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SNAPCHAT ADVENTURES 🔥🔥🔥 there was going to be other stuff to go w this image but I couldn’t find the energy to do it ATM (perhaps I will add on later!)

fluff hc

this is me just thinking about these two dorks who are so cute this is just cute fluff that made me smile :) enjoy

  • after neil and andrew get together they are the unofficial official cute couple
  • unintentionally though
  • neil is just v pretty on his own
  • and andrew (lets face it) is probably pretty when he’s not glaring
  • so when they start to get comfortable being around each other around the other foxes
  • oh boy 

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Dear Thugs in Corona,

What is with your names?! Seriously! Can’t you think of anything better to call yourself then something glaringly specific about your appearance? Hook Hand, Hook Foot, Shorty, and now Sideburns and Patchy?!

Give me Vladimir, Tor, Ulf, Gunther, Attila… at least those are names and not just picking a feature!

(And do tell, what did Pocket name himself after?)


Trailer for AS YOU LIKE IT - Coming spring 2017!

Hello! It’s been a while! Foot in the Door Theatre are proud to present a new mini series of AS YOU LIKE IT, bringing a few selected scenes from Shakespeare’s play, filmed last summer with the cast from our 2015 production. The first episode is coming out tomorrow, and we’ll be releasing a new episode every few days, so subscribe to the FITD Channel to get the videos straight into your subscription box! 

Why you should be watching Versailles:

Not for sweaty sexing, opulent sets or gorgeous costumes; not for court intrigue which somehow manages to be fast-paced, spy networks or plot upon plot upon plot; no, you should watch Versailles because of the dynamic between the main women in Louis life: his queen, Maria Theresa, and his mistresses, Henriette of England, Madame de Montespan, and Mademoiselle de la Vallière.

I’ve never seen a love triangle played out with such a lack of jealousy, let alone a love hexagon. Maria Theresa orders a chair for Louise de la Vallière because she’s pregnant and apologises for calling her a whore. Athénaïs de Montespan assists Louise with leaving court by interceding with the king, rushing directly to Henriette’s side when she is unwell. Maria Theresa and Henriette often take the same position behind Louis without complaint, and it’s Maria Theresa who holds Henriette in her arms when she collapses in the royal bedchamber.

Throughout the show’s first series, these women are shown in groups together, playing cards, talking, praying for one another and strategising. There’s a real and refreshing lack of one-upmanship - when they are out of favour with Louis, they blame themselves, not each other. Though they would prefer to be first in the King’s affections, no lady tries to undermine the power of another.


Special mention: Anna Brewster is unbelievably good as de Montespan, who is sharp without being bitchy, conniving without being treacherous, and who finds a way to be vulnerable and sympathetic while brandishing the smoothest facial surface you’ll find this side of an ironing board. She is an absolute treat (as, to be honest, are all the other women in this show).

feels like home

bughead fanfiction - pointless domesticity- oneshot - future fic


“Feels like home
I should have known
From my first breath”
—Depeche Mode, Home


It’s been a long day of book signings and Jughead is more than relieved to make it back to his hotel room, plopping face first into the decorative floral pillows with a groan as his agent follows behind him, lingering by the door with his eyes glued to the phone in his grip. 

“We had a great turn out today. We increased our revenue by nearly—”

“Barry, your talking is interfering with my attempts to ignore you." 

There’s a sigh before the clicks of Barry’s phone continue to echo through the room. "Just be packed and ready for tomorrow morning. Our flight for Indianapolis takes off at five, so we need to be at the airport by three, which means—”

“Which means I’ll sleep on the plane.” Jughead interrupts again, rolling onto his back and lacing his hands behind his head. “You worry too much, Bar.”

“Mr. Jones—“


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Foot over Hill: a series of images inspired in Pyrenean witchcraft introducing the Occvlta heather broomstick, crafted with the utmost reverence to the Craft.

This broomstick is only available through custom order and will not be listed in the shop. For more info, contact us at

Photos by Hck Thrn and Semproniana.

I mostly only know Jodie Whittaker for Broadchurch and I really liked she did with series three. She ticks all the boxes I want from any Doctor male or female. I enjoy seeing her on my TV, she seems to have the right vibe for it, and I have no problems visualizing her stepping out of the TARDIS.

I’m all on board for this. I hope Chibnall puts his best writing foot forward for series eleven.