Continuing my ongoing saga of lessons learned from each new show … hopefully it will help other artists just starting out.

Foolscap:  well, it had to happen eventually–I finally hit a convention that was a bust in terms of sales. It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of show where a) I didn’t sell anything hardly all weekend and b) most of the people walking by showed little to no interest in my work. (Not that were many people walking by either.) I’d forgotten how frustrating and depressing that was. I actually found myself getting angry as the weekend wore on and I was stuck behind a table instead of doing all the other, far more enjoyable things I could have been doing. Luckily the people were friendly enough to snap me out of my funk before I got too deep. :(

I think the basic problem was that the show was just too small. I knew it was small going in, but I didn’t realize how tiny–apparently they had less than a 100 people in attendance. o__O;; If I’d known THAT, I never would have signed up! I did make a few sales, but didn’t even make my expenses back–and I was still better off than my neighboring table, who had come up from Portland and was paying hotel and travel expenses on top of everything else.

Lessons learned from Foolscap:

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Hamilton’s mind always worked with preternatural speed. His collected papers are so stupefying in length that it is hard to believe that one man created them in fewer than five decades. Words were his chief weapons, and his account books are crammed with purchases for thousands of quills, parchments, penknives, slate pencils, reams of foolscap, and wax. His papers show that, Mozart-like, he could transpose complex thoughts onto paper with few revisions. At other times, he tinkered with the prose but generally did not alter the logical progression of his thought. He wrote with the speed of a beautifully organized mind that digested ideas thoroughly, slotted them into appropriate pigeonholes, then regurgitated them at will.
—  Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow.

New acquisition!  I’ve been looking for something to add to our special collections that is in scroll form, and found this lovely work by Foolscap Press.  The Tower of the Winds contains the history of the tower, which can still be seen in the Roman Agora in Athens.  The illustrations are reproductions of those done by James Stuart and Nicholas Revett, in their 1762 work, The Antiquities of Athens.  I hadn’t heard of this building before, but now will have to do some reading because it sounds fascinating–built with sundials, a water clock, and a wind vane, possibly as a timepiece or early clock tower.

Kitsune Coloring Books by RHPotter

And now for something completely different–my first ever, hand-made coloring books and coloring cards!  They’re printed on 100 lb white cover stock, which should stand up to everything short of watercolors/oil paints, and I even did my first ever glue bindings!  Now to take them to my first show of the year, Foolscap, and see whether or not anyone likes them enough to take them home.  ^__^

procrastination post

Reading through lecture slides for a PR test tomorrow morning. Everything looks absolutely alien to me which kinda weirds me out a little cos it makes me realise that I’ve seriously been paying ZERO attention in this module’s classes. The worst thing is that it’s not even that interesting so I’m not the least bit inclined to actually read the notes and learn it on my own. 

Instead, I’ve been singing and writing down Chinese worship song lyrics in a rather floppy attempt to improve my Chinese rofl. Are you getting a rough idea of my level of uninterest in this module?

Btw this is uni life in 2016, and my lecturer requires us to bring foolscap paper and a stapler for our test tomorrow. I haven’t touched foolscap paper since I graduated from secondary school 6 years ago. 

-cue minor internal freak out over ridiculous lecturer and even more ridiculous speed at which time FREAKING FLIES BY-

I DID finish the mermaid today!

but I’m not posting pics just yet. The available light was not great, but I’ll get around to it in the next day or so, since I need to take pictures for prints and mount/frame it for showing at Foolscap this weekend.

To be perfectly honest, I think the rock came out a hair too dark, but I’ll fix it digitally for the prints.

Kinko €™s: A Reliable Print and Mail Center

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