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The Aftermath

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

Words: 3.1k+ (whoa)

Prompt: Follow-up to Alex x reader drabble: “Hammy being sad, y/n being sad. OHH WHAT IF they got back together and y/n gets pregnant..only to find that so did the other lady”


Warnings: cussing, a lil bit of smut, cheating, pregnancy, some slut-shaming

You never wanted to see Alexander again. Not after he cheated, destroying your marriage and family. You didn’t want to look into those soft brown eyes that once held such love for you and your children, only to remember the way they looked the night that everything changed, lust-blown and glazed with tears as you left.

But you had to go back. It had been a week since your sister left and since you were supposed to return home with your children, but you still stayed at your father’s, avoiding the inevitable. Your father had offered to let you and your children move back in with him, since he was a single, lonely man in a large house; but you needed the rest of your things from your former home.

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Percival Rex: Prologue

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

The cruelest part of his imprisonment was that he was not restrained.

He could roam his own home freely, Grindelwald didn’t live there, and as such he could destroy it as his temper lashed out, as his desperation grew, and Grindelwald could come in, gleefully surveying the physical evidence of his prisoner’s frustration, the destruction wrought upon Percival Graves’ expensive flat and all the personal items therein.

Now I lay me down to sleep.

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Childhood story #3

Sasuke the explorer

“Say backpack”


“Say backpack”

“Backpack!” Shisui rolled his eyes in an annoyed manner, he looked over his math book to his youngest brother who was sitting right in front of the TV.

“Turn it down” Shisui ordered, only to be ignored. “Princess” He put his book down and was ignored again. “Princess!”

Sasuke finally turned his head and Shisui wished he could scold his 5 years old brother for being so oblivious, but those innocent, doll-like eyes just screamed innocence. Besides, Shisui had noted before that Sasuke had the talent of completely blocking his surroundings and put 100% of his focus on one thing, which was mostly the TV.

“Turn it down” Shisui repeated.

“I am watching it”

“The volume, princess, the volume, I could not have been clearer!” Shisui leaned his head on his hands.

“Alright” He grabbed the remote control and turned the volume down, looking back at Shisui to see some sort of approval.

“That is good” Shisui said, looking back at the equation.

“Heeyy, little dinosaur!” Fugaku grabbed Sasuke from under his armpits and threw him in the air, immediately getting his youngest son’s attention.

“Rawr!” Sasuke roared loudly.

“Last time I checked, t-rexes were one of the biggest dinosaurs” Shisui sighed. Why wasn’t the library open on Sundays? It would have gotten him through his homework so much faster.

“Hey, listen buddy” He put Sasuke on the couch and squatted in front of him. “I have to go to work”

“I wanna come! I wanna come!” Sasuke got on his knees and bounced on the couch. Fugaku put both his hands on Sasuke’s shoulder and forced him to sit still.

“Sure…you wanna cum” Shisui sniggered.
“You can’t, you have to be at least this tall” Fugaku put his hand up a random height and Sasuke stared at it.

“Can I stand on my toes?” He asked dead serious.

“No” Fugaku said bluntly. He stood up.

“But your brother will be babysitting you”

“I did not sign up for this” Shisui immediately responded.

“Five bucks” Fugaku negotiated.

“Pfff, no way, unless it is five bucks an hour”

“How about five bucks and you are not in a youth hostel?”

“You’re a bad dad, you know that?” Shisui cocked his head. Fugaku lifted his shoulders in a non-caring way.

“You will take care of him, don’t let him watch too much TV, oh…and if anything happens to him, it is on you”

“Why is it on me?”

“Should I blame a 5 years old or a 13 years old?” Fugaku raised a questionable eyebrow.

“Why not blame the dad who left the 13 years old in charge?” Shisui put his pen down.

“Damn boy, the more you grow up to more you start to sound like those attorney lawyers, annoying”

“The more I see this kind of injustice, the more I want to become a lawyer” Shisui leaned back in his chair and looked at his dad who was shaking his head.

“I will be back before dark” Fugaku stated, leaving his two sons alone.

Sasuke crawled off the couch and sat back in front of the TV. Shisui grabbed the remote control and turned it off, causing his younger brother to turn his head to Shisui.

“The TV. broke” He stated.

“Then you just have to do something else”

“Like?” The younger one stood up.

“Pff, go play with the ball in the backyard” Shisui suggested.

“Would you play with me?” Sasuke asked, it made Shisui chuckle again.

“Fuck no” Shisui shook his head before realizing what he just said. He looked back up.

“That is a no-no word” The younger one stated.

“Yes, it is…I was…testing you!” Shisui said.

“…Did I pass?” Sasuke asked, awkwardly looking around him.

“Yes, you did, go play in the backyard” Shisui picked his pen up and read the question over again. He turned the page on his notebook and started on a blank page.

Finally, some silence and alone time. Now the 13-years old could finally finish his darn math homework. Half an hour passed and Shisui looked up from the math problem. It was really quiet…maybe even…too quiet.

“Princess?!” Shisui called out, but didn’t get a response. He called again, but then decided to stand up and take a look himself.

“Sasuke?” Shisui muttered under his breath, seeing an empty backyard and…a back door that was swung open. “Sasuke!” He clenched a fist, “That annoying little brat!”

Shisui grabbed his shoes and the house keys before running out the back door and closing it behind him.

“Sasuke!” He shouted, walking through the allies and looking at the small parks nearby. Though the kid seemed to be gone. The anger turned into worry. What if the kid got grabbed by some weird perv?! Was math homework really worth his life?! For fuck’s sake, the kid was five, he must be scared and hungry…okay probably not hungry, but scared for sure!

“Say backpack, backpack, backpack!”

Shisui’s eyes widened and he turned his head to the left, seeing a familiar ninja turtle backpack and a dinosaur plushie. Sasuke sat on his knees in the grass and grabbed his backpack and grabbing what seemed like a bandaid. He unwrapped it and put it on the dinosaur plushie.

“We did it!” He threw his hands in the air and made a mini victorious trumpet sound.

He was playing…Dora the Explorer…no…more like..Sasuke the explorer…

Shisui wanted to smack the brat at least four times, but dealing with a crying kid wouldn’t really make his day easier. He wanted to walk towards him and just take him back home, but seeing him unroll a A4 paper with some stupid map drawn on it was too adorable to stop.

“So we slipped passed the ugly curly sheep-”

A imaginary brick fell on Shisui’s head…yeah…take a wild guess to who the ugly curly sheep was…

“Then we passed the forest of doom, now we have to go pass the rocky path and to the big red chicken!” Sasuke said to the plushie before putting his backpack back on and grabbing Mr.Roary.

In short, he was going to the petting zoo. Shisui sighed, but decided to follow his little brother from the background. Let him have this little adventure of his, it will make him tired and force him to take a nap. It would only be less trouble for the older Uchiha.

He silently walked behind Sasuke until he heard somebody call his name. He turned his head and saw the neighbour.

“How have you been?” She asked in a friendly way.

“Ah! Hey! Yea, I am doing fine”

“Good kid” She smiled kindly, “So…what are you doing behind a tree?”

“Uhm…I am watching my little brother, the youngest.” Shisui said and scratched the back of his head nervously. He looked from behind the tree and frowned seeing a man kneeling next to him, holding a lollipop.

“You want the candy?”

“I am not supposed to talk to strangers” Sasuke answered, looking at his map.

“I am no stranger, I am uncle Bob”

“What is a stranger?”

“A stranger is somebody you don’t know, but I am uncle Bob” The stranger said, moving the lollypop a little to catch Sasuke’s attention again.

“But do I know uncle Bob? No…so…you are a stranger to me” Sasuke said, folding his maps.

“You are such a smart kid, I have more candy for you…”

“Hold on…no…no..wait a minute!” Shisui ran towards them and swept Sasuke up, holding him close.

“Yeaaahh~ Shisui!” Sasuke laughed, thinking it was some sort of game.

“Get the fuck away from him!” Shisui shouted, “With your stupid candy! You know schools warn kids for people like you! You…you-”

“Poopie head!”

“Yeah! Poopie head!” Shisui said, pointing an accusing finger. “You should be in jail! Your mother should have had an abortion!”

“Shisui, it is me, uncle Bob! I’ve known you since you were 3 years old”

“Yeah right! I am going to call the police! Child molester! Child molester!”Shisui shouted, catching the attention of some adult that suddenly grabbed the man by his arm.

“Is this man bothering you, son?” One man asked.

“Yes! He tried to lure my baby brother!” Shisui said.

“We will handle him, kiddo” Another man said, folding his arm and narrowing his eyes to this Bob guy.

“Thank you” Shisui said, turning around.

“No, the red big chicken in the other way” Sasuke said, struggling against Shisui’s grip.

“No, we are going home, that is final!” Shisui stated, but got kicked in the stomach, forcing him to let go.

“You are mean!” Sasuke shouted as he landed on the ground and ran away.

“Sasuke! Goddamnit!” Shisui hissed, running after him. Sasuke jumped and climbed in a tree.

“Come immediately down!” Shisui demanded.

“No!” Sasuke said, climbing higher in the tree.

“Sasuke, you will fall!” Shisui shouted, Sasuke ignored him, but just as Shisui predicted, he set his foot on a weak branch and fell down.

“What did I tell you?!” Shisui knelt in front of his younger brother, examining him from top to bottom. Sasuke hugged his knees and started sobbing silently.

“You made yourself cry” Shisui stated, “I told you not to climb it, I told you to play in the backyard, what do you do? THE OPPOSITE!”

“I…I…wanted to…play…” Sasuke sulked, “You never want to play”

“Don’t put this on me, brat!”

“Madara doesn’t play with me, Obito doesn’t…you don’t…mommy keeps niisan away from me and…Izuna is playing with somebody else” Shisui sighed.

“That is not it, Sasuke, see, when you grow up…you have other responsibilities and sometimes…It takes over, look at me, I go to middle school, I have homework which does take priority, but…I am still here chasing you all the way…just to make sure you are safe”

Sasuke looked up, wiping his big tears away.

“Can you walk?” Shisui asked.

“Yes” Sasuke said, “But I still want you to carry me”

Shisui smiled, “Yes, princess” he carried Sasuke on his back.

“Can we still go and see the big red chicken?” Sasuke asked.

“Sure…Dora the Explorer” Shisui responded. It was not far anyway.

“Will you be Boots?”

“Uhm…yeah, whatever”

“You have to wear boots to be Boots”

“Well, I am not wearing boots”

“Then how are you Boots?” Sasuke asked.

“One more comment about boots and I will show you some place where I can shove a boot up”

“…You don’t have to go bananas”

“I will drop you” Shisui commented already annoyed.


“Look, look nissan” Sasuke sat on Itachi’s lap and showed the map he had drawn. “We passed the ugly black curly sheep, then passed the forest of doom and then went on the rocky path to the big red chicken!”

“Ooh, and you drew that yourself?”

“Yes, yes!” Sasuke smiled when Itachi patted his head.

“It must have been quite the adventure, are you now Sasuke the explorer?”

“Yeah!” Sasuke smiled.

“More like Sasuke the troublesome” Shisui muttered, his head leaning on the armrest of the couch. It seemed he was the only one exhausted. The doorbell rang and the three looked at each other.

“I got it, I got it!” Izuna ran towards the door, but was picked up by Fugaku with one arm and thrown over his shoulder. They were goofing around before Fugaku opened the door, there was some talking in the hallway before Fugaku walked back in the living room with a man that seemed very familiar to Shisui.

“Kids, you remember uncle Bob, right?”

“…Fuck no…”

-special thanks to @failureoftheyear for editing-

Lena Luthor/you fic part 16

Originally posted by alexdanveers

“So, she can walk on it?”

“Yes,” the doctor looked up from the air brace he was fastening to your leg, “as long as she keeps this brace on, she can start easing off of her crutches.”

“Is she going to need any physical rehabilitation?”

“No, not unless she experiences any trouble.”

“Lena, give the man a break,” you sighed.  “Sorry about her; she just worries a lot.”

“I understand,” he replied with a respectful smile towards Lena, who had crossed her arms in irritation with your remark.  “Well, you have my number if there are any issues.  I’ll see you in another month for your final follow up.”

“Thank you, doctor,” you hopped down off the the examination table and swung your crutches under your arms.  Lena gave you a curious frown as you crutched out of the room and began towards the hospital exit.  

“You aren’t walking on it?”

“I don’t really feel like falling down in front of all of these people, so no,” you replied.  Lena arched an eyebrow at the attitude in your voice and then reminded herself that you probably still weren’t feeling well.  You also hadn’t eaten much in the past two days and God knows how bitchy that made you.

“You don’t have to be so cross.”

“Sorry,” you grunted and pushed the door open before she could do it for you, “didn’t sleep much last night.”

“Still feeling sick?”

“No, you just…”

Lena unlocked the car and squinted in concern as you paused.

“I what?”

“You were having a nightmare or something.  Tossing and turning for most of the night.  I woke you up a few times and you settled back down; you don’t remember?”

“No,” Lena muttered as she got into the driver’s seat.  “I’m sorry about that…”

“Don’t worry about it.  It’s the least I can do.  Do you want to get lunch or something?  Stay out of the apartment for a bit?”

“Yeah,” Lena nodded and a small smile spread across her lips, “that sounds wonderful, actually.  Where would you like to eat?”

“You know the nicer parts of town better than I do,” you reminded her with a dry laugh.  “I’ll leave it up to you.”

“Alright then,” Lena shrugged.  She finished backing out of the parking space and then reached across the console to hold your hand.  The act was so innocent and light; so different from the rest of your life lately.  You hadn’t necessarily been good to Lena lately.  It was easy to become reclusive and absorbed into yourself after spending days on your own in the apartment.  Being out in the real world reminded you of when you had first started falling for her; the early mornings in her office where you brought her coffee and exchanged small glances and smiles.  You began to recall what an exceptional woman she was and what she had been through at both your hands and the hands of others.

“You know I love you, right?” you lifted her hand to your lips and placed a quick kiss on the back of it.  Lena’s gaze broke from the street for a few seconds and fixed on you.

“I do, and I love you.”

“We should take a vacation.”


“I still have some money left over from, you know, what your mom paid me.  I want to spend it on you.  Where haven’t you been?”

“Y/N, that’s crazy.”

“So what if it is?  Everything else that’s happened to us has been.”

“I’ve give you that,” Lena chuckled.  “Still, you really don’t have to-“

“I want to, Lena.  Come on; let me do something for you for once.  Let’s just get away for a while.”

“Alright, if we were to go somewhere, where would you want to go?” Lena asked as if she were actually thinking about it.  You smiled a tad at her compliance and chewed your bottom lip thoughtfully.

“I assume you’ve done London, Rome, and Paris?  All the major spots?”

“You would be correct,” Lena confirmed.  “Venice and Athens too.”

“How about…” you paused for a moment and racked your brain, “Amsterdam?”

“Stopped there for a few hours on a layover but never saw the town.  You?”

“Always wanted to see it.  The Anne Frank house, the canals, the ‘coffee shops’.  How about I rent us out a place for, say, a month?”

“You want me to drop everything and go with you to Amsterdam for a month?”

“Yeah, kinda,” you grinned.  “We should just, you know, get away for a while.  I’m good at running away, Lena.  But this time I want to take someone with me.  I want you.”

“You’re very charming when you want to be, you know that?”

“I’m always charming,” you reminded her.  Lena took her eyes off of the road again and chuckled as you planted another kiss on her hand.  

“If you keep looking at me like that, I’m going to wreck this car.”

“Sorry, I’ll try to be good.”

“I’m really going to crash if you—oh,” Lena tensed as you moved her hand to your inner thigh and spread your legs a little.  “Y/N…”


“We’re, uh, we’re here.”

The car all but swerved into a parking spot and you couldn’t help but feel some self-satisfaction at how fast Lena leaned over the console and pressed her lips against yours.  Her hand moved the rest of the way up your thigh and her other one came up to grip the back of your neck, pulling you in closer to her.

“Let’s go; I’m starving.”

Lena huffed in frustration as you pulled back and opened your door.

“You’re evil.”

“I believe the word you used was ‘charming’,” you corrected her and stepped out of the car with your good leg.  Lena groaned a little bit, but followed your actions and came around to retrieve your crutches from the backseat.  You stopped her with a wave of the hand and she frowned in confused concern.

“Are you going to help me try out this newly healed bone?”

“Right here?”

“Uh huh,” you wiggled your bad leg and shut the door behind you.  Lena, though a little hesitant, wrapped her arm around your waist.  She did her best to hide it, but you could still tell that she was having a minor heart attack as you carefully started to put wave on your foot.  The limb felt weak and the muscles trembled a bit as you added more of your balance.  Lena was watching your face intently as you took your first step.  

“You alright?”


A little bit of pain shot through your leg, but you ignored it and took another step.  Lena continued to keep her arm around you as the two of you entered the restaurant and managed to flag down a hostess.  

“This place is quaint,” you noted as you limped towards a booth in the back.  Lena offered a small little grin and shrugged.

“Not everything I do is upscale.”

“I know.  You’re with me, remember?”

“Hush,” she helped you to sit and then sat down across from you as the rather disinterested hostess tossed a few menus onto the table.

“Someone will be with you in a minute.”

“Thanks,” you nodded and opened one of the menus.  “Do you want red or white wine?”

“Uh,” Lena grimaced for a brief moment, “should you really be drinking?  I mean…I feel like its not really good for you with, you know, what’s been going on.”

“I’m fine.  Lena, I’m not made of glass.”

“I know, I know.  I’m sorry, I just…I don’t want you making things harder on yourself.”

“I’ve always liked booze; you’ve known that.  It’s not a problem, like the pills.  I don’t need to drink—“

“Hey there!  I’m Kiersten and I’ll be your server today.  Can I start you ladies off with something to drink?”

Your waitress seemed to have popped up out of nowhere and you quickly replaced your slightly irritated expression with a pleasant one.

“We’ll have a bottle of your best merlot, please,” you ordered and pretended not to notice the disapproving look from the woman across the table.  Your waitress, having sensed the bit of tension, hurried to scribble down your request and glanced between both you and Lena,

“That’ll be right out.”

“Thank you,” you nodded at the server and then fixed your eyes on Lena, waiting for her to say something.

“You don’t really know how to listen, do you?”

“I figured you would have picked up on that by now.  Now, back to Amsterdam—“

“I hate it when you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Deflect like that.  Any time I bring up something serious, you just wave it off.”

“Oh, and I’m supposed to want to talk about ‘serious’ things while we’re out to lunch?  Fine, let’s talk about how I got kidnapped by your adoptive mother and nearly killed.  And then we can discuss how I tried not using my pain pills at first and then started snorting them to keep you from dragging me back to the hospital because of how much it hurt me to fucking move.”

“Are you really blaming me for—“

“No, Jesus, I’m not blaming you,” you interrupted before her voice could get any louder and took her hands in yours across the table.  “Lena, let’s not do this, please?  I-I don’t blame you for any of this; I know my own mistakes brought me here.  I’m sorry.”

“We can’t just pretend nothing happened to you,” Lena murmured.

“I have spent my whole life pretending nothing happened to me.  That’s how I move past the things that did.  I’m not just bottling it up and waiting to explode, alright?  I’m…I’m letting everything go except for you.”

“Promise me that you’re telling the truth—that you’re okay?”

“I promise,” you squeezed her hands and then leaned back as your server returned.  Lena thanked her quietly as she poured two glasses of wine and then set the bottle aside on the table.  

“Ready to order, ladies?”

“Yes; we’ll both have the fettuccini Alfredo with a Caesar salad to start,” Lena replied and took your menu before you could even open it.  Something about the way she always ordered for you at restaurants reminded you of what had attracted you to her in the first place; that well-earned confidence that made something in your chest stir.  A little smitten, you leaned back in the booth and fixed your gaze on her as she politely handed the waitress your menus.

“What?” she asked upon noticing.



“Nothing!  I just…you’re very, very sexy.  I almost wish we had gone straight home.”


Her foot brushed against your leg beneath the table and you bit down on the inside of your cheek.  The corners of her mouth turned up in a smirk and she arched one of her eyebrows.  It took most of your self-restraint not to drag her into the bathroom and slam her up against the wall of one of the stalls with a hand up her skirt.

“You’re killing me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You love these games, don’t you?”

“I love watching you squirm,” Lena admitted.  “The way you start playing with your hands and how your cheeks get red…it’s hot.”

You glanced down, a little sheepish at the realization that you were in fact, ringing your hands.

“So, what are you going to do to me when we get home?”

“Lena Luthor, are you trying to talk dirty in an Italian restaurant over lunch?”

“I’m wearing the red panties you like.”

“Oh God,” you pressed a hand to your forehead, “the lacy ones?”


“Jesus, Lena.”


“God, where are my keys?”

Lena paused outside the entrance to the restaurant and handed you her to-go bag as she dug through her purse.  Both of you had been rather flustered throughout the short lunch and you were more than ready to get into the privacy of the apartment.  

“Nice to see you up and about, Y/N.”

The voice coming from your right sent panic coursing through your system.  You hardly had time to turn and face Lillian before Lena screamed and a strong pair of arms grabbed you from behind.


The scream ripped through your throat just before a cloth clamped over your face and overwhelmed you with a strong scent that you recognized all too well.  The last thing you saw before the chloroform took you out was Lena collapsing to the sidewalk with her mother’s blurry figure standing over her.

Lena,” you whimpered her name one last time as things went black.

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Mirrored Shred pt. 1




“It was not easy to recover after loving the same female for half a century.”

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Halfchangeling Jim - Fighting

In addition to his skill with a sword, Jim has become adept at kick based fighting. More than once, he’s gone blade-to-blade with an opponent, and then suddenly he shoves forward, pulls away, and slams one foot into any available weak point. He also takes every opportunity to attack from above, dropping on top of the enemy and stomping on their head or shoulders before springing off and away to avoid counterattacks.

Another move he can do, one that slightly embarrasses him, he can brace himself on his tail and lash out with both feet in a devastating kick, much like a kangaroo. The kangaroo comparison is what bugs him, but the technique works, so he won’t forget it anytime soon.

His tail functions more for balance than anything else, it isn’t dexterous enough to hold things and not long enough to be used like a club. He might try to smack someone with it in a pinch, but it does little more than startle his usual sort of opponents.

(in noncombat situations, his tail movements can give away some of his emotions. A calm sway is a sign of ease, short and stiff movements convey anger, brief flicks every few seconds is a sign of interest)

Because of how thin and long his antlers are, charging and headbutting the enemy is too impractical to be used as a main attack, but he will use it on rare occasion, against foes closer to his size and as a way to stun them. (for instance, he wouldn’t even consider charging someone like Bular, but Strickler and Nomura are almost guaranteed to get antlers to the face)

This isn’t to say Jim hasn’t playfully headbutted Arrrgh once or twice, and sometimes Draal, before and/or after a sparring match.

(and once, in human form, he rammed his head into Steve’s face during a particularly frustrating day)

His antlers also have a bit of a disadvantage. His opponent may be able to grab hold of them for leverage, to yank him off balance or to pin him against a wall. Of course, with them holding him in place, his legs are free to deliver powerful kicks to any part of the enemy he can reach, but he would prefer to not be pinned at all. Once he realizes that is going to be an issue, he sets to practice twisting free of an attackers grip.

His teeth and new claws are incredibly sharp, but they aren’t very useful against creatures with stone skin. When he’s pressured and willing to fight dirty, he will gouge for eyes if he’s close enough. And if anyone is stupid enough to put a hand near his mouth he will bite without hesitation.

“She’s just a kid.”

Warnings: Blood

Pairing: N/A

Requests: “Hi there, could you please do an imagine where the reader has been a badass and nothing could phase her all through out the apocalypse and when negan takes her back to the sanctuary him and his men break her. Rick’s group, the kingdom and the hilltop defeat the saviours and the group finds her in a room similar to what Daryl was held in, she is on the floor scared and crying and they take her home. The reader is around 17 or 18. Thank you so much❤️”

Words 555

(Sorry if this is quite short and crappy. Requests are open!)

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

“Don’t worry! I’ll be fine!” You called out, stumbling over your weak footing and slamming into the truck door. Rick watched in despair as you and Daryl were dragged off, leaving his group in nothing but dust and dirt. That was the last time Rick had heard your voice in a really long time, he had no idea where you were, if you were safe or even if you were alive.

“Daryl.” Rick hugged Daryl, relieved his friend was there at the hilltop. The group adjourned into the study, standing and looking at each other. “Wheres.. Wheres (Y/N). Did you see her? Was she there?” Rick asked Daryl with urgency. Daryl looked at everyone and solemnly shook his head, “I. I never saw her.” Rick rubbed his scruff, clearly frustrated. “Maybe she got out? We all know (Y/N) can take down 5 walkers in one swing. Maybe she’s out there looking for us.” Carl questioned making everyone’s eyes look up to him, “I mean. We’ve seen her fight. We’ve seen her search and destroy. There’s no way she’s dead.” Rosita leaned on the wall behind her, “It’s true.” Everyone had seen you in action, you were so strong and gave absolutely no mercy when destroying the heads of walkers. You didn’t let anyone stop you and despite your young age you’ve have still saved all of them countless of times.  “We need to find her. She’s- She’s just a kid.”

There were fresh cuts on your arms, stomach and chest from the hitting and the cutting you’ve endured. You felt small and vulnerable and you hated it. Dwight threw your sandwich into your small cell and slammed the door shut. For the first time, since the beginning of the apocalypse you cried. You said you’d be fine, but this time you weren’t sure if you would be. The saviors broke you down into nothing but ash through torture and playing that god awful song all morning. You heard gunshots and screams and cries coming from outside your door. You crawled backward, back hitting the wall as you waited. Heavy footsteps padded towards your cell and stopped directly in front of yours. You couldn’t handle another whipping, anything would be better than a beating.

Rick grunted and slammed his shoulder into the cell door once more till the lock busted. The group, Rick, Michonne, Carl, Daryl all stood and broke the door open. There you were, hunched into a ball in the corner of the room with blood all over the floor, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. “Oh my god.” Michonne gasped, surrounding you were the pictures of the headless victims of Lucille. Part of your hair seemed to be ripped out and they could smell the metallic stench of blood from your cuts. Your eyes poked open, afraid you’d see Dwight or Negan but instead you saw the worried faces of your old family. A cry slipped from your lips as you started to sob. It had been so long, and you were so hurt. You were only still a kid. The screams of terror echoed off of the walls, ricocheting down the halls. Daryl stepped forwards from behind Rick and scooped you up into his arms. “I can’t.” You cried, Daryl shook his head and hummed deeply. “I know. You’re going to be okay.”

A face you thought you knew

An entire month had gone bye since the last fight Harley had had with Ivy.

Not wanting to see Red, nore Joker Harley had checked herself into the one place she felt she’d get the punishment she deserved and the help she needed.


Days bled into weeks and weeks became a month. It had taken Joker forever to find out where she was, mostly because he hadnt noticed she was gone for most of it.

Needless to say he was furious. Arkham was dangerous for Harley. Mostly because the threat of medication that stabilized her was a threat to the Joker. It gave unwanted presences the chance to take control.

Little more than a week in Joker’s patience had run out. He’d snapped, sick to death of his lack of control over her stability. 

Harley found herself beaten almost to death and left outside in an ally way to choke on her own blood and expire from exposure.

Everything is a blur, she can barely open one eye, but she hears foot steps.

Her voice is weak as it passes her busted lips but she manages one good cry for help, just loud enough to echo off the brick walls.

She could only hope it was one of the few residence of gotham that gave a damn.

wildandwillful  asked:

Hey there! I hope you don't mind me asking kinda 2 questions, but I need a few tips. First. I've gotten to the point where I am practically a pro at 1 foot gliding on my strong foot, but my weak foot, while I can glide just as long, always seems to start heading off in some strange direction. I'm not sure if it's just more practice I need, or if this is common? I'd love some tips. I also would love ANY tips possible for 2 foot turns. I'm in adult 3 now and still hopeless at them. Thank you!

Starting to curve in your glides means that you’re leaning on one edge or the other as you’re gliding. When this starts to happen, try to shift either your balance or your ankle pressure so that you’re on a flat, rather than an edge. 

Hera explains two foot turns in this post

The Dance can, with the aid of music, rise to the heights of poetry. On the other hand, through an excess of gymnastics it can also degenerate into buffoonery. So-called “difficult” feats can be executed by countless adepts, but the appearance of ease is achieved only by the chosen few
—  August Bournonville

Alright listen up because I had this thought and it won’t go away until I tell someone else and since im alone in my dorm y’all get to hear it

so lets talk about Hanzo, his chicken legs and lady ankles

So I remember how the Overwatch devs spoke about how Hanzo had “delicate ankles” after people mistakenly thought his boots/whatever were prosthetic replacements for his actual legs below the knee. I’m saying what if they kind of are, but it’s just not his whole lower leg?

I personally have weak ankles and a very high arch on my foot (its along the medial longitudinal arch which is the one on the inside of your foot, going from your big toe down) so I have a really tiny area on the outside of my foot trying to support all my weight, on top of crappy ankles that all in all want to make my feet turn inwards when they should be resting on the outside part.

this, essentially, is what the foot usually looks like when you show the sole. So you need a orthotic meant to support the inner part of the foot.

So how does this relate to Hanzo? I’m suggesting that Hanzo has a high arch on his foot, possibly also weak ankles, and has some kind of high tech future super support orthotics.

What’s important to remember is how often, fast and quietly Hanzo runs. My turned in and weak ankles often roll and twist when I try to run even a bit. Having the support on the bottom of my feet helps, but I would need a lot of ankle support too to be able to run normally.

Looking at his shoes/boots you can see that they offer support mostly on the toes, heel–and most importantly, arch and ankle. Plus there’s all that extra stuff in between the metal on his knees and feet, which could also be supportive in some high tech way. 

In total, these new age orthotics could be helping correct his posture, the way his feet and ankles sit and enhancing his ability to run all at the same time. 

Plus its fun to imagine tiny Hanzo picking up archery because it involves less running and he works on the movement part later when he gets help for his fucked up feet.

So I encourage you all to please support Hanzo Shimada and his delicate ankles.

ghostpillow  asked:

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Taeyeon doesn’t approve of ghost-hunting but you’d never guess it, the way she follows Blair on his spelunkings into paranormal and strange places. She’s quite intrepid to his face, but the minute his back is turned, she’s a scowling, glaring, suspicious beast of a girl. She is a bit superstitious, and it shows if you pay close enough attention. The way she tenses at small sounds, shivers with fright when something moves in the corner of her eye.

 Her baddies have always been decidedly natural, so the idea of seeking something potentially much more powerful than her simply for fun… is entirely bewildering. Still, she tags along to ensure he isn’t hurt— by supernatural means or otherwise. She has stopped him from putting his foot through a weak floorboard, stepping on a make-shift boobytrap, and from a sneaky raccoon or two. She sticks close behind him, almost like a shadow; someone they ran into commented that they thought she was a ghost herself, the way she hovered around him.

snlangford  asked:

For my main clan's (of my fanfic) doujutsu, I want to keep the Justus of it to be all electricity based. Would having something where electricity is charged into one hand, a foot, limb, or a weak charge over the entire body be too OP or too similar to the chidori? I was planning on that specific jutsu in their family to be more taijustsu based as well since it needs contact to harm the opponent.

Er, you need to sort out terminology. ‘Dōjutsu’ specifically refers to eye techniques that are exclusively kekkei genkai like the Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Byakugan.

Electricity-based techniques are classified under the Lightning nature transformation.

If you use the canon terminology to sort out your thought process it’ll make the content clearer and more in context and easier to make a decision.

As for the technique you proposed in question, no it’s not OP if you justify it correctly. A human child cannot effectively shock a powerful shinobi adult to death because a) child’s chakra is likely not enough and b) powerful shinobi adult likely can weather such an attack from a child. But a jōnin who’s planned their move carefully can potentially deliver a fatal shock to a similarly-leveled opponent who is caught off-guard.

Also, electricity does not work the way you might’ve thought it’d work, but that might just be me nitpicking your sentence structure. Still, if you were to pump say a 1V charge into a finger, that volt would travel from my fingertip to all over my body, because that’s how electricity works - it gets conducted where there’s a conduit. You can pick and chose where the volt is applied, but it would not change the end result of a whole-body shock. Thus, the only variable left is the intensity and power of the shock in question.

I’d say, with some restrictions and the execution more cleared up, the technique you described is perfectly viable.

It’s not similar to the chidori at all, don’t worry. The chidori is when a user gathers such a concentration of lightning-based chakra outside their body that the chakra becomes visible by the naked eye and gives off a loud, chirping sound.

If you make your clan have a special super affinity towards and potency of lightning-based chakra, they do not need to gather so much chakra outside themselves to the create the same effect as the chidori. and anyway, if they’re going to be taijutsu-focused, the technique should NOT take so long a time as a chidori to form.

Contact - definitely. but indirect contact too, i hope, through a conduct should also be equally devastating.

good luck!

- Ln

A Court of War and Starlight: Part 13

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It was easy to go unnoticed in the frenzy leading up to Calanmai. Almost as easy as it had been last year, when I’d been nothing but a mortal underfoot. I managed to pull Lucien away from his duties to Tamlin for a couple of hours in the morning to scout with me, under the guise of getting some fresh air and enjoying the preparations before the festivities began. It would also help keep me out of the way, I’d pointed out.

“You’re never in the way, Feyre,” Tamlin said, pressing a kiss to the top of my head. At that moment Rhysand sent me an image of a painting he’d seen in the palace of the Autumn Court, and so my smile was genuine.

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