foosball tables

some of the pranks green day has pulled on other bands
  • kaiser chiefs: green day brings an entire jazz band onto the stage during their set.
  • prima donna: crashes their set with toilet paper, confetti, booze, and costumes. also filled their dressing with smoke and confetti.
  • franz ferdiand: gets a bunch of random guys to play bagpipes onstage to while wearing kilts. also toilet paper flies everywhere.
  • jet: green day goes onstage dressed up as animals with a bunch of male strippers. the male strippers start taking their clothes off onstage.
  • the bravery: popcorn, mascots, male strippers, and toilet paper everywhere. the bravery actually got revenge on green day by “recreating” woodstock 94 and having mud flying around during their set.
  • rise against: tre cool brings a foosball table onstage and starts playing it with the band members during their show.
  • billy talent: tre cool gets the sound people to create a loud bang during the song “rusted from the rain”. the entire band gets really scared but then laugh after realizing it was tre pranking them.
  • paramore: same thing as billy talent. tre cool creates an unexpected explosion. 
  • 30 seconds to mars: this was at a music festival so they weren’t even technically playing with green day but tre (obviously) decided to prank them anyways. he goes onstage dressed up as jared leto and starts banging cymbals while dancing around the stage.
  • afi: green day comes onstage in the middle of their set dressed in animal mascot costumes.
  • my chemical romance: had a huge garbage bag full of popcorn above the stage that opened during mcr’s set, covering everything with popcorn. every time gerard way tried to say something into his microphone, a loud explosion would interrupt him. green day then proceeds to come onstage, fighting each other with light sabers.
  • jimmy eat world: green day would randomly set off concussion light blasts in the middle of songs.
  • the interrupters: green day crashed their set while in costume and tried blindfolding all the band members and putting tape over their mouths while the interrupters were trying to sing. 

there are more but these are some of my favourite ones. this band is honestly out of control.


Eternal Forest Prep School – residential, 30x40 lot,
no cc

From the top:
Third floor: principal’s office and a tiny apartment (a bedroom with a bathroom)
Second floor: 3 bedrooms, 2 communal bathrooms, common room (foosball, chess, cards table), study corner.
First floor: cafeteria, art room, auditorium, two classrooms (science and general one). Outside: tennis court (lol) and a tiny woodworking/gardening corner.
Basement: swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and more bathrooms. I also put a microscope there – you can add more rooms there, e.g. for a photo studio etc.

There are 7 double beds on the lot, but you can easily fit the 8th – e.g. you can just delete the „ballet barre” thingy or a closet in one of the bedrooms.

This lot was build with Boarding School Challenge in mind – to use it with Zerbu’s Go to School (High School) mod, you’d have to add at least a telescope (and change the venue type).

Eternal Forest Prep is in the Gallery, tagged with #simmingstuff

site-specific issues: 1. Chalet Gardens lot – the objects placed on the right side of the front stairs (mailbox, hedges etc.) get either deleted or moved to the tennis court o_O. 2. 30x40 lot next to the Goths – one of the benches next to the tennis court keeps disappearing – the right one if you place the lot in Edit World and the left one if you place it in the Build Mode (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. No issues with other 30x40/40x30 lots.


Bohemian Bar (Bar)

Download .7z

A bar for The Sims 4. Two bathrooms, one bar, foosball tables, dartboards, gaming and chess tables, a fountain and outdoor DJ booth. §94184 on a 30x20 lot.

CC free. Contains resized objects and objects placed with the moveobjects cheat.

Requires the following packs or expansions:
Outdoor Retreat | Get To Work | Perfect Patio Stuff | Spa Day | Cool Kitchen Stuff | Get Together | Movie Hangout Stuff | Romantic Garden Stuff | Dine Out | Kids Room Stuff | Backyard Stuff

anonymous asked:

How about a scenario of GOM + Himuro + Takao and their s/o going together for a typical teenage house party? (:

[i have this weird headcanon that kuroko refuses to drink anything but WKD]

Aomine Daiki: Aomine heads straight for the booze - much to your exasperation. Forty minutes later and after a few drinks of your own, you’re both crashed on the couch, singing along loudly to songs despite not knowing all the lyrics.  Two hours later, he has you pinned up against a bathroom door with roaming hands and rushing fingers, ready to have his way with you.

Kise Ryouta: Everyone at the party is super excited that the famous Kise Ryouta is there, so the first half of the evening is spent chasing fangirls off your boyfriend. However, things settle down later in the evening, and when the foosball table is set up, you and Kise team up to play against others. 

Midorima Shintaro: Midorima is not impressed with the house party, but tolerates it for your sake. After a bit of coaxing, he agrees to participate in a game of beer pong and finds it surprisingly fun; his perfect accuracy in shooting results in loss after loss for the other team. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara doesn’t express any interest at the party for anything other than the bags of doritoes on the table and watching you dance in time to the music. He sits close to the table the whole time in order to hog all the food - only moving to cuddle with you on the couch when you and your friends decide to put a scary movie on.

Kuroko Tetsuya: You arrive at the party hand in hand with Kuroko, and for once people greet him without being surprised at his seemingly sudden appearance, much to his delight. Like a shadow, he remains by your side the whole night; you can tell by the small smile on his face that he is enjoying himself. 

Akashi Seijuro: Akashi doesn’t care for house parties at all, but he tags along with you since you insisted. The loud music makes him irritable, and he gives the cold shoulder to anyone who even tries to get close to him. Whilst he is secretly please that you’re having a good time, he keeps a close eye out for any potential trouble - ready to protect you in case anything happens. 

Himuro Tatsuya: You go a little overboard with the drinking at this party - much to your embarrassment and his amusement the next day - and it’s Himuro who holds your hair back as you lean over the toilet to puke your guts out, gently stroking your back the whole time. 

Takao Kazunari: The party is already in full swing by the time you and Takao arrive, and Takao wastes no time in joining in. After a few rounds of poker, you ban him from playing anymore drinking games due to his low alcohol tolerance and inability to maintain a poker face. You spend the rest of the evening playing GTA 5 with him on the host’s xbox. 

A list of things that I have noticed in Adrien Agreste’s two-story room
1. Three large computer monitor screens
2. A large flat screen TV above the computer screens
3. A king sized bed next to the computer area
4. Two half pipe ramps and a railing???
5. Half of a basketball court???
6. A climbing wall that ends like six feet above the ground with no cushioning like Adrien pls no you’ll fall
7. A two wall library with two more screens????
8. Foosball table
9. A big sofa
10. Maybe there is ANOTHER TV in front of the sofa there probably is
11. Three arcade games
12. One of the arcade games is Dance Dance Revolution gosh what a nerd
13. Trophies (maybe from more sports)

Check Please characters as shit me and my friends did while dorming in Europe
  • bitty: friends jokingly shove serbian money down his pants while he dances and he just fucking keeps it bc it may be worth nothing but fuck it hes broke
  • jack: buys alcohol with the express purpose of getting wasted and watching disney movies in the living room
  • shitty: falls asleep behind the bar in the dorms and is only found the next morning bc of the box of mcnuggets on the counter and bc someone heard him snoring
  • lardo: [to the residence director who's on vacation] “the plants are dead, the students are dead, and i joined a gang”
  • holster: lays on the counter and attempts to sing "happy birthday, mister president"
  • ransom: bursts into the lobby yelling and then slides across the floor and nearly takes off the legs of a foosball table
  • nursey: slaps someone's ass and falls over on the way down
  • dex: swears he’s straight and that guys are gross but has drunkenly made out with at least 3 guys over the course of 2 months
  • chowder: [talking about someone making annoying smacking noises] “are they chewing gum or chewing dick I CANT TAKE IT”
  • tango: gets challeneged by dorm director to a foosball match in order to see who has to do the dishes
  • whiskey: latin dances to every song no matter what it is

My friend and I analyzed Adrien’s room. God he is such a dweeb!

-Has a basketball court.
-Has a skateboard ramp?
-Has a rock climbing wall? (probably for training for scaling buildings.)
- 3 computer monitors. (boy probably has Ladybug wallpapers on each one.)
- A Tv above his computer? (You think it would be in front of the couch.)

- The boy has DDR. (Does that even need a comment?)
- Arcade machines and a foosball table.
- A library with monitors?



C: “Everytime I come back home there’s always, like, a new gift. It’s like he’s bribing me to stay there.”
- “He got me a foosball table recently. well it’s not really mine but he bought it for us both.”
J: “It’s yours until we move out and then-”

Int: *talks about breaking up with roommate prank* (to joe) Did you believe it at first?

basically every time Caspar goes away Joe just randomly buys him gifts for when he comes back like IMAGINE JOE AT THE MALL OR SOMETHING AND THEN HE SEES SOMETHING COOL AND GOES “Oh caspar would really like that” AND THEN HE JUST GOES AND BUYS IT AND SURPRISES CASPAR WITH IT I AM SO HURT


Season 1, prompt fic – Felicity and Tommy’s secret friendship makes Oliver jealous. 

“Owned” also at AO3

by Olicity Smoaky  

“Get ready to get owned!” Felicity shifted her head back and forth, lips pursed, taunting Tommy Merlyn. They stood across from one another in a face-off at Big Belly Burger’s foosball table.  Status of the pair: Assistant and best friend to one Oliver Queen–friendship casual, one single, one taken.

“Keep dreamin’, Smoak,” said Tommy, flipping and twisting the handles of the table game with confidence.

Felicity met him aim for aim. She was fast and clever—strategically watching for the ball as she blocked a healthy amount of Tommy’s moves. The score was close, but in the end, with a smooth flick of her wrist, Felicity beat the billionaire playboy. “So owned!”

“I demand a rematch,” Tommy insisted.

“No way,” said Felicity, chest puffed out with pride. “Forget it. I am champion.”

“Rematch, Smoak. It’s only fair because I’m pretty sure you cheated.”

Felicity laughed at her friend – her secret friend rather. Her boss—partner-in-crime—vigilante-she-believed-in, who happened to be Tommy’s best friend, had no idea that Felicity and Tommy knew each other at all. They’d both decided he would react brutishly and possessively and ruin the fun of their simple friendship. “How exactly do you come to that conclusion?”

“Rematch,” he repeated.

“Forget it.” Felicity did not like the look twinkling in Tommy’s eyes. Before she could react, he darted around the table to chase her, and soon caught her in a tickle, demanding that she give in. She screeched with laughter, finally giggling an, “Okay, okay,” when –

The restaurant door chimed and Oliver walked in. Felicity spotted him first, eyes wide.  “Oliver!” She extracted herself from Tommy’s arms to meet Oliver’s hard eyes.

Oliver stood there for a moment like a bucket of ice water had been thrown in his face. His eyebrows gravitated toward each other as he cocked his head to the side. The clearing of his throat sailed clear across the restaurant before he strode over to them, brows now plunged high on his forehead. “What’s this?” he asked, gesturing his hand between the two of them when he came close.

“Just playin’ foosball, man,” said Tommy with a light chuckle though Felicity could tell he was worried about what Oliver might say or do next due to the nervous foot-shuffling he’d taken up.

“I see,” Oliver replied in a clipped tone.

“I know you don’t want to join us,” Tommy continued, his false non-chalance flowing out with better ease.

“I didn’t know you knew each other,” Oliver went on boring his iron stare into his best friend’s eyes.

“Guess you learn something new every day,” quipped Tommy, folding his arms across his chest.

“I guess you do,” Oliver responded, jaw tight. He held Tommy’s gaze for a brief moment before locking on Felicity. His blue eyes were even stormier and more intense than usual. Felicity had no idea why he was reacting like this—well, she did have an idea because there was an obvious reason she and Tommy had kept it from him, and— She stopped herself. Head babbling usually led to slips of the tongue, and right now, she had a feeling she needed to measure her words carefully and release them casually.

“Felicity, can I talk to you for a second?” Oliver asked, his jaw flexing through its tightness. It made her home in on the light stubble that covered it and led down a small portion of his neck. He’d trimmed it recently, so it was just the right amount. She longed to run the tips of her fingers against it, but clipped off that train of thought.

“Oliver, we’re about to start another game,” she said. “We don’t want to lose the table.”

His eyes stayed on her, not bothering to note hardly anyone else was there to take said table, he looped his arm through hers and said, “It’ll only take a second.” He pulled her to the far end of the restaurant where the small hallway leading to the restrooms began.

Felicity rolled her eyes as he let go of her arm. “Oliver, what is wrong with you?”

“Nothing. I just… What are you doing here with Tommy?” he said, his voice vibrating on a low growl. “The guy has a reputation for a reason.”

His face was close, his eyes intense, and he smelled so damn good—like spice and soap and manhood. Her heart flipped as he licked his lips. Why did he have to do that all the time? Why did he have to be so intense and so damn hot? “We’re friends, that’s it,” she said firmly, keeping herself together. She breathed in to break out of her haze more surely then lifted her chin. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a rematch to partake in.” She strode over to where Tommy stood waiting with a knowing smirk on his face. She turned to see Oliver shooting him a death glare and coming up behind her.

Felicity rubbed her hands together. “All right, let’s get this party started. You ready?”

Tommy shrugged, going around back to his side of the game table. Oliver stood there, just glaring. He really couldn’t be that jealous. Tommy wasn’t that bad. Felicity resisted the urge to go over to Oliver, grab his face and make him look at her hard enough and long enough that he would melt. She’d tried it a few times when he’d come back to the foundry, shaking with rage. She did it because she knew he needed it, and it always worked. But this wasn’t as serious as taking out a villain. This was just Felicity and a platonic friend having fun. Oliver needed to get over this on his own. He could be so irrational and possessive sometimes.

“So, I thought you had a date with McKenna tonight,” Tommy said as they started the game. “What are you doing here?”

“I do have a date with her, but…” He trailed off. “I’m thinking about canceling. I was going to do some work here and have her meet me later, but— I think I’ll join you guys.”

“You wanna play next?” Felicity asked. Maybe if he played, he’d relax.

But Tommy laughed. “He doesn’t play foosball. Swore it off when we were kids after I annihilated him.”

“You had that machine rigged,” complained Oliver.

“He’s more of a pinball kind of guy,” Tommy declared.

“I can see that,” replied Felicity off Oliver’s still stony look, trying to get him to lighten up. Oliver blinked at her. She sputtered, “Targets and all that. You’re good at that, not that I would know you’re good at that. I mean, I just started working for you and we’re new friends—not old ones like you and Tommy— so I don’t know too much about your personal life or your skills, but I mean you seem like you’d be a good shot, so—” She stopped herself before going on, focusing on the game as heat flushed up her neck. She almost let Tommy get the better of her but with a flick of her wrist she stopped his ball.

“What unlike me?” Tommy asked.

“You seem to be pretty good a shooting something,” Oliver said. Felicity gasped when she spared him a glance. He wasn’t looking at Tommy like she’d expected. He was studying her, searching her face, like he was trying to figure something out.

“Relax, Ollie. We’re just friends.”

At that, Oliver stiffened and looked at Tommy. “I should hope so.” He pulled up a stool and sat at the side of foosball table, arms folded.

“What are you doing?” Tommy asked.


Tommy shook his head as they finished the game. Felicity beat him again. “I can’t believe you, Smoak.”

“I am just purely awesome in every way,” replied Felicity. “Thought you’d know that by now.”

Oliver cleared his throat. “So, tell me how you two just happened to meet?”

Tommy filled in, “We met here about a month ago. I saw her dancing around the foosball table, looking like she was aching for a game. Then we started talking and realized who the other was.”

“So you talked about me?” Oliver asked.

“A little at first, then we found out we had other things in common,” Tommy replied.

“Aren’t you dating my ex-girlfriend, Tommy?” asked Oliver.

“Like I told you. We are just friends, relax.”

Oliver brushed his hand down his face then pinched his chin with a small grunt. “Fine. Whatever. I’m going to order some food. You guys hungry?”

“We ate already,” Felicity supplied with regret. She loved sharing meals with him. He usually softened when he ate, opened up a bit.

Oliver frowned. “Oh.”

“But I will take a mint chocolate chip shake,” she said, grinning.

Oliver nodded once, not bothering to ask Tommy if he wanted a shake or dessert, and walked to the counter.

When he was out of earshot, Tommy barked a laugh. “That guy is so gone on you, it’s not even funny.”

Felicity rolled her eyes. “Yeah right.”

“Yeah, exactly. I’m so incredibly right.”

Oliver looked back to her from his place in line in a way that made her blush. Even if Tommy was on point, which in a million years she could not fathom he was—well, maybe she couldn’t if Oliver wasn’t staring at her the way he was right now—her favorite brooding vigilante would never admit it. Would he? Her pulse quickened and her chest tingled as images—Oliver embracing her, cupping her face, kissing her with wild abandon—filled her brain.

“Earth to Felicity. Hello!” Tommy waved his hand in front of her. When she snapped out of her reverie, she found him laughing even harder. “You two are pathetic.”

“What are you talking about?” She blushed.

“But you should be careful. I think the guy thinks he owns you or something,” said Tommy.

“He does not. He’s just protective. Like a big–” Ew. No. He wasn’t like her big brother. No. He was Oliver. Her Oliver. That was it. “Friend.”

Tommy pressed his lips together then nodded once. “Yep, I so own this one,” he quipped then headed to an open booth. “You comin’?”

She sighed and followed Tommy as she saw Oliver finishing up his order.

When Oliver joined them at the table, he slid in next to Felicity. “So, just friends?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Tommy just laughed. “You two are completely hopeless.”

Oliver frowned looking between Tommy and Felicity. Felicity shrugged, willing the heat in her neck to stop its damn assault on her skin. “Ignore him, and let’s eat,” she said as the waitress appeared with Oliver’s order.

Oliver gave Felicity her mint-chip chocolate shake and waited for her to take her first sip before taking a bite of his food. “Good?”

She nodded. “Thanks.”

He grinned. Now that Oliver knew about her friendship with Tommy, she felt better. She hated keeping secrets from him. He was after all one of the most important people in her life, and she wouldn’t know what she’d do if she’d lost him. And maybe Tommy was right, but not in the way he was implying. She and Oliver did belong to each other, but in a different way. They were becoming a team, each other’s confidants, and support. They were becoming Oliver and Felicity, whatever that meant. She reached over and plucked a fry out of Oliver’s basket. She expected him to protest or tease her, but he only grinned wider and pushed the basket closer to her. They stared at each other for she didn’t know how long, but when she looked up, she noticed Tommy had gone. “Where’d he go?”

“Who?” asked Oliver, still looking at her.

“Tommy,” she said, her voice barely a whisper.

“Don’t know,” he said, his voice nearly as soft as hers.

“And don’t care?” She laughed, unable to look away.

“And don’t care,” he confirmed.

“Right,” she said, laughing, her hand reaching for a fry. His fingers twitched as her forefinger and thumb hovered over them to grab a particularly crunchy one.


He looked down then cleared his throat. “You know I’m okay with you being friends with Tommy. I just want you to be safe.”

“I know.”

They finished eating in harmony then talked softly until the Big Belly Burger lights went dim. Then he walked her home.

The Hot Seat: Once Upon a Time bosses answer your burning questions

Could Emma have just put half her heart in Hook’s corpse after he died to revive him?

Have we seen the last of the DarkSwan house?
KITSIS: You mean Emma’s new house? No. That is her new home. It is no longer going to be housing Excalibur in the basement. Maybe she’ll put in a foosball table. That is very much her place.

Is there a meaning behind the nursery in Emma’s house in the Underworld?  
KITSIS: The meaning is, like when Rumple goes to his shop and we see a lot of the things from his past are there in his face, it’s the past coming back to haunt you. We did it visually to remind Emma of that time, here’s the nursery she never got to live in.

Will there be more Emma and Regina team-ups using magic?
KITSIS: Absolutely.

Will Henry’s job as the author play a role in the finale?

Will we ever see Henry’s younger years prior to the book?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Could Henry still be Rumple’s undoing?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Is there any hope that the character who is dying this season will come back?
KITSIS: There is always a chance. You know, you never die in flashbacks.

In the aftermath of the funeral, will the Charming-Mills family bind together even tighter?
HOROWITZ: Or the reverse could happen.

Could the death cause Regina to revert back to the Evil Queen?
KITSIS: Oooh, good question. Can’t say. The reason we can’t is because we can’t say there’s been a death.

Was it originally planned for Regina to face more of her victims in the Underworld?
KITSIS: No. For us, we liked the idea that she had to get closure with her family. We loved having the victims that were there go up. A bunch of villagers we’ve never met before we didn’t think was as interesting as putting her in an arc with her sister, mom, and dad.

Will we ever explore Snow White’s dynamic with her mother again?
KITSIS: Maybe.
HOROWITZ: It would be next season.

Been loving Snow and Charming in 5B. Will we get to see more of them on adventures together?
HOROWITZ: We would sure hope so. We’d love to have many more adventures with Snow and Charming being adventuresome.
KITSIS: We would really love next season to see Snow and Charming in full adventure mode.
HOROWITZ: It would be great to see more of the Bandit Snow and Charming, and some of the swashbuckling romantic stuff that we started with the two of them. So for sure, we’re totally on board for that.

Will we see Killian and David working together?
KITSIS: Only if he’s alive.

Will Zeus play a part in saving Hook from the Underworld?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will we see the Jolly Roger again before the end of the season?
KITSIS: Next season.
HOROWITZ: If Hook is alive.
KITSIS: If Hook’s alive, sure, but next season we might show the Jolly Roger, like Emma could take it and sail the world in sadness.
HOROWITZ: It could be they use it and open a restaurant it on it.
KITSIS: Leroy could move into it for a houseboat, you never know, but I like you trying to trick us.

Does Rumple have the capacity to care more about his unborn child than his power?
KITSIS: That is the question of next season.

Will Belle ever wear her wedding ring again?
KITSIS: Only if Rumple can win her heart back.

Will the sleeping curse have any adverse effects on Belle or her baby?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will Belle still be pregnant at the end of the season?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Any chance to meet Rumple’s mother?
HOROWITZ: We should.
KITSIS: We would like to.
HOROWITZ: It would be next season.

Will we find out Baby Hood’s name soon?
KITSIS: This weekend. This. Weekend.

Will we see any kind of Robin backstory finally?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will there be an engagement in the last few episodes of season 5?

Will there be a time jump this season?
HOROWITZ: No. Only in that time moves forward.

Will the innocent souls in the river like Aunt Em and Milah ever be released?
KITSIS: I would watch this weekend.

Will we see what happens to the Underworld if everyone solves their unfinished business?
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Have we seen the last of Cruella?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say, but we hope not. We love Cruella.

Will we see more of Ruby and Dorothy?
KITSIS: Not this season, and that’s based on actor availability and scheduling, not a desire to not show them.
HOROWITZ: We absolutely wanted to see them more this season.
KITSIS: Meghan [Ory] is the lead on a new series, so we were not, unfortunately, able to bring her back this year, but we’d love to see her again next season should the actress make herself available.
HOROWITZ: It was our intention to include them in this end run of episodes, but scheduling got in the way. We hope to be able to include them next season.

Will we get to see what happened to Lily and Maleficent and who Lily’s dad is?
HOROWITZ: Next season. Oh yeah, we’ll have plans. You’ll see, hopefully they’ll be great.
KITSIS: I’ll say this, we hear the fans. We know what stories you feel like we’ve dropped, and we’ve got an episode for you next year.
HOROWITZ: We’ve got some plans to try to address many of those things next season.

Will we get to see the Camelot story wrapped up with Arthur and Guinevere​?

Will we ever see Aladdin or Jasmine on the show?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.
KITSIS: Can’t say.

Will we ever get a musical episode?
KITSIS: Can’t say.
HOROWITZ: We’ll never say never, but can’t say.
KITSIS: That will be based on time and someone knowing how to do a musical, and I can tell you the two of us do not.

Are we going to see what happened with Will and Anastasia someday?
KITSIS: Someday! Maybe right around when we see Lily and Maleficent.

Are the new guys considered to be past authors like Henry?

Will season 6 be set in Storybrooke, or are there other realms to visit?
KITSIS: Storybrooke. I will say that the finale is unlike the ones that we’ve done before. It will not be an alternate reality, and next year will not follow the same pattern that we’ve always done. Just when you think you’ve got us, we’re going to change it again.


please look at these

  1. A contestant named Nicole goes inside of a video game and has to jump over virtual rats in an attempt to win a set of encyclopedias. Host Phil Moore makes no attempt to convince her that it isn’t worth the trouble.
  2. Contestants Tavis, Michelle, Megan, and Kris mumble their way through some radical smalltalk with Phil Moore before facing off in the Video Zone. Kris chokes on Alpha Mission 2 and Megan still hasn’t forgiven him.
  3. Joshua and Barbara are on the Yellow Team today and they plan on playing as dirty as it takes to win that foosball table. Joshua knows it’s wrong to bite people, but that hasn’t stopped him before.
  4. This does not necessarily speak to the content of this episode, but host Phil Moore wears a tremendous sweater in this episode. The pattern is mesmerizing and the cut is ahead of its time.
  5. Which Game Wizard will these kids face in the Video Zone today? Merlock? Scorchia? Mongo? Or perhaps the underappreciated Wizard of Soul responsible for this program’s synthesizer soundtrack?
  6. Today we’re jamming on games like Star Defenders, Stinky Sphinx, and everyone’s favorite, Guess If These Contestants Currently Have Any Recollection Of Actually Appearing On This Show.
  7. Host Phil Moore wears a shirt so baggy that a sharp gust would send him sailing into the sky. The contestants go inside a video game, where they are required to put on helmets and kneepads so they can safely steal digital bananas from virtual monkeys.

that’s just season one. season two is even better because each episode’s title just describes phil moore’s outfit

Captain Swan - The Hot Seat

Could Emma have just put half her heart in Hook’s corpse after he died to revive him?

Have we seen the last of the DarkSwan house?
KITSIS: You mean Emma’s new house? No. That is her new home. It is no longer going to be housing Excalibur in the basement. Maybe she’ll put in a foosball table. That is very much her place. 

Is there a meaning behind the nursery in Emma’s house in the Underworld?
KITSIS: The meaning is, like when Rumple goes to his shop and we see a lot of the things from his past are there in his face, it’s the past coming back to haunt you. We did it visually to remind Emma of that time, here’s the nursery she never got to live in.

Will we see Killian and David working together?
KITSIS: Only if he’s alive.

Will Zeus play a part in saving Hook from the Underworld?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say.

Will we see the Jolly Roger again before the end of the season?
KITSIS: Next season.
HOROWITZ: If Hook is alive.
KITSIS: If Hook’s alive, sure, but next season we might show the Jolly Roger, like Emma could take it and sail the world in sadness.
HOROWITZ: It could be they use it and open a restaurant it on it.
KITSIS: Leroy could move into it for a houseboat, you never know, but I like you trying to trick us

Will there be an engagement in the last few episodes of season 5?

Millennials: Love Them or Let Them Go
Managers like to complain that twentysomething workers won’t stay put in a job for long. But for employers, is that a problem or an opportunity?
By Lindsay Gellman

Hooray for WSJ for writing ANOTHER piece on how flimsy and noncommittal Millennials are, with their foosball tables and in-office beer kegs. But here’s the reality: 

In the past decade, we experienced one of the worst economic recessions the U.S. has ever faced. At the same time, we’ve seen a steady rise in private business deregulation and declaration of the rights of corporations. More states are becoming right-to-work, collapsing unions and their ability to protect workers from corporate choices. 

Scott Walker even wants to take it national, as a key part of his 2016 presidential run.

Many task-based jobs, the ones that would only (maybe) require a high school diploma, have shifted overseas, because corporations are trying to cut costs by not following our already bare-bones minimum wage laws. 

So, you’ve got a generation of young adults who are college educated, so they can work, and would ideally like to perform the tasks they studied for years and paid thousands of dollars for.

Combine all of that, what do you end up with? 

An employer class that does not promote or sustain an environment of long-term job growth. Where cutbacks and layoffs leave employees feeling unsettled, unsure if they’ll have their same job in six months. Where salaries and pay raises aren’t enough to combat the surging cost of living; especially in urban areas, where most of these jobs are located. 

Where employees have to turn to the government to help with medical care, because corporations don’t want to foot the bill. 

If employers want Millennials to stay in their companies for five, 10 or 30+ years, they need to do more than complain and add a foosball table. They need to create office environments where employees can thrive. They need to prioritize job satisfaction over budgetary shortcuts. 

Above all, they need to value their workers. Because right now, they’re just using them. So, they can’t get mad when Millennials use them back.