James Rodriguez’ entry was nothing short of a high school chick flick.

As all high school flicks begin, we have a new kid. Enter James.

He just wants to fit in with the rest of the school. That’s all he ever wanted; to blend in.

However, it’s never really that simple, is it? As James was minding his own business, he laid eyes on the big player, Cris. 

Now, Cris was your typical popular guy. He kept with his own clique and everyone loved him.

How would someone like Cris ever see someone like James? But he did….

When James was mistreated, Cris came to his rescue.

From then on, James knew; he knew that these feelings for Cris were here to stay. He tried so hard. 

He befriended Cris’ best friend Gareth in order to get closer to him.

He even got a make over.

However, Cris would not look at him, no matter how hard he tried.

He even casted him aside.

What would he do now?

All he ever wanted was to be accepted.

So what did he do?

He asked the only other new kid who aced it at being loved.

This man, was loved like no other. The whole world saw the chemistry. It was ultimate.

The one.The only. Neymar.

“What do I do?” James asked Neymar. “I even tried warming up to his bestfriend!”

Neymar, flabbergasted by James’ approach told him to calm the fuck down and be chill. He told him that Cris would come to him on his own terms.

And so, he waited.

Mean while, he did his own thing and dedicated himself to it.

Everyone could see that James was slowly turning into a star. Even Cris began to notice.

Gareth would often catch him appreciating James.

Cris started getting closer to James. He would invite James to all the parties.

Soon everyone in the school could see that James had officially joined Cris’ clique.

They did everything together. 

Through it all, James kept a cool head and continued to do his own thing and didn’t give Cris any special attention.

Cris often found James practicing and was endeared. He could not hold in his feelings any longer.

He decided to ask him to be his partner on(and off) the field.

One day he decided to make a dramatic gesture during a game and ask him.

Cris rejoiced after James said yes.

James was so taken aback and emo that his dream finally came true.

And finally, they played happily ever after…..for now


I don’t care if you’re a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer or not
If you don’t think this is a beautiful song and full of meaning

Then you’re a fucking liar 

Because this is what a proper Soccer anthem should sound like
These lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful that it would bring any soccer player to tears

And if anyone disagrees and says this song is just another bubble gum pop song

I will stab you in the neck with a fork and throw you off a cliff into a pit of fire full of snakes 

382 DAYS - 365 PHOTOS - Photo 311, taken June 20, 2009, Oran, Algeria.

Football fans take over the streets of Oran, Algeria after the national football team defeated Egypt leading up to the South African World Cup. Celebrations like this frequently turn dangerous as the party can easily become dangerous.

For more photography from Algeria click here.

382 DAYS - 365 PHOTOS is a series of photographs from the archives of Photographs span over eight years and include locations from all around the world. They fall in no particular order, but their own.

For an explanation of why there are 382 days in this photo series instead of the traditional 365 days, see this link. To make bets on how many days will actually pass by the time it takes Jonah to post 365 pictures, see this link.