foot!Ayleen au

i cant wait for the no powers au where blitzen is just magnus’s weird older cousin who has a mom who runs this hippie commune and names his all furniture for no reason 

more on this peter pan au

For this au I’ve imagined Kaworu like he is in the anime or Q, so he’s more elegant and over all has this other-worldly feel to him. But like…his shadow…his shadow is always causing issues and getting into trouble. 

So basically Kaworu Nagisa is Peter Pan and Karl is his shadow

So, the other night I had a dream where everything that could go wrong for the turtles did go wrong- Leo was a member of the Foot, Donnie was turned into a monster by Bishop and used as a weapon, Mikey died, and Raph was left alone with one eye.

I guess you could call this an AU! As you can see, there are four turtles drawn! That’s because it was revealed that Mikey fakes his own death (he almost was dead, though), and it’s now up to him to reunite his bros.