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smh bia! four is the best album and ready to run is so underrated...honestly. where is the love for ready to run???

*cracks knuckles* four is my favoritre album okay??? ready to run changed me as a person,, steal my girl?? so cute but i wish it wasnt a single. WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO MADE ME INTO THE PERSON I AM TODAY,,,,, 18 makes me cry every single time like damn those harmonies trY AND TOP THAT girl almighty is always my jam it makes me feel so good abt myself fools gold??? so fuckign amazing its relatebel and heartbreaking night changes is so goooood liek sooo good ohm ygdo mmmm so good NO CONTROL MY GOD EJSUSUF CUKG OH MGY DO I LOVE OU OH GUDP fireproof???? so. adorable.. spaces we dont talk abt bc it was real life foreshadowing…. stockholm syndrome was eyeconique,, cLOUDS GOES SO HARD I WOULD HONESLTY DIE FO RIT change your ticket is such a Bop also illusion has such good harmonies once in a lifetime can suck my dick for making me cry aND ACT MY AGE IS AMAIZNG i love htis album

Fool’s Gold by @tvshows-addict

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating:  Explicit

Word count:  55K 

Status: Complete !!!!

Leaflet for Over Again Inc.

“In relationships, there are three types of people: those who are happy, those who are unhappy but accept it and deal, those who are unhappy and in denial.

Handling this last category is our job: we are professional couple breakers.

To reach our goal, we use all means necessary.”

Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up.

Poster by the wonderful @melmanpur

here are a bunch of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of june. I recommend that you read these great fics in july, if you haven’t already!!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Your Mess Is Mine (176k)**

Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.

They fall in love.

2. If I Had Three Wishes (They’d All Be For You) (66k)*

When Harry Styles sets off for Provincetown, MA from his tiny hometown of Kerkhoven, MN, he’s facing an uncertain future. He’s always planned to leave, just…not like this. When he meets a gorgeous cabaret performer on his first night in P-town, little does he know how his life is about to change, or how much he has yet to learn. When they become more than just friends, Louis makes it clear he’s not looking for anything serious, but at least, Harry consoles himself, they’ll always be friends. Over one extraordinary summer, Harry learns to navigate life on his own through a journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening. But when Harry’s past tragically reappears in his life, will his friendship with Louis be able to hold on?

3. Do Not Go Gentle (70k)*

When Harry Styles starts his first day as a surgical intern, he expects a lot of things: to treat patients, to observe a surgery, to feel a bit overwhelmed. What he definitely doesn’t expect, however, is that the handsome guy he kicked out of his bed this morning is also an intern.

A Grey’s Anatomy AU where tensions are high, Harry and Louis are hooking up in secret, and no one has time for love. Or do they?

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“Harry Styles, son of Anne Styles, Furniture shop owner–” Simon introduces.

“Twenty-eight, 5’11”, educated, renowned pastry chef, mummy issues, likes working out and expensive clothes–” Louis cuts.

“You came prepared!” Simon rubs his hands together. “They told me you were good!“

“Don’t act so surprised. I always come prepared. Tell me what I don’t know about the target. What is his problem? What makes him tick? Why isn’t his fiancé the perfect match?”

Simon sighs and opens another file.

“Liam Payne.” Simon points at the picture of a smiley crinkly eyed guy with a handsome, friendly face. “Heir of a diamond empire.” Louis examines Payne’s picture. He doesn’t look like a prick. Then again, they rarely do. “You have ten days to break up their engagement.”

Fool’s gold by @tvshows-addict

Bees Trained to Collect Gold Dust

In the Upper Congo past gold mining’s legacy left a moonscape of large and small open pits. Some of these pits date to the turn of the previous century. These historical gold ore extractions were notably inefficient leaving behind small, but significant, amounts of gold dust hidden amidst vast acreages of mining spoil.

Enter the trained bees.

The Native Bee Laboratory, in a unique public / private partnership with the Gold Consortium, has trained bees to detect and retrieve the globular gold dust found in these former mines. As can be seen in this picture of a typical Golden Bee nest, these animals can be extremely effective little “gold diggers”.

Future plans call for programming these bees to not only gather gold, but to perform the actual transmutation of in situ cupprous outcroppings into gold or near gold. Such opportunities, where no opportunities previously existed, allow micro-fabrication and bio-diversification within such small spaces that individual agents (e.g., paleofarmers and septuagenarians) could reap the rewards that opportunity vacuums were formerly devoid of.
BeeNews Release Date: April 1, 2017


“I’ve re-checked the figures, sir, and it’s a mistake.”
“You’re not overdrawn by £50. I’m afraid you’re overdrawn by £60.”