foot stretcher

Does anyone have any strong opinions about different brands of foot stretchers? I want to buy one because my feet are really bad but I don’t know how to even tell what makes one good.. The ballet footstretch one was recommended before but it’s also quite expensive. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about them!

Foot stretcher came in today so excited to use it. Ignore the ugly ass bruise on my leg got into a fight with a mini trampoline Wednesday and probably pulled something in my hip so yeah.

02.04.16 Evening

During dance I had half a mason jar of home-made green juice, six grapes, and a couple more peanuts/raisins. For dinner I ate five pieces of melon, two strawberries, and more celery and broccoli. I cheated… admittedly, day one. I had some chocolate frosting.

I did 30 minutes cardio on a stationary bicycle, level 8 resistance and then took a 1 hour cardio class. At home I stretched each foot for 20 minutes with the heel pad with the Ballet Foot Stretcher.