it may be), monks have an edge up on other players during this skill challenge when making some of the skill checks.

Skill Challenge: The Trials of the Masters (CR 4-7)

Setup: For whatever reason, the players need the help or trust of a group of insular monks of Zuoken that have perfected countless martial arts. The monks will only help the PCs if at least one of them can complete an obstacle course they use for training their initiates.


  • All players will attempt the course simultaneously, but only one of them needs to cross the finish line to succeed.
  • Unlike a regular skill challenge this one does not count your failures, but rather the elimination of players from the obstacle course. If all players are eliminated before the course is finished, the challenge ends in failure.
  • Each player can use a skill for each skill encounter only once to count as a success (unless otherwise noted). Further use of a skill already used in that encounter will not harm their progress, but will not count as a “success” towards the completion of the encounter. Note that multiple players can choose the same skill and each will count towards completing the encounter, but the same player cannot choose the same skill twice.
  • Players may use an unlisted skill as a success for an encounter if they can describe adequately how they do so. The DC for such a check is 14. Any other results of success or failure for an unlisted skill are up to the DM’s discretion.

Skill Encounter #1: Balance (6 successes required to pass)

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Relationships Part 2: Real!Ciel


Now this is a hard one, and one that we have to think a lot about in only Theory since there’s not too much to go on. However there are clues. So best way to start is roughly when we first see him in Baron Kelvin’s intro to the Twin, Vincent and Ciel.

 In this moment we see Our!Ciel nervously hanging out behind Vincent, while the Twin willingly goes up and says hello. Vincent notes that Ciel is shy around strangers (and this does keep true to him even know to a point he’s wary around people he doesn’t know), while the Twin is very much happy to get to know someone.

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Please do wonho shownu and jooheon reacting to their s/o saying "I want to punch you in the lips With my lips"

Reaction to their s/o saying “I want to punch you in the lips with my lips” (Shownu, Wonho, and Jooheon)

Shownu: Watching your boyfriend whistle softly under his breath as he cooked, you wondered how long it’s been since you felt his soft lips against yours. About 7 minutes.  You grinned as you hopped off the counter bar stool you were previously occupying before padding over to the shirtless bear. You wrapped your arms around him tenderly as you heard, “What is it sweetie?” You grinned. “Do you really wanna know?” “With all my heart” You pressed a kiss to his lower back “I want to punch you in the lips with my lips.” You were immediately rewarded with a deep morning laugh before the owner of the laugh spun around and bent over a bit so he was eye level with you.

“Hit me”

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Wonho“What was that baby, I couldn’t hear you” Wonho smirked as he watched tv, looking at you from the corner of his eye every so often. “Stop teasing me I just want your attention~” You groaned and nudged him with your foot. “My weakness, the weak ass feet of Y/n!” You screamed a bit into a pillow before looking at him again with slightly pink cheeks. “Maybe you should say something that will bring me away form my extremely entertaining show” He grinned coyly. “Hoseok kiss me” “Try again” “Shove your tongue in my mouth” “Veto” “I wanna punch you in the lips with my lips” A two minute silence followed your weird and bold statement before you were tackled and pinned on the couch,


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Jooheon“Are you still mad at me, Honey?” You asked the pouting figure on the other side of the bed. Last night you so carelessly ate the leftovers he was saving for today, when he found out he looked so heartbroken you would’ve thought he was just dumped after getting fired from his job then disowned by his family. After repeatedly apologizing he still wouldn’t get over it. He started to warm up by letting you run your hands over his back with boredom before he pulled away. “Is that how you ran your filthy hands over my leftovers?” You sighed exasperatedly before landing on your back. “God, I just want to you punch you in the lips with my lips”  You started to hear the beautiful sound of your Joohoney laughing wholeheartedly. 

“You’re so cute” “Am I finally forgiven?” “Only if you punch me in the lips with your lips”

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A/N: here it is!! this took forever to craft but i’m so so happy w how it turned out and this is just the beginning! i hope you all love it as much as i do <3

wc: ~4.5K

witch!hobi | witch!yoongi | witch!tae | witch!jin

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Percival Rex: Prologue

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

The cruelest part of his imprisonment was that he was not restrained.

He could roam his own home freely, Grindelwald didn’t live there, and as such he could destroy it as his temper lashed out, as his desperation grew, and Grindelwald could come in, gleefully surveying the physical evidence of his prisoner’s frustration, the destruction wrought upon Percival Graves’ expensive flat and all the personal items therein.

Now I lay me down to sleep.

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im not sure if you've already answered one like this before, but do you think shouto or izuku would end up spoiling their child(ren)? i kinda feel like it'd be shouto but im honestly. not sure?

oh gosh this is a tough question.

they both spoil the shit outta their children, but, when it comes down to it, izuku’s more likely to put his foot down.

shouto is weak okay he’s constantly in the state of not wanting to be too harsh (he doesn’t want to be anything like his father) and disciplining the kids enough.

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aHEM hi I'll just waltz into your inbox without permission because I saw that thing about foot injuries and like: okay, I used to skate a lot when I was young?? Eventually I stopped but I remember that my feet used to hurt the most right after I untied my skates and loosened them so I would always end up limping for the next ten minutes or so out of the rink and so basically imagine Victuuri carrying the other out of the rink like the lovesick idiots we know and love them to be

(in reference to this)

Aaah my inbox never needs permission!! Okay so as someone with actual garbage feet, I am into this. I have in my 29 years:

- Sprained the same ankle twice: once falling down a flight of stairs and once when I was getting spun around during a dance at the end of my writers’ camp. (The song was Come on Eileen, which was later playing when my brother and I got rear-ended on the way to school, so in conclusion if Come On Eileen comes on the radio turn it off.)

- Collected a number of minor but irritating injuries on that foot due to the weak ankle.

- Stress-fractured the OTHER foot from a combination of climbing the hill to my office/years of balancing more heavily on it because it was my Good Foot. I remember the pop and the really intense pain but I shook it off and kept walking. I finally got it checked out two months later, and got a diagnosis/aircast another month after, but I was walking on it until then.

- (I need to work that into a fic at some point because honestly, if that isn’t the most Yuuri move. Yuuri would finally roll into the doctor’s the week after his Pyeongchang gold and then look politely bemused when everyone is moderately horrified.)


Victor is Constantly Suffering because now that he’s competing again, Yuuri has declared the bridal carry off-limits. Which is just stunningly unfair. Victor is a star athlete! And in peak physical condition! And if he throws out his back it was all for LOVE, dammit! Somehow that last bit never flies with Yuuri, I can’t imagine why.

The next time Yuuri’s feet are too angry and tender after practice to tie his laces, though, they do work out a compromise. It’s slightly awkward, getting team-lifted through the front doors by Victor and Mila. But like most things in his new rink, Yuuri adjusts.

(Meanwhile, Yuuri does not hold himself to the same rules when carrying Victor. On one hand, the double-standard is appalling. But on the other hand, it’s hard to protest hypocrisy when your beautiful, talented, stronger-than-he-looks fiancé is sweeping you off your feet and out of the locker room.)

Mirrored Shred pt. 1





next part ► 

“It was not easy to recover after loving the same female for half a century.”

There was a female, with feathered wings the color of tawny browns, blacks, and dirty white. her dark skin radiated from her time at Day Court. She was a messenger of sorts, all on behalf of her father. She was a bastard child of Thesan, High Lord of Dawn Court, who had tangled with Seraphim, before his lover, the Captain of the Peregryn soldiers.

Her name was Valeryth. And she healed the Shadowsinger to Night Court, for centuries. And that Shadowsinger in return had listened to her rage.

It was the first meeting the High Lords of Prythian has for a near half millennium. She stood beside her father’s lover, Augustus, as she watched Helion step into the beauty of their meeting room. He greeted Thesan and Augustus, but she had even received a wink and knowing look from said High Lord, and found herself redden—only a little, though. He was her first…to take her to bed with a third party. And, in Val’s perspective, it had been nice to experiment with the Helion, as he helped her grow more aware of the beauties both genders had. That, and the two were bordering on best friends with benefits.

When Helion had taken his seat, Val and Thesan had taken their seats as well. Val next to Helion, and Thesan at the center of the table. Val had to position her massive wings on the back-less chair, and slightly thumped them to Hellion’s shoulder, who shifted a little.

“How are you, Lord Hellion?” Valeryth said, her voice dipped lower, and more tentative. She knew the mask he had to play with the rest of the Courts. 

Hellion smiled, though it was constrained. “No need with formalities, Val,” he said causually and wrapped a lazy arm on the back of chair. Another swift look at her body, her wings, her covered neck. “I think you and I have known each other well enough to not use them.”

Thesan had straightened on his chair, a gleaming look in his eyes. Of course, her father and Augustus knew of the relationship she had with Helion, though they never liked it to be publicly announced.

Especially when Kallias, High Lord of Winter court and his mate, Viviane, had walked in the minute Helion spoke. The lord and lady had smiled tentatively at the three on the table, having heard what was said.

“Formalities, Helion?” snickered Kallias, his white skin kissed with a dimple as he smiled. “When have you never liked someone groveling beneath your feet?”

Groveling…Valeryth hated that word. She had done plenty of that for the past fifty years…

Something in her face must’ve shown, because it was Helion that had humorously said , “We should be careful of what we say, Kallias. There are some here that have gone through much just by groveling.”

Valeryth stared at the two High Lords, her back stiff. She thanked Helion with a nod. Of course he would know how she felt…even if he knew barely about it…

“I appreciate that, Helion,” Valeryth quickly said, her eyes trailing over towards Helion’s attire. He wore a white fabric, something like a tunic or dress that draped over one muscular shoulder. He was also wearing that damned gold spiked crown. “There was no need, though.”

Helion casted a look towards Kallias’s entourage. They were aware of the buddying relationship between the High Lord of Day and the bastard of the Dawn Court. It was a not secret until fifty years ago.

Thesan cleared his throat, and all eyes trailed to him. There was a simmer in his eyes, probably from Valeryth’s reaction to the joke, but it disappeared as he stood up and headed towards the entrance. 

There stood a servant, and the Night Court. All, in their glamorous clothing like the night. The table stood up

All but one.

Valeryth stared at Rhysand first, a sudden wave of nausea rippled through her as she remembered her time at Under the Mountain. Remembered her suffrage…and her savior

He wore black on black. A black jacket and tunic, with the matching shade all throughout his toned body. Though, it was the lady beside her–Feyre Cursebreaker that made Val tensed up even more. She remembered hearing Feyre sacrifice herself…A great debt Val owed her. Feyre wore a dress of light, as though the sea of dark colors around her were the sky and she the star. Beside Feyre was another female, her gown long and her face similar to the former. Morrigan—Val had never fully met the female, as Val was born after the War to even meet her—stood beside Rhysand and wore a dress of deep blue. She adorned her tan skin with jewelry and styled her hair down with waves of blonde. And behind the blonde fae, were two near brother-like Illyrians

One had long hair and a face wicked and cunning just like someone she knew… He wore the same Illyrian armor as his partner. Said partner…

Beautiful was an understatement for him. He was dark, and quiet. Shadows kissed his every step as he walked along with his court to meet with Thesan. And his hands…they were so similar to the scars on her neck, her back, her body…

Valeryth knew she was staring too long at the those hands. Knew he had caught her. She didn’t bother to look at him to confirm as she stood up from her seat and made her way past Helion to the court. Her body was trembling, though, and it was hard to find the right footing to seem less weak in front of them. In front of Rhys.

Hellion was already in front of her, blocking her shaking body. He stared at her, his face blank, but his eyes…

Sit down, they said. You don’t have to.

Shame bloomed across her cheeks. She looked weak, shaking in front of the night Court. Cauldron damn her, she promised she wouldn’t do this.

I have to. I must stay here and listen. Valeryth stared back at Helion, hoping that her determination would show though.

And it did. Helion heaved a quiet sigh and stepped aside, making it seem like he had got in her way for those brief seconds. Thesan was still with Rhysand and his court, still chatting—

“Valeryth,” said Rhysand, his voice as smooth as it was in Under the Mountain. Though, he was kinder, and not at all as pale as he was then. “You look…well.” It was concern, too, in his voice and eyes. He looked at her, for the longest time, it seemed. 

And all Valeryth could see was him, calming her down as she was whipped mindlessly by front of Amarantha. Him apologizing as she was bounded by the wings by Amarantha. He was there to numb her pride and screams in those times when she was humiliated in front of the Courts. To make her blind and deaf as Amrantha made Rysand cut of Valeryth’s twin’s wings off.

A guttural sob nearly left her mouth. She covered it with a cough, and stared down at the floor–at his feet as she bowed her head to him.

“Lord Rhysand,” she breathed out, this time looking up once more. No, she did not see the whore at Under the Mountain. Not a single drop of that hostility. But she kept his eye, hoped he saw that churning rage in her eyes—not of what he has done at Under the Mountain, but what he was hiding from them.

She knew Rhysand was not as other rumored him to be. He was cruel—but he had saved Valeryth plenty of times to prove he was not.

“I look forward to what you have to present us,” she finished as sincere as she could. She felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest. She would push through this meeting. So long as she heard the truth. Her eyes went to Feyre. “My greetings, Lady. Such an honor to stand with you after you saved us all.”

Feyre had nodded her head, though her eyes were trained on Rhysand as she said, “I did not see you Under the Mountain.”

A blunt question, tinted with hurt and a pinch of anger towards her mate.

Valeryth’s wings tighten together as she leveled herself. Her shoulders squared, and her back stiffened. She stared awhile at Rhysand—perhaps he did not tell his mate everything from under the mountain.

“I was hidden after Amarantha ordered to kill my brother,” she said numbly. She felt the presence of Thesan’s hand on her elbow. “Rhysand was able to convince a lot of people that I had killed myself.”

Rhysand opened his mouth—but, like a smart male, he kept it shut. She could almost hear the words that were about to come out of his mouth. Because you did try to kill yourself.

And who wouldn’t after they had found their brother’s mutilated body? Found their wings strung up on her cell walls as though it were decoration? Valeryth wouldn’t live without her brother–her beautiful, kind Daemon…

Introductions were made. The one that looked similar to Feyre was in fact her sister, Nesta. And the long-haired Illyrian’s name was Cassian. She shook their hands—

And, as though the dark were calling her just as it had that day she tried to kill herself, Valeryth looked past the blur of the others in her sight, she caught those hazel eyes of darkness and shadow and pain and rage.

It was as though she were looking into a mirror of her shredded self. And when she flickered her eyes to those scarred hands to shake, she had nearly jumped out of his grip in fear of revealing hers too.

He wore his scars like they were nothing. He did not hide them, not like how she did under the high-neck, long sleeved shirt she wore. He did not wear the sheer glove she wore to hide the metal sheen of her hand. 

And his name was Azriel. 

He looked at Valeryth as though she were a mystery as well as they shook hands, and sat across from each other at the table. They sat in silence, watching the other courts file in, the greetings in order: It was Dawn, Day, Winter, Night, Summer, Autumn, and then most shockingly, Spring. 

Valeryth couldn’t get his name out of her mind. 

Azriel, Azriel, Azriel, Azriel.

Beautiful silence he was.

The meeting had begun, and there were many snarky remarks. It was not long until a fight broke out–between Azriel and Eris. Valeryth caught on that the shadowsinger had devoted feelings for Morrigan after the exchange of words.

Valeryth decided that she would forget her attraction to the shadowsinger. She never wanted to be a mere lover to anyone–and she wouldn’t start one with him.

It was finally down to Rhysand, after a heated and very brutal verbal attack from Tamlin to Feyre.

“A lover’s quarrel should stay out of this,” Valeryth said loudly after Rhysand had shut Tamlin’s mouth. “I, for one, would not want to hear such intimate words while we speak about war.”

A grunt of agreement from Helion from beside her.

Valeryth stared at him, her eyebrows raised. He reached her gaze and looked expectantly at her. What? he seemed to say.

Says the sex-crazed High Lord, is what she wanted to say back.

Says the equally sex-crazed bastard who loves to fuck me, he teased back with his eyes.

Valeryth turned her face back to the High Lords and shook her head, a slight smile on her face. It was then, that she met her eyes with Rhysand once more.

He was in the middle of talking about his place with Amarantha. To protect his people. There were protests, and it wasn’t long until he paused at a certain part, and looked at Valeryth. Permission, was what he was asking for. 

With a steady breath, she felt a warmth crawl up her left hand–her metal hand. Thesan placed a hand on hers, his eyes wrecked with concern. No…no he does not know the full story of how she got out…

“I believe him,” Valeryth began with a steady voice. “Rhysand’s intentions are good, High Lords. He has saved me more than once Under the Mountain.”

A shocked look crosses Feyre, Morrigan, Cassian, and Azriel’s face. Nesta stared blankly, though. They were not told this…He had kept this secret…for her to tell…

“Val, are you sure?” said Thesan, his hand squeezing hers. He doesn’t want her to be vulnerable, not in front of Beron…or any of these courts

“There is no need to hide it, father,” said Valeryth. “They have all seen me hung up naked before their eyes.”

Rhysand’s eyes were sorrowful as he looked at her. She could see he was remembering what he did to protect her and her brother…

But…but she wasn’t ready to adress what happened to her. Not yet, not in front of the men that had seen her so vulnerable.

“The only thing they need to know is that Rhysand had saved me for years from myself. And being with his High Lady should prove his good intentions.”

Rhysand saw the hesitation…and he nodded at her in understanding. Valeryth shut her eyes, feeling the back of her throat burn. She failed herself…she could not bring her own humility up…

“War is upon us,” Rhysand declared. “I have no interest in wasting energy arguing amongst each other.”

And, as one exchange led to another by Beron and Eris—about the attire of Morrigan’s clothing—it was a full on brawl that happened in front of Valeryth’s eyes.

The quiet shadowsinger, Azriel, had stood up and shoot a sparking energy of blue towards Eris’s shield and tackled him to the floor. Valeryth was already on her feet, wings flared in warning as she stared at her father—his face taken aback by the abrupt attack.

Valeryth’s neck warned, a shield of gold—but her father had placed a warning hand on her arm. She backed down when the exchange between Feyre and Azriel was made—and the scene calmed.

Her wings fluttered in tense, stretching them once—revealing the long, white scar just on the bone. She had caught the gaze of the shadowsinger, his eyes softened at the scar.

Valeryth had tucked her wings tightly behind her, staring at him with a sort of mock appraisement. She was impressed by his power. Val sat down next to Helion once more, quickly turning her head away.

Helion smirked at her as he crossed his finely toned thigh, and said, “Looks like you owe me ten marks, Val.”

Val’s face loosened from its tenseness. “Wish I’d bet more marks that it would be Night Court.”

Though, the meeting went on, and Val was glad for it to finally be done. She was mildly disappointed with herself for not speaking about Rhysand’s well nature. Though, Val did have the honor of being present as Feyre revealed her abilities to everyone and swear to fight beside her.

She had managed to smile a little too, at Rhysand. He was sure lucky to have a mate like her. He had returned the smile, as if knowing that he was indeed lucky.

Though, she also realized that she was the only attendant left for both Kallias’s and Rhysand’s parties.

“That went well,” Rhysand said, “It would seem none of us won our bet other than Val.”

Azriel stared at the floor. “Sorry” was all he said.

Valeryth gave him a ruthless smile, crossing her hands over her chest. “Killer blast, though, loner. Kind of wish I was an Illyrian.” She did not get a reaction.

Rhysand had fitted his gaze to her—that same sorrow in his eyes.

“I never got the chance to give my condolences to your loss, Valeryth,” he said, voice grave. “I was too caught up—”

Valeryth shook her head, and glanced around the room. Too many prying eyes and ears.

“You’re a good person, Rhysand,” Val said, her voice strained. She gulped down her sadness. “Daemon would have been honored to fight this war. Perhaps…”

her voice trailed as she stared at Feyre. Oh…oh how she missed Daemon and his human mate…

Valeryth only shook her head, and told the parties to follow her to their rooms.

Childhood story #3

Sasuke the explorer

“Say backpack”


“Say backpack”

“Backpack!” Shisui rolled his eyes in an annoyed manner, he looked over his math book to his youngest brother who was sitting right in front of the TV.

“Turn it down” Shisui ordered, only to be ignored. “Princess” He put his book down and was ignored again. “Princess!”

Sasuke finally turned his head and Shisui wished he could scold his 5 years old brother for being so oblivious, but those innocent, doll-like eyes just screamed innocence. Besides, Shisui had noted before that Sasuke had the talent of completely blocking his surroundings and put 100% of his focus on one thing, which was mostly the TV.

“Turn it down” Shisui repeated.

“I am watching it”

“The volume, princess, the volume, I could not have been clearer!” Shisui leaned his head on his hands.

“Alright” He grabbed the remote control and turned the volume down, looking back at Shisui to see some sort of approval.

“That is good” Shisui said, looking back at the equation.

“Heeyy, little dinosaur!” Fugaku grabbed Sasuke from under his armpits and threw him in the air, immediately getting his youngest son’s attention.

“Rawr!” Sasuke roared loudly.

“Last time I checked, t-rexes were one of the biggest dinosaurs” Shisui sighed. Why wasn’t the library open on Sundays? It would have gotten him through his homework so much faster.

“Hey, listen buddy” He put Sasuke on the couch and squatted in front of him. “I have to go to work”

“I wanna come! I wanna come!” Sasuke got on his knees and bounced on the couch. Fugaku put both his hands on Sasuke’s shoulder and forced him to sit still.

“Sure…you wanna cum” Shisui sniggered.
“You can’t, you have to be at least this tall” Fugaku put his hand up a random height and Sasuke stared at it.

“Can I stand on my toes?” He asked dead serious.

“No” Fugaku said bluntly. He stood up.

“But your brother will be babysitting you”

“I did not sign up for this” Shisui immediately responded.

“Five bucks” Fugaku negotiated.

“Pfff, no way, unless it is five bucks an hour”

“How about five bucks and you are not in a youth hostel?”

“You’re a bad dad, you know that?” Shisui cocked his head. Fugaku lifted his shoulders in a non-caring way.

“You will take care of him, don’t let him watch too much TV, oh…and if anything happens to him, it is on you”

“Why is it on me?”

“Should I blame a 5 years old or a 13 years old?” Fugaku raised a questionable eyebrow.

“Why not blame the dad who left the 13 years old in charge?” Shisui put his pen down.

“Damn boy, the more you grow up to more you start to sound like those attorney lawyers, annoying”

“The more I see this kind of injustice, the more I want to become a lawyer” Shisui leaned back in his chair and looked at his dad who was shaking his head.

“I will be back before dark” Fugaku stated, leaving his two sons alone.

Sasuke crawled off the couch and sat back in front of the TV. Shisui grabbed the remote control and turned it off, causing his younger brother to turn his head to Shisui.

“The TV. broke” He stated.

“Then you just have to do something else”

“Like?” The younger one stood up.

“Pff, go play with the ball in the backyard” Shisui suggested.

“Would you play with me?” Sasuke asked, it made Shisui chuckle again.

“Fuck no” Shisui shook his head before realizing what he just said. He looked back up.

“That is a no-no word” The younger one stated.

“Yes, it is…I was…testing you!” Shisui said.

“…Did I pass?” Sasuke asked, awkwardly looking around him.

“Yes, you did, go play in the backyard” Shisui picked his pen up and read the question over again. He turned the page on his notebook and started on a blank page.

Finally, some silence and alone time. Now the 13-years old could finally finish his darn math homework. Half an hour passed and Shisui looked up from the math problem. It was really quiet…maybe even…too quiet.

“Princess?!” Shisui called out, but didn’t get a response. He called again, but then decided to stand up and take a look himself.

“Sasuke?” Shisui muttered under his breath, seeing an empty backyard and…a back door that was swung open. “Sasuke!” He clenched a fist, “That annoying little brat!”

Shisui grabbed his shoes and the house keys before running out the back door and closing it behind him.

“Sasuke!” He shouted, walking through the allies and looking at the small parks nearby. Though the kid seemed to be gone. The anger turned into worry. What if the kid got grabbed by some weird perv?! Was math homework really worth his life?! For fuck’s sake, the kid was five, he must be scared and hungry…okay probably not hungry, but scared for sure!

“Say backpack, backpack, backpack!”

Shisui’s eyes widened and he turned his head to the left, seeing a familiar ninja turtle backpack and a dinosaur plushie. Sasuke sat on his knees in the grass and grabbed his backpack and grabbing what seemed like a bandaid. He unwrapped it and put it on the dinosaur plushie.

“We did it!” He threw his hands in the air and made a mini victorious trumpet sound.

He was playing…Dora the Explorer…no…more like..Sasuke the explorer…

Shisui wanted to smack the brat at least four times, but dealing with a crying kid wouldn’t really make his day easier. He wanted to walk towards him and just take him back home, but seeing him unroll a A4 paper with some stupid map drawn on it was too adorable to stop.

“So we slipped passed the ugly curly sheep-”

A imaginary brick fell on Shisui’s head…yeah…take a wild guess to who the ugly curly sheep was…

“Then we passed the forest of doom, now we have to go pass the rocky path and to the big red chicken!” Sasuke said to the plushie before putting his backpack back on and grabbing Mr.Roary.

In short, he was going to the petting zoo. Shisui sighed, but decided to follow his little brother from the background. Let him have this little adventure of his, it will make him tired and force him to take a nap. It would only be less trouble for the older Uchiha.

He silently walked behind Sasuke until he heard somebody call his name. He turned his head and saw the neighbour.

“How have you been?” She asked in a friendly way.

“Ah! Hey! Yea, I am doing fine”

“Good kid” She smiled kindly, “So…what are you doing behind a tree?”

“Uhm…I am watching my little brother, the youngest.” Shisui said and scratched the back of his head nervously. He looked from behind the tree and frowned seeing a man kneeling next to him, holding a lollipop.

“You want the candy?”

“I am not supposed to talk to strangers” Sasuke answered, looking at his map.

“I am no stranger, I am uncle Bob”

“What is a stranger?”

“A stranger is somebody you don’t know, but I am uncle Bob” The stranger said, moving the lollypop a little to catch Sasuke’s attention again.

“But do I know uncle Bob? No…so…you are a stranger to me” Sasuke said, folding his maps.

“You are such a smart kid, I have more candy for you…”

“Hold on…no…no..wait a minute!” Shisui ran towards them and swept Sasuke up, holding him close.

“Yeaaahh~ Shisui!” Sasuke laughed, thinking it was some sort of game.

“Get the fuck away from him!” Shisui shouted, “With your stupid candy! You know schools warn kids for people like you! You…you-”

“Poopie head!”

“Yeah! Poopie head!” Shisui said, pointing an accusing finger. “You should be in jail! Your mother should have had an abortion!”

“Shisui, it is me, uncle Bob! I’ve known you since you were 3 years old”

“Yeah right! I am going to call the police! Child molester! Child molester!”Shisui shouted, catching the attention of some adult that suddenly grabbed the man by his arm.

“Is this man bothering you, son?” One man asked.

“Yes! He tried to lure my baby brother!” Shisui said.

“We will handle him, kiddo” Another man said, folding his arm and narrowing his eyes to this Bob guy.

“Thank you” Shisui said, turning around.

“No, the red big chicken in the other way” Sasuke said, struggling against Shisui’s grip.

“No, we are going home, that is final!” Shisui stated, but got kicked in the stomach, forcing him to let go.

“You are mean!” Sasuke shouted as he landed on the ground and ran away.

“Sasuke! Goddamnit!” Shisui hissed, running after him. Sasuke jumped and climbed in a tree.

“Come immediately down!” Shisui demanded.

“No!” Sasuke said, climbing higher in the tree.

“Sasuke, you will fall!” Shisui shouted, Sasuke ignored him, but just as Shisui predicted, he set his foot on a weak branch and fell down.

“What did I tell you?!” Shisui knelt in front of his younger brother, examining him from top to bottom. Sasuke hugged his knees and started sobbing silently.

“You made yourself cry” Shisui stated, “I told you not to climb it, I told you to play in the backyard, what do you do? THE OPPOSITE!”

“I…I…wanted to…play…” Sasuke sulked, “You never want to play”

“Don’t put this on me, brat!”

“Madara doesn’t play with me, Obito doesn’t…you don’t…mommy keeps niisan away from me and…Izuna is playing with somebody else” Shisui sighed.

“That is not it, Sasuke, see, when you grow up…you have other responsibilities and sometimes…It takes over, look at me, I go to middle school, I have homework which does take priority, but…I am still here chasing you all the way…just to make sure you are safe”

Sasuke looked up, wiping his big tears away.

“Can you walk?” Shisui asked.

“Yes” Sasuke said, “But I still want you to carry me”

Shisui smiled, “Yes, princess” he carried Sasuke on his back.

“Can we still go and see the big red chicken?” Sasuke asked.

“Sure…Dora the Explorer” Shisui responded. It was not far anyway.

“Will you be Boots?”

“Uhm…yeah, whatever”

“You have to wear boots to be Boots”

“Well, I am not wearing boots”

“Then how are you Boots?” Sasuke asked.

“One more comment about boots and I will show you some place where I can shove a boot up”

“…You don’t have to go bananas”

“I will drop you” Shisui commented already annoyed.


“Look, look nissan” Sasuke sat on Itachi’s lap and showed the map he had drawn. “We passed the ugly black curly sheep, then passed the forest of doom and then went on the rocky path to the big red chicken!”

“Ooh, and you drew that yourself?”

“Yes, yes!” Sasuke smiled when Itachi patted his head.

“It must have been quite the adventure, are you now Sasuke the explorer?”

“Yeah!” Sasuke smiled.

“More like Sasuke the troublesome” Shisui muttered, his head leaning on the armrest of the couch. It seemed he was the only one exhausted. The doorbell rang and the three looked at each other.

“I got it, I got it!” Izuna ran towards the door, but was picked up by Fugaku with one arm and thrown over his shoulder. They were goofing around before Fugaku opened the door, there was some talking in the hallway before Fugaku walked back in the living room with a man that seemed very familiar to Shisui.

“Kids, you remember uncle Bob, right?”

“…Fuck no…”

-special thanks to @failureoftheyear for editing-

Lena Luthor/you fic part 16

Originally posted by alexdanveers

“So, she can walk on it?”

“Yes,” the doctor looked up from the air brace he was fastening to your leg, “as long as she keeps this brace on, she can start easing off of her crutches.”

“Is she going to need any physical rehabilitation?”

“No, not unless she experiences any trouble.”

“Lena, give the man a break,” you sighed.  “Sorry about her; she just worries a lot.”

“I understand,” he replied with a respectful smile towards Lena, who had crossed her arms in irritation with your remark.  “Well, you have my number if there are any issues.  I’ll see you in another month for your final follow up.”

“Thank you, doctor,” you hopped down off the the examination table and swung your crutches under your arms.  Lena gave you a curious frown as you crutched out of the room and began towards the hospital exit.  

“You aren’t walking on it?”

“I don’t really feel like falling down in front of all of these people, so no,” you replied.  Lena arched an eyebrow at the attitude in your voice and then reminded herself that you probably still weren’t feeling well.  You also hadn’t eaten much in the past two days and God knows how bitchy that made you.

“You don’t have to be so cross.”

“Sorry,” you grunted and pushed the door open before she could do it for you, “didn’t sleep much last night.”

“Still feeling sick?”

“No, you just…”

Lena unlocked the car and squinted in concern as you paused.

“I what?”

“You were having a nightmare or something.  Tossing and turning for most of the night.  I woke you up a few times and you settled back down; you don’t remember?”

“No,” Lena muttered as she got into the driver’s seat.  “I’m sorry about that…”

“Don’t worry about it.  It’s the least I can do.  Do you want to get lunch or something?  Stay out of the apartment for a bit?”

“Yeah,” Lena nodded and a small smile spread across her lips, “that sounds wonderful, actually.  Where would you like to eat?”

“You know the nicer parts of town better than I do,” you reminded her with a dry laugh.  “I’ll leave it up to you.”

“Alright then,” Lena shrugged.  She finished backing out of the parking space and then reached across the console to hold your hand.  The act was so innocent and light; so different from the rest of your life lately.  You hadn’t necessarily been good to Lena lately.  It was easy to become reclusive and absorbed into yourself after spending days on your own in the apartment.  Being out in the real world reminded you of when you had first started falling for her; the early mornings in her office where you brought her coffee and exchanged small glances and smiles.  You began to recall what an exceptional woman she was and what she had been through at both your hands and the hands of others.

“You know I love you, right?” you lifted her hand to your lips and placed a quick kiss on the back of it.  Lena’s gaze broke from the street for a few seconds and fixed on you.

“I do, and I love you.”

“We should take a vacation.”


“I still have some money left over from, you know, what your mom paid me.  I want to spend it on you.  Where haven’t you been?”

“Y/N, that’s crazy.”

“So what if it is?  Everything else that’s happened to us has been.”

“I’ve give you that,” Lena chuckled.  “Still, you really don’t have to-“

“I want to, Lena.  Come on; let me do something for you for once.  Let’s just get away for a while.”

“Alright, if we were to go somewhere, where would you want to go?” Lena asked as if she were actually thinking about it.  You smiled a tad at her compliance and chewed your bottom lip thoughtfully.

“I assume you’ve done London, Rome, and Paris?  All the major spots?”

“You would be correct,” Lena confirmed.  “Venice and Athens too.”

“How about…” you paused for a moment and racked your brain, “Amsterdam?”

“Stopped there for a few hours on a layover but never saw the town.  You?”

“Always wanted to see it.  The Anne Frank house, the canals, the ‘coffee shops’.  How about I rent us out a place for, say, a month?”

“You want me to drop everything and go with you to Amsterdam for a month?”

“Yeah, kinda,” you grinned.  “We should just, you know, get away for a while.  I’m good at running away, Lena.  But this time I want to take someone with me.  I want you.”

“You’re very charming when you want to be, you know that?”

“I’m always charming,” you reminded her.  Lena took her eyes off of the road again and chuckled as you planted another kiss on her hand.  

“If you keep looking at me like that, I’m going to wreck this car.”

“Sorry, I’ll try to be good.”

“I’m really going to crash if you—oh,” Lena tensed as you moved her hand to your inner thigh and spread your legs a little.  “Y/N…”


“We’re, uh, we’re here.”

The car all but swerved into a parking spot and you couldn’t help but feel some self-satisfaction at how fast Lena leaned over the console and pressed her lips against yours.  Her hand moved the rest of the way up your thigh and her other one came up to grip the back of your neck, pulling you in closer to her.

“Let’s go; I’m starving.”

Lena huffed in frustration as you pulled back and opened your door.

“You’re evil.”

“I believe the word you used was ‘charming’,” you corrected her and stepped out of the car with your good leg.  Lena groaned a little bit, but followed your actions and came around to retrieve your crutches from the backseat.  You stopped her with a wave of the hand and she frowned in confused concern.

“Are you going to help me try out this newly healed bone?”

“Right here?”

“Uh huh,” you wiggled your bad leg and shut the door behind you.  Lena, though a little hesitant, wrapped her arm around your waist.  She did her best to hide it, but you could still tell that she was having a minor heart attack as you carefully started to put wave on your foot.  The limb felt weak and the muscles trembled a bit as you added more of your balance.  Lena was watching your face intently as you took your first step.  

“You alright?”


A little bit of pain shot through your leg, but you ignored it and took another step.  Lena continued to keep her arm around you as the two of you entered the restaurant and managed to flag down a hostess.  

“This place is quaint,” you noted as you limped towards a booth in the back.  Lena offered a small little grin and shrugged.

“Not everything I do is upscale.”

“I know.  You’re with me, remember?”

“Hush,” she helped you to sit and then sat down across from you as the rather disinterested hostess tossed a few menus onto the table.

“Someone will be with you in a minute.”

“Thanks,” you nodded and opened one of the menus.  “Do you want red or white wine?”

“Uh,” Lena grimaced for a brief moment, “should you really be drinking?  I mean…I feel like its not really good for you with, you know, what’s been going on.”

“I’m fine.  Lena, I’m not made of glass.”

“I know, I know.  I’m sorry, I just…I don’t want you making things harder on yourself.”

“I’ve always liked booze; you’ve known that.  It’s not a problem, like the pills.  I don’t need to drink—“

“Hey there!  I’m Kiersten and I’ll be your server today.  Can I start you ladies off with something to drink?”

Your waitress seemed to have popped up out of nowhere and you quickly replaced your slightly irritated expression with a pleasant one.

“We’ll have a bottle of your best merlot, please,” you ordered and pretended not to notice the disapproving look from the woman across the table.  Your waitress, having sensed the bit of tension, hurried to scribble down your request and glanced between both you and Lena,

“That’ll be right out.”

“Thank you,” you nodded at the server and then fixed your eyes on Lena, waiting for her to say something.

“You don’t really know how to listen, do you?”

“I figured you would have picked up on that by now.  Now, back to Amsterdam—“

“I hate it when you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Deflect like that.  Any time I bring up something serious, you just wave it off.”

“Oh, and I’m supposed to want to talk about ‘serious’ things while we’re out to lunch?  Fine, let’s talk about how I got kidnapped by your adoptive mother and nearly killed.  And then we can discuss how I tried not using my pain pills at first and then started snorting them to keep you from dragging me back to the hospital because of how much it hurt me to fucking move.”

“Are you really blaming me for—“

“No, Jesus, I’m not blaming you,” you interrupted before her voice could get any louder and took her hands in yours across the table.  “Lena, let’s not do this, please?  I-I don’t blame you for any of this; I know my own mistakes brought me here.  I’m sorry.”

“We can’t just pretend nothing happened to you,” Lena murmured.

“I have spent my whole life pretending nothing happened to me.  That’s how I move past the things that did.  I’m not just bottling it up and waiting to explode, alright?  I’m…I’m letting everything go except for you.”

“Promise me that you’re telling the truth—that you’re okay?”

“I promise,” you squeezed her hands and then leaned back as your server returned.  Lena thanked her quietly as she poured two glasses of wine and then set the bottle aside on the table.  

“Ready to order, ladies?”

“Yes; we’ll both have the fettuccini Alfredo with a Caesar salad to start,” Lena replied and took your menu before you could even open it.  Something about the way she always ordered for you at restaurants reminded you of what had attracted you to her in the first place; that well-earned confidence that made something in your chest stir.  A little smitten, you leaned back in the booth and fixed your gaze on her as she politely handed the waitress your menus.

“What?” she asked upon noticing.



“Nothing!  I just…you’re very, very sexy.  I almost wish we had gone straight home.”


Her foot brushed against your leg beneath the table and you bit down on the inside of your cheek.  The corners of her mouth turned up in a smirk and she arched one of her eyebrows.  It took most of your self-restraint not to drag her into the bathroom and slam her up against the wall of one of the stalls with a hand up her skirt.

“You’re killing me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You love these games, don’t you?”

“I love watching you squirm,” Lena admitted.  “The way you start playing with your hands and how your cheeks get red…it’s hot.”

You glanced down, a little sheepish at the realization that you were in fact, ringing your hands.

“So, what are you going to do to me when we get home?”

“Lena Luthor, are you trying to talk dirty in an Italian restaurant over lunch?”

“I’m wearing the red panties you like.”

“Oh God,” you pressed a hand to your forehead, “the lacy ones?”


“Jesus, Lena.”


“God, where are my keys?”

Lena paused outside the entrance to the restaurant and handed you her to-go bag as she dug through her purse.  Both of you had been rather flustered throughout the short lunch and you were more than ready to get into the privacy of the apartment.  

“Nice to see you up and about, Y/N.”

The voice coming from your right sent panic coursing through your system.  You hardly had time to turn and face Lillian before Lena screamed and a strong pair of arms grabbed you from behind.


The scream ripped through your throat just before a cloth clamped over your face and overwhelmed you with a strong scent that you recognized all too well.  The last thing you saw before the chloroform took you out was Lena collapsing to the sidewalk with her mother’s blurry figure standing over her.

Lena,” you whimpered her name one last time as things went black.

So….requests for next time?