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Danish artist and cabinetmaker Benjamin Nordsmark designed and built this awesome interactive Labyrinth Table, a glass-topped wooden coffee table that contains an elaborate labyrinth and six miniature metal figurines. The table contains a steel core that’s covered in 5mm of maple wood. The metal figures are manipulated using magnetic knobs on the underside of the table. It’s foosball for puzzle enthusiasts

Click here to watch a brief video demonstration and get a closer look at this wonderful table.

[via Colossal and My Modern Metropolis]


**Zayn Malik Imagine**

Imagine playing Foosball with Zayn.

Zayn: If I win I get a kiss.

You: Deal!


Zayn: I guess I get a kiss babe.

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Foosball Coffee Table

Imagine waking up in the morning, making a cup of coffee and starting your day with a game of foosball on your very own coffee table! The Foosball Coffee Table (by Chicago Gaming) is made from solid hardwood, plays just like any other foosball table and even comes with score counters on either side of the table. A fun and unique addition to any living room.