foot stompin

“Deadbolt” - It’s funny how this song has become such a staple and fan favorite (I hate that term…is there a better one?). I remember coming up with the main riff noodling around in my room on an acoustic. I started playing a little hokey number and it took shape as the main riff. I found it kinda funny - I was imagining a foot stompin’ country hoedown with that riff on a banjo. I’m not sure when it occurred to me that it could be played on electric guitar and could potentially be a heavy-ish riff, but it did and here we are now. I have to admit I resented playing the song for a period of time–I don’t think I ever really took it that seriously–but I really enjoy it now. I’ve gotten past the “it’s not artistic and cool and interesting” part and can enjoy it for what it is - a fun little rockin’ jam that translates really well on stage :)