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I feel like the marauders in different houses is a thing we should imagine more, like

Ravenclaw marauders, in oversized denim jackets, being too invested in the affect of planetary movements, chunky woolen jumpers layered over crisp shirts, each prank having a full sized blueprint, framed and hung up in the boys dorm ‘for the aesthetic’.

Slytherin marauders, constantly correcting the pratts who thought that they HAD to be evil to be in Slytherin, making Unbreakable Vows over the stupidest things, stashing cigarettes behind the statues that most resembled Snivellus, all getting tattoos one night of their nicknames .

Hufflepuff marauders, rallying students to join their protests concerning the state of the greenhouses, holding extracurricular muggle clubs like cooking and art, obviously sneaking into the kitchens right next to the common room whenever one of their mates was troubled, and I mean any mate, in any house, because they in no way went along with the bullshit idea that friendships across houses are wrong.

Yeah I just love considering this stuff.
From Friend to Foe

It’s been five months since the Shredder took Ayleen in, having found her dark side to be of some use to him. The crumbled figure that once cried alone in an alley was brought up to be a fierce kunoichi. With the promise of being set free from the parasite within her, Ayleen followed each and every command without hesitation. Xever and Rahzar often push her buttons as to see just how far off they are in successfully bringing Sana into full control. To manipulate her into thinking that they were helping, when in fact they were just trying to reach the weapon within her. 

As she trained and practice her new fighting techniques against some Foot Bots, Shredder watched on, catching glimpses of the green light coming from her eyes as she smashed the droids into the wall. 

“Hey! Take it easy- I just fixed the wall yesterday.” Xever mumbled over at the enraged girl. “NO, I will not take it easy, I will destroy each and every one of these and all those who stand in my way..” A sinister smirk curled up the sides of her lips, revealing the curved teeth of Sana. Shredder’s booming voice brought her to a halt. 

“You have greatly improved.. Though I still can see the weak girl I found crying in the alley.” Ayleen gritted her teeth as she kept her head down, clenching her hands into fists. “..I am no longer that girl Master Shredder.. I have changed-” Her words were interrupted by the metallic steps of his approach. 

“Then prove it to me.. Show me that you are worthy of holding the Foot Clan’s name.” His chilling aura kept her silent, a small nod was all she can manage as the dark leader smirked behind his mask. “Bring me the turtles.. Dead or alive it makes no difference, as long as Hamato Yoshi comes looking for them, I will grant you your wish of release from Sana.”

No more spying on them, no more deceiving them. Her used-to-be friends will finally see her as someone to take seriously, because the consequences will be fatal if thought otherwise. “Yes Master Shredder..”


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For the field day, the point guards all run the 100m run and it's a fucking mess because as soon as Hanamiya sees Imayoshi running VERY close to him he just turns and bolts in the opposite direction. Akashi ankle breaks Takao and Takao just rolls over laughing because "thIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN" Akashi purposely let's Furi pass him but Furi really doesn't need help because he's literally one of the fastest there. Kasamatsu and Fukui jump Izuki when he wins beCAUSE HE DOESNT DESERVE WINNING

I love everything here, but I have to disagree with Izuki being the over all winner.  Kasamatsu is the speediest here and like hell he’s gonna let some first year (Furihata) or some second year (Izuki) outrun him.  He zips all the way to the finish line and Haykawa and Kise try to carry him around on their shoulders in celebration.  Izuki and Furihata tie for second and Izuki nearly cries because he’s so proud that his point guard protegee is keeping up with the best of them.  Furihata doesn’t have the heart to tell him that he’d been running so quickly because Akashi was just behind him and he’d been scared stiff.

Some time back at home
  • Makishima:I think I can be quite skilled at cooking
  • Choe:*laughs* oh yea?
  • Makishima:Yes I mean I am already skilled with knifes and razors. . .*takes out some onions to cut*
  • Choe:Be careful with that
  • Makishima:Eh? Why are my eyes watery did something went in
  • Choe:wait what NO DONT RUB YOUR EYES
  • Makishima:MY EYES
  • Choe:OMG

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         DARE HE ATTEMPT TO STROKE OPEN PALM ( or angled wrist )
cross ink, blotted facets & risk immense possibility of wiping marker
         even more so over otherwise fair complexion? No ; he’d much more
         favour disguising himself in tight, austere scowl ( though when
         illustrated with comical, feline attributes earnestness flees very rapidly ).