STARTER FOR  @foxofthe100 or @louisofthe100 since they’re in the same room and all.

“Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox,” Charlotte exclaimed as she burst through the 
open door.  She was probably yelling a little bit to loudly, but she was 
nervous. Charlotte never had a boy from school ask for her number 
before.  Plus, he texted her. It was like her entire universe was collapsing.
What was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to respond. It 
would have been a lot easier if she actually knew the guy. They had only 
talked a couple of times, and it was mainly him asking her question 
about course content. Why did he find her interesting all of a sudden? 

She paused. Where was everyone? Why was it that whenever she went
into the other’s apartment there was no one around? Charlotte sighed as 
she began looking and knocking on doors. “Fooox! Where are you? It’s 
an emergency!”