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Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 10

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: Violence, blood, language, sexual situations, mentions of abuse, panic attacks

Word Count: 5,878

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A/N: I poured my heart and soul into this one, guys ^^ I hope it was worth the wait! PS. new banner! what do you guys think??

“First thing’s first,” Chanyeol barked gruffly as he closed the van door shut behind him. “Let’s get the two of you to Yixing to get looked at.”

The seraph’s fingers tightened around your own as they interlaced protectively. During the long ride back, upon prompting, she had told you her name: Eva. Of course, this wasn’t her real name, or rather, the name given to her within the walls of Seraphim. With so many other leering eyes and open ears close by, you expected as much. A seraph’s true name was not only the root of their ethereal identity, but also a symbol of their divine virtue and character.”

For a seraph, allowing someone to know your true name was in essence giving them your undying loyalty, your highest form of adoration. Your life.

Eva’s hand trembled within the grasp of your own. You gently pushed her behind your back, effectively shielding her behind your wings. You stared up at Chanyeol, anxiety glistening behind your eyes.

Chanyeol took in a deep breath, “Don’t worry, he’s only going to tend to your wounds.”

He released it as he turned around, beginning to walk away from the two of you whilst muttering something under his breath. Something that sounded curiously like…

“There’s been enough violence at my hand today.”

You shivered. You didn’t know whether or not Chanyeol meant for you to hear those words or not, but you couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy for the beaten-down vampire as he stalked off across the warehouse.

Kyungsoo rounded the vehicle, causing Eva to wince as he approached you. He halted in his tracks, and his breath hitched. As he took one step closer, you reciprocated by keeping a protective arm around Eva’s waist behind you, taking a step of equal length back.

Kyungsoo froze, the sadness that was evident in his eyes betraying his emotionless expression. “I am to escort you to the medical ward.”

Eva cowered further behind you as soon as he began to speak. You turned around and rubbed your hands up and down her arms reassuringly.

“It’s okay, Eva, these people are okay. They won’t hurt you anymore, alright? I won’t let them hurt you.” After she gave you a curt nod, you smiled. “We’re just going to go see Yixing, and he’s going to patch you up a little bit, okay?”

You turned back around to face Kyungsoo, forcing yourself to muster a confident expression. Eva’s hand reconnected itself with yours, and you sent Kyungsoo a sharp nod to indicate that you were ready.

Kyungsoo’s lip twitched, and you could’ve sworn you saw the remnant of an apologetic look in his eyes.

“If you would, then.” He straightened himself before extending his arm in the direction of the nearest doorway. “Follow me.”

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At Last (part 3)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Eventually) Avengers x Reader

Word Count: 1,300

Warnings for this Chapter: Angst, Blood, Hospital-like setting

Summary: Reader has been captured and experimented on by HYDRA, until the Avengers come to her rescue

Part 1, Part 2

Buckys POV


Steve knows her?

I have a thousand questions bubbling up in my throat, but none seem to be coming out. So I busy myself with putting away my gear.

I hear her walk to the back of the jet, behind the curtain that we put up because Nat insisted that a Lady should have her privacy.  

I swivel to Steve, “you know her?” I hissed. Sounding harsher than I meant.  Steve still looks dazed.  

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Dear Nurse

Today, was the worst day of my life.

I remember being trapped in the backseat of my parent’s car, the sounds of sirens, my sister screaming next to me, my father silent in the front seat, and someone in the distance yelling for help to get us the hell out of this wreckage. 

I remember being wheeled into the emergency room, it is the very same one I was  just accepted into as a student extern, (nursing student senior) - and today, I am a patient. My body hurts all over, I have cuts, swelling, my head is pounding, and I can’t see where my family is, and I am crying, but I look up to see you, my nurse; you’re not smiling, but I can see you’re very focused, and you are telling me you will care for me today. You’re telling me you will find out what happened to my family, and you are explaining what’s happening and how you will take care of my pain, take care of me. I can see you care about what you do. 

I remember being whizzed off to MRI, a cold and frightening environment, with loud banging sounds. I am scared, and I suddenly hear my nurse’s voice, I hear you telling me you haven’t left me here, and you are talking me through it. When it’s over, you wrap me in a warm blanket and it was probably something you do for all your patients, but I am so appreciative. 

I remember being stuck on a tiny stretcher, the most God-awful uncomfortable stretcher on the planet, a screaming kid next to me, a family arguing on the other side, and I started crying. I had no idea what had happened to my own family, and I was scared beyond belief. Then you peeked around the curtain. I looked over your shoulder, I could see you were so very busy, crowds of people in the hallways, stretchers lined up in every space, mayhem. Yet, you sat on my tiny squeaky stretcher, you touched my hand and told me that my sister was in surgery, but you would keep me updated when you heard anything. 

I remember the moment the doctor stood over the foot of my stretcher and told me quietly my father had died, and my sister had come through the surgery but would likely lose sensation in her lower legs. I remember the tears falling, and words of protest that wouldn’t come. I remember the most intractable pain in my head, and now my heart, that threatened to explode..

…and I remember you, my nurse, who sat with me silently. You didn’t ofter any false platitudes. My world was shattered. You didn’t tell me everything was going to be ok, for clearly it wasn’t. You didn’t speak. I am grateful for that. I watched as you finished out your end of shift report, and came back to my curtain area - and you just sat behind that darkened space with me quietly while I cried. You sat with me until my sister was cleared to be seen in recovery, and you wheeled me up to see her, en route to my room. 

I remember the most horrific day of my life, the pain, the agony of loss, the anger at the drunk driver who tore my family apart - but I also remember the compassion of you, my nurse, when I felt all alone in this world.

I chose to do my student externship in nursing, as I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my father, who was a trauma nurse - but that day, my choice to be a nurse was solidified by the calm I saw in your face in the midst of all the emergency room chaos, the capacity to juggle multiple patients and still make me feel like I was important, I will remember your empathy, and patience - even though you clearly saw this sort of thing every damn day. 

Dear nurse, I don’t remember your name, but you are the nurse I hope one day I will become.