foot march


distances taken from this

denerim to lothering : orange

230 miles on roads
11 days on foot | 7 ½ days forced march | 6 days on horseback | 4 days fast carriage | 3 days horse relay

lothering to ostagar : red

80 miles on the imperial hwy
4 days on foot | 2 ½ days forced march | 2 days on horseback | 1 day horse relay

lothering to redcliffe : purple

105 miles on roads
5 days on foot | 3 ½ days forced march | 2 ½ days on horseback | 2 days fast carriage | 1 ½ days horse relay

lothering to kinloch hold : light blue

195 miles on roads
10 days on foot | 6 ½ days forced march | 5 days on horseback | 3 days fast carriage | 2 ½ days horse relay
11 miles in a boat
3 hours rowing

redcliffe to gherlen’s pass : dark green

160 miles on mountainous roads
16 days on foot | 8 days on horseback | 6 days fast carriage | 4 days horse relay

denerim to soldier’s peak : light green

100 miles on the pilgrim’s path
5 days on foot | 3 ½ days forced march | 2 ½ days on horseback | 1 ½ days fast carriage | 1 day horse relay
20 miles on mountainous roads
2 days on foot | 1 day on horseback | ½ day horse relay

lothering to the dalish camp : orange + dark blue

80 miles on roads
4 days on foot | 2 ½ days forced march | 2 days on horseback | 1 ½ days fast carriage | 1 day horse relay
40 miles off road
5 days on foot | 2 days on horseback

redcliffe to honnleath  yellow

35 miles on hilly roads
2 ½ days on foot | 1 ½ days forced march | 1 day on horseback | ½ day horse relay

redcliffe to haven : dark green + pink

100 miles on mountainous roads
11 days on foot | 5 days on horseback | 2 ½ days horse relay
20 miles off road
3 days on foot | 2 days on horseback

Bill skarsgard imagine

Bill talks about a picture of you and him on set during an interview.

Bill was sat infront of a studio audience and 6 studio cameras. He was being interviewed by James Corden on The Late Night Show. He was here to talk about his new film IT. He just knew it was only a matter of time before James asked about you, Bills long term girlfriend. A few days ago, a photo of him in full Pennywise costume kissing you, was released. Along with a photo of you looking absolutely terrified after. Pennywise and a famous Hollywood actress kissing was hilarious and very odd to a lot of fans. Both fans of Bill and you.

‘So Bill, did you have many visitors on set?’ James asked with a cheeky grin.

'Umm…yeah. I has a few people. My girlfriend  (Y/N) visited a few times. The kids really wanted to meet her so she surprised us all on set one day’. Bill responded, while he slicked his hands through his hair.

'We do actually have some great photos of (Y/N) and you on set’.

As James mentioned the photos, Bill turned to see the pictures of him in full make-up with his girlfriend.

'Oh my god, I have seen these so many times now. (Y/N) has even put them in a frame in our living room because she finds them so funny’. Bill laughed.

’ Is there much of a story behind them?’
James asked.

’ Yeah… with both of our jobs, we don’t get to see eachother as much as we would like so she decided to surprise me on set. I was in full make-up ready to film a scene. I turned around and saw my beautuful girlfriend looking at me in shock . I completely forgot I had my full clown face on. She’d never seen me in my Pennywise  costume and clowns freak her out a bit. I run towards her, grab her and kiss her full on the lips. I can feel her really tense up under me. I pull away, she has my lipstick on her lips, white paint on her face and she looked absolutely  horrified. She just had a 6 foot 4 clown march up to her and kiss her with quite a bit of force. I felt so bad’. Bill blushed.

'That would have been terrifying’ James agrees.

’ I know and after I just looked at her for what seemed like 20 minutes before she actually said anything.  she just goes “well thanks Bill, I didn’t want to sleep tonight”. I felt so guilty . It took her about half the day to look me in the eyes. I kept apologising to her until she finally pulled me in for a hug’.

'How was she with the kids?’ James enquired.

’ Oh, she was great. They loved her, Jack in particular kept following her around like a lost puppy. He asked if he could date her instead’. Bill exclaimed.

'The cheek.’ James replied laughing.

'I know. But in all seriousness. She was fabulous with them. I am very proud of her and how she is with kids’. Bill responded with a smile.

He just knew that you and him would make a great little family.


└ かわいそうの翔くん. ただし、お疲れ様です〜 翔くん!!!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Cr: English jweb (Otonoha 15.04.2017)

The windshield of Sgt. Rudy Reyes’ (Generation Kill) humvee the morning after a bridge ambush outside Muwaffaqiya, Iraq. The bullet ricocheted into the windshield the moment Reyes bent down to assess his wounded team leader’s foot. March 31, 2003.

SOURCE: Daily Garlic

Just a Little Evil

Here’s an Anti fic! 
So this is a sort of sequel to Just a little Anger and also I’m throwing in another request because it also has something to do with this topic! 
Also, I sorta forgot that I was planning to do a part 2. Sorry!
Hope you guys enjoy!

Fic Requests: 

- “Hey! Can we like maybe get a part 2 to just a little anger where the reader goes fully dark. Thank you for all that you do! You are wonderful”

-“It was like an Anti were him and the reader had been in a relationship for a long time but this entity like Anti tries to overcome the reader and one day is successful. At first it’s just trying to be the reader but it quickly becomes fascinated with Anti as as soon as he realise it isn’t her it kinda toys with him and her body.”

P.S: (I sorta go off the requests again, sorry. I tried to keep it close.)

Originally posted by brittany-san

The Entity’s PO:
The little meat-sack was easy to possess. It only took a few weeks, easing into her mind, worming my essence into her bloodstream. 
So foolish. Oblivious. 
She was so plain too. Her lifestyle was simple to replicate and her friends were just as moronic as the girl. 
An easy home with a simple host.
You might as well serve them on a silver platter. 
But, I had to wait. Be patient and cover my tracks. Because the girl, even how mundane she was, had acquired the affections of one such as me.
He was different than the other’s I had encountered. He was unaware of my presence and he treated the meat-sack with as much respect and adoration as he did himself. 
Anti, was what the girl called him. And he was marvelous
An odd creature, I’d purr to myself as the girl slept beside him. How does such a tedious creature keep a God under its thumb?
The power that raged inside the other entity was almost blinding to witness. He used it for the human’s entertainment, leisure and even use it during their intimate moments. 
It made me jealous, angry. Such magnificent power should not go to waste on something that evolved from an ape. 
As my power grew, it became harder to keep control of her emotions. Too much anger and she’d lose it. My power, mixing with the chemicals in her brain, fired her up like a pistol. 
And on one unfortunate day, I had allowed her rage to slip my grasp, and she pummeled another human’s face. 
The girl was fired and she returned home with a storm in her wake. But not all had ended badly. 
The one called Anti had enjoyed our little outburst. I slipped into the glove of the girl’s mind as he started on her. 
The girl no longer knew the difference between me and her own mind. And the creature between our legs was too occupied to see our eyes glow purple. 
When he was done, I was exhausted. The strain to keep my own pleasures under control was enough to render me powerless. 
But I managed to swap a few words with this, Anti, before allowing the girl to gain control again. 
“I should hurt people more often,” The girl and I joked as the God kissed us. 
“You might just break my heart if you turn dark,” Anti purred. “You’ll get more if you do.” 
Oh, I wanted more.

Your and Anti’s PO:
The grocery store wasn’t very busy today, you noticed absently. Which was nice because you didn’t really feel like being around people.
Even ones you’d never see again. 
Anti trailed along behind you as you shopped. He whined about the time it was taking to get the ingredients for dinner. Saying it would be quicker to get pizza. 
“We had pizza last night,” You said with a chuckle. 
“Yeah, and it was good!” Anti replied like a child. “Come on. I’m booorred, I wanna go home.” 
“You didn’t have to come,” You pointed out. You turned down into an empty aisle, stalling by the food that was on your list. 
Anti didn’t reply. His eyes followed you as you went from aisle to aisle. 
Something had been nagging him ever since the day you were fired. 
You were grumpier, more likely to blow up at a little prank than laugh it off and playfully whack him with your hand. 
Something was off. And until he knew what, he wasn’t letting you leave his sight.

Above, the lights of the grocery store flickered wildly and the ambiance music that was playing, jumped tracks, slowed down and then died with a pop
You turned to Anti, “Playing around with the electronics won’t get me to hustle any faster.” 
“That wasn’t me,” Anti said, confused. He looked up at the ceiling. “For once someone else might be fucking around with the power.”
Anti’s attention snapped back to you as you swayed. You groaned, holding your head. 
“Anti…” You reached out to him and he caught you as you fell. 
“Hey, babe, (Y/N)!” He cradled you against him. His eyes searching your face as you grimaced in pain. “What’s wrong? Can you hear me?” 
Your head felt like it was going to explode. White hot nails scraped the insides of your skull and you whimpered as a pressure began to build behind your eyes. 
“My…My head…” You managed to say. “It hurts really bad.” 
Anti slid his other arm under your legs, lifting you up bridal style and hurrying towards the toilet sign. 
He rushed into the restrooms, locking the door behind him and lying you on the bench by the sinks. 
“Talk to me,” He demanded, leaning over you. “How does it hurt? Are you hearing voices? (Y/N), answer me!” 
Your tongue felt heavy and Anti’s voice sounded distant. You were slipping into darkness, falling into a sense of warmth and comfort. 
Like a pillow or a cloud. 
“No, no, no!” Anti cupped your face in his hands. “(Y/N), (Y/N) don’t let it take you. I know it feels nice, but you have to fight it. Stay with me. Listen to my voice. Stay with me, goddammit!” 

A high-pitched chuckled rippled out of you. Your eyes opened, the world danced in multiple shades of violet. 
You groaned, but no sound came from your lips. What was happening? 
Anti’s eyes flared with green fire and his lips curled in a vicious snarl. 
“Who are you?” He asked. “Give her back!” 
Anti, it’s me! You tried to say. But again, no voice sounded your words. Only another siren like laugh. 
“Oh, honey, you have no idea how good it feels to have control of this body again.” Your voice sang. Your arms stretched above you and you heard a few joints crack as your body twisted lazily. 
“I’ll give you five seconds to get out of her,” Anti growled. His expression was frightening. 
Anti…what was going on? 

Entity’s PO: 
I swung my legs over the side of the bench, sitting upright as Anti stepped back. The feral gaze was a real turn on. 
“What? Don’t feel like playing?” I pouted. I lifted my leg, gently stroking the man’s groin with the toes of my shoe. “You were so frisky last time I was out.”
Anti slapped my foot away, marching forward and gripping my throat with his hand.
“Let. Her. Go.” He demanded through clenched teeth.
“Aww, boo-hoo.” I said testily. “Your little pet is gone. Get over it. I can be just as good, no better, than this little rodent.”
Anti squeezed my throat, forcing my head back against the mirror with a painful crack!  
“I won’t ask again, cockroach.” Anti hissed.
“Oh? And what will you do?” I cooed teasingly. “If you hurt me, you hurt your little meat-sack. I know she likes a little pain in bed, but, how will she cope with her heart being torn from her chest?”
Anti squeezed tighter and I laughed. Gasping slightly.
“Go on, break my neck.” I dared him. “Then neither of us can have her.”
My lungs began to burn, and just before the black dots consumed my vision, the man released me with a infuriated grunt.
I laughed, rubbing my neck as I breathed in lovely air. “See, you can be nice. I’ve seen the way you treat this little porcelain doll. Why can’t we share?” 
“Because she isn’t yours!” Anti snapped, green eyes flashing. “She isn’t someone that-”
“That what?” I barked, “That should have an entity inside her? You’re selfish, Antisepticeye. We need hosts to survive and I’ve found one that can finally hold me, and here you are trying to get rid of me.” 
Anti turned away, his fists clenched and the veins in his neck pulsing under his skin.
I stood from the bench, crossing the room to glide my hands over his back. 
“I can be her for you,” I said with her voice. “I can offer you more than she ever could. I can survive harsh treatment, last longer between the sheets. Come on Anti, you know you’d prefer a entity to a pathetic human.” 
The lights overhead fizzled, flickering as Anti turned to me. The whites of his eyes had darkened and the green was now bright enough to outshine hell-fire. 
“Do not use her voice,” Anti snarled. “Don’t you dare use those words with her tone.” 
I laughed and stepped back, “You actually care for this bag of blood?” I asked, appalled. Insulted. 
I slammed my fist into the mirror, shattering the glass and picking up a large shard. 
Anti’s eyes glowed even more as I rested the jagged edges against the my stomach. 
“Your little lamb couldn’t survive this,” I said, teasingly sliding the glass across the material of my shirt. “I could. I can see that blood-lust in you. You can take it out on me, I can heal. I can pleasure you and still survive.” 
“Don’t…” Anti said, his voice softer than before. 
The shard paused just above my folds, the point digging into the pants I was wearing. Not enough to break the skin, but enough to get a reaction from the man in front of me. 

“What was that?” I asked, grinning. 
“Don’t….” He breathed in, calming himself. “Don’t hurt her.” 
“Aww, isn’t that sweet,” I chuckled. “Are you begging for the girl’s life?” 
Anti jerked forward when I dug the shard a little into my skin. Crimson dotted the material, but I held it there, not going any deeper. 
“Beg for me, Anti,” I said. “Come on, beg for this rodent’s life.” 
Anti was breathing heavily. His eyes darting between the glass and my gaze. 
“Please…” He said. “Don’t hurt her. Please.” 
A laugh bubbled from my chest, “Oh, wow. I actually didn’t think you’d do that.” 
“Just drop the glass and we’ll talk,” Anti suggested. “I won’t do anything and you won’t harm her.” 
I hummed as I thought about it. Swaying my hips slightly as I moved the tip across my stomach again. 
“No, I think I’ll kill you.” I lunged at the other entity. His arm came up just in time to block the attack. The shard sliced his arm, spilling red blood over the floor. He cried out and danced back, batting another swipe away from his chest. 
Again and again, I struck. The glass whistling with my movements. He countered and dodged, but his blows never landed hard enough to hurt me. Nudge me back perhaps, but they were like a flick to the arm. 
“Stop holding back!” I hissed. “Fight me!” 
Anti’s left arm rose up to meet my weapon. The shard sliced through his shirt, cutting deep into his shoulder. 
But his other arm snaked around my throat, spinning me around trapping me against him. 
“(Y/N), I know you can hear me,” He said into my ear. “Please, fight it. You can do it. Please, come back to me.” 
“Get off me!” I screamed. “She’s gone! I consumed her, we’re one person now.” 
“No,” Anti shook his head. “That’s not how we work. We might take over a body, but the host is still there. Hidden in a dark corner. (Y/N) just fight it. She isn’t you. You’re better than she is.” 
“Stop it!” I yelled, flaying against him. “I won’t go back!”
Anti gripped me tighter, his head nuzzling into my neck. 
“Come back to me,” He pleaded. 
I went to scream again, but my voice only came out as a whimper. 
No! No!
My body relaxed, falling into Anti’s embrace as we both slid to the ground. 

You opened your eyes, your head pounding painfully. 
“(Y/N)?” Anti asked, his voice just above a whisper. 
“A-Anti, what…what happened?” Your body felt heavy and something warm was spreading against your arms. “Anti, you’re hurt!” 
Anti chuckled. Relief washing through him as he hugged you against him. 
“It’s ok now.” He said into your shoulder. “You’re ok.” 
“Anti, what-”
“I’ll tell you later,” Anti assured you. He turned you in his arms, his hand cupping your face as he gazed into your eyes. “Just…Just stay here for a moment, please.” 
You nodded, pushing back your confusion. He sighed and rested his forehead against yours. His eyes closed and he pecked your lips. 
“I won’t let her take you again,” He promised. 
You weren’t sure what he was talking about. But you nodded, taking his weary form into your arms. 

anonymous asked:

Jamie drags Claire up early one morning for a hike nearby Lallybroch (for exercise, he says!) Claire is half asleep but begrudging goes along. Turns out Jamie prepared a romantic surprise! 😊🌄🌈

A Different Path
It was a big step in their relationship, bringing Claire to Lallybroch. She had thought that they would spend the weekend visiting places significant to Jamie’s childhood before spending the remainder of the day in bed. And yet here he was, arisen before the sun had even made the slightest appearance in the sky.

“Jamie, it’s isn’t even 6 AM.” She groaned, rolling over so that her back was turned to him.

“Aye, I know. But this is something I used to do every morning, and now ye’re comin’ with me.”

“I am not.” She said, covering her head with a pillow.

“Sassenach,” his tone a warning. “If ye don’t get up by yourself, I will drag ye from this bed and dress you myself. Do you want me to do that?”

She peered at him over her shoulder, her eyes narrowed.

“Fine.” She said crossly, throwing the covers off of herself and leaving the comfort of their bed.

Jamie smirked, watching her step towards the dresser to retrieve some fresh clothes. She was completely naked, and even though the room was pitch black, he could still see every inch of her.

“There. I’m dressed.”

“So ye are.” Jamie smiled before giving her a peck on the lips and, taking her hand, lead her outside.

“Are you at least going to tell me where we’re going at bloody five o'clock in the morning?” She called from behind him, his stride much larger than hers.

In the faint gray light, she could see the outline of his smile as he peered over his shoulder at her.  Damn him.

“And where’s the fun in that?” He said as they came to a hill at the edge of woods.

Jamie started up the hill, the incline and rough footing making no difference to him. Adversely, Claire was already out of breath long before the halfway mark.

Out of breath as she watched her footing as she marched over the rocky terrain, she shouted ahead, “Jamie! Slow down!”

The sun was just over the horizon now, painting the sky in various shades of orange and blue.

“We’re almost there!” Jamie shouted back, not slowing down in the slightest.

They walked until they came to a small clearing, where the light came through the trees in such a way that made it look like something from a fairy-tale. There was a tartan blanket laid out in the center of the clearing, along with a picnic basket and a bottle of champagne.

Jamie finally came to a stop, for which Claire was grateful, but in no way did she expect to see this.

“Jamie what-” Her voice was softer now, her tone holding nothing but affection.

“Shhh. Come.” He smiled and took her hand, leading her to the spread.

In the basket there were various kinds of cheese, along with an assortment of fruits and a few bagels with the option of cream cheese to go with it. He pulled two glasses, which Claire noted were in exceptional condition, from the basket and handed her one once she was sitting.

Her eyes never left his face as he poured the champagne, still trying to wrap her mind around what was happening. His blue eyes sparkled in the light of the dawn, the sun highlighting his hair so that she could see every shade of copper, cinnamon and auburn.

God, how did I get so lucky? She thought, eating the food he prepared as the sun silently rose above the trees.

“Okay, you were right.” Claire admitted as they laid together in the grass, fingers intertwined.

“About?” He played dumb, but she could hear the smirk in his voice.

“About coming here.” She said, rolling onto her side to face him. He lifted a hand to caress her cheek, one finger running down the line of her jaw before coming to rest under her chin, lifting her face towards his.

She melted into him as he kissed her, the world around her disappearing until it was just the two of them. He pulled away and looked deep into her eyes before speaking.

“One more thing.” He said, reaching into his pocket.

She laughed, sitting up. “There’s more?”

Then he was facing her again, a small, black velvet box in his hand. He opened the lid and inside there was a silver ring, with tiny thistles carved into the band, entwining with one another.

“Claire, I’ve wanted to do this since the first moment I saw ye…” He paused. “Do ye remember when I told you that I used to hike this trail every morning?”

Her eyes were glassy with tears, emotion taking hold of her. All she could do was nod her head.

“I took this same path every day, just like I did with everything else. The scenery was the same and my feelings never changed, like I was stuck on an endless loop that was destined to be that way.” A faint smile made its way onto his face as he continued. “But one day, I took a different path, did something different. And that same day, when I wasn’t paying attention, I ran into someone. Quite literally; my shirt’s still stained with coffee.”

Claire laughed a little, remembering the day.

“That person was you, Sassenach. That was the day it all changed–the day when my future became clear.” Jamie swallowed, doing his best not to shed a tear. He took her left hand in his, his thumb caressing her knuckles.

“My future is you, Claire. And if there’s one without you in it, I don’t want to live it. You are the love of my life, mo cridhe, and I want to walk the rest of this path with you.” He swallowed again, quickly glancing down at their joined hands before meeting her eyes once more.

“Will you marry me?”

You Are The Wilderness: Part 1

Originally posted by groundersgifs

Summary: You’re a Farm Station resident with a strong aversion to grounders. When you cross paths with Roan, will the Ice Nation Prince reinforce or change the negative perception that you’ve placed upon him? (Part 2)(Part 3)

You remembered the space station violently shaking and vigorously rattling as it made its descent to Earth. You heard the metal components breaking apart and saw the terrified expressions of the other Farm Station residents as you clutched onto your safety belt for dear life. You desperately hoped that the spacecraft would hold together long enough to complete your journey to the ground. You clenched your eyes shut, preparing for the hard impact of landing, and when you opened them again, you were thankful to find yourself alive.

You and the other citizens from your home station survived the tough and terrifying journey to Earth. There were breaths of relief and cries of elation reverberating off of what was left of the damaged metal walls.

When the front doors peeled opened, mouths gaped and gasps of awe escaped lips, seeing that the space station had landed in the snow. Real snow, you saw real snow for the very first time, majestically coating the hills like a glittering white blanket. It was freezing but it was beautiful, magical even.

The kids were celebrating. They ran out into the fresh icy powder and played, tossing snowballs and stretching out their tiny limbs to create precious snow angels. A smile tugged at the corners of your mouth, seeing their innocence and their happiness. It was a joyous occasion, a wonderful time to be alive and experience the ground.

Then they came…

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travel times DIY

bc apparently this is all i’m thinking about right now

fair weather, flat terrain, roads

  • foot: 20 m/day
  • forced march: 30 m/day (unsustainable for long periods)
  • horse: 40 m/day
  • fast carriage: 60 m/day
  • horse relay: 80 m/day (changing horses at each town)

fair weather, hilly terrain, roads (or flat terrain, bad weather)

  • foot: 14 m/day
  • forced march: 20 m/day
  • horse: 25 m/day
  • fast carriage: 30 m/day
  • horse relay: 70 m/day

fair weather, mountainous terrain, roads (or hilly terrain, bad weather)

  • foot: 9 m/day
  • forced march: 15 m/day
  • horse: 20 m/day
  • fast carriage: 40 m/day
  • horse relay: 60 m/day

fair weather, wooded terrain, off road

  • foot: 8 m/day
  • forced march: not here you’re not
  • horse: 20 m/day
  • fast carriage: see forced march
  • horse relay: ditto

fair weather, mountainous terrain, off road

  • foot: 6 m/day
  • forced march: don’t do it
  • horse: 10 m/day
  • fast carriage: ur not getting a carriage up here m8
  • horse relay: there’s nowhere to relay ur horse up here

fair weather, experienced sailors

  • decent-sized merchant ship: 80 m/day (brig/carrack/cog type)
  • fast/unladen ship: 100 m/day (caravel/clipper/corvette type)
    • in peak conditions, you could comfortably get up to 150 m/day
    • these boat speeds include some margin for days when little progress is made vs days when lots of progress is made
  • for bad weather, just add on a day or two i guess

other modes of transport

  • horse & cart: 10 m/day
  • fully laden soldier: 15 m/day
  • rowing: 3 m/hour (quite fast, 1 mile can be covered in anything from 15 to 45 mins depending on how experienced you are/what type of boat you’re using)

things to note

  • walking speed: 3-5 m/hour (on average)
  • walking for 7-8 hours a day
  • riding speed: 25 m/hour gallop ; 13 m/hour canter ; 9 m/hour trot ; 4 m/hour walk
    • obviously it’s unsustainable to ride at a flat gallop all day, unless you’re changing horses at each town
  • riding for 10 hours a day
  • 1 knot = 1.15 m/hour
Til’ the end

A/N - The lovely @legolasothranduilion sent me a request for “having a hate relationship with Legolas but you both secretly love each other. (And he gets annoyed when you try to help)”. I hope you enjoy it!
Theres a lot of elvish in here but worry not! I’ve put what the words mean at the bottom!

Words - 1514
Pairing - Legolas X Reader

Legolas groaned into his hands and snatched the sword from your grip.
“What in middle-earth do you think you’re doing?!” You hissed at him, trying to get the sword back.
You were just sharpening a sword for Elentári’s sake.
It wasn’t like it was dangerous.
“You’re going to get yourself killed Kotyaer!” He shouted back at you.
Ah. This wasn’t about the sword.
It was about the battle that was going to begin in a few hours.
“ Kotyaer,” You stated. “That’s a big word for you.”
Legolas glared at you and held the sword out of your reach.
“You are a woman Y/N. Why don’t you act like one? Normal women don’t fight in battles,” Legolas complained.
“Fine! I’ll go do my hair like a good girl,” You declared, stamping on his foot before you marched down the stairs to aid the people of Rohan.
You were at Helm’s Deep awaiting an Orc army. The odds were stacked against you.
Everyone knew it. The men were scared. They were untrained.
It would be a bloodbath.

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When Donna told Harvey she was leaving him, instead of him watching her walk away she chases her and tries to change her mind.

Note: Took a little liberty with the prompt here, as I had a scene floating around in my head that wouldn’t buzz off, but that I didn’t have time to write a full chapter laden fic for. *Spoilers* Although if you’re on here you may have seen them already. A.

Enough. 1/1 (Beta’d)

His hand has been tapping against the cord covered seat rest for the past hour, frustration balling up inside him like the tension string on a bow. His surroundings don’t help to lessen the feeling either, the luminous strip lighting above him searing at his tired eyes. He had folded up the letter that she had left for him earlier before the flight and placed it in his jacket pocket, ignoring the annoying sound of it rustle now every time he fidgets in his seat.

It’s unbearable. And after two scotches, he’s feeling no more relaxed in business class. He could be being carried in a bubble and it still wouldn’t be good enough.

He’s tired of it all. The fighting. The toing and froing. He hadn’t realised, until her leaving had welcomed an unnatural chasm of silence, that he missed the contact. Any contact. Even when they are fighting at least she is there. At least she is present. He can handle their tenuous relationship in several forms, but non-existent isn’t one of them. He had messaged Mike, telling him he was taking a flight. Before he boarded the plane he received one single text, reading: ‘Go get her. It was enough encouragement for him to know he was doing the right thing, but an hour in, and fear had truly begun to set itself in stone.

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On His Lips Like Liquor

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

Pairing: Dolph Ziggler x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: This is some brutal ass smut (pun not really intented). Also gotta love Daddy kink ;)

Rating: Explicit

A/N: Got this from a lovely anon!: ”Can you please do a Dolph Ziggler smut? Where you two are really good friends but then one of the two accidentally say something like “Well damn maybe I think your sexy!” (Something in that area 😂), and have brutal sex? Make Dolph like bite, bruise, and scratch and all that? Idk, do what’s best! Please and thank you! 💕 Love your page! 👏” I changed it up a bit but kept the important part intact. Also the title is a lyric from Yoncè by Queen Bey and if you haven’t listened to it, you need too.

The bass of the song made your chest rattle and the lights made your eyes water slightly. “Another round on me!” shouted Kevin Owens. You groaned, you had already had two shots but you didn’t want to be rude and refuse. The bartender came and set a shot in front of all of you. Kevin, Paige, Alberto, Finn, Sami, and Dolph all tapped their glasses and downed them, you did not.

“Hey y/n,” said Paige, her voice concerned, “you okay love?” With a sigh you lifted the glass and swallowed the vodka, wincing at the burn in the back of your throat. You never liked drinking that much but you were too polite to tell them all no, that didn’t mean you didn’t put up a fight. Paige begged you for awhile, then finally getting too frustrated she called in the cavalry, Dolph Ziggler. You and Dolph had been friends forever, each other were instrumental in the others success. When he got to your and Paige’s shared room he guilt tripped you into going out. Now you were here, buzzed and not having fun. You stood up suddenly then gripped the back of the chair to keep yourself from falling over. This dress was just a bit too tight and these heels were just a bit too high, but you couldn’t deny that you looked damn good. You gripped Dolph’s shoulder and leaned down to him.

“Let’s go dance,” you say in his ear.

“I don’t want to,” he whinned. Your nails dug into his skin.

“You dragged me out here, the least you could do is dance with me.” He groaned and stood up, taking your wrist and pulling you down the steps and onto the dance floor. You yanked him into the very center of the seething mass of people. You swayed your hips to the music, only about a half a foot away from his. Sweat was already collecting on your forehead and along your spine. You were struck with a sudden idea. Smirking, you turned and pressed your hips against Dolph. Even above the blaring music you could hear Dolph moan. The sound was stripped away and the only thing you could hear was the thump of the bass, Dolph’s pants in your ear, and the thudding of your heart. The feeling of his breath on your skin felt like electricity.  You slowly ground your hips against him, his hands gripping your waist. One of your hands slid up from his shoulder, up his neck, and to the back of his head. You sighed as you felt him move against you, a little groan escaping his lips. He leaned down and brushed his lips against your skin, making you shiver. You didn’t know what came over you but you suddenly felt a burning desire for him. It was clear that he felt the same judging by the growing hardness against your back. You slid down him, shaking your ass a little as you did it.

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Hello dahlings! So, a few days ago, I noticed @legendary-defenders amazing Paranormal AU for Voltron and immediately the ideas started whirling. I don’t usually tend to write AUs? So this has been a new process for me. I hope you all enjoy it! I’ve also posted this sucker on AO3 if you want to comment there! 

Something Strange

They don’t find their first real ghost until about four houses in. Shiro lags behind, nervously eyeing a young spirit as she taps her heel against the railing of the rickety deck they’re all traipsing up. She’s somewhere between six and twelve, bouncing between forms with each dull thud of her shoe. She’s stable, perfectly visible, her energy radiating pure curiosity as she cocks her head at their mismatched band of ghost hunters.

Lance loudly laments that this will be their Picasso while Keith fiddles with dials on his EMF meter. Pidge checks and rechecks her video camera. Allura and Coran talk in whispers by the van where Hunk’s still dragging out the rest of their equipment. Shiro swallows and looks up at the house. The spirit stops tapping her heel when Lance makes a beeline for the door.

“Mama isn’t going to like you all on the deck,” she calls, her form flickering before she stands in front of Lance. Shiro flinches. Lance walks right through the spirit, heedless of her squeak of surprise. She re-materializes back near the railing, her cheeks blown out in annoyance. “That’s so mean! You don’t just break into someone’s house!”

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Koala Cookies [Batfam x Reader]

A/N: I got inspired because my mom gave my cookies away and I was waiting for a new tub of ice cream so I could make an ice cream cookie sundae BUT SEEMS LIKE PLANS OF CHANGED? 

Pairing: Batfam x Batsis!Reader 

F/IC = favourite ice cream

Y/N = your name

Y/L/N = your last name



The weather outside the manor was searing compared to most parts of the manor so you took it upon yourself to take a trek to the kitchen in order to prepare yourself a much deserved ice cream sundae after your training session in the gym. You had been waiting for Alfred to stock up on some ice cream for over a week and now that he had returned with all the necessities, you were ready.

Humming to yourself, you walked past the boys in the family room hearing them bicker about which channel to leave on, knowing full well they would be settling for the latest episode of this new crime show you had all been watching lately. If only someone would just remind them…

You arrived at your destination, grabbing all your essentials, a bowl, an ice cream scoop and a small spoon because it’s just chaotic to eat from the same spoon you scoop ice cream with . You popped open the freezer to pull out your tub of (F/IC) ice cream while mumbling a ‘thank you, Alfred’. With everything set, you decided to grab the final ingredient, your secret koala cookies that you hid on the top shelf, tucked sneakily behind cans of soup for emergencies far away from your hungry brothers. 

Grabbing a chair, you climbed onto the counter and peeked into the cupboard but to your disliking, your cookies weren’t there. You pushed aside all the cans and you furrowed your eyebrows. 

“Where are they?” You asked more to yourself as you climbed down to check the other cupboard. ‘I couldn’t have possibly misplaced my own cookies could I?’ you thought as you started rummaging through the kitchen.

“Could I ask what you are looking for Ms. (Y/L/N)?” Alfred asked as he walked in amidst your furious stomping around in the kitchen. 

“My cookies are gone!” You exclaimed to him as you re-checked every possible nook and cranny there was in this kitchen. You were the queen and main inhabitant of this place besides Alfred and he knew better than to go stealing your favourite snack. 

“Ah, the koala’s march one with the strawberry filling?” Alfred calmly asks as you let out a heavy breath. 

“Exactly those ones.” You muttered as you stared angrily at your new tub of ice cream, the frost from the sides melting onto your counter. 

“I think your-” IT HAD TO HAVE BEEN ONE OF YOUR BROTHERS! With a light stomp of your foot, you marched out of the kitchen and towards the living room where the bickering over the channel was still happening. To make your presence known, you snatched the remote from Dick’s hand and moved to stand directly in their line of vision of the television. 

“Who. Ate. My bOX OF KOALA COOKIES?” You yelled, unable to control your anger anymore. You had a perfectly brand new carton of ice cream still waiting for you in the kitchen and you couldn’t possibly have your cookie sundae, without your cookies. You were fuming out of your ears now.

The boys all looked at one another before Dick rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m sorry, I didn-” 

“Shut it Dick, I know it wasn’t you.” You glared at the oldest, knowing Dick never liked the strawberry flavoured ones and Tim had respect so he would have asked you beforehand. “It was either Jason or Damian.”



“IT WASN’T ME! TODD HASN’T EVEN SAID A WORD, IT WAS PROBABLY HIM!” Damian pointed and Jason’s face contorted into disbelief.

“Don’t point your little demon fingers at me. I didn’t eat any strawberry koala cookies.” Jason stated as he glared at Damian. The tension started rising between the two of them. 

“How did you know it was strawberry flavoured then?” You asked as you squinted at her older brother. “I didn’t tell you what flavour it was.”


“Look, whoever ate it just fess up and buy (Y/N) another box. Simple.” But nobody said anything. Alfred was watching from the doorway as Bruce joined his side, looking into the hostile room. It was rare to see one of his daughters mad, especially from you. 

“It appears somebody ate Miss. (Y/L/N) last packet of koala cookies that she has been saving.” Alfred eyed his master. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about it would you?” 

Bruce thought back to the time he had snuck into the kitchen during a late night in the cave for a snack. He was hoping for soup but his hands grazed a tiny packet. Pulling it down, he realized it was one of your beloved koala snack, but without much thought, he took it under his arm and headed back to his work.

At this point, you were on the brink of attacking one of your brothers as the argument over your cookies still took place. “Nope, no clue.” Bruce replied with his usual stoic expression before walking out to his car to go pick up some boxes of his daughter’s cookies. 


assorted routes

distances taken from this, transport speeds from this

origins travel times here, awakening ones here

skyhold to val royeux : red

total distance: 320 miles | horseback time: 6 days
40 miles on mountainous trails
1 week on foot | 4 days on horseback
35 miles on roads (to jader)
1 ¾ days on foot | 1 day forced march | ¾ day on horseback | ½ day fast carriage | ½ day horse relay
245 miles at sea
3 days merchant ship | 2 ½ days fast ship | 1 ½ days fast ship peak weather

antiva city to denerim : light green

540 miles at sea
6 ¾ days merchant ship | 5 ½ days fast ship | 3 ½ days fast ship peak weather

minrathous to kirkwall, route a : purple

1820 miles at sea
3 weeks merchant ship | 2 ½ weeks fast ship | 2 weeks fast ship peak weather

minrathous to kirkwall, route b : dark green

total distance: 765 miles | horseback time: 10 days
190 miles at sea (to vyrantium)
2 ¼ days merchant ship | 2 days fast ship | 1 day fast ship peak weather
365 miles on the imperial hwy (to cumberland)
2 ½ weeks on foot | 2 weeks forced march | 1 week horseback | 6 days fast carriage | 4 ½ days horse relay
210 miles at sea
2 ½ days merchant ship | 2 days fast ship | 1 ½ days fast ship peak weather

adamant fortress to weisshaupt : blue

910 miles on roads
6 ½ weeks on foot | 4 weeks forced march | 3 weeks on horseback | 2 weeks fast carriage | 11 days horse relay

if anyone has requests for other routes, let me know!

mumfordistheword  asked:

10 Lams, please! (or you can stick it in your Alex in Albany series if you're still doing that)

10-“Teach me how to play?”

Late October 1776

A month ago, Hamilton had drilled his company in this courtyard. Dressed smartly in his artillery uniform and cocked hat, he was certainly unrecognizable from that state now, coatless with his shirt slovenly half-tucked.  He could pass for a drunkard or a vagabond street boy.

It was effective.

Even if the locals in the Manhattan recognized him as the student, soldier and writer he’d been before the British invasion, he’d darkened his hair with ash before leaving the inn.  Unrecognizable.  Most of the locals left in the city were firmly Loyalist anyway- the sort of people that had stopped associating with Hamilton after his first flurry of pamphlets.

Most of the locals…

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.entry 1  - specter

The welcoming light of silver as what he longed to see for guidance across this perilous trek, instead it is drowned by ravenous night. Each path is a careful one, especially upon the jagged teeth of the mountain on which he searched. Snow frosts his golden mane, and caused a once brown cloak to shimmer with glittering rime. Bitterness nipped at his lips, each kiss of the wind stung, until he was numbed and warmth fell away from his face. Nevertheless, he prayed to the current that greets him with his frigid caress, and sets his voice into the heavens.

For two suns he stayed on this perilous path, accompanied by those whose hearts too yearned for answers, and for an end to their anxieties. Lanceloux leads them, and through the dread they followed, seeking too what they desired to see - the evidence of her fall, and end. They march on foot, for chocobo will only cause them more burden and their path will be slowed ahead.

The winds howled and gave warning, and starlight dared not shed their glow, and still yet the moon dared not peer beyond the clouds that veiled her. They slew what came to them, scaled beasts that shook the face of the mountain, beasts that melted now and set a flame the earth at their heels. It was no beast nor monster that would claim them, it was weariness of the bone and spirits nearly split asunder that would be their end. If only the night had been clear, so they may bear witness to the constellation of blue stars - the realm where Halone awaited them.

Lanceloux saw the once vigorous glow in their eyes fade, for in their silence they spoke of hopelessness and despair, for if they were to find her indeed, no breath would pass her once ruby lips, and what light she held, her ever burning flame, would have been quenched. For who could survive a fall such as this? Already they mourned her, and themselves, while steel continued to bathe in the blood of dragon and man alike; heretics laid their snares for them, and the path they took now was of shadow and despair. As they moved hither and thither, their hearts were stilled with concern over the state of their captain’s mind. They would not survive more nights such as these.

         On the fourth day, they ran out of what little rations they acquired.

                                    What is left ahead is darkness.

It was on the fifth day, when all seemed to be for naught, and they swore that they could see the hall of the faithful at their reach, the snow finally ceased, and they felt the first warmth that was not conjured by fire, wash over them. The wind was sweeter now, no longer carried with it a scorn, and its chill reminded them of the cusp of winter and spring. Even with the dawn of the sun in their eyes, they saw silver as if a star had came upon them.

Lanceloux slowly came to his tired feet and allowed his sword to fall away from his grasp. Heavy was his gaze, hazy with sleep. But he saw her, and swore she was a vision conjured by his desire to be reunited. This is what he was seeking, after spilling blood across the terrain, and marching through the barren wasteland of dry, white bones, of the haunts that once lived in them.

His sister was found, among the dead . .

                      . .  a ghost made into flesh.

Her armor was overlaid with silver and her cloak the color scarlet hemmed with ivory. Behind her the sun rose, and a halo lines her crown, and for that moment, they believed they lie in their tombs, and were now visited by a ghost who was to lead their spirits away. Yet, this specter carried a voice, and it came to their ears gently, especially that of Lanceloux, who found his spirit renewed for a few heartbeats.

For when she was no longer touched by shadow, and his name fell from her lips, he was found in her awaiting arms after her shield had been surrendered and her sword found rest at her feet. Words failed them both, and that of his company, who no longer carried the burden of doubt in their hearts.

The horizon was no longer plagued with darkness, and as they both sank to their knees and wept, he buried his fingers into her hair, and thought no longer of his seat in Halone’s banquet hall. She was among them again, and death would not come calling for any of them this day.

Welcome back. 

Welcome home, Rivienne.