**Zayn Malik Imagine**

Imagine playing Foosball with Zayn.

Zayn: If I win I get a kiss.

You: Deal!


Zayn: I guess I get a kiss babe.

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Nuevo Trailer Oficial de Metegol “Underdogs” en inglés

New “Underdogs” Official Trailer

Arte Conceptual / Concept Art

Sabemos bien que para toda película animada se necesita de mucho talento para crear a los personajes, los escenarios, objetos y TODO lo que vemos en ellas. Por supuesto, antes del resultado final, es necesario el diseño de todo esto.

Estas piezas son solamente algunas de las muchas que hizo Mariano Epelbaum, Director de Arte y Creador de Personajes para Metegol.

We know that for every animated movie, a lot of talent is needed to create the characters, the settings, objects and ALL we see in them. Of course, before the final result, they have to be designed.

These pictures are only some of the many that Mariano Epelbaum, Art Director and Character Designer for Foosball did.

Además, Nelson Luty como Director de Arte y Diseñador de Fondos.

Also, Nelson Luty as Art Director and Background Designer.

Y entre muchos otros, también se encuentra Leandro SzulmanIlustrador y Artista Conceptual.

And among many others, Leandro SzulmanIllustrator and Concept Artist

“Metegol” wins best animated film at Goya Awards

02-16-2014 12:28 BJT
The Goya Awards are the equivalent to the Oscars, celebrating quality in the country’s cinema every year. The prize-giving ceremony has recently taken place in Madrid, and this year Argentinian animated feature “Metegol”, or “Foosball”, has won best animated film.
Argentina’s animated story about a foosball team that comes to life in an epic adventure took home the prize for best animated film at Spain’s Goya Awards this year.
The film’s Argentinian director celebrated the win, and says he hopes more are to follow.
“It made me very happy and very excited about it but I always try to keep a cautious modesty, if you will, about winning an award because I don’t want to feel very sad if I lose it. That’s my philosophy.” Juan Campanella, Director said.
This is Campanella’s second Goya Award after “The Secret in Their Eyes” won Best Spanish Language Foreign Film in 2010. “Foosball,” broke ticket sales records in Argentina with its July 2013 opening under its original title in Spanish, “Metegol.”
The British version of the film is set to open in the UK this summer with Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint as the lead, Amadeo.
“I think it’ll be great for families and the summer holidays will love. We’ve got such a great cast, we’ve got Rupert Grint, we’ve got Rob Brydon, these are really great character actors and they’ve done a fabulous job. So, I think it is going to be very very successful. I hope, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.” David Bergess, Producer said.
With an estimated budget of $21 million dollars, “Metegol” is the most expensive Argentinian movie ever made. The film has been sold to be distributed in some 70 countries since opening last year.
Campanella says it was important to him to make a children’s film with a positive message for kids, like his son.
“I have a six-year-old son that I was worried because all the things that he sees from cartoons and TV and all that is this mentality of winners and losers. That winning is the important thing, the loser is an insult now and that you have to win at all costs, the result is what matters. Basically, we wanted to say, the main thing that we wanted to say to kids since we talk to them like parents and they don’t listen to us but maybe through a movie they will is that it’s not important just to win but how you win is important and sometimes it’s better to lose than to win, depending on the circumstances.” Juan Campanella said.
The film is the director’s first animated feature.
The idea for the film was inspired from writer Roberto Fontanarrosa’s short story, “Memoirs of a Right Wing”.