foot march

travel times DIY

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fair weather, flat terrain, roads

  • foot: 20 m/day
  • forced march: 30 m/day (unsustainable for long periods)
  • horse: 40 m/day
  • fast carriage: 60 m/day
  • horse relay: 80 m/day (changing horses at each town)

fair weather, hilly terrain, roads (or flat terrain, bad weather)

  • foot: 14 m/day
  • forced march: 20 m/day
  • horse: 25 m/day
  • fast carriage: 30 m/day
  • horse relay: 70 m/day

fair weather, mountainous terrain, roads (or hilly terrain, bad weather)

  • foot: 9 m/day
  • forced march: 15 m/day
  • horse: 20 m/day
  • fast carriage: 40 m/day
  • horse relay: 60 m/day

fair weather, wooded terrain, off road

  • foot: 8 m/day
  • forced march: not here you’re not
  • horse: 20 m/day
  • fast carriage: see forced march
  • horse relay: ditto

fair weather, mountainous terrain, off road

  • foot: 6 m/day
  • forced march: don’t do it
  • horse: 10 m/day
  • fast carriage: ur not getting a carriage up here m8
  • horse relay: there’s nowhere to relay ur horse up here

fair weather, experienced sailors

  • decent-sized merchant ship: 80 m/day (brig/carrack/cog type)
  • fast/unladen ship: 100 m/day (caravel/clipper/corvette type)
    • in peak conditions, you could comfortably get up to 150 m/day
    • these boat speeds include some margin for days when little progress is made vs days when lots of progress is made
  • for bad weather, just add on a day or two i guess

other modes of transport

  • horse & cart: 10 m/day
  • fully laden soldier: 15 m/day
  • rowing: 3 m/hour (quite fast, 1 mile can be covered in anything from 15 to 45 mins depending on how experienced you are/what type of boat you’re using)

things to note

  • walking speed: 3-5 m/hour (on average)
  • walking for 7-8 hours a day
  • riding speed: 25 m/hour gallop ; 13 m/hour canter ; 9 m/hour trot ; 4 m/hour walk
    • obviously it’s unsustainable to ride at a flat gallop all day, unless you’re changing horses at each town
  • riding for 10 hours a day
  • 1 knot = 1.15 m/hour

anonymous asked:

Given what you've said previously about the relative lightless of plate armor, is the idea of the French knights being encumbered by their armor and outmaneuvered by the lighter longbowmen at the battle of Agincourt a myth?

Not a myth, but an oversimplification. What happened at Agincourt was this:

  1. Henry moved his men into a position from which they could neither be effectively flanked nor charged by cavalry, and which would impede the French in their efforts to make use of their cavalry and their artillery.
  2. There was a failed French cavalry charge which, along with the copious rain, turned the space between the French and British lines into a morass of deep mud. 
  3. The French men-at-arms then had to march on foot through that morass for about 300 yards while getting shot with arrows. Now, people debate all the time about how effective these arrows would have been in penetrating plate, but at the very least, the threat forced them to slow down and walk with their heads down to prevent themselves from being shot in the face, further extending their slog.
  4. The French men-at-arms then hit the English men-at-arms, and had some success, but this is when the English archers counter-charged and absolutely massacred the French men-at-arms. 

I don’t think the armor was the major factor as much as the exhausting mud march and then getting flank/rear-charged by fresh troops when the terrain has squeezed you into a narrow space where you can’t react effectively. 


CPT Sarah Cudd from Public Health Command, Fort Knox is only 1 of the 46 candidates who earned the EFMB yesterday at Fort Dix, NJ..27 April 2015. This is her last few seconds of the 12 Mile Foot March. The Foot March is the last event of the Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB), and must be completed within 3 hours. If you want it, you have to go get it. Watch this video. This EFMB candidate wanted it, and she got it. It took heart, guts, determination, falling down and getting up, and a little motivation from the crowd to get across the finish line. Check this out

This pumps me the fuck up.


Captain Sarah Cudd, an army veterinarian from Public Health Command, Fort Knox, has gone viral on the internet after footage emerged of her completing the EMFB course at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

The 12 mile foot-march was the final part of a course that saw Sarah manage to add the Expert Field Medical Badge to her already extensive collection..

Less than 25% of people who actually attempt this course manage to pass. It is clear to see that Cudd is flagging at one point with her gait indicating a strained ankle, only for her Army colleagues to cheer her on to the finish line. Captain Cudd was one of 46 candidates out of an initial field of 239 contenders who earned their Expert Field Medical Badge. Of those who passed, 14 were women.

Wiki article on the Expert Field Medical Badge

The course takes place over 14 days during which participants only get 4-5 hrs of sleep a day on cots and exist entirely on MRE field rations


‘Who knew?’ he says. ‘I had no idea that someone could be such a thorn in your foot during a death march and still be irresistibly attractive in some magical, undeniable way.’
                                ‘So is this what people call sweet nothings? Because, somehow, I expected it to be a little more … complimentary.’
                            ‘Don’t you know a heartfelt declaration of love when your hear one?’

Rose of the desert

She was in the desert and you could see far and wide only sand. Samantha Baker, the young aspiring soldier had jumped last night with three of her comrades and their commanding officer somewhere over the desert from an airplane and should now save a VIP from a hostile camp. Further details were initially concealed. And so that the soldiers were not discovered immediately they landed several kilometers away, therefore the wide foot march. The blazing sun and the heat made everyone done, but all tried to ignore it. So Sam too, she does not want to seem weak, she wanted to radiate force like the other men. But the environment made it not easy for her. The black, wet with sweat, strands stuck to her forehead and under her headgear accumulated the heat. So that it felt as if her head would burst soon. With one hand she let the heavy gun, wiped sweat and hair from her forehead and aired briefly the cap. The worst was still that there was no wind. The air and thus the heat stood and locked the soldiers so that in an oven. But Sam tried not to think about it, with an empty head she put one foot after the other in the soft sand, which gave in immediately, burying the thick combat boots in itself. With tired eyes she watched the spectacle every time, partly she walked also just with eyes closed. Because the brightness, which prevailed here was burning in her eyes. After what felt like hours of marching the experienced officer announced finally a stop sign and the black-haired closed eyes in relief. In between, she had thought that the troops would never arrive. But now the bald older man pulled the binoculars from his pocket and watched the black stain on horizon. Sam broke away from the row and walked beside the leader, “Sir, that the base is we’re looking for?” in a firm voice and head held the young woman asked and received immediately the answer “Guessed correctly, Baker. All right make a break. We wait until it’s night.” with these words put the man the binoculars away again and turned to his soldiers, who allowed themselves to fall to the ground immediately.


New Pet


Genji slept soundly against his pet, Jesse’s breaths coming in evenly in his sleep.  Genji’s usually fit full rests were undisturbed by the cowboy, until there was a commotion outside of his door.  He was awoken, but did not open his eyes.  He frowned as the door slid open with a sharp clack and he fell his brother’s foot steps march in.  Hanzo’s rough voice broke the silence in the air.  “Why is he still here?  I had thought you would have killed him by now, Genji.”

“Ugh… Hanzo, we’re trying to have a romantic moment, please leave.” Genji opened his eyes wide and pouted.  He immediately stopped when the archer’s scowl worsened.  “Alright, alright, jeez, I am up now, happy?  He is here because I want him here, is that a problem?”

“That is not a problem, he is.” Hanzo grit out through clenched teeth.  Genji returned the scowl with his own venom.

“So first, you attack me on a whim with your dragons, apologize to me and tell me you won’t antagonize me further, let me keep anyone they bring me, but as soon as I actually enjoy having someone around, you tell me no?  What is your problem? Was attempting murder and betraying my trust that enjoyable to you, that you would do it all over again?”  Genji’s voice rose, his anger flaring as the lights on his body blared.