foot patrols

if you’re interested in seeing what private police in the gate looks like do some research about the private security industry in south africa it’s a lot like that, except the police aren’t underfunded and incompetent, they’re non existent. they install alarms, they act as armed first response, guard commercial premises and often even have their own foot patrols in neighbourhoods that can afford it.

We have to break up... (Raphael)


   It was an unfortunate circumstance, but it was simply inevitable. College was pricey in New York and takes a long time to complete, especially for what you wanted to go for. But there was a small glimmer of hope; there was a community college in your home town that cut the completion time in half and was still accredited.
   There was just one problem: your hometown was six states away.

   This unfortunately made the possibility of a long distance relationship an impossible option. Although you would be living with family, you felt like you had an obligation to contribute to the household and would be working during your summer and holiday breaks; and of course the turtles couldn’t just hop on a plane to see you either, especially with your college being so far away. There wouldn’t even be anytime for the two of you to communicate online either; there was the time zone difference to worry about, plus the turtle’s patrols were always irregular and hard to schedule around, especially if they happened to run into a Foot patrol. Then there was the possibility of enemies finding out where you were. If they were to hack into one of your e-mails and find out where you were currently living, there would be no way the turtles could come save you. You would be putting yourself and your family in danger. There was no other option…

   You had to break up.


   As soon as you broke the news, Raphael immediately started to come up with ideas and plans on how you could make it work. You knew he would but you were ready for it. Every suggestion he made you had already asked yourself; none of it would work.

   “College kids get breaks don’t they?” He asked. “Why can’t ya just come back and visit?”

   You couldn’t help but sigh. Every question made your heart clench a little tighter. “I have to work during the summer and my family will want to spend time together during the holidays.”

   There was a low grumble emanating from his throat and he shifted his weight. “Okay but, there’s the internet. Or I could call right?”

   This one would be the hardest to explain to him. It would be easy, using face-time or even texting. But there was just one glaring problem with it.

   “Raph, what if the Foot trace the call?” The moment you mentioned the enemy clan he frowned. “Or what if they hack my email? If they find out where I’m at, you can’t help me. I’d be putting you and my family in danger.” It was the one thing you couldn’t allow. If the Foot got your family, you weren’t sure if you could keep the turtle’s secret. As much as you loved Raphael and his family, you loved your family too and would do anything to save them. You would hate yourself if you ever parted with sensitive information about him to the enemy, regardless of the reason.

   “Hey, c'mon. You know I’ll protect you,” He tried to smile and bumped your arm with his elbow.

   “Six states away though Raph?” The reminder of just how far you would be made the smile disappear from his face. He seemed to shrink away from you and his eyes hardened.

   “Yeah…yeah, you’re right.” He mumbled. The giant mutant turtle stood and began to pace back and forth.

   It was clear as day that he was upset about this. Anytime he started to pace it meant he was starting to bottle things up. Usually all he would need to do is beat something, or someone, up and then he would be ready to talk more about it; but this was a completely different situation. Who knows when he would want to talk about it again, if ever. Originally you wanted to keep the relationship going until the day you had to leave, but with how upset he was that may not be the best choice. You could feel your heart squeeze from the idea of ending it now, but if it was what he needed you would respect that. After all, you were the one leaving.

   “Raph?” You could see his eyes dart in your direction but he kept pacing without a word. You shifted in your seat, trying to figure out a good way to say it; but really, there wasn’t a good way. “Do you…just want to end it now?”

   “What?” That made him stop in place. His jaw was tense, clearly in an attempt to keep some unsavory words in his mouth, along with the rest of his body. It was his bright green eyes that showed the hurt.

   Just looking at them made you feel guilty for the suggestion but this had to be done. “I mean, if it’ll be easier for you I’ll understand,” you paused for a second so you could collect yourself. “Or uh, if you want…we can just hang out? Until it’s time?” You tried to blink away the tears, not wanting him to make a decision based on guilt.

   For a long time he just stood there, his muscles slowly relaxing as he weighed the options. He looked around the room, trying to avoid your stare as much as possible. What was only a minute felt like hours until he finally spoke. “Yeah. Sure,” His head began to nod until he finally looked at you. “We can still hang out.”

   You couldn’t help but smile at the answer. Without knowing it, your arms were around his neck as you hugged him tightly. The familiar feeling of large arms enveloping your body surrounded you as he returned the hug. You closed your eyes and pressed your cheek against his.

   “Thanks Raph,” you whispered before planting a kiss on his cheek. He squeezed tighter at the kiss and it pained you to pull away; but you still had a lot of work to do back home. You kept your hands on his massive forearms and smiled. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

   There was a weak smile on his face, but a smile nonetheless, “Yeah. Sure.”

   “Alright! I’ll see ya then,” You patted his arms before leaving quickly; the sooner you got out of there, the less time he had to rethink his decision.

   The moment you were out of sight, Raphael let out a loud sigh. His hand ran over his bandanna as he walked over to the main room of the lair. He could hear Michelangelo following him and braced himself for the onslaught of questions his little brother would no doubt berate him with.

   “Well that looked tense,” Michelangelo grinned.

   Raphael tried to ignore him at first, hoping the the orange-clad mutant would read the air even if it was a long shot. He sized up one of the punching bags, tapping it lightly with his two knuckles before starting his warm-up. There were so many knots in his stomach, his blood felt like it was on fire, and every fiber of his being felt like it was shaking.

   You wanted to break up. Pow! He never thought it was something that could happen. Pow! Pow! Break-ups were for troubled relationships, not yours. Wham! Po-Pow! You two had something good going on. Pow-wow! Why was it even an option? Po-POW!

   “Sooo good talk? Bad talk?” Michelangelo piped in from his seat. He had a can of soda in his hands, taking small sips in between each of Raphael’s punches.

   “She’s moving away,” Raphael grunted as he continued to hit the punching bag.

   “Oooh, okay. Where?” He kept pressing on in genuine curiosity.

   “Colorado.” Wham! Pow!

   Michelangelo frowned behind the tin can. “Oh. Well, I mean she won’t be gone long right? It’s only like, two or three months.”

   “Try years,” The word came out as a hiss. His fist collided with the bag hard enough to push it backward.

   He could hear his little brother cringe. “Oooh…that’s a long time. She leaving tonight?”

   “No,” he growled. It was amazing how the little brother’s naivete could annoy him so much. “We’re gonna hang out her last month here.”

   “Aww, that’ll be nice,” Michelangelo smiled. He was quiet for only a second before speaking up again. “Man you guys are probably gonna have the best time ever. Then she’ll be gone for three weeks?”

   “Years, Mikey,” The larger mutant turned quickly and smacked the soda can out of his three-fingered hand. “She’s gonna be gone for three years!”

   His big blue eyes widened in surprise and he held his hands up in defense. “Alright! Years! Geez!” He huffed and lowered his hands before speaking once more. “Man…that’s gonna be rough,” he looked down at the floor, almost thoughtful for a second; but it was short lived. He looked up at Raphael with a smile and stood. “You guys can handle it though!” He patted his older brother’s shoulder encouragingly before leaving.

   Raphael stood alone in the room. You would be gone for three years. No visits, no calls, no e-mails, no texts. The loneliness he felt now wasn’t going to go away. His jaw clenched, his throat tightened, and his eyes began to burn. With one loud yell, he kicked the punching bag across the room and stormed out of the lair to be by himself.

   The next day Raphael stared at the phone-like device Donnie had made for all of them. On the screen was a text message from you that had been sent an hour ago. You had asked if he would like to watch a movie at your place; you had even offered to let the red-clad turtle pick out the film. But he had a lot of thoughts swimming in his mind.

   All day Raphael’s head was tumbling over what Michelangelo had said yesterday. Three years was a long time. There was no way you would ever come back after college. Why would you? Three years was plenty of time to forget about him and the horrors that lived in New York’s shadow.

   But would it be plenty of time for him to get over you? To get over your smile? Your laugh?To forget the feel of your skin? Or even how small your hands felt inside of his?

   If he spent any more time with you, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to let you go when it was time. Maybe the two of you should’ve ended it last night. Then it might give him more time to get over you. However, despite his courage in the arena, he lacked any when it came to sharing his feelings with you. And the last thing he wanted to do right now was upset you. With a heavy sigh he decided to go for the next best thing.

   “Sorry, can’t tonight. Leo sprung a surprise patrol on us.”

   He hit the send button and tossed the device aside, not planning on answering it for the rest of the night. He figured if he could at least avoid you, then he could at least upsetting you with the truth. And for the next couple of weeks, that’s exactly what he did. With each passing day, and with each half-assed lie, you started asking less and less.

   One night after realizing it was almost midnight and you still hadn’t messaged him, Raphael figured you had given up. It was bittersweet for him; on the one hand, you had started to forget about him. On the other hand, he was now alone with his thoughts and on possible ways he could try to get over you.

   As he began to sulk back to his room he heard a pair of light footsteps moving quickly towards him. His brow furrowed and he turned around quickly, surprised to see you power walking up to him. The tall turtle gulped nervously, never before seeing such fury burning in your eyes.

   You stopped right in front of the moody ninja turtle and glared up at him. Your hands were on your hips angrily; your knuckles turning white as they squeeze at your flesh.

   “Alright Raphael,” you snapped at him. “We’re going to do one of two things. We are either going to hang out or you are going to admit that you lied to me!”

   Raph furrowed his brows and his shoulders tensed. He knew he was guilty, but he felt like he had to defend himself. “I don’t have nuthin to admit, so I guess we’re hanging out!” He huffed and shrugged. “So, whadd'ya wanna do? Train in the dojo? Watch a movie? Apply for a school that’s states away? Oh wait– Ya already did that, so we can check that off the list of fun ideas!” He made an invisible hand gesture of the motion.

   You gawked at him, still completely shocked at how he was acting. You knew he was upset after the second time he declined to hang out, but you didn’t think he would act like this! “Oh, I’m sorry. That was my best option so that way I can have a decent paying job because I have bills to pay! Unlike you, I have human responsibilities to take care of!”

   He growled a little, not having a logical response to counter that statement. He chewed on the inside of his cheek, and huffed again. He wanted to say something along the lines of how he could take care of you, and provide you with everything you needed but he knew it would never be true. You were raised in the light of this world, unlike him, who was born in the shadows. You needed the sunlight, fresh air, human contact. His fingers clenched into fist and started to shake. He soon let out a loud yell, and then kicked the nearest object to him, a crate of junk that burst when making contact with the wall.

   "Fuck!“ He cursed.

   You jumped at the sound of his foot colliding with the trash can and heard a familiar voice behind you.

   "Oooh, Raph is piiissed…” Michelangelo cooed. It was then that you and Raphael noticed the audience that had gathered.

   Your cheeks burned a little in embarrassment but your eyes never left Raphael. Donatello smacked the younger turtle upside the head before shushing him. You cleared your throat and held your head up high. Just because Raphael might throw a tantrum did not mean you had to.

   "Look, I asked you if you wanted to end this sooner. Why couldn’t you have just said so in the first place instead of stringing me along?“ You couldn’t help but end the sentence in a hiss. It had hurt, knowing he had lied to you this whole time. You understood why, but it did not make the situation easier.

   At this point, Raphael wasn’t able to look at you. He knew what he wanted to say, what he needed to say, but his throat would choke him every time he went to speak. He grumbled and tried clearing his throat. "I..I thought it would be okay. ” He shook his head. “But it’s not… Not even in the fucking slightest. Just-” He paused for a moment. “Why couldn’t you have picked something closer? It feels like you didn’t even try! Like from the beginning, I was the only one fighting for this!” Not thinking logically, his heart clearly had control of the reins now.

   Your heart clenched at the accusation and tears welled up in your eyes. “That place was my last choice!” You stomped your foot on the hard floor and you lost all composure. “Everywhere else would either have me in debt for the rest of my life or barely able to afford rent while going!”

   You paused and stared at him, your heart heavy with sadness and anger. How could he not understand this is just as hard for you as it was for him? How could he even think you would do this if you had another choice?

   "You really think I wanted this? Seriously? You think I picked this place just so I could get away from you?“

   Raph crossed his arms and stared at his two giant toes. "Well…yeah. It kind of feels that way! I mean, I am a giant mutant turtle, with one hell'uva ugly mug for a face!” He pointed at himself, his eyes still focused on the ground. “All I’ve ever heard of about college is how it’s supposed to be the best years of your life! Where you have the most fun, and find out who you are. And you’re going to be doing all that without me! You’re gonna move on, and be happy. While I’m stuck down here in this shit-hole!” He jabbed a finger at you, his lips curled back into a snarl.

   Leo watched from a distance with his other brothers, shaking his head in disappointment. His hand covered his mouth in order to stop himself from saying anything. On one hand, he understood his brother’s frustration; on the other, Raphael was just making himself the victim. Lashing out at the one and only being that had shared a connection with him on a totally different level than anyone before.

   He knew Raphael was going to regret this, but there was nothing he could do to stop him now.

   You just stared at him with teary eyes and a quivering chin. Your entire body shook with anger and grief. He had a point; you were going to experience a large chunk of your life without him. It hurt, knowing you wouldn’t have him to talk to at two in the morning when you couldn’t sleep, or feel safe walking alone at night knowing he would be there to help you. You wanted him to be there, more than anything, but it just wouldn’t work. There was just no way any of it could work.

   "You’re right. I am going to experience things,“ you said as your shoulder slumped in defeat. "And I’m sorry I can’t bring you with me or share them with you. But…but Raph I have a life up there!” The truth hurt you and you knew it hurt him just as much. You could feel the three other pairs of eyes on you as you continued. “There are I things I have to make sure I do and damn it. I can’t…I can’t screw myself over for the rest of my life because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings!” The tears flowed down your cheeks as you sobbed. “I love you and I care about you. But I need your support in this one thing!”

   Raph looked down again, not speaking for a long while. When he finally looked back up at you, he was teary eyed but his expression was stern. “ I can’t be with you on this…” He stated and walked off to his room in the lair.

   Your final day in New York was finally here. The truck was parked on the street, already almost completely full of your things. Raphael did not come to you the night before despite your invitation. It did not surprise you though, especially since he had not spoken a word to you after your fight. Your heart was heavy with disappointment and sadness; you really were hoping he would at least say ‘good-bye’ before you left, but even that was too much to hope for apparently.

   You stood in your now empty room with your messenger bag clinging to your shoulders. There was no doubt you would miss the place and you hoped you could move back to New York one day. Maybe then Raphael would want to speak to you again.

   Originally you were going to leave through the door like a normal person but some sort of sixth sense tugged at your gut. You wanted to go down the fire escape one last time; after all, you had climbed down that rickety old thing before when you would sneak out to go see the turtles. Going down one more time would not hurt anybody. You adjusted the strap of your and climbed down the old metal stairs and into the alley below.

   It never seemed to matter what time of day it was but the alley always seemed to be very dark. As you stepped forward your eyes snapped down to the manhole cover in the ground and a flood of fond memories overwhelmed you. Your throat tightened and you sniffled a bit, but you kept moving forward. As you passed the round slab, you noticed it was not quite back in place. You stopped dead in your tracks and turned around quickly, catching a glimpse of a familiar red bandanna disappearing behind a corner.

   Immediately your heart pounded quickly and a smile spread across your face. You ran up to the corner and jumped in front of the retreating turtle, blocking his path.

   You both stared at each other, neither daring to speak first. Your happiness was overwhelming; you could not believe you actually got to see him one more time. Unable to contain yourself, you jumped up and hugged him tightly. Tears ran down your cheeks like a small stream trickling through a forest as you embraced him. You tried to appreciate everything your felt, smelled, and heard from him; this may be the last time you ever see him again and you would need to rely on your precious memories.

   Raphael returned the hug but did not embrace you nearly as tight. He was afraid if he held on too hard or too long that he would take you back down to the lair. It was hard enough coming up here, he did not want to make it harder to watch you go.

   You finally pulled away and tried to give him a kiss but he pushed you gently back. He did not need to say a word to you, but you could see the pained pleading look on his face. A part of you wanted to ignore his silent request and kiss him anyway, but knowing it would just hurt him more kept your feet at bay. Instead you simply stared at him through the tears, taking in every detail in his clothing and skin.

   “I love you,” You whispered loud enough for him to hear. You could see his chest and shoulders raise slightly as he inhaled. Your feet stayed planted as you waited for a response from him, but the sai-wielding turtle did not utter a sound.

   Very slowly you began a frown as he just kept staring at you. You knew he had things to say and you wanted to hear them. You didn’t care if they were insults or even pleads for you to stay, you just wanted to hear the sound of his voice one more time before–

   Beep beeeeep!

   The honking of the truck’s horn snapped you out of your train of thought. You looked down the alley and then back at Raphael. You felt your jaw clench and your lips press together in a thin line, trying your hardest not to sob.

   “Well…Bye, Raphael.” You mumbled, lifting your hand in a weak attempt to wave. You walked past him, not daring to look at him again, and stopped at the end of the alleyway. The morning sun hit your face and you took a deep breath in. You were about to take the next step to your new life.

   Your life without Raphael.

   The sound of your shoe stepping on pavement had never been so loud to him before. You seemed to move faster than he expected and your form quickly disappeared behind the building. He waited until he heard the truck start up and pull away. It was not until he could not hear the large vehicle anymore did it suddenly dawn on him.

   You were gone. You really were gone. Ever since the fight he had with you the temperamental turtle had thought this was all one big nightmare. He kept waiting to wake up, but nothing happened. Doubt began to fill his belly and his heart raced at the realization of what he had and had not done.

   He wanted a re-do. He wanted to go back in time and accept all of your invitations to hang out; he wanted to hug you again, to not push you away when you wanted to kiss.

   He wanted to tell you he loved you.

   Grief and rage overtook every fiber of his being. He slipped back into the sewers and spent the remainder of the day demolishing every training dummy they had in the lair.

IRAQ. Nineveh governorate. Tal Afar. January 18, 2005. Samar Hassan, 5, screams after her parents were killed by U.S. soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division. The troops fired on the Hassan family car when it unwittingly approached them during a dusk patrol. Parents Camilla and Hussein Hassan were killed instantly, and a son Raccan, 11, was seriously wounded in the abdomen. Racan, paralysed form the waist down, was latter treated in the U.S.

Chris Hondros was with an army unit when its soldiers killed the parents of this blood-spattered girl at a checkpoint, and his photo was published around the world. Mr. Hondros was kicked out of the unit, though he soon became embedded with a unit in another city.

The following is an excerpt written by Chris Hondros about his photograph. The writing was pulled from his laptop recovered after he was killed on assignment in Libya. 

“At six in Tal Afar, it isn’t yet quite dark. A gloom hung over the roads and alleys with just a little dark blue light from the sky. No one was out. As we made our way up a broad boulevard, in the distance I could see a car making its way toward us. With all the relentless car bombings in Iraq, groups of soldiers are understandably nervous about any cars that approach them, and they do not allow private cars to breech the perimeter of their foot patrols, particularly at night. 

"We have a car coming,“ someone called out, as we entered an intersection. We could see the car about a 100 meters down but I doubt if it could see us—it would be hard to see this group of darkly camouflaged men in the gloom. That already gave me a bad feeling about what might conspire, so I moved over to the side of the road, out of anyone’s line of fire. The car continued coming; I couldn’t see it anymore from my perch but could hear its engine now, a high whine that sounded more like acceleration than slowing down. It was maybe 50 yards away now. “Stop that car!” someone shouted out, seemingly simultaneously with someone firing what sounded like warning shots—a staccato measured burst. The car continued coming. And then perhaps less than a second later a cacophony of fire, shots rattling off in a chaotic overlapping din. The car entered the intersection on its momentum and still shots were penetrating it and slicing it. Finally the shooting stopped, the car drifted listlessly, clearly no longer being steered, and came to a rest on a curb. I stared at it in shocked silence. Soldiers began to approach it warily. The sound of children crying came from the car, and my worst fears were instantly realized. I walked up to the car and a teenaged girl with her head covered emerged from the back, wailing and gesturing wildly. After her came a boy, tumbling onto the ground from the seat, already leaving a pool of blood. “Civilians!” someone shouted, along with a stream of epithets, and soldiers ran up. More children—it ended up being six all told—started emerging, crying, their faces mottled with blood in long streaks. The troops carried them all off to a nearby sidewalk. It was by now almost completely dark. There, working only by lights mounted on ends of their rifles, an Army medic began assessing the children’s injuries, running his hands up and down their bodies like he was frisking them, looking for wounds. Incredibly, the only injuries were a girl with a cut hand and a boy with a superficial gash in the small of his back that was bleeding heavily but wasn’t life-threatening. The medic immediately began to bind it, while the boy crouched against a wall, his face showing more fear than pain. From the sidewalk I could see into the bullet-mottled windshield more clearly, and even my hardened nerves gave a start—the driver of the car, a man, was penetrated by so many bullets that his skull had collapsed, leaving his body grotesquely disfigured. A woman also lay dead in the front, still covered in her Muslim clothing and harder to see. Body bags were found and soldiers grimly set about placing the two bodies in them. 
 Meanwhile, the children continued to wail and scream, huddled against a wall, sandwiched between soldiers either binding their wounds or trying to comfort them. The Army’s translator later told me that this was a Turkoman family and that the teenage girl kept shouting, “Why did they shoot us? We have no weapons! We were just going home!“
 There was a small delay in getting the armored vehicles lined up and ready, and soon the convoy moved to the main Tal Afar hospital. It was fairly large and surprisingly well outfitted, with sober-looking doctors in white coats ambling about its sea-green halls. The young children were carried in by soldiers and by their teenaged sister. Only the boy with the gash on his back needed any further medical attention, and the Army medic and an Iraqi doctor quickly chatted over his prognosis. “Oh, this will be okay,” the Iraqi doctor said in broken English, roughly pulling the skin on the edge of the wound, causing the boy to howl. “We will take care of him fine.” The unit’s captain, Thomas Siebold, was adamant that the children be kept in a waiting room when the body bags, which were waiting outside on gurneys, were brought through the doors to be taken to the morgue. “They’ve seen enough,” he said. “I don’t want them seeing any more tonight.” I thought of Seibold’s office where I’d met up with him earlier, and the picture of his smiling 5-year-old daughter filling the entire desktop of his computer at his desk.”

Photograph: Chris Hondros/Getty Images


One Thousand and One Villages

Follow-up to my post One Thousand Villages, separated out so Tumblr won’t harm my precious, precious PNGs, so let’s tag some people from the last one. @wirehead-wannabe @mailadreapta @bambamramfan Let’s also tag @xhxhxhx in case he finds it interesting or discovers some glaring flaw or something.

We’ll borrow Mailadreapta’s word here and refer to the new model as a Quad - it’s a 500m x 500m area as part of a larger 1km x 1km pattern.  I decided to revisit the subject and get a better sense of the scale and proportions, and in doing so, I realized that 1km x 1km is just too big for a single unit (and also too big to start with as an experiment if someone were to attempt this).  We’ll call the collection of four quads a Klick.

In the above images, green is residential, blue is mixed-use/commercial, yellow is light industrial, white is civic buildings, and orange is public transit.

Noting some feedback from @mailadreapta

I think the biggest problem is employment: there’s just no way you can ensure that everyone works in their own quad, so most people will still need to leave in order to work. I assume that a high-speed thoroughfare lie along the boundaries of the square (with transit) to accommodate this.

For a similar reason, I would put the commercial and civic buildings (except for the school) among the edge: these are these are places that will be visited often by people from other villages, so keep them away from the residential center.

This is, in fact, roughly the plan.  Although I did have the civic center in the middle last time.

Now then, now that that’s out of the way, let’s do some uncredentialed urban planning!

EDIT: Got a couple of numbers wrong.  That’s what I get for being so desperate to post this at 5AM in the morning.

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All the batkids hate to skip patrol when injured, but Cass is the worst. At one point she breaks her foot (not on patrol, mind you. It was an ill fated attempt at skateboarding) and has to miss a month of crimefighting. It takes a team-effort of the entire family to keep her from going insane with boredom. They're mostly successful at keeping her on the sidelines, although she still somehow manages to take out eleven criminals while on crutches and in civvies.


“Vincent” Day 11. With Thumper on duty as Scrap Catcher (also Lizard Patrol and Foot Warmer), I glued down several of the pieces of the face and filled in a good section of the sky.

I had to pick up three of my quilts from the quilt shop in Palatka (from last weekend’s Quilts By the River show), so I also picked up a few fabrics to add to my sky. Came home from taking the family to dinner to find my Misty Fuse had been delivered, so my upcoming weekend is booked!

We have to break up... (Leonardo)


   It was an unfortunate circumstance, but it was simply inevitable. College was pricey in New York and takes a long time to complete, especially for what you wanted to go for. But there was a small glimmer of hope; there was a community college in your home town that cut the completion time in half and was still accredited. 

   There was just one problem: your hometown was six states away.

   This unfortunately made the possibility of a long distance relationship an impossible option. Although you would be living with family, you felt like you had an obligation to contribute to the household and would be working during your summer and holiday breaks; and of course the turtles couldn’t just hop on a plane to see you either, especially with your college being so far away. There wouldn’t even be anytime for the two of you to communicate online either; there was the time zone difference to worry about, plus the turtle’s patrols were always irregular and hard to schedule around, especially if they happened to run into a Foot patrol. Then there was the possibility of enemies finding out where you were. If they were to hack into one of your e-mails and find out where you were currently living, there would be no way the turtles could come save you. You would be putting yourself and your family in danger. There was no other option…

   You had to break up.


   “There’s just no way it could work out,” you mumbled after the two of you had weighed the options.

   Leo sat there with a thoughtful look. His hands were pressed against his mouth and his eyes darted about the room, his mind clearly busy.
   He knew this was your passion. Anytime you worked on it during your down time he would try to watch, completely fascinated by the craft and proud of how hard you worked on it. It was clear you would put your heart and soul into every project you started, which was what he admired about you. If you were to somehow lose that spark or even grow to resent him if he convinced you to stay, then he could never forgive himself. It was one of the hardest decisions he had to make, but as a leader he did not have the luxury of being selfish. He refused to be the one to hold you back.
  “If this is what you really want,” Leo finally spoke. His voice was slow and serious, as if he was still trying to convince himself this was a good idea.

   You frowned, thinking he had more to say. “Leo, are you okay?” Your fingers grazed the textured skin of his arm. His head nodded, his eyes focused on the wall across the room. He couldn’t risk looking at you yet in fear that the wrong words would leap from his mouth.

   “Yeah.” It was almost a whisper. He turned to look at you with a small smile on his face. “If this is what you want to do, then I’m happy for you.” He nodded again, trying to convince himself it was the right thing to do. “You’re going to do great.”

   It was enough to deceive you at least. Relief filled your body and a weight seemed to be lifted off your shoulders. A smiled tugged at the corners of your lips as your eyes began to feel misty. “Thank you Leonardo.” You stretched and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
   For a moment you could have sworn he pulled away ever so slightly. The thought was quickly dismissed when his large hand patted your back. “C'mon, let’s see if Donnie can stream a movie for us,” he stood quickly, but you hardly noticed.

   He was handling it better than you would have expected. You thought for sure he would try to fight you on it; of course you were still grateful you didn’t have to. It was a very mature decision for him to make, but perhaps that was just his years of leadership taking over. You smiled at the thought, happy that he was growing more into the role given to him. Soon you followed after him, ready to spend as much time as you could with him before the impending move.
   “Hey Donatello,” Leonard caught his brother’s attention. “You know any good sites for streaming?”
   For a moment the purple-wearing turtle hesitated before nodding. “Yeah. Sure Leo,” he turned back to the keyboard and in a matter of seconds had a list of movies and shows. Your eyes lit up at the number of titles that it felt overwhelming. 

   You winced a little and looked over at the blue-eyed turtle. “What do you wanna watch?” 

   His crossed arms shrugged. “Eh, you pick.”

   “You sure?” Sometimes the two of you had very different tastes in movies and you wanted to make sure he would at least enjoy himself.

   “Yeah. Besides, we gotta celebrate somehow right?”
   The smile on his face reassured you and you turned your attention back to the monitor.
   There was a tap at Leonardo’s arm, drawing his attention away from you. Donatello gestured for him to follow as he spoke, “Hey Leo, can I talk to you for a sec about some Foot activity I found earlier?”
   The katana-wielding mutant nodded quickly, uncrossing his arms as he followed his brother into the other room. “What’d you find?” he asked as soon as the lean turtle stopped.
   “Hm? Oh nothing,” Donatello admitted. “What’s wrong?” He asked quickly before his older brother and leader had a chance to speak.
   The question caught Leonardo off guard and his hesitation betrayed him. “Nothing’s wrong Donnie. Why would you think something’s wrong?”
   “Well, you called me ‘Donatello’ for starters.”
   Leonardo cringed and rubbed the back of his neck. He saved his brothers’ full names for serious situations. Already he was doing an awful job of hiding his discomfort.

   “So?” Donatello pressed. “You wanna talk about it?”

   An aggravated sigh came out of Leonardo as he leaned against the wall. Of course he did not want to talk about it; who would ever want to talk about something like this? But the cat was already out of the bag, and he would have to tell the others about it sooner or later. Better it be Donatello to know first than the other two.

   He tried to paraphrase it, but unfortunately Donatello kept asking questions. He shot down every single option, reassuring his brother that the two of you had already discussed it all. In the end, the two turtles were slumped against the wall; Leonardo was seething and Donatello was still trying to think of something.

   “Hmm…I could make a firewall for her computer? Make it harder for the Foot to trace anything?” The purple-clad ninja offered.

   “And put family in danger instead?” Leonardo shook his head. “That’s not fair, Donnie.”

   The glasses on Donatello’s face slid down ever so slightly when he furrowed his brow. “There has to be someway–”

   “Donnie!” Leonardo’s stern tone stopped him mid-thought. “It’s okay,” he squeezed his brother’s shoulder and forced his lips to smile.

   “Hey Leo!” You called out from the other room. You had a movie picked out for a while but you did not want to disturb their conversation if it was about the Foot. However, it had been taking a long time and the brothers did have a tendency to get sidetracked. “I found a good one! You comin’?”

   “One sec!” He hollered and quickly returned his attention to Donatello. “Don’t try anything.”

   “But Leo–”

   “This is what’s best, Donatello,” He stated firmly before his eyes drifted to the floor. “I’m not gonna be the one to get in the way of their dreams.” Without another word he returned to you, looking exasperated but ready with a believable excuse.

   Throughout the course of a few days, Leonardo had mastered hiding his true feelings from you. He did not want you to leave. Just imagining how empty the lair would feel without you made his gut twist and joints shiver. But the way you smiled as you recollected your childhood days in your hometown made him want you to experience it again. Guilt overwhelmed him for wanting to be selfish when you gushed in excitement after you showed him the set of classes you were scheduled to take during your first semester. It was enough for him to lie through his teeth just to make sure you wouldn’t second guess yourself.

   The night before you were to leave the two of you ordered your favorite pizza and watched your favorite movies in the lair. Luckily for the both of you, none of his brothers interrupted.  Eventually you nodded off to slumber.

   He stared at your sleeping form and left you there, wanting to keep you close for as long as possible. When the movie finally finished Leonardo knew this would be good-bye. Very carefully, he pushed your body off of his arm enough for him to stand. With one swift movement he picked you up and left the lair quietly. He was careful with how he stepped, not wanting to wake you. There was only a moment when you woke up, but it was so you could wrap your arms around his neck and hold on as he pushed open the manhole cover.

   The moment the two of you were on the surface you fell right back to sleep. He was thankful for that at least; it would be easier for him to leave if you stayed asleep than to have any lingering good-byes. Soon he was at your apartment and slipped inside your room through the window for the final time. Boxes were stacked on top of one another in your once decorative room. The only thing remaining was your bed, which only had a comforter and a single pillow on it. You had packed the sheets, mattress pad, and other blankets earlier, trying to have as little last-minute packing to do as possible for the morning of.

   After he had laid you down and covered you in the large blanket, he just stood in the room, staring at the blank walls and labeled boxes. He wanted to leave something, anything, of his behind in the hopes you would remember him; but it was just another thing he could not do. He knew you couldn’t forget him, it would be hard to forget a giant mutant turtle after all. But he thought if he left something behind, then maybe you would abandon your school work to come back to him. As far fetched as the idea was, it was still a hope he could not afford having in his head.

   Instead he simply brushed the stray hairs out of your face and planted a kiss on your forehead before leaving. The moment he entered the lair Donatello appeared out of the shadows with a sympathetic look. Leonardo stopped and stared at his brother, feeling his heart twist. All the emotions he had pushed down were about to boil over. Thankfully, Donatello was smart enough to not say a word and watched as his brother walked quietly out of the room.

   Although you sent a final good-bye message the morning of your move, he did not read it. Instead, Leonardo buried his thoughts in the hours of training. When he couldn’t train, he would patrol. When he couldn’t patrol, he would keep himself busy with chores in the lair. When he couldn’t do that, he would keep trying to convince himself he did the right thing for you. He was the leader and he had to be strong, for his family’s sake and his own.

We have to break up... (Donatello)


   It was an unfortunate circumstance, but it was simply inevitable. College was pricey in New York and takes a long time to complete, especially for what you wanted to go for. But there was a small glimmer of hope; there was a community college in your home town that cut the completion time in half and was still accredited.

   There was just one problem: your hometown was six states away.

   This unfortunately made the possibility of a long distance relationship an impossible option. Although you would be living with family, you felt like you had an obligation to contribute to the household and would be working during your summer and holiday breaks; and of course the turtles couldn’t just hop on a plane to see you either, especially with your college being so far away. There wouldn’t even be anytime for the two of you to communicate online either; there was the time zone difference to worry about, plus the turtle’s patrols were always irregular and hard to schedule around, especially if they happened to run into a Foot patrol. Then there was the possibility of enemies finding out where you were. If they were to hack into one of your e-mails and find out where you were currently living, there would be no way the turtles could come save you. You would be putting yourself and your family in danger. There was no other option…

   You had to break up.


   His lean body was silhouetted against the illuminated screens. He seemed to be focused on three things at once, his hands flying across the multiple keyboards. At first you had thought the amount of electronics he had was a little much, but now you have come to realize each one served an important purpose. His ability to multitask and problem solve was amazing; that combined with his stubbornness made him a force to be reckoned with. It was just one of many things you admired and would hate about him soon.

   You were dreading telling him the bad news, knowing the genius mutant to try to find a way around the problem. It had to be done, however, and you stopped behind his chair.

   “Hey, Donnie?” You asked a little tentatively. A part of you hoped he would tell you he was too busy. Perhaps he was in the middle of tracking some shady Foot activity and could not be disturbed?

   Donatello turned to look at you from around the seat, “Hey you!” His cheeks pushed his glasses up ever so slightly as he smiled. “I didn’t even hear you come in,” He stood so he could get a better look at you, though his attention quickly returned to the blinking screens. “What’s up? Did you wanna hang out?”

   “Well, I actually want to talk.” You could see him nod but he made no move to look at you.

   “Uh-huh. Okay, sure. What about?” His fingers flew across the keyboards expertly before he finally hit one button. The screens flickered off and he turned to face you. The smile on his face looked sadder than before and the realization hit you.

   He knew.

   An aggravated sigh escaped you. You hated it when he kept tabs on your internet activity. He claimed it was to make sure the Foot could not get into your computer, but you knew he also used it to snoop around. Though he used it for positive reasons most of the time, like what you would like more on your birthday; but there had been times where he crossed the line. Looking at your college search history definitely crossed one of those lines.

   “I think you might have an idea already,” You sighed and crossed your arms.

   His eyes widened before they shifted around the room. His shoulders shrugged slightly as his head nodded, showing admission of his guilt. “Sort of,” he motioned for you to come over as he kept speaking. “I mean, I get why you want to go there. It looks cheap, you’ll finish in half the time if you went to a college around here. And did it look like you had family there?”

   You stopped and stared at his shell, surprised at how much he knew. “Well…yeah, actually,” the two of you went to your usual spot. He sat in a rusty lawn chair while you hopped on a ledge, making him only slightly shorter than you.

   “Well it sounds like you have it all figured out,” He breathed. You could see his green brow furrow and his brown eyes dart about. Thoughts were clearly being bounced around in that overactive brain of his. “You should go for it.” He finally looked up and smiled at you.

   For a moment you felt a sense of relief wash over you. But this was not why you came down to see him. There had been so many choices when you first started looking at colleges, but once you realized you would have to pay either expensive rent or be in debt for most of your life, the number of colleges you could apply to dwindled slowly. Eventually you found the best option was a community college out in Colorado. You would be gone for three years, but there was just one problem…

   “Donatello,” you started. Your fingers began to fidget nervously as the words got stuck in your throat. Why did he have to be so nice about all this? It would be so much easier if he was upset, right?

   He held his three-fingered hands up and shook them a little. “No, no. Don’t worry about me. I know you’ll probably want to spend time with your family on the holidays,” One of his hands rested on your knee comfortingly. “But I can wait for you to get off in the summer.”

   “That’s the thing,” your own hand laid on top of his. “I’ll be working over the summer. I’m not just gonna live with them without contributing something to the house.”

   His hand began to slowly squeeze your knee. The shock was apparent on his face and his lips twitched as he tried to think of a response. “Oh…well,” He caught sight of one of his many electronics and huffed proudly. “Well, that’s still fine. Because we live in the technological phase of the twenty-first century!” There was a little smirk on his face; it was the same look he had whenever he figured out a definite solution to a problem. Or anytime he won in a game.

   “We’ll just face-time, or text, or send e-mails if neither of us are available.” He lifted a finger the moment you tried to open your mouth to speak. “Time-zones don’t matter when you have the internet!”

   A frown began to form on your face. Did he truly think those options never crossed your mind? They were the first ones you thought of. “Yeah, but…what if someone tracks our calls Donnie?” Now the real argument was about to begin. “Or hacks into my e-mail? What if they track me down that way?”

   There was a fleeting moment of fear in his eyes but his mouth was already in motion. “I’ll just program a firewall for you.”

   “What if they get around it?” You started and frowned when he snorted in disbelief.

   “C'mon, you know the Foot aren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer. They have a hard time getting past the security system I made when I was ten.” He was confident in his work. Everything he created he put his full attention in to, knowing one wrong wire could mean the failure of a mission.

   There was no doubt in your mind he would create the best firewalls the world has ever seen, but the risk of someone finding out where you were was too great. The Foot Clan may not be smart but they had a lot of money.

   “Donnie, if they find out where I’m at it’s not just me in danger,” your voice cracked. “My family could get hurt. If the Foot ever got a hold of my family I…I don’t know if I could still keep your secret anymore.”

   Silence overcame him. He understood why you would give away the location of the lair if your family got involved. If he were in your position he would do the same, there was no doubt about it. But he was positive he could make something to hide your location. There was always a way.


   The sound of your voice was what snapped the turtle out of his world. You sounded so stern, so serious; except your eyes told a different story. They glistened more as the light reflected off of the still-forming tears. The realization of what you were going to say slowly dawned on him.

   “Wait.” Donatello never realized just how hard his voice could sound until now. Unfortunately, it only made you want to speak faster.

   “I can’t keep up a relationship with you when I go.”

   “No. N-no you can,” Sweat began to form on his face, making his glasses slide down. “I swear, the firewall will work. Trust me! I’ll even update it every month!”

   Your heart twisted at how much he was trying. Your hand squeezed his wrist, hoping it would calm him down in some way. “I do trust you. It’s the Foot that I’m afraid of.”

   He shook his head and looked away; but you had to know he was listening. You grabbed the side of his face with your free hand and turned his head so you could look him in the eye.

   “I’ll be six states away, Donatello. I won’t be able to go to you for help if something happens!”

   “Then call me if something does!” He raised his voice slightly. He just could not understand it. Programming was like breathing for him; there would be no way anyone would be able to find you. How were you having a hard time understanding that?

   You huffed at him and crossed your arms defiantly. This was the stubbornness you knew and admired sometimes; once he was set on being right it was hard to convince him otherwise without physical proof. “And if they kill me after they get what they want?”

   His shoulders shrugged and grumbled, “Well you could use that logic right now! Why are you suddenly so worried about it now?”

   “Because my family will get involved!” You shouted. The realization finally hit him but you kept going, making sure he knew the full extent of it. “If it was just me, then fine. I would gladly take the risk for you. But I’ll be with my family there! If the Foot find them because of one mistake…!” You stopped to wipe the tears that had fallen on your cheeks. “It’s not fair to them,” you whimpered, trying not to cry already.

   For now, he was done. You were clearly upset and he did not want to push you or himself any further today. There was just one thing he had to know.

   “So,” He leaned back in his chair, his hands rubbing the top of his head as his eyes stared at the ceiling. The muscles in his throat tightened but he had to force the question out. “Are we still gonna hang out? Before you go that is?”

   You stared at him, wishing he would look at you. “If that’s okay with you,” you mumbled loud enough for him to hear.

   He nodded quickly and felt the salty sting of tears. “Yeah. I’d like that.”

   “Okay,” you managed to whisper as you stood. Short sentences meant he was done speaking; of course it would usually be when he was looking at a computer screen, his mind trying to decipher whatever equation he was transfixed on. You wiped the dust from your rear and shrugged at him, “I’ll text you tomorrow then. I got a lot of packing to get started on.”

   His jaw clenched at the mention of moving. “Have fun,” he snapped a little as he stood up. Donatello did not even attempt to look at you as he walked back to his set-up. His fingers started to flick as they turned the large system on and you knew that was your cue to go.

   With heavy foot-steps you made your way out of the lair, hoping tomorrow would be a little better.

   For the first couple of days, you and Donatello did some typical date nights. The two of you watched movies, a couple episodes of your favorite shows, and even explored the city at night for a bit. One day, you had a great idea for a date. Your parents were going out for the night which meant you could have the large mutant inside of your apartment. You were going to make this a damn near perfect date, or at least a good one.

   Spending time with Donatello these past couple of days has put you behind on your packing schedule. It’s gotten bad enough that you were not sure if you would be able to spend anymore time with the ninja turtle. Tonight had to be a good night. For his sake.

   Donatello was shaking with excitement as he stood in front of your bedroom window. This would be the first time he would be able to roam freely throughout your place instead of being secluded to your bedroom. Not that he did not like your bedroom, but the rest of your home was something else entirely. Plus, the two of you were going to make pizza for dinner.

   Hand made pizza? Free roam of your apartment? You clearly had something planned tonight and he had a feeling he knew what.

   One green finger tapped on the window a little louder than he normally would have. For a moment there was nothing, but soon he heard your feet tapping on the floor as you approached. Your door squeaked open before you popped into sight. The smile on your face made him feel warm inside. He would miss seeing it in person, but after tonight he might not miss it as much.

   You let him in and were surprised by the kiss he gave you. The smile on his face made your heart flutter and you forgot for a second that this might be the last time you see him.

   “You gonna give me a tour?” He beamed.

   “Of course!” You grabbed his hand and lead him through the apartment. You watched as he stared at every picture on the wall, even pointing out pictures of yourself when you were a kid. You told him a couple of stories about your childhood and in turn he would tell a few from his. It was the first time in a while you two were able to open up without a tense air hovering around one of you.

   Eventually you made it to the kitchen where you washed your hands and got started. You were both making your own mini pizzas. Donatello favored the vegetarian toppings while you decorated yours with your favorite. Soon both circular pieces of food were put in the oven and the timer was set.

   All you had to do was wait now.

   “Oh yeah!” You snapped your fingers. “I almost forgot. I got you something!” The grin on your face made your cheeks hurt. You figured since you guys had been having a good couple of days, that you would get him something small.

   The tall turtle’s eyes lit up when you handed him the little purple box. His cheeks burned a little at the nice gesture, “Aww, you didn’t have to do that.” After he took the lid off he pulled out the little turtle-shaped USB light. A smile crossed his face and he gave you an amused look. “A turtle? Really?”

   You smiled back and shrugged. “Well yeah. So you don’t forget your roots,” you teased. As your hip bumped into his you added, “And also so you won’t forget me.”

   He slid the USB into one of his pockets and paused at what you said. For a moment he thought you were just being sentimental, but the tone of your voice filled him with doubt. “How could I forget you?” He chuckled, feeling the dread that seemed to weigh his stomach down.

   The confusion that spread across his face made you frown. “Well, three years is a long time, Donnie.”

   “But…” For once he found it hard to speak. A lump formed in his throat as he realized what this was. “So…we’re not going to try long-distance?”

   You let out a sympathetic sigh and rubbed your forehead. “Donnie, no. I already told you, I can’t put my family in danger like that.”

   The turtle began to slump and you could see the joy drain out of him. “I thought…I dunno,” He rubbed the top of his head quickly and grumbled. “I don’t know. Being invited to your apartment, making pizza together. It was all really great so I thought you were gonna say we can give it a shot.” He shrugged and began listing off the statistical success of long-distance relationships. “Thirty-two and a half percent of college relationships are long distance.”

   “Donnie…” You pleaded but he kept going.

   “Forty percent of them break-up…” His speech started to slow down. “…and seventy percent of all failed long distance relationships are due to unplanned changes.” He did not stop until you touched his arm.

   Big brown eyes stared at you through the lenses of his glasses. They darted about, taking in every curve of your face, every strand of hair, every shade of color in your eyes. “This is the last time we get to hang out, isn’t it?”

   “It might be,” You admitted. “I fell behind on my packing.”

   He made a loud sniffling noise and wiped at his snout. Of course this was it. Why else would you have gone through so much effort to make this special? Not that he did not appreciate the effort; it just was not what he was prepared for. He braced himself against the counter and stared at the ground. “Can I see you the day you leave?”

   “Of course you can,” You breathed; already your hand was on his wet cheek.
   It was amazing to you, how this giant, mutant, turtle looked so defenseless. You had witnessed first hand his prowess on the battlefield; he was able to take on waves of enemies without breaking a sweat, yet here he was. Weakened and vulnerable in the middle of your kitchen. It broke your heart seeing him this way.

   First his hand was over yours, then it slowly grasped your forearm and began to tug you forward. You complied and found yourself pressed against his hard chest; those lean, yet massive, arms of his already wrapped around your shoulders. You buried your face into the crook of his neck as the two of you embraced one another.


    The piercing sound of the alarm made both of you jump and return to reality. You both stepped away from each other after Donatello turned off the buzzing machine.

   For the remainder of the night, you two were silent.
   Donatello waited for you in the alley behind your home. The early morning sun shone brightly in the sky, creating the perfect shadows for him to hide in.

   Not being able to see the past couple of days had given him plenty of time to think about the whole situation. He used the time to do more extensive research on the college you were enrolled in and investigated the crime rate in the neighborhood you would be living in. The college was fantastic for what it was, and the place you were staying at was in a low-crime area; it was indeed safer than most places in New York. It was during this research that he admitted defeat. It truly would be unfair to your family to risk their lives just for your relationship.

   After all, this would not be the first thing you would have to leave him behind for. You had a human life that required certain responsibilities out of you; responsibilities that he did not have to worry about or ever expect to think about. It would be selfish and unfair of him to ask you to stay for his sake. It was a hurtful conclusion, but if this meant you would have a good future then so be it. In the end, he only wanted you to be happy.

   When you finally emerged in the alley your good-byes were mutual. You hugged, you cried, you kissed, and said “I love you” for the last time.

   Donatello had waited for the sound of the truck driving away to disappear before he returned to the lair. The first thing he did was go to his large set-up and booted every tower and monitor there. The first thing he did was check your social media pages.

   Every single one mentioned how nervous you were about starting college and how you would miss your dearest friends in New York. He sighed longingly, knowing this would be the closest thing he would have to you. No matter what, he would not contact you, but he would still keep tabs.

   As a precaution, of course.

Fics I wana read (because selfish)

Okay so i made a list of a few Batman/Joker fics I think it would be awesome to read.

People can use these for fic prompts if they want *coughs* … you know, only if you want to (elbows people in ribs). Or people can add to it with more. Or have a general discussion about it….. cause I need people to talk to about this stuff. Much lonely. ;__;

Okay so: 

  • Batman and Joker are in a battle and Batman unknowingly sexually taunts and teases Joker. Joker says “Careful, Batman. I’m not a man known for his restraint.” his eyes gleaming, his muscles taunt like he’s holding back. Does the Bat come to realise what he’s doing , how does he react?
  • Batman visiting Joker in Arkham for information, Joker taunting him with innuendoes, Batman becomes frustrated at not getting an answer and thinks to threaten Joker with the sexual proclivities he’s always hinting at, thinking Joker was only playing/ joking or looking for ways to anger him, little does he realise that Joker has always been serious about this matter. How does this go down?
  • Joker has Batman tied up and unconscious, his enemy is laying there at his mercy but Jokers respect for the man keeps him from doing anything untoward…. barely. How does this go?
  • Joker has hostages Batman needs to buy time until he or robin can free the hostages, Joker says he’ll let them go on one condition. He wants to give Batman a back massage.
  • Joker brings Batman to the lazerous pit, the robins are there, Batman comes out crazed and he zeros in on his enemy and has his way with him, the Robins are horrified and tried to interrupt, Joker loves it.
  • Batman takes Joker to the lazerous pit, Joker comes out, sane and lucid, he admits his feelings towards Batman and he is sad and alone, Batman see the genius man Joker could have been and is in despair, his sadness worsening over what Joker has to say and as he watches, Jokers madness overcomes him again.
  • Joker is in the bath/shower when Batman finds him, Batman is sort of awkward, harshly telling him to put on clothes cause he’s going to Arkham, Joker refuses making all sorts of insinuations, What does Batman do?
  • crack! Batman and Joker get drunk and prank calls happen.
  • crack! Dares with the rogues turn steamy. Batman gets a little too into kissing Joker. Gay chicken? Or 7 minutes alone?
  • Gordon gets a little concerned over how close Batman and Joker seem. He is disturbed how the Bat walks into a Crime scene and can immediately tell Jokers been there, “How do you know?” Gordon asks “His scent is prominent here”, “You know what all your rogues smell like?” Gordon asks confused but is met with only awkward silence. Gordon starts noticing other things too.
  • Joker is sitting on the edge of a rooftop naked, he’s staring morosely at the ground, stories below him. Batman comes across him, he’s never much seen the depressed side of Jokers manic depression, but he has the task of bringing back from the brink, it reminds him that although Joker has done horrible things, he is a very, very sick man with many, many mental afflictions, he is human. Batman holds him close for a while as Joker clings onto the only real thing he lives for.
  • Joker has an extreme outburst in Arkham, Lives are threatened and Batman is called in to deal with him, they play cards until Joker is calm.
  • Batman goes on patrol on foot and returns to the Batcave in the Batmobile only to find a sleeping clown in the back.
  • Batman takes Joker to Arkham but finds out on the way he hasn’t eaten for four days, Batman buys him some food and parks somewhere for him to eat it, not trusting Arkham to feed him due to their reputation for neglect.
  • crack! Joker starts sending nudes to Bruce when he’s at a conference. Batman is shocked Joker knows who he is and also due to the nature of the texts, but has to continue regardless trying not to give anything away.
  • Batman starts getting wet dreams about Joker, how does he handle it?
  • Batman and Joker get stuck between a rock and a hard place (literally) and Batman can feel the clowns bodily reaction.  How does this go?
  • Crack! Batman and Joker do commentated playthroughs as part of Arkhams rehabilitation program. They play games including dark souls, fallout 3, silent hill 2 and portal. I want to see how they would handle certain aspects of the games and how they handle each other.
  • crack! When Joker gets captured by the Batman he promises to stay in Arkham for 3 months if Batman plays along in a Joke. Batman agrees. They go into a sex shop pretending to be a gay couple in fancy dress looking for ways to spice up their sex life. The store attendant thinks nothing of them being handcuffed together only that they might want to see some of the more kinky products. How does this go down?
  • Zombie apocalypse, Batman and the rogues are fighting to survive making it from safe house to safe house. All the while Batman and Jokers bond grow stronger and UST is building. What happens on their way to create a cure?
We have to break up... (Michelangelo)


   It was an unfortunate circumstance, but it was simply inevitable. College was pricey in New York and takes a long time to complete, especially for what you wanted to go for. But there was a small glimmer of hope; there was a community college in your home town that cut the completion time in half and was still accredited.

   There was just one problem: your hometown was six states away.

   This unfortunately made the possibility of a long distance relationship an impossible option. Although you would be living with family, you felt like you had an obligation to contribute to the household and would be working during your summer and holiday breaks; and of course the turtles couldn’t just hop on a plane to see you either, especially with your college being so far away. There wouldn’t even be anytime for the two of you to communicate online either; there was the time zone difference to worry about, plus the turtle’s patrols were always irregular and hard to schedule around, especially if they happened to run into a Foot patrol. Then there was the possibility of enemies finding out where you were. If they were to hack into one of your e-mails and find out where you were currently living, there would be no way the turtles could come save you. You would be putting yourself and your family in danger. There was no other option…

   You had to break up.


   You knew Michelangelo would try to joke about it at first. He did not even give you a chance to explain why it wouldn’t work before the orange-clad turtle just started spewing random facts about comic characters. For the first two days you paid it no mind; if this was his way of coping with the bad news, then so be it. You two could always have a more in-depth conversation about it all later.

   It had been two weeks after you told him of your impending move and he still would not acknowledge it. First you wanted to wait and see if he would bring it up, but the turtle just kept talking about how cool he looked doing a front flip before knocking out some Foot Ninjas. You made sure you looked annoyed throughout his whole tale of action-packed ninja moves and flips, hoping he would notice and ask if something was wrong.

   During his retelling he would look at you to make sure you were listening and knew exactly the type of look you were giving him. He figured if he ignored it, that you would stop making that face and then you would not have to talk about what you brought up days ago. Sometimes he would look back at you and cringe when the same glare was still on your face. It was one of the few things that made him uneasy; and every time he looked again, your glare seemed to get more and more intense.

   “And then…! Then…” He paused and finally caved. His hands clapped together and he begged, “Babe, please stop looking at me like that, okay?”

   “I’ll stop when you stop avoiding the subject!” You snapped, eyes shooting daggers.

   He winced at the tone of your voice and held his hands up. “Okay, okay! Fine, we’ll talk!” He grumbled and sat down in front of you, crossing his legs. “What do you want to talk about?” He asked in a bored tone.

   This seemed a little too easy. You narrowed your eyes in suspicion but straightened your back anyway. “Well…I want to make sure you’re going to be okay.”

   He chuckled nervously and his eyes looked about the room. “Of course I’m okay! Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

   An annoyed grumble came out of you as your hand rubbed your face. “Mikey, c'mon. You know what I’m talking about.”

   He shook his head and stood up, turning his back to you. “Mmmm, nope! No I don’t.” Suddenly he snapped his fingers and turned on his heel. “Oooh, I know! You mean if I’m okay with tacos being your favorite food instead of pizza? Then yeah, I’m okay with it. Even though your opinion is wrong,” that big grin forced itself across his face and he turned around again.

   Your mouth fell open in disbelief. He really was gonna do this? Again!?

   You slapped your hands on your thighs, before throwing them up into the air. “Okay, fine!! If you don’t wanna talk about it, then fine! But I do have something to say, and you’re gonna hear it! I’m leaving Mikey!! And we have to break up!” You exclaimed.

   The moment you had started yelling Michelangelo covered his head and hollered. “Whaaat? I can’t hear youuu! I got uh…wax build up!” The childish turtle started walking out of the room, still hollering. “I’m gonna have Donnie look at it, so it’s gonna take all day. You should go home and we can try again tomorrow, ‘kay?” He glanced in your direction to flash a nervous smile at you before rushing out of the room.

   "Mikey!!“ You called out to him, but he didn’t return. You wouldn’t be beaten that easily though. You had to get the message through Michelangelo’s big head. Even if that meant using the one thing he loved the most against him. You pulled out your cellphone from your front pocket, and dialed a number. "Yes, hi. I’d like to make an order for delivery.”

   About forty five minutes passed before a pizza delivery guy arrived. No doubt he thought it was strange to meet you in the alley way, all by your lonesome to pick up the order, but once he got his tip he could care less. You brought the food through the sewers, and once you got back to the lair, the other brothers were following behind.

   "So, what'cha got there?“ The turtle in red leaned over your shoulder.

   You swatted him away. "It’s not for you, it’s for Mikey!”

   "So, what, he gets breakup pizza and we don’t?“ Raph huffed.

   "To be fair, it would be easy for Raph to get a break-up pizza. If he ever got any,” Donatello teased but paused. The lean turtle shook his head and nudged your arm. “Don’t look now, but someone’s watching…”

   The smell of pizza had lured Michelangelo out of his hiding spot, but once he saw it was you holding the precious box he stayed hidden behind a wall. He would peer around the corner now and then to see if you had left yet, but for once he was upset to see you still standing there with the food balancing in your hand.

   There was an endless battle going on inside of his head. On the one hand, his favorite person was holding his favorite food just feet away from him; it was like a dream come true! However, he knew it was a trap. There were things you wanted to tell him that should only exist in nightmares.

   "Mikey, man up and get out here!“ Leonardo ordered.

   You smirked a little and put a hand on your hip, while holding the pizza box in your other hand. "Couldn’t have said it better myself.” You said teasingly.

   Leo smiled as well, and leaned down to whisper in your ear, “Save me a slice.”

   You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “Go.” You dismissed the other turtles, and they followed your command.

   Now it was just you and Michelangelo.

   Panic settled in as soon as his brothers started to leave. “Guys, hey! Don’t leave me alone!” The youngest begged as he slowly came out from behind the wall. “C'mooon! W-we’re brothers!”

   Donatello waved his comment away and shook his head. “Sorry Mikey. You gotta learn to face your problems on your own.”

   He whined as his brothers continued to walk away. “But! I..!” He groaned when they disappeared. “How is it my problem when I didn’t do anything wrong?” He muttered under his breath, crossing his arms in a pouting motion.

   You walked over to their dining room table, and sat down at it with the pizza. You tapped on the seat next to you and smiled at the turtle. “Please?”

   Blue eyes darted from the pizza then to you multiple times as he tried to judge the situation as best as he could. It was hard to think though with that wonderfully greasy aroma wafting through the air though. A tiny whimper came out of him before he finally gave in to the temptation.

   He was silent when he walked over, but as soon as he sat down he huffed. “You’re lucky I think you’re cute.”

   You smiled again, but sighed soon after. “This sucks. It really does, but…we gotta try to make the best of it. I don’t wanna leave you on bad terms. So we need to talk about it.”

   "Hm? What’d you say?“ He kept his arms crossed and barely looked at you. The air was getting tense and he did not like it.

   "Mikey,” you said sternly. Grabbing his face and turning it towards yours. You stared deep into his eyes, not allowing him to break contact.

   When he stared at you, all of the memories he had came rushing back to him. How you two met, how much fun you both had, how you knew exactly the best way to get on each other’s nerves. Now you wanted to leave all that for school and not bring him along? How was that fair? Anger, confusion, and sadness made his insides run cold.

   "D-don’t look too long. You m-might change your mind, “ He managed to choke out, doing his best to keep the tears at bay.

   Hearing him begin to choke up triggered emotions of sadness that you thought were long gone; apparently they had been drowned out by your feelings of annoyance due to Mikey blatantly ignoring the problem at hand. Your eyes became watery, and you sniffled a little. "You know I love you.”

   "Then why are you leaving?“ He groaned, hands gripping yours desperately. "There’s tons of schools in New York! Can’t you pick one of them?”

   “I would’ve done that by now if I could,” you started to explain. You have seen the giant turtle mope before, but this was just heart breaking. He had not even made a move for the box yet.

   Though it seemed you spoke too soon. A hesitant hand reached for the lid; it was as if he was debating if he actually wanted any or not. When he finally flipped the lid open his face scrunched in confusion.

   “Aw man,” He grumbled as he lifted up a calzone instead of a slice of pizza. “Great day to get your order wrong.”

   You licked your lips nervously before clearing your throat. “Actually, it’s right.”

   There was a look of betrayal on his face as his mouth hung open. He practically threw the Italian food back into the box and began to rant. “Cool! No, great! First you’re changing states now you’re changing food!” He fumbled for words for a second, “You got anything else you want to tell me?”

   You sat there in silence, waiting for him to calm down first. Just as you were about to say something he interrupted.

   “I don’t want it to be over.”

   It sounded more like a demand than a request. Despite this, you could hear his voice waver and shake and see the light that glistened off the tears that trickled down his cheeks.


   “I don’t want you to go!” He slammed his hands on the table to hide the crack in his voice.

   You tensed at his reaction but stayed firm; you had to be strong for both of your sake’s. “Michelangelo I don’t like this either but–”

   “Then why!?” He stood so fast that he knocked the chair back. Tears were streaming down his face but he made no move to wipe them away. Only a fraction of the sadness and hurt could be seen in his eyes as he glared down at you. “Why are you leaving if you don’t want to?”

   “Because I have to!” You hollered, feeling your cheeks start to burn in frustration. It had been hard enough for you to come to terms with moving so far away; this added guilt-trip from him was not making it any easier.

   His jaw clenched and lips twitched as he tried to find something to say. Life was just playing a cruel joke on him all along; somehow he had gotten a hold of you as a girlfriend and just as things were really picking up, you had to leave. Not even for a short amount of time either, but for three years.

   “Okay. Then…I have to go with you.” He nodded his head.

   “Mikey, you can’t.”

   He held up a green finger and stared you in the eyes. “Yes I can! I can sneak into the cargo part of the plane.”

   “I’m driving to Colorado,” you argued with crossed arms.

   He paused in thought and continued. “Okay then. I’ll sneak into the moving van. And then sneak out when you get there!”

   His stubbornness was cute sometimes, but now was not the time for it. “Then where would you live for three years, huh?”

   A scoff came out of him and he gestured to his surroundings. “The sewers. Duh!”

   You raised a skeptical brow at him. “By yourself?”

   There was a slight hesitation from the turtle before he nodded. “Yes?” He sounded unsure of his answer.

   “Michelangelo,” You started, standing up and walking up to him. “Your brothers need you here.”

   He tried to wave your comment off, “Yeah right. They don’t need me.”
   “Yes, they do,” you grabbed his hands and squeezed them tightly. “You need them and they need you.”

   For a moment all he did was rub your hands with his thumbs, his eyes locked on the digits. “I need you too,” the words were barely above a whisper.

   You stared down at his hands and thought long and hard about what you were going to say next. “Well, you spent fifteen years without me. What’s three years compared to that?” When no response came out of him you motioned towards the food still on the table. “C'mon. I can’t finish that calzone alone. I know you’ll like it.”

   He looked up at you and then down at the deceitful box. “I’ll try,” he paused and then added in a slightly more cheerful tone, “but it will never replace pizza.”

   The next couple of days were not as bad as you thought they would be. Granted, Michelangelo would still refuse to talk about your impending move, but he still wanted to hang out like normal. It was nice, reading comics and watching shows as if you were not about to leave. The only thing that gave it away was he clung to you like glue. Any opportunity he had to touch you he would; if he could follow you into a room or hall he would be there on your heels like a lost puppy. It was cute until you had to go to the bathroom or turn in for the night.

   The only reason you did not get too mad at him was you understood why he was doing it. The poor mutant was just squeezing in as much time with you as he could before you left for college. Besides, you would be lying if you said you did not like the attention. Unfortunately, it had to come to an end.

   On the day before the move, you sent Michelangelo a message, telling him you had to stay home to finish packing. Surprisingly, he told you not to worry about it. Then he sent you a second message, saying he would see you tonight anyway. You sighed but figured you could stay awake for a couple of hours for him. After all, it would be the last time you see each other.

   Hours passed. Boxes were taped shut, big pieces of furniture were carefully brought downstairs and loaded into the truck. The only thing left in your room was the bed, a comforter, a pillow, a change of clothes for tomorrow, and a few necessary toiletries. The moonlight illuminated the barren walls more so than usual. A lump started to form in your throat as it was getting hard to see.

   A tap on your shoulder made you jump and turn quickly. Standing behind you was that familiar green face with a smile plastered on. You put a hand over your racing heart, hoping the gesture would slow it down somehow.

   “Why didn’t you knock first?” You breathed, trying to keep your voice down so your parents would not hear.

   “I wanted to surprise you,” He grinned.

   "Yeah. Surprise me with a heart-attack!“ You hissed before hitting his arm playfully.

   "I was kinda hoping your parents wouldn’t be home… Then I could send you off with a 'bang’.” He said jokingly, and finger gunned at you with a wink.

   You could feel the heat radiate off your blushing cheeks as you smacked him again. “Michelangelo!” You scolded him halfheartedly. “Is that why you kept following me around yesterday?”

   "Maaaaybe.” He crossed his arms behind his head and grinned. “But you know.. If you still wanna, I got a way we could cover it up!” He reached a hand behind him for a moment before pulling out a cd case. He held it between two fingers, and there was a little orange turtle drawn on the cd with what looked like to be sharpie.

   Your heart melted at the sight of the CD case. “Aww, Mikey!” You smiled and took the case from him, making a cooing noise when you noticed the hand-drawn turtle on there. “Aww! This is so sweet of you!” You got on your tiptoes to plant a kiss on his cheek. You looked at he CD case but then quickly turned back to him . “But no. We might not hear them come in if we have this too loud.”

   Mikey chuckled, and waved you off. “I’m just kiddin’ babe! Mostly.” He mumbled. He glanced over at the packed boxes and frowned a bit. “Do ya think we could listen to a few songs now?“

   At the sound of his voice you nodded. "Sure, just gimme a sec,” you patted his arm and fished out your laptop. Once it was ready you popped the CD in and turned the volume down low enough for only the two of you to hear. “Are they good road-trip songs?” You asked before really listening to what the first song was.

   "Some.“ He walked over to your bed and sat down on it. "Some are just,” He fiddled with his sunglasses that were hanging off his neck. “Something to remember me by,” he smiled a little and shrugged as the first song began to play.

   It was a single by Vanilla Ice, with the main chorus being “Go ninja, go ninja, go!”

   At the sound of the song you smirked. Typical Michelangelo. “You know I’d never forget you,” You smiled, sitting down next to him.

   "Yeah…“ He said quietly and smiled again, but this time not as brightly. He looked back to his sun glasses and stayed quiet for a while as the songs played.

   The first couple songs were familiar pop songs, and you were thankful for them because they’d keep you awake for the drive. But as you got further into the list, the songs switched focus. A love song began playing, and you could see Michelangelo was concentrating on the lyrics. His eyes started to water, and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep any tears from squeezing out.

   The song really was touching and you could feel your gut twist, already missing the mutant turtle. You intertwined your arms together until your hands grasped one another. You then rested your head on his firm green shoulder.

   “I love it Mikey,” you whispered, simply enjoying his company and the music that played.

   After a while, his emotions got the best of him and the tears began to flow. He clenched his eyes shut, and whimpered a little. "You… You sure there’s nothing I could do to make you stay?” His voice was squeaky, and he gripped your hand tight.

   "Not unless you got a diploma with my name on it,“ When you felt his tears fall on you it made your throat tighten. You sat up and used your free hand to try and wipe the salty water from his face. "I’m glad I got to spend time with you.”

   Michelangelo sniffled and wiped his nose. He turned his head to yours, tears still falling from his eyes. “I’m–I’m s-s-sorry. Th-they w-won’t.. s-stop!!” He tried wiping at his eyes, now frustrated that he couldn’t hold them back.

   You could not stop yourself from letting out a quick giggle, but the amusement was lost when you could feel your own tears drawing near. “W-well make them! You’re gonna make me…c-cry next!” You throat constricted with every word, forcing down the sobs so as to not alert your parents. Instead you pulled him in for a tight hug, crying into the side of his neck.

   Mikey wrapped his arms around you, practically engulfing you since you were so small compared to him. He bent his head down, and sobbed violently into your shoulder. When he stopped to breathe, that part of your shirt was soaked. He took a few choppy breaths before whimpering out. “I l-love you so much! And I always will!! Forever! And-and! Even longer th-than that!”

   You wiped at your own cheeks and nose, trying to focus on his face through your blurred vision. “I love you too!” You stopped for a second and nodded, “I-I’ll come back. As soon as I can, I’ll come back here. I promise!” You did not care if you were promising the improbable; you just wanted him to know how much he really meant to you.

   "You better!!“ Mikey held your hands tightly in his and rest his forehead on yours for a moment, before kissing you on this lips. He gave you no time to reciprocate. The kisses were sloppy and wet, and came one right after the other. Luckily for you, the turtle couldn’t hold his breath for long and had to pull back, his breathing shaky.

   You giggled under his reign of kisses and bumped your forehead teasingly on his. You sat there in silence for a minute and then looked at your door in thought. Though it would be risky doing anything but talking, what with your parents home and all, that did not mean he had to leave immediately.

   "Listen,” you spoke in a whisper, afraid your mother or father would somehow hear you. “We can’t do anything, but if you want to sleep here tonight, that’s fine.” A smile tugged at your cheeks and you nodded at your phone. “I’ll just set my alarm an hour early to give you time to head out.”

   Michelangelo gasped a little at your offer. “Yes!” He said a little too excitedly and squeezed your hands tight again.

   Immediately your hand yanked out of his grip, putting a finger to your mouth. “Shhh!” You hissed through a smile. “We gotta keep it down, remember?”

   "Oh!“ His eyes widened a little and he covered his mouth. His cheeks lit up red and he grinned. "Sorry.” He whispered.

   The rest of the night had been perfect. The two of you just sat on your bed, listening to music, and making idle chit-chat. There were a few kisses here-and-there and a couple tearful embraces. Just as you were both about to lay down and go to sleep, the alarm on your phone went off.

   You grabbed it in disbelief; there was no way it was time yet. You had not even gotten a wink of sleep! Despite seeing the clock on your phone you still ventured to the window and saw the sun peeking over the horizon. The sky was colored a wonderful yellow and purple and you could smell the moisture of morning dew in the air.

   “Guess I’m really not waking up huh?” Michelangelo’s voice cut through the silence.

   “No,” you mumbled. The realization of leaving suddenly took hold of you. You gripped the windowsill and felt another wave of tears coming. “I’ll…I’ll listen to that CD every–”

   The sound of footsteps outside your bedroom made both of you snap to attention. Michelangelo leaped out of your bed as you started to open the window for him.

   “Hurry! Go, go!” You urged him along in a whisper, waving for him to move faster.

   He stopped when he got to the window and looked at you. “You sure you don’t want to stay?”

   “Mikey,” You whined a little.

   The smile on his face put you at ease, “Kiddin’, Babe!” He stared at you for a long time and shrugged. “So…I will see you later right?”

   You gave him a weak smile and a quick peck on the cheek. “Much later,” There was a knock on your door, making your heart race. “One second!” You called out before you started pushing the ninja out your window. “Go! I love you!”     

   “Okay, okay!” He hopped onto the fire escape silently and looked at you one more time. “Love you too,” He waved and then jumped off the side, disappearing into the shadowy alley below.

We Were Married Last Christmas [Epilogue]

The last hurrah for this series is here! You don’t exactly have to read the first parts if you haven’t, but if you have then this will just be that much more emotional and perfect! This marks the end of my collaboration with @pleasecallmecaptain and it was so much fun to do, so make sure you read her series too!

Playlist for this series > HERE

Pairing: Bucky x OC!Reader

Warnings: Explicit Language, Oral Sex, Strong Sexual Themes/Reference, Intense Violence, Gore, Mention of Alcohol Use, and Fluff.

Word Count: 6,886

>> We Were Married Last Christmas Masterpost <<

March, 2017  |  Ten Days Before

.     .     .

“Hey, babe?”

The brooding, metal-armed soldier turned from his weapons locker holding a glistening sniper rifle, he raised his brow at you to let you continue and you shot him a brief smile. Your fingers were adjusting the comm device in your ear and with a soft crackle you were connected to your partner who stood across the Quinjet from you.

You lowered your arm and asked, “Where do you think we should go out for dinner tomorrow?”

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anonymous asked:

hey! slugs and snails love alcohol (or the yeast in beer?) and if you put a shallow bowl or plate full of beer they will go to it and drink until they die of alcohol poisoning.

yeah ive got a few red wine tins going but we just had a week of heavy rains, all the little bastards are hatching gotta keep the foot patrols up 

The border between Norway and Sweden is very long - meaning that it’s actually impossible to guard it at all times.
This means that if you know what roads to use you can successfully smuggle stuff back and forth (they’ve made it more difficult these days mind you)

My grandparents made good use of this.

But they didn’t smuggle alcohol or anything like that,
oh no
They smuggled a bathtub

Their reason for smuggling a bathtub from Sweden to Norway?
Norway didn’t have the type of bathtubs they wanted, so they drove to Sweden and brought one there - strapped it to their car and drove back over the border.

Managing fine

How many days, you ask? Twelve. Twelve days of rain. Is it possible to drown in rain? A few more days and I might find out. It’s getting everywhere. Literally. Fucking. Everywhere. I think my blood has been completely replaced at this point.

We’re surprised the radio still works. I say works with a pinch of salt, thing never worked properly in the first place, but it’s managing fine. Managing better than any of us, that’s for sure. When I last wrote to you there were nine of us left. Toby died on Tuesday. Slipped and cracked his skull on Monday, stopped breathing the following morning. Rough for all of us, he was a good drinker. Still, bright side is we have more rum for the rest of us. Still going off the supplies we had when you were here. Running pretty low, but we’re managing fine. Just managing fine.

Mind writing in your next letter when you plan to send through Jim and his boys? We haven’t had a mechanic for a few weeks now, could do with getting the generator and the Jeep going. Jeep still goes of course, but it’s barely managing. Can’t do some of the muddier tracks anymore, had to do the hill patrol on foot yesterday. It’s tolerable, but it’s an inconvenience we could do without.

That’s all for now really. Try and get your letter through as quick as you can, we’re running low on supplies so I’d like to know when you’re sending Jim so I can get him to bring more.



Members of the Alaska Air National Guard’s 212th Rescue Squadron participating in a mass-casualty training event on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, May 4, 2016. The exercise consisted of a tactical foot patrol in the woods on JBER, where the rescue team members for reported casualties. During the movement, the team was ambushed by opposition forces, causing them to react to contact, suppress enemy fire, and call for close air support. Afterwards, they located the survivors, treated them at a casualty collection point, and then extracted the survivors from the location, all while fending off continued waves of enemy combatants. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Edward Eagerton/released)