I was hungry at around 10:30 pm. Mom wasn’t home yet since it’s her office’s MOR (monthly office review). *deep sighs*

11:30 pm |

She just got home and unexpectedly, she brought home these goodies. I simply cannot thank her enough for saving my hunger. Charaught. 😂😋 but seriously, no more diet for this girl. Haha. Nom nom. 🍴

Merry Christmas favorite dongsaeng!

Stay warm! Also, I haven’t really cooked for you lately, so here enjoy!


Oppaaaaaaa!! Waaaah thank you so much! I love it!! -hugs the jacket- AND MAN YOU COOKED SO MUCH. LET ME LOVE YOU MORE OH MY GOD THANK YOU!
Merry Christmaaaaaaaas! 

anonymous asked:


3 facts about my personality

  • It’s a lot different then what it used to be, y’know!
  • I’m quite giddy during fights (usually) and I looooove dancing in the middle of them!
  • You may not know, but I also absolutely looooove foooooooood! Especially sweet tasting foods.

mickeyblades asked:

Hello! once you get this, reply with ten things that make you happy, then send it to the last ten people in your activity

2-games :3
6-cosplay :’D
8-peace and quiet
9-kind good people that give me love
10- have I said noctis?

10 last people in my activity? Shouldn’t be the first? :/ I don’t get it

Thanks you ;3;

codeinemargaritas asked:

tell me five things that make you happy, then ask the last 10 people that reblogged from you!

- being understood in engaging convos

- expressing my creativity (like painting, photography, beauty, etc) & sharing them

- foooooooood

- achieving my long term & short term goals

- & being an amazing black woman
B1A4 산들표 '비라면' @창업스타 20150703
창업스타 1회 20150703 SBS B1A4 산들은 비빔라면과 일반라면을 섞은 '비라면'의 레시피를 공개하고 시식한 출연자들은 모두 특별한 맛에 감탄한다. 홈페이지

Sandeul’s “Bi Ra Myun” 

dood ; ; </3 can you make me some too. im all hungry now. it looks really good OTL.


I’m not sure why but as my surgery date gets closer all I want to do is eat, like 24/7. Idk why my brain thinks I’ll never eat again.