foolsyoufly  asked:

will he arrive today or is he already there ? :D anyway you must be super excited :) hope everything goes well!

He’ll be here in abouuut.. seven hours and 45 minutes o: I think he’s still on the long flight, from England to America, so the hard part, which is going through customs, isn’t over yet. So I’m still sat here worrying about when he gets off that plane. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to him. So let’s just pray they let him in easily and we can finally be happy c:

foolsyoufly  asked:

there's no need to be terrified of sex, what is it that makes you feel like that ?

  • No one wants that kind of relationship with me
  • I’ve been sexually molested twice
  • It is the ultimate sign of intimacy and I take that very seriously
  • I don’t want it to happen, and then for the person to leave my life
  • It just seems scary