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Foos… ball on the go

Everyone likes foosball, but once you put a table down in one spot it’s never moving again. Kartoni found a solution to this, creating a cardboard foosball table that has the original dimensions of a pub table football (yes, there are official dimensions). The table is compact, as the wooden ball and foosball handles all fit into the folded up cardboard box when you’re on the go. The table can be put together in minutes without glue, screws, or any additional tools. However, an additional feature is a built-in speaker for an iPhone, which seems a little like having an outlet for a Macbook Pro if you live in a cardboard box.

Also, everything is made from 100% recycled materials, so the gods of sustainability approve. You can get Kartoni's “I love to kick table” here, and it’s actually pretty affordable… because it’s made out of cardboard. [Posted by Eric]


**Zayn Malik Imagine**

Imagine playing Foosball with Zayn.

Zayn: If I win I get a kiss.

You: Deal!


Zayn: I guess I get a kiss babe.

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