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if you're still looking for headcanons: neil being fucking brilliant with a gun like straight up deadshot

Well it’s canon that Neil and Mary used to sleep back to back with guns under their pillows so I have no issue believing this. But you know what, I’m gonna take this prompt a tiny bit lighter than I usually do.

By which I mean:

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Hey guys! Hope you all are having an amazing day! :D <3 And thank you for the patience,I feel a lot better now <3
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“I thought it was hopeless love” Taehyung story - Part 1

First year of high school

“I am so scared” you thought to yourself as you walked towards your locker that you have been looking for
You were a freshman in high school.All the feelings were mixed up.You were nervous,scared but yet happy and excited.
As you walk pass the people,you could see popular girls laughing,boys in their foorball jackets
“So hot” you tought to yourself as you saw the group of guys

You finally found your locker,you open it and leave your stuff inside.
“Now…Where is biology class” you were looking trough the paper,and took your books too and close the locker,still looking trough the paper where to find biology classroom
“You’re freshman right?” someone asked and you got scared and you drop everything on the floor
“Sorry” you said biting your lip nervously and picking your stuff up
“You’re not supposed to be sorry…I am sorry for scaring you” he helps you with the picking up the books..
When he looked up at you with a smile,you couldn’t believe how beautiful boy can be.His smile was perfect,his hair,eyes..Everything.
“Do you need help with finding a classroom or something?” he said when you two stood up and he hands you the paper and the book
“I am trying..To find biology class” you looked at him
“I’ll help you..I am second year,so..” he smiled
“Um thanks…I never thought someone would help me out in here” you laugh
“No problem and you see there is someone..And that someone is me” he poinst at himself laughing a little

His laugh was special..It was funny but so sweet and cute.

“Yeah…” you laugh and bit your lip again
“Taehyung” he smiled 
“Y/N” you smiled and you two shake hands
“Okay Y/N..Follow me,I will show you everything!” he took your hand in his and lead you to he classroom

After few classes,it was lunch break.You met few girls in the classroom,so you were sitting at the table with them.
“I was really nervous” Emily said eating
“Me too” you laughed
“Y/N!” Taehyung shouted and sat next to you
“Hi” you smiled feeling nervous
“Hey” he waved to other girls
“Wanna hang out after school?” he looks at your eyes
“Umm..I mean..Sure” you smiled
“Awesome,just wait for me in front of the school..I’ll find you” Taehyung smiled and walked back to his friends

“Who is that Y/N?” Ariana smiled at you
“We met today…He helped me to find biology class” you said
“That is so cute! No one didn’t help me” Ariana made a sad face

You just raised your shoulders and turn your head to see Taehyung again.
When you finally found him,he was already looking at you with a smile.
You looked away right after that because you were shy.

After school,you waited for Taehyung.
You looked at your phone and you were already waiting for 10 minutes.You decided to start walking home.
“Y/N” Taehyung ran towards you
“I am so sorry for being late” he took a breath
“No,It’s okay” you said
“Anyway…Wanna go to the ice cream shop?” he laughed
“Sure” you laugh and you two walk to the ice cream shop

“You like that movie?!” he shouted
“No..You.Just no,I mean seriously?” he looks at you 
“Well I just like it!” you laugh 
Taehuyng shaked his head “no”
“I don’t like that movie…You’re weird..But I like that” he smiled poiting at you
You smiled
“I like how crazy and weird you are too” you point at him too
“I think we can be awesome friends” he said biting his ice cream
“Me too” you smiled

Second year

When the second year started,Taehyung and you were really good friends.
Everyday after school you guys would go and hang out.
Whenever you can’t because you have to study Taehuyng would always find a way just to make you come or you hang out with him.

“Hey Y/N” he knocked on the window
“Shit” you got scared and almost fell of the chair
Taehuyng laughed at you 
“You scared me” you said standing up
“Just let me in” he said

You open the window and he comes in.
“Still studying?” Taehyung jumps on your bed
“Yup and you just made me stop,so” you laugh
“You need a break Y/N..You’re only second year,like cool off” he said taking your pillow in his hands,hugging it
“Well I know,but I mean I gotta study” 
“No you don’t..” Taehyung gets closer to your face
“I..I mean” you were distracted by his looking at you and the way he was so close to your face
“I guess you’re right” you smiled 
“I know I am right” he laughs and throws your pillow at your face

You look at him and throw it back,but you miss his face.
“Oh God” you laugh rolling your eyes
“I am like two feet away from you and you missed” Taehyung was laughing
“So what?” you roll your eyes 

Next thing you know you feel a pillow hitting your face again.
You took it and got on your knees and camed closer to Taehyung and started to hit him with the pillow.

Both of you were laughing and hitting each other with pillows,just like little kids.
“Stop it” you said giving up
“Okay,I’ll stop” he said leaving the pillow aside
“You will always do this” you said looking at him with a small smile
“Do what Y/N” Taehyung looked at you
“Always find a way,just so I hang out with and be with you” you smiled
“OF course I always do that…I miss my best friend” he smiled 
“You haven’t seen me since school,that ain’t long” you laughed 
“I mean still” he laughed and pokes your cheek
“I still miss you tho” he added 

Slowly as the days passed…The more he was with you,did all the little things like hold your hand,poke you,look at you for long time..All of that made your heart race and you started to have feelings for him..Your best friend.
But you know he doesn’t feel the same about you..He doesn’t look at you the way you look at him.
You kind of felt not so good about falling for him,but you just couldn’t help it.
You just loved everything about him and everything he did.

Third year in high school

“Stop it!” you were laughing
“No..!” Taehyung was laughing with you
“You know that makes me feel awkward” you smiled looking at his beautiful brown eyes
“I like looking at you” Taehyung camed closer to your face
You were smiling,looking at him and put your hand on his chest
“Taehyung” you smiled
He didn’t say anything just smiled and put his face against your cheek.
“I know you hate that,but I love teasing you” he said smiling
“I know you do” you laughed rolling your eyes looking at him

Everytime he would get close to you you would feel your heart racing,because you still did like Taehyung.
But you know still that he doesn’t feel the same way towards you.
He just sees you as a best friend who he really loves.

“Senior year for you Tae” you said breaking the eye contact and looking down
“Y/N…We have been over this” he took your hand
“I am just worried you’ll leave me” you laughed
“I will not leave you Y/N…Never” he laughed 
“DId you hear me?” he added
“Yes” you nodded your head
“Y/N” Taehyung lifts up your face by putting his hands on your cheeks
“We.Are.Best.Friends.And.We.Stay.Together” he shaked you head a little
You laughed at him
“Okay I.Know.” you shaked his head too a little

Taehyung laughed and pulled you in a hug..Then he kissed your head and poke your nose.
“You’re cute” he said
“Thanks” you smiled 

Later you guys decided to watch a movie together.You got the popcorn,soda.
While you guys were watching the movie..Taehyung watched you the way you were laughing and smiling during the movie.
“You’re so beautiful” he thought to himself

He was happy to have you in his life,to have a best friend like you.
The way you listen to him and just care so much..It makes him happy.
He loves you so much as a best friend.He never thought you guys could stay this long as best friends..3 years of getting know each other,do fun stuff and just have fun.

He started to poke you again.
“I am trying..” you said moving away his hand but Taehyung kept poking your cheek and arm with a smile on his face
“To watch a movie heree” you laughed holding his hand
“But the movie is boring” Taehyung lays on your lap
“It is not” you looked down at him
“Yes it is” he smiled looking at your eyes

Taehyung just sighs and closes his eyes.
Soon he falled asleep,you smiled watching how cute he is.
You place a pillow under his head and cover him up with a blanket..
“Goodnight Taehyung” you wisper and kiss his cheek and go to your bed

As the time passed Taehyung finished his last year in high school.You were kind of emotional because you won’t see him often anymore.
He told you he will try to get to an audition for singing,so he can be something that he always have wanted.Singer.
You believed he can get to a music college and be a star..

Taehyung was working hard and trying to find an music audition for a while now..But non of them were not such a good opportunity..But you supported him and knowing he can make it.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you shouted holding a cupcake with a candle in it
“Aww Y/N” Taehyung smiled 
“Make a wish best friend” you smiled looking at him

He closed his eyes and made a wish and blew the cadle..You hand him the cupcake and start clapping your hands..
“Wooooo” you laughed 
“Thank you Y/N” Taehyung smiled looking at you
“No problem” you smiled sitting next to him
“I don’t mean just this….I mean everything else you did for me” he looked at your eyes being honest 
“Taehyung you don’t have to thank me for that” you smiled and wrap your arms around him and hug him tightly…
Taehuyng wraped his arms around you too and closed his eyes,because he really loves you as best friend so much that he can’t even explain in words.

“I love you” he said

You were kind of in shock when he said that,because he doesn’t usually say that to you,he expresses it trough hugging you or kissing your head,cheek.
“What did you just say?” you felt shy
“I love you Y/N” Taehyung smiled biting his lip
“I love you too” you smiled,but you meant it in another way too,not just that you love him as a best friend,you love him more than that

Hearing him saying “I love you” was the one of the things you wanted to hear from him.The way he said it so softly and slowly.

To escape the awkwardness Taehyung felt he jumps on top of you.
“You’re so heavy!! I can’t breathe!” you shouted
Taehyung lifted up himself and looked at you with a smile
“Liar” he laughed
“I am not lying,I couldn’t breathe” you laughed

You both stared at each other for a minute.
Taehyung started to feel like his body is burning..His heart beated faster this time.
The way your smile and the way your dark eyes sparkle in the light.

“MOM Y/N IS DOING BAD THINGS WITH HER BOYFRIEND” your little sister quietly opened your door,because she wanted to play with Taehyung

Taehyung comes off you right away and you look at her in shock
“Oh are they Ella?” your mom walked towards her
“Mom,seriously?” you said rolling your eyes
“I am just kidding Y/N..” 
“And Ella he’s not my boyfriend” you said
“Tae come play with me” she walked in ignoring your words and took Taehyung’s hand making him stand up.
He smiled and looked at you and went with your little sister to play with her dolls and rest of the toys.

Your mom sat next to you
“I hate her” you were little angry
“Don’t you think that Taehyung and you will never be together in a relationship?” your mom looked at you
“I don’t think so,because he doesn’t..” you sigh
“Wait you like him?”
“Yes..For a long time now,but he only sees me as a best friend mom..” you look at her
“I am sure he feels the same way about you just doesn’t show it,same as you” she smiled and walked away

Fourth year of high school

Taehyung and you were closer than ever,even that he wasn’t going to high school anymore.
You were finishing your senior year,which you were happy about.

One day Taehyung and you decided to take walk.
“You’re a fool” you said
“No you are” Taehyung smiled
“I hate you” you said pushing him
“You don’t” he smiled and puts his arm around your shoulders

You guys chased each other around the kids park and have a laugh.
“Ew” few little girls looked at both of you

Both of you laugh and roll your eyes
“We can have fun too you know” Taehyung looked at the girl
“You are really old so you don’t belong here” little girl crosses her arms 
“We’re not old!” you laugh
“Just leave”
“You ain’t in charge”
“Ugh” little girl rolls her eyes and walks away

“Who is that hot date that you’re going to the prom with?” Taehyung was laying on your bed
“He’s a friend Taehyung,stop teasing” you turn around towards him
“Well,I think you like him” he said playing with a stuffed animal 
“Jealous” you rolled your eyes
“No I am not” Taehyung looked at you
“You are soooo jealous! And plus I don’t like the guy” you laughed standing up going over to your work desk to take your phone
“I am NOT jealous!” Taehyung stood up and camed closer to you
You smiled and looked at his eyes closely
“Yup,jealous” you said and Taehyung wraps his arms around your waist and throws you on your bed
“What was that for?” you were in shock
Taehyung camed on top of you with a serious face
“I am not jealous” he said 
“Okay” you said
“Okay?” he repeated
“Okay” you smiled and push him away from you

After your senior year was done,summer started so Taehyung,you and few other friends went to the vacation together.

“I am so gonna beat you at this” you smiled
“No you’re not” Taehyung said 

You guys were playing Mariokart on Wii..
“I am still on the  first place” you laugh
Taehyung didn’t like to lose ,so he pushed you a little and you losed control
“HEY!” you shouted pushing him too
“I WIN!” Taehuyng shouted standing up
“You cheated” you made a sad face
“Y/N” Taehyung smiled at you
“I had to,I can’t let you to win!” he laughs
You slap his arm 
“Ouch” he shouted holding his arm
“That is what you get for cheating” you poke his cheek and walk to the kitchen where your friend Mark was.

Taehyung followed you and sat down next to you.
He was poking your arm,cheek,nose just to get your attention.
You looked at Taehyung,raising your eyebrow and taking a sip of your water
“Are you guys dating?” Mark asked looking at you two 
You stared to choke on the water
“W-what did you just ask?” you were coughing 
“Are you guys dating?” Mark laughed
“No,why would you think that?” Taehyung smiled
“I mean you guys do everything together…You guys know everything about each other” he explains
“Well we’re best friends for 4 years now,what do you espect?” you smiled
“You guys being finally together?” Mark laughs
“No,that ain’t gonna happen Mark” Taehyung laughed

You kind of wanted that to happen..But seeing now for real that Taehyung just sees you as a best friend hurts a little.
But you understand that Taehyung doesn’t want to ruin your guys friendship that you have,but you have been in love with him for over 2 years now..For so long you are keeping these feelings inside and trying not to show them when Taehyung is with you.

“Yeah..Just friends” you said biting your lip and looking at Taehyung
“That’s right!” he smiled and pputs his arm around your shoulders and pulls you in a hug

Taehyung later on,got a mail that he can come to audition for being in a band,to be a singer and part of the band.
“That is awesome chance Tae” you smiled reading the letter with him
“I feel..Nervous” he looks up at you
“I know you do..But I am sure you will make it” you smiled and hug him

Taehyung and you spend everyday together because soon he had to make a decision will he go or not to the audition..
“So ?” you looked at him
“I’ll go” he smiled
“YAAAAY” you shouted and jump up and down
But Taehyung wasn’t so happy about it.
“What is it?” you notice he’s not smiling
“It’s just that I will have to leave all of this,you” he looked up at you
“Tae..Don’t worry about that…This is your dream,you should take a chance” you smiled and kiss his head

Tomorrow night..You were at his place.
“WELL” you shout getting up
“I should go now” you added stretching and making weird noises

Taehyung didn’t say anything,just laughed when you made a weird nose while stretching.
“Do we need to go over this again?” you put down your arms and look at him
“I am leaving in 3 days Y/N” he said taking a breath
“Then let’s make those 3 days the best days ever” you smiled and looked at him
“That is a good idea” he smiled
“We start tomorrow” you said
“No,let’s start tonight” 
“How?” you were confused
“I want you to..Stay” he bit his lip nervously
You smiled and nodded your head and layed next to him again.
“Do you like twilight saga movies?” this question just popped in your head
“I don’t..Sparkling vampires,seriously?” he said with a serious face

But both of you started to laugh
“S-sparkling” you were laughing
“Well I saw the first one,and said never gonna watch that thing again!” Taehyung looked at you laughing
“I am team Jacob all the way” you said
“Good for you” he tapped your head smiling

You sigh and roll your eyes..For few minutes there was a silence between you two.
“What do you wanna do?” you asked
“Tae?” you said turning your head towards him
“Tae?” you said again but then notice he was asleep

You smiled
“I can’t believe this” you said laying back again
You laugh and look at him again
You decided to go to sleep too since he didn’t wake up at all.
“Sorry” he softly said wraping his arms around your body,pulling you closer to him
“I got used to it,don’t worry” you tapped his chest and watched him sleep for a while.He looked so beautiful and calm.
Then you close your eyes and fall asleep too.

For next three days..
You guys were taking a walk and it started to rain,so you two were running around,dancing having fun in the rain.
“Come” Taehyung said and pulled you in ahug
He lifted you up and spin you around..You were laughing.

You guys also watched a movie in your house.
“Shhh” you said
He started to shake your body
“Taehyung!” you laugh and shake him too
He laughed
“Eat the popcorn” you said putting it in his mouth

You guys also spend a whole day taking selfies,laying in bed,talking..But everyday was more and more great,but tomorrow will be the day when Taehyung leaves you for good.
You were really sad about that,but it’s his dream.
Together for the last day being together you guys went to the favorite place of yours.
To a hill with a view of the city.

“I will miss you” you said
“I will miss you too” 
You both smiled at each other..

“It’s crazy that you’re leaving tomorrow” you sigh
“I know right..” Taehyung sighs too

You guys watched the city lights,the starts on the sky.
You lean your head on his shoulder.One tear slipped down your cheek as you remember he’s leaving tomorrow.

Taehyung was really sad to leave you,but he knows he got’s your support and love.

The day has come.He is leaving.

“Don’t forget me Tae” you said looking at him
“I won’t forget you Y/N..I promise” Taehyung smiled and hugged you tightly..
One tear slipped down his cheek,because he hated farewells,especially saying goodbye to his best friend.
“Don’t cry,you will make me cry too then” you laugh tearing up
“I’m sorry” he said wiping off the tears
“Good luck there Tae…I love you” you smiled
“I love you too best friend” he smiled and hugged you again

As Taehyung was walking away,he turns around and looks at you one last time.
You smiled trying your hardest not to start to cry.
Taehyung leaves his stuff and runs towards you and hugs you tightly one more time.
“Bye Y/N” he said kissing your head
“Bye” you smiled 

“GO TAEHYUNG!” you shout and jump
“WOOO” Taehyung shouted back and jumped too

You both laugh at each other and then he left.
You started to cry as soon as he walked in..You were really sad for him to leave..Your best friend,everything you guys been trought,all the good times and fun moments,they won’t happen again.
All of them can be just a good memory.

Taehyung and you talked over the phone,Skype everyday until he finally made it.
After few months of hard work Taehyung was in a group called BTS.
He and his friends were all over the TV,Youtube..You were glad he made it and made his dream come true.
But the only thing you didn’t like is that he would always cancel the Skype talk because he has to work..Everything started to fall apart.There was no texts no more,calls..
You tried couple of times to call him but he wouldn’t answer his phone.
You finally understood you have lost your best friend for good,but still you were supporting him.

You understood that he doesn’t have time anymore,because he is really popular now,but he could at least text you.
The promise he said that he will never forget you was,broken.
He did forgot about you..About his best friend.

If only he knew how much you were sad and depressed that he isn’t your best friend anymore.How much it meant to you when he calls you and you hear that sweet voice of his.

One year passed and you were now sure he forgot about you.
You loved their songs and everything,but you just didn’t know if you can ever look into his eyes.

“Mom I wanna meet them” your sister said listening to the song “I need u”
“Y/N do you wanna see your friend again?” your mom asked
You sigh
“I don’t” you said
“OH PLEASEEE Y/N..I wanna meet them so bad” your sister begged
“Why don’t you want that?”
“Because I don’t have to do anything there”
“Y/N…Tae has been busy because of the music,band everything..” your mom looked at you
“I know” you said
“Please take me..Their fan meeting is in 3 days” your sister looked at you
“Oh God” you said rolling your eyes
“Fine” you added
“They are coming to this town?” you looked at Ella
“Yes” she said checking her phone

You just nodded your head.

Your mom bought tickets for the fan meeting so you guys could go.
“I AM SO EXCITED!” Ella shouted
You just laugh at her

When you guys arrived,there was so many fans.
After an hour finally you guys camed in and went to the front row.

They all walked out on stage with their smiles on their faces.
Your sister started to scream,everyone did.
You were suprised how other boys look even better in person.Then you saw Taehyung.
He will always be the most handsome guy in the group.
“Helloooo” they all said
“We are so happy that all of you are here” Suga smiled

You didn’t even listen what they were saying,you just observed Taehyung.
You saw how happy he was and excited.He would wave to the fans and they would scream.
He was so nice and sweet towards them.

Finally the signing started.
Your sister and you were not so far from them.

“Aww really?” Taehyung smiled at the fan
“Thank you so much” he said and gave a high five to a girl

While he was waiting to sign another thing,he watched the crowd,then looked aside and saw you.
“Wow” he said to himself thinking how beautiful you are
”Taehyung” Jimin poked him
”What?” he asked
”You gotta a fan in front of you” Jimin laughed
”Oh I am so sorry” he said to the fan

Whenever he got a chance to look at you,he would.
He got all excited when you were coming finally.
“Hiiii” Ella smiled 
“Hey” he smiled back at her

He looked at your eyes…They were familiar to him.
“What’s your name?” he asked
“Y/N” you said looking at him,thinking will he remember you or not

Taehyung when he hear you saying your name.At first he didn’t remember it but when he saw you smiling.Everything camed back
“Y/N” he said
“Yup” you said
“My best friend” 
“You forgot about me Tae” you looked at him
“I didn’t” he said
“You did..But it doesn’t matter..Keep on fighting” you smiled and walked away

Soon the fan meeting was finished..Taehyung was so frustrated because he kept thinking about you.
“Oh God he sighs and closes his eyes
“What’s up man?” Jungkook looked at him
“I lost a best friend” he said
“O-kay” Jungkook said
“It’s not okay Jungkook! She was..An amazing person…I gotta” Taehyung stood up
“You gotta what?” Jungkook raised his eyebrow
“I gotta bring my best friend back” he smiled and bit his lip

James Rodriguez’ entry was nothing short of a high school chick flick.

As all high school flicks begin, we have a new kid. Enter James.

He just wants to fit in with the rest of the school. That’s all he ever wanted; to blend in.

However, it’s never really that simple, is it? As James was minding his own business, he laid eyes on the big player, Cris. 

Now, Cris was your typical popular guy. He kept with his own clique and everyone loved him.

How would someone like Cris ever see someone like James? But he did….

When James was mistreated, Cris came to his rescue.

From then on, James knew; he knew that these feelings for Cris were here to stay. He tried so hard. 

He befriended Cris’ best friend Gareth in order to get closer to him.

He even got a make over.

However, Cris would not look at him, no matter how hard he tried.

He even casted him aside.

What would he do now?

All he ever wanted was to be accepted.

So what did he do?

He asked the only other new kid who aced it at being loved.

This man, was loved like no other. The whole world saw the chemistry. It was ultimate.

The one.The only. Neymar.

“What do I do?” James asked Neymar. “I even tried warming up to his bestfriend!”

Neymar, flabbergasted by James’ approach told him to calm the fuck down and be chill. He told him that Cris would come to him on his own terms.

And so, he waited.

Mean while, he did his own thing and dedicated himself to it.

Everyone could see that James was slowly turning into a star. Even Cris began to notice.

Gareth would often catch him appreciating James.

Cris started getting closer to James. He would invite James to all the parties.

Soon everyone in the school could see that James had officially joined Cris’ clique.

They did everything together. 

Through it all, James kept a cool head and continued to do his own thing and didn’t give Cris any special attention.

Cris often found James practicing and was endeared. He could not hold in his feelings any longer.

He decided to ask him to be his partner on(and off) the field.

One day he decided to make a dramatic gesture during a game and ask him.

Cris rejoiced after James said yes.

James was so taken aback and emo that his dream finally came true.

And finally, they played happily ever after…..for now


I don’t care if you’re a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer or not
If you don’t think this is a beautiful song and full of meaning

Then you’re a fucking liar 

Because this is what a proper Soccer anthem should sound like
These lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful that it would bring any soccer player to tears

And if anyone disagrees and says this song is just another bubble gum pop song

I will stab you in the neck with a fork and throw you off a cliff into a pit of fire full of snakes