• literally anyone else: holmes picked up a piece of paper to write a letter.
  • watson: holmes stretched his long, thin, pale arm out, causing the fabric of his white silk robe to strain against him, and wrapped his long, thin, pale fingers around a sheet of foolscap, which he needed so his incredible, beautiful, genius mind could record his fantastic and magical ideas.

thegrangersapprentice  asked:

For the studyblr awards, I was wondering if you could maybe make a masterpost on cheap stationery? :)

cheap stationary (of a good quality) masterpost

by prettylittlestudies

biC cristal ball point pens
zebra ball point pens
staedtler ball point stick pens
staedtler triplus fineliners + colour
stabilo point 88 fineliners

staedtler Norris HB pencils
papermate mechanical HB pencils
Helix Oxford eraser tipped HB pencils

stabilo flash highlighters
sharpie highlighters
midliners (they actually aren’t as expensive as I thought lol)
stabilo boss highlighters

pukka pad project notebook
Kraft A5 notebook
WHSmith A4 wide ruled notebook 80 pages
pukka pad A4 jotta squared paper notebook
Rhodia black dotpad

pack of 12 document folders
pack of 10 ringbinders
foolscap document wallets

sticky notes & washi tape
sticky notes set
• 10 patterned washi tapes
10 plain coloured washi tapes

useful websites:

the works - very cheap stationary!!

amazon - the best website, everything is cheaper on here than in stores!

paperchase - little bit pricy but gorgeous stationary

WHSmith - another one of my fave shops and websites

Ohh Deer - on the pricier side but omg i love everything

Wilko - very affordable stationary

hope this is helpful! 

- Mia x

Holmes on Watson’s writing

On one hand:

“I glanced over it,” said he. “Honestly, I cannot congratulate you upon it. Detection is, or ought to be, an exact science, and should be treated in the same cold and unemotional manner. You have attempted to tinge it with romanticism, which produces much the same effect as if you worked a love-story or an elopement into the fifth proposition of Euclid.  […] Some facts should be suppressed, or at least a just sense of proportion should be observed in treating them. The only point in the case which deserved mention was the curious analytical reasoning from effects to causes by which I succeeded in unraveling it.”

“those narratives with which you have afflicted a long-suffering public”

“You are like my friend, Dr. Watson, who has a bad habit of telling his stories wrong end foremost.”

“For a long time [Watson] has worried me to write an experience of my own. Perhaps I have rather invited this persecution, since I have often had occasion to point out to him how superficial are his own accounts and to accuse him of pandering to popular taste instead of confining himself rigidly to facts and figures.”

“It can’t hurt now,” was Mr. Sherlock Holmes’s comment when, for the tenth time in as many years, I [Watson] asked his leave to reveal the following narrative.

On the other:

“I am lost without my Boswell. ”

“Yes, my boy, these were all done prematurely before my biographer had come to glorify me.”

“Perhaps I shall get the credit also at some distant day when I permit my zealous historian to lay out his foolscap once more”

“I made a blunder, my dear Watson—which is, I am afraid, a more common occurrence than any one would think who only knew me through your memoirs.”

“I will do nothing serious without my trusted comrade and biographer at my elbow.”

“I should be glad that you should add this case to your annals"

“I trust that you don’t consider your collection closed.”

Maybe Holmes approval or disapproval on any given day hinged mostly on which way Holmes wanted to tease Watson.  And Watson liked to record how Holmes teased him.  Other lines?  Different thoughts?  Thanks, @fourth-garrideb, X.

what's in my school bag?¿

hey guys! today i’m just gonna share with you what’s in my school bag and some other school bag related tips!

what’s in my school bag?

the basic school necessities

  • my binder file

personally i find it easier to just carry one binder file with replaceable clear pockets with one pocket for each subject. it’s really convenient to take out any pocket if you do not have that subject the next day to lighted your load.
pros: a lighter school bag!!
cons: forget to bring a subject pocket and you’re dead

  • a notebook

i prefer to carry 1 notebook around in school and trash all my notes inside it. i start each lesson on a fresh side of the paper and use markers to write out the subject at the top of each page.
pros: there’s no need to carry multiple notebooks, thus giving you a lighter school bag
cons: it’s kinda difficult to find all your notes from the different subjects :(

*alternately you can use foolscap to write your notes and then file them away after each day! i didn’t realise this method until much later ugh*

  • textbooks (duh)

i’m not sure about other countries but here in singapore, students don’t change classrooms, but the teachers do the walking. we do have lockers but they’re not assigned to us, we actually have to rent them (and they’re pretty darn expensive). i usually leave my textbooks under my desk when i don’t need them so that i don’t need to bring so many books the next day. one advise would be to plan which subjects you want to study later in the day so that you don’t leave any textbook that you wanted to study under the table!!

  • water bottle

keeping you awake and more alert, your water bottle will be your new best friend the next day after late study nights. also refreshes your breath.

  • a box of sweets

in my school, we aren’t allowed to eat in class unless it’s medication, but i sneak a sweet or two in class to keep myself awake or to hold off my grumbling stomach for a while until recess or lunch. however, if you’re really lucky your teachers are chill with eating sweets in class to keep awake hehe

  • pencil case

confession time! i have four pencil cases in my bag. not kidding. one for my normal school stationery, the staples in every students pencil bag. then i have another one for my coloured pens and markers and highlighters, one for my post-its and other tags and another one as an emergency pencil case if i forget to bring my main pencil case (being the worry-wart i am). but organisation of pencil cases is really important as well! if you often buy new stationery and always end up putting them all into your pencil case like me, it’s good to filter out the pens you always use and the pens that aren’t that often used to lighten your pencil case!

the essentials

  • portable charger and/or your charger head, and your cable(s)

this is so important, especially if you need a laptop for school. no one likes a phone or laptop that dies half-way in school. that sucks.

  • lip balm

if you have dry lips like me, a lip balm is a must! so irritating to have cracked and dry lips during colder days.

  • an emergency kit

not asking you to bring a whole first-aid box, but just the essentials for a woman-emergency, band-aids, maybe even medicated oil in case of a stress headache. it’s always good to be prepared.

some tips!

  1. always pack your bag the night before or ensure that you have enough time to pack your bag! it’s not gonna work out if you do not have time to properly pack your bag. i often find myself forgetting my binder or a worksheet or my pencil case when i’m running late and didn’t pack the night before hehe.
  2. always clean out your bag for scraps of paper or unnecessary things! i cannpt emphasise how important this is!! make sure you only pack what you need and make sure your bag is free from any pieces of paper crushed to the base of your bag! i don’t know why but this always makes me feel so lazy to pack and organise my things when this happens.
  3. get a bag that you really like as well and decorate it however you like! i don’t know about you but somehow having a bag that you really like kind of makes you motivated or excited for school during a new school term or year. and feel free to hang keychains or pin badges on it! it gives you bag a more personalised look and feel :)

AAAAAND that concludes my post on what’s in my school bag! i hope you guys have a better idea of what to prepare in your bag!

i swear this post  is so long overdue but stay tuned for the next post!!


the world is changed…Hellas, Shumer, Kemet…who now remembers what once was?

this kind of started because i was doodling some lady ancients on foolscap- the above are Ancient Greece, Sumer and Ancient Egypt. I had to draw Sumer because it was the first civilisation to invent writing, which they did around 5000 years ago. Sumer arose in what’s now modern-day Iraq, and Sumerian women wore fabulous gold headresses with floral and plant motifs because nature and fertility was a sacred element in their culture.

i’ve been quite preoccupied with the concept of the mortality of the nations thanks to the update and like, canon!wise it’s interesting to explore how China is so old that he was actually around and would remember plenty of eras and civilisations that are now long gone…

mp100 headcanons feat. teru n mob

part 1/?? because god knows if more ideas will pop up 

  • Teru
    • Overly Dramatic, makes extremely large hand motions when describing his sorrows, occasionally smacks people in the face by accident
    • screams a lot at inanimate stuff
      • when his toaster breaks down one morning he has a tiny screeching match with it before realising it’s 7am and that his neighbours probably don’t appreciate the noise
        • hisses at it 
        • “open up and give my laundry back to me or I swear to GOD-”
        • “be a good iron and straighten these clothes don’t make me freakin beg”
    • Is probably a sucker for old school holographic shit
      • Has a small collection of retro outerwear, mostly consisting of knitwear (e.g. jumpers, sweaters) in various shades of pastel
        • Has one bomb ass bomber jacket which is bright yellow with pink luminescent stripes and holographic star patches
          • mob thinks it’s cool and daring (he wouldn’t want to wear it really but admires teru for being so bold with his fashion choices) but ritsu honestly believes it’s better for him to never wear it out ever
            • the boy looks like a god damn warning sign
          • Tome sees it one time and is 99% convinced this guy’s communicating with aliens for real
    • Is the kind of guy to put a song on repeat for a whole day (while being absorbed in feelings)
    • Tries his best to keep himself politically updated/aware so he doesn’t feel ignorant, but there’s so much to keep up with sometimes, often too much than he can bear
      • talks to mob about it sometimes but doesn’t talk about it too much because mob either zones out or visibly tenses up. tries to calm mob by talking about the ways they can be better/more aware. teru constantly reminds himself that it’s precisely because of mob that he is trying to be a better person himself.
  • Mob
    • Actually really likes watching cute cat videos
      • They’re soothing, and when he watches the videos he feels like he can almost feel the cats’ soft fur through the screen
    • Draws little cats on the borders of his foolscap/exercise books when bored/distracted
      • teru almost wants to use them as prints for his t shirts
    • Hangs out with the Body Improvement Club sometimes, but when they eat out they always eat at the same ramen store, which has a “less oil less salt less fat” option
      • “kageyama, nutrition is the second only to exercise in the journey to good muscles!!”
      • mob likes his ramen normal but orders the same thing anyways because the club’s so so eager about it
      • reigen fucking hates that place (“what’s the point of ramen if there’s less…of everything???”)
        • one day he gives mob a very serious talk
          • “Mob, I know friends are great and all but if they ever make you eat something that’s against your morals, don’t do it. Stand up for what’s right.”
          • “…Of course, shishou, I would never take drugs.”
          • “No, I mean that shitty ramen place you go to. Yeah it’s healthy, but at what cost, Mob? At what cost
  • Terumob
    • their middle school friendship is cute bc it’s peppered with small adventures which teru makes out to be Very Important but are actually small and hilarious
      • for example, dragging mob out to choose a new pair of socks because his are stretching out and he “can’t stand another day in baggy foot caps”
    • teru used to hang outside spirits & such to wait for mob but by the start of their third year in middle school he kinda just waltzes into the office and waits
      • after a few visits reigen gets a clue and lets mob off early every friday 
        • he gives them coupons to his favourite takoyaki stand sometimes (he goes really often so the shop-owner recognises him)
        • literally sets them up on dates  
      • takoyaki dates are the best because takoyaki is cute to eat and it’s even cuter when mob is trying to cool one down/chew one up with his cute small mouth
        • mob knows teru hates getting stains on his clothes so he gets teru tissues and like even holds a palm underneath sometimes to make sure no sauce gets through
          • teru gets flustered af but doesn’t spill a thing
          • sometimes they take-away their food and bring it back to teru’s apartment, it’s easier to avoid drips and spills when you can use psychic powers

omg on hindsight I have so many ideas for reigen; that’s coming up in part 2 probably 

5 things tag

Tagged by @hijackedhoneybeeez ! omg thanks

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
my 365 day planner!
my waterbottle :P stay hydrated, kids
my wallet! bc if i don’t pack it… i forget it
a stack of foolscap for paper whenever i need it

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
pillows everywhere
books hidden in corners
a messy collection of notes from friends and gifts
drawings and art materials scattered around

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
cosplay tbh cus it just looks fun
work! bc i’m … an unemployed holiday person
gone to an overseas convention bc its hella cool to see how it differs from local cons
kisses and cuddles with friends!! like i just wanna be rlly affectionate and not seem weird
learn how to dance

5 things I’m currently into:
teen wolf!
pet society lmao i got addicted
shadowhunters? (just started)
????? sleep ;-;

5 things on my to-do list:
revision sheets for every subject!! summarize!
start drawing again after 10000 months
watch shows on my list! (theres .. many)
shower my dog
finish up some sterek fics lmao

AND NOW I TAG!! @sleepingxandra @peasantaries @kataphraktanna @shinanakya @io-n // and everyone else who wants to do it!

here are some tips on how to study effectively!

  • find your best note-making method!
    • if you are the kind of person who likes to carry something small, with clear-cut and concise notes to review what you studied the previous night or right before the exam starts, you can try using flashcards to write your notes.
    • if you prefer to write standard notes, go ahead and do so!
    • basically, just use whatever note-taking method that works best for you. if you can’t write notes then don’t! just read off the textbook and memorise everything. you don’t always have to make flash cards if someone eg. your best friend uses them.
    • however, do experiment with different note-taking methods until you’ve found one that really works for you. even if you found a method that somewhat works, continue trying out all sorts of kinds of notes, even experiment around with different colours of foolscap/notebook papers and lined/grid/plain papers. you’d never know what works best until you try!
    • if you are the kind of visual learner who requires different colours to be used on your notes, do limit your colours used and don’t make it looks as though a unicorn pooped or puked on your paper. limit your colours used and try to let one colour stand for something eg. pink=attention, green=must memorise etc. this is so as to minimise confusion when studying and looking through your notes.

  • find a comfortable writing instrument
    • pens do make an impact to your notes: your handwriting, the way you grip your pen and your speed of writing.
    • similar to above, you have to use trial-and-error to find the pen that works best for you.
    • also, do not just use a pen because everyone else is using it. use it only if it really works for you.
    • it is totally fine to have different pens for different subjects, especially for languages. for example, i take english and chinese, however, because i use ballpoint pens for english and it is difficult to use ballpoint pens to write chinese characters, i usually use a 0.38 gel pen for chinese and ballpoint pens for english.
    • main point is just to be you. don’t be afraid to use something different from the rest. :)

  • keep a clean table!!!
    • this is SO IMPORTANT. how’re you gonna feel/want to study with a messy table????? i admit that my table was extremely messy before i decided to start this studyblr, but since then my table is relatively clean, with me not needing to overlap my textbook and my laptop anymore. the first step to a conducive study environment is to have a clean table. before you start studying, CLEAN YO TABLES. because TRUST ME, you’re gonna have a shitload of motivation after you’ve done so. and you’ll feel extra good after that so that’s a bonus.
    • if you do not have a dresser like me, and have to keep your things like your jewelry box, spectacles case and your wallet on the table, make sure it only takes up a small corner or portion of your desk. 

  • keep a cup/tumbler of water on your table
    • i don’t know why but for me, keeping a cup/tumbler of water on my table helps me regain focus, so i’m just gonna recommend this.
    • take a sip of water periodically. i’m guessing it’s because the water kind of refreshes you and hence keeps you awake and refreshed that it may help you regain your focus when studying for long periods of time.

  • music
    • if you find yourself distracted by music, even if it’s study music, then do not listen to music while studying.
    • if studying music or listening to music helps you focus, then by all means go ahead. personally, although i can’t listen to music and study, i have a couple of study music suggestions for those who study with study music on: StudyMusicProject and search for Studio Ghibli Music Collection, both on YouTube.. (as there are many different Studio Ghibli music collections you can find on youtube, i will not be linking a specific one but this is my favourite.)

  • use of post-it notes
    • these things are super helpful. whether your teacher provides notes for you to fill out during class or if you have to write your own class notes, make use of these post-its to note down any extra notes and stick it by the sides of your notes/notebooks. they’re really handy and you don’t have to carry a large stack of them, just carry a small stack to class.

and that’s about all i have for now! if i do update anything i’d update this and reblog it :) i hope you’ve like this post and that it has helped you find a more effective way to study. do feel free to drop me a question to request or to simply talk to me, i don’t bite HAHAHA.

till the next post!


13/07/2015 9.41pm


I’ve received a few messages asking me to post what’s in my school bag and I finally did it!! It’s kinda boring but pretty functional

From top to bottom:

1. Umbrella 🌂 - Singapore has a tropical climate and it rains very often ⛈ so it is important to bring an umbrella with you everytime you’re out!

2. Water bottle - self explanatory?? Drinking water is good for your health yo please drink at least 8 cups a day :-)

3. Muji notebook 📓 - I use this to plan my daily schedule and keep track of my progress

4. Graphic calculator, Pencil case, File - studying essentials righttt

5. School based shirt 👕 - I usually bring a shirt to school to change into after lessons end because it is too hot over here in SG and I don’t like sweating in my uniform!!

6. Foolscap paper / refill paper - for doing homework and writing notes! Another studying essential 📑

7. Magazine - I read it when I’m bored of studying sciences 😔 but it helps to improve my general knowledge ^ ^

That’s all!!!

Mark Gatiss on being disease-free and IMMORTAL

@idioticonion and I did this interview in 2005 (after ‘The Vesuvius Club’ was published but before 'The Devil in Amber’). I don’t think it exists on the interweb anymore…

What made you decide to turn “The Vesuvius Club” into a graphic novel. And just how “graphic” will it be…?
God made me do it. Actually, I knew how much Ian Bass loved  comic books and I just suggested to Simon and Schuster that there might  be some interest in a graphic novel. They did some costings and said  ‘off you go!’ Ian then had to compress a huge amount of work into a very  short space of time, I really only had to approve the ‘script’. It’s a  teensy bit graphic – one page in particular is raising eyebrows – but we  don’t want it shrunk-wrapped at W.H.Smiths where no-one can have a  browse. There might be an ‘adults-only’ sticker on it but I
really don’t  know what all the fuss is about. You can have sex on live TV now.

Early references to “The Vesuvius Club” suggested  that it would be set in the late Victorian period - and the tone of the book rather indicates that the time period was changed at a very late stage. Why was this?

That’s true. I’d envisaged a high-Victorian setting, 1895 for  choice, the
perfect Conan Doyle year but I realised that I’m far more in  love with the Edwardian era and became quietly possessed by the whole  Art Nouveau feel of the thing. Having said that, it’s obviously a  pastiche of lots of different styles, incorporating Holmes and Fu Manchu  etc. I deliberately kept the date vague so I can play about with how  old Box is.

Have you made any more progress on “Devil In Amber”? Is it still set in the 1930s? And will Charlie Jackpot appear in it??
It’s ‘THE Devil in Amber’! This is like ‘League’ of Gentlemen all over again! I see the book is even on Amazon with the definite article missing! Rant over.

I’ve done a very detailed outline of the  next book and have written the first two chapters. It has a vague  late-‘Twenties setting and will be a wintry story in contrast to the  sultry tone of the first one. As to who’s in it, well…All I’ll say is  that Box has a rival agent called Hugo Furst snapping at his heels…

You’ve written and recorded a large number of audio dramas. Do you have anything more coming up in this area?
No ‘Doctor Who’s planned. Too busy with the real thing! Have  just finished recording the second series of ‘Nebulous’ for Radio 4, though. I’ve been asked to play Gold in ‘Sapphire and Steel’ again.

Writing for Doctor Who was seemingly a  lifelong ambition for you. Now that that’s been realised, what’s your  next burning ambition? (apart from actually playing the Doctor of  course!) And is it strange writing for David Tennant, since he’s a good  friend of yours?
I’d love to play Jacob Marley in ‘A Christmas Carol’. That’s a  childhood
ambition. It’s actually really helpful knowing David because I  can hear his voice (albeit Scottish) in my head when I’m writing. The  whole thing is a challenge, though, because the re-invention has been so  successful but now we’re kind of re-inventing it again!

Bisexual characters seem rather in vogue at the  moment - after Lucifer we know have the dashing Captain Jack Harkness.  Do you think this is feeding on the prevalence of slash fiction in  certain genres? You’ve admitted to reading slash - any you’d recommend??
Is Slash fiction a story that’s someone’s weed on? All I know about this
dubious practice is that someone handed me some sheets of  foolscap on the last TLOG tour and I was fairly astonished to read of  Chinnery’s amorous encounters with Ross. We had a good laugh on the bus.

PROBE is very popular among League of Gentlemen  fans - for various reasons. But why on earth was THAT shot of Reece  getting out of bed in “Devil Of Winterborne” kept in (minute 21, for those who haven’t seen)?? And have you ever  tried the PROBE drinking game?
‘For various reasons’. What can that mean? I haven’t seen them  in years and I’m sure they’re pretty ropey but we were all finding our  way. Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams…
I don’t know which shot of Reece you mean but if he was getting  out of bed, can you see his tackle? I have mostly very fond memories of  those days, of working with Jon Pertwee and a fairly idyllic summer at  that school location at the height of Brit-Pop. Ah, youth…
As for the ‘drinking game’, I don’t know what that is. I only drink when alone. Or in company. Or if the day has a ‘Y’ in it.

Why are you so obsessively suspicious of morticians? The great Bernard Spilsbury is turning in his grave…
As Box says in ‘The Vesuvius Club’, like choir-masters, you  have to suspect them a little, no? ‘Now what shall I be?’ says the Young  Person. ‘An architect? A doctor? A dancer? No! I’ll voluntarily fiddle  with corpses!’ Besides, I knew one once and he told me such stories…

What’s happened to all the trappings of a Victorian  gentleman you used to affect? The lab.. the velvet suit… has your  fascination faded?
I love to dress up. Always will. However, I long ago realised  that you can feel stylish and comfortable without having to pretend it’s  the Golden summer of 1913 all the time. I spent far too much of my youth wanting to be older and dressing accordingly. What a twat I must  have appeared! As for the laboratory, it was a similar case. I’d always  dreamed of having such a room then, once I’d done it, it was like a  folly. I’d show visitors round it but it was never used. I’ve now split  up the contents around our new house because it’s nicer to live with these pretty things all around you.

Would you rather suffer from consumption or the pox?
I remember being terribly excited when Jeremy Dyson caught TB  in the early ‘Nineties. I insisted on referring to it as Consumption.  Personally. I’d rather have neither and remain disease-free and  IMMORTAL.

No Strings Attached (Jungkook x OC) Part 4

A/N: I tried to make it longer just so that I could make the whole series a bit more shorter in chapters. I did this mainly because if I make the parts shorter, then this series will definitely reach more than 10 parts. But anyway, I tried to not rush things.. and I think I did in some parts.. but I hope you like it!

Requested by anon 

No Strings Attached: Part 4

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”

Parts: Inspiration01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11

(Jungkook’s POV)

Present Time

It felt different the moment Seoyeon and I split apart from each other.

We weren’t necessarily together, but it was that loneliness that made me begin to think that we were.. that we were together.

All those sleepless nights wondering how she was doing with her life and if she was doing better off without me, tortured me to death. My camera had several memory cards filled with pictures that I have yet to delete, and some that are meant to stay.

But that’s when I realized that it were those moments that I missed, moments with her that made me feel like myself, like I was on cloud 9. It were those moments that I missed where I was so carefree, with her by my side.

But it all took one mistake.

And it was that stupid rule. Rule number 3.

It was that stupid ‘fake’ relationship that torn the two of us apart.

But mistakes are obstacles that help a person from moving forward and to either learn from it, or use it to make something or someone just as better than before.

And I was bound to make rule number 3 an exception.

Because I was falling in love with Seoyeon.. she just didn’t know, yet.

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