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For the Sake of Spinach

Request: Prompt 4 with D.O❤️

4) “Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?”

Member: EXO’s D.O x Y/N

Type: Fluff

There was a thin line between sleeping too long and having enough rest when it came to a nap. You weren’t one of those individuals who believed that a ten minute snooze was an effective sleep window, but you also knew the dangers of waking up groggy after about forty five minutes. As soon as you had rolled over on your couch and peeled your eyes open, you knew you had made a mistake. A mild amount of frustration and annoyance fueled you as you tapped at your phone, seeing you had indeed slept for around an hour. 

You grumbled to yourself as you pushed off of the deceivingly comfy cushions and wrapped your blankets around your shoulders, cocooning yourself in a fleece-filled warmth. You slumped against the arm of the couch and directed a glare to the kitchen where you heard repeated slams of cutlery and pans. 

Almost as if having a lightbulb moment, you recalled the presence of your boyfriend, Kyungsoo, hovering around your apartment. He had been radiating excitement for the better part of the day, anticipating his night to cook. He lived to prepare meals for you both, being able to break away from the criticism of his group members and friends. You would almost always leave the table with a positive opinion and a full stomach. 

You drug your seemingly dead limbs from the sofa and shuffled into the dining area, which was separated from the kitchen by a chest-height bar. You leaned against the granite and watched with furrowed brows as Kyungsoo moved back and forth, a speed you had only seen from him in emergency situations. 

“Good afternoon,” he hummed without bothering to look up. He was busy chopping a carrot with extreme care. 

“Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?” you grumbled, wiping your face with the palm of your hand. You knew the motion had to have been unattractive, but it wasn’t like Kyungsoo was focused on you anyway. 

“Do you want me to look at you as if I feel the intense need to peel you and fry you up with some sesame oil?” he muttered, switching to chopping a cucumber. 

“If it means you love me as much as you love your famous kimchi stir fry…” you pouted, eying the spread he had created over the countertops. “What are you making anyway?” 

“Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap,” he nodded, chopping away happily. After only a few moments of silence he began to sing quietly to himself a tune that sounded oddly like if Wolf had been written to be a funeral march. 

“Do you need any help?” you asked quickly, perking up at the idea that Kyungsoo was making your favorite dish. 

“Depends,” he whispered, finally looking up at you. He bit his lips as he searched your eyes. “Are you going to respect my kitchen?”

“You-Your kitchen?” you stuttered, your eyes growing wide. “This is my apartment.”

“Which houses MY kitchen,” he affirmed, looking down to the cucumbers again. “But I guess you answered my question.”

“Aigoo,” you groaned, stomping your foot. “I’ll humor you. I’ll respect your kitchen.”

“I need humoring like I need a cooking partner,” he mumbled. “Meaning, I don’t.”

“So mean,” you chirped, dropping your blanket onto the floor anyway. You moved into the kitchen, still a bit lethargic from sleeping for so long.

“I don’t think you understand. I was saying I don’t-” he began, casting a casual look over his shoulder toward you. 

“Ooo! Balloon bread!” you gasped, flinging yourself toward the pastries Kyungsoo must have prepared while you were asleep. 

“Yah!” he gasped, spinning and smacking the top of your extended hand with a wooden spoon.  “Look with your eyes, not with your hands!” 

“I actually had planned on investigating with my mouth to be honest.” you chuckled, instinctively securing your hands behind your back. 

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes as he spun, moving to the stove top to begin adding spinach leaves into a pan of boiling water. You made a noise similar to being choked as he turned, finally noticing he had secured your lace and polka dot apron around his waist. Kyungsoo immediately looked to you, death in his eyes. “What?”

“Nothing,” you whispered, tight lipped as you shook your head. This was easily the most adorable thing you had seen in the entirety of your relationship. 

And that was even usurping the moments when he had been surrounded by puppies.

Kyungsoo nodded as he turned back to the stove, paying careful attention to the spinach leaves he had just dropped. You crossed your arms and tilted your head as you watched him, enjoying being a spectator to his focus. 

After he had waited enough time for the leaves to be effectively wilted, he drained the pan and patted the spinach dry. He nodded proudly to himself as he began singing again, this time a jazz rendition of Overdose. 

Kyungsoo continued his methodical work, only looking up after he had pulled out a wok and set it on the stove. He finally smiled at you, the first time since you had appeared from your nap. He jerked his head toward the oven, a silent sign that he wanted you by his side. You attempted to play cool as you crossed the room, letting out a quiet sigh. It took quite some time for your boyfriend to become comfortable with the idea of skin ship, so whenever he beckoned for close contact, you were quick to jump at the opportunity. Much like a cat, his attention would often come on his own terms. 

“You want to help?” he growled, wiggling his brows a bit before a dorky grin filled his face. You couldn’t help but nod at his flirting as he shifted to stand behind you. He placed one hand lightly on your hip while the other found your wrist and gently began to lift it. He placed a wooden spoon in your hand before reaching around and dropping the freshly cut cucumbers and carrots into the wok. 

“Stir it frequently,” he whispered, his voice only centimeters from your ear. You shivered, used to the sound, but not in this setting. You nodded, following his instructions as he began to nibble lightly on your neck, his mouth sliding down from your ear to your shoulder. 

“I’m…I’m stirring,” you stuttered, shivering beneath his touch. You had to remind yourself of your actions or else you would easily forget with the sudden developments Kyungsoo had thrown in. 

After a few moments, he halted his kisses and found his lips beside your ear again. He spoke slowly in a tone that was much more quiet and sultry than usual. “Take those out, good good. Now add some more sesame oil. Yah, just like that. Now ease in the spinach.” 

You nodded along slowly as Kyungsoo’s fingers made soft circles on your hip. “Ah, you’re doing so well jagi.”

You immediately snapped your head up, surprised by the sweet term of endearment that had never left his lips before. 

“Too much?” he winced. You tried to hide a smile, but were quick to shake your head. 

“No, I like it,” you grinned. 

‘Aigoo, watch the spinach,” he chuckled. 

“I’m having more fun watching you to be honest,” you cooed, turning to plant a gentle kiss on his plush lips. 

He hummed into the kiss, closing his eyes before immediately pulling away. His eyes reopened, growing wide with surprise as he looked past you and to the stove. “Helpers don’t cause distractions.”

“Me? Causing a distraction?” you giggled, launching toward him and pinning him against the opposing counter. “Never.”

You immediately placed your lips near his jugular, causing him to release a frustrated groan. Your stomach quickly began to tie itself in knots, traveling lower with every noise that escaped from Kyungsoo’s mouth. 

“Y/N,” he moaned, pulling your waist closer to his. “Y/N”

“Mmm Kyungsoo,” you giggled, moving from the front of his neck to the underside of his jaw. 

“No, really, Y/N,” he muttered, opening an eye. “We’re going to char the spinach.”

“Aish, really Kyungsoo!” you gasped, stepping back and pushing him in the shoulder. He chuckled as he fell back toward the counter, only to push himself from it again and move toward the stove. He moved the spinach from the wok and set it aside. 

“I literally only have the meat left,” he groaned, pouting as he poured more sesame oil into the wok. 

“Remember this when I don’t want to snuggle tonight,” you grumbled, drawing your brows together in frustration. You quickly reached around him to grab at a piece of balloon bread you had originally sought after. You shoved a piece of the baked good into your mouth just as he shot you his patented death glare. 

“You’re going to ruin your dinner,” he muttered, dropping the beef into the wok. 

“Yeah well,” you muttered. “I can think of someone who ruined something else for the sake of spinach…”

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