fools pretty much


Tomorrow, April 1, is the Worst Day On The Internet, aka April Fools’

This day is pretty much the epitome of the “mistake lying for a joke” BS so please be very wary of anything you read.

Also don’t be that asshat who thinks that “HAHA I WAS LYING!!!” is a punchline.

♡ plot wanted: sleazy doctor takes advantage 

her mother had forced her to go see a doctor to get some birth control prescribed to her after she caught her daughter and her boyfriend fooling around in her room when they were supposed to be at school. nothing had happened between them. she was barely seventeen and had wanted to wait awhile. though, that didn’t stop them from fooling around. they’ve pretty much done everything except actually have his cock in her pussy. “look, so my mom forced me to come here and i only came to get her off my back.. im not sexually active and if i were, we’d use a condom. so.. are we done here?” 

stop masking your irrational hatred for sharon for coming between your white male faves with false concern over “heteronormativity” and “the possibility of her being defined by her relationship with steve” please and thank you 2k16