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Fic Recs!

So here are some of my favourite fics on AQ (and one that isn’t on AQ.) I’ve categorised them by pairing, mostly Trixya because that’s my main pairing but hopefully there’s enough choice for everyone here. I’m sure there’s some I’m forgetting, but these were the ones that came to mind :)


Don’t Asssk Me Anything - heatherbooger (My favourite Trixya oneshot) 

Fools on Parade - Tiffany (Het. Fic) 1 2 3 4

The Mental Cancer - Oxford

Feed Your Pussy - heatherybooger

Get On Up - Me in Mediocre

Convinced - Taylor 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Not complete but could be read as)

Everybody Ships Trixya - Mac

How’s This For A Wet Dream (Nightmare on Elm Street AU) - Dixie

I Won’t Sleep - Stella

And I Know You All Over Again - M.E, Myself and I


Weathering the Storm - Me in Mediocre

The Endless in Between - Me in Mediocre

Unintroductions - Sebald


Missing Face (Vatya) - Me in Mediocre 1  2

If There is Such a Thing - Fryshook

Gutted - Fryshoook

To The Sickle and Back (favourite fic of all time) - czarina-chachki

My Mission (Trans!Katya, Cis Girl Violet) - Rose


First Lady (Historic Lesbian AU) - Ashley

You Bring Me Closer To God (Underage, priest AU)


When Stars Align - laceandleather 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (Completed) 

Wonder Bread and Paper Airplanes (Lesbian AU) - Panic

Nothing - Kohler


An Intervention, A Coincidence and A Choice (Witney) - Circe (Cisgirl AU)

well I can’t make you love  me (but I’ll try) - Morgana

Paasa (Witney) - Mac


Counting (Shalaska) - Mac

we’re running out of wind (shalaska) - Morgana

Exes for Cash - Mac

Too Close/Not Close Enough - Sebald

Other Pairings

Cry Me A River (Bob/Derrick) - Mac 

Three’s A Crowd (AAA Girl) - Circe

Possibly Problematic (Bianca x Alaska) - Me in Mediocre (one of my favourite fics ever)

We Three (ABC) - Circe

Underneath the Mistletoe (Bianca x Katya) - Me in Mediocre

Fuck You Google Plus (Cisgirl, multi-ship) - Antigone Prelude 1

Unlikely (Kim Chi x Alaska) - Spoky

Fools on Parade - Part 3 (Trixya) - Tiffany

AN: Hi angels! Here’s part 3 of fools on parade, I’m so sorry it took so long but I essentially had to rewrite it to fit the story (and also I’m incredibly lazy oops). This is kinda a filler chapter but it’s quite necessary and it’s still super cute, plus we meet Brian’s roommates Ben (Trannika) and Kim. I really hope you all enjoy and I promise the next chapter won’t take so long 😊 - Tiff ❤️‍ (ps thanks again to Vixen for being both my soulmate and my enemy, love you a bit)

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@princesspxddin liked for a starter !!

        ❝ your city has the worst artists, i swear … ❞ john remarks to the blonde, after asking her to direct him through the city - through back alleys and the like. he grimaces at the monster-esque image on the brick. ❝ can’t tell if somebody’s trying to summon the devil or is just really bad at graffiti. ❞  

A New Hope [Kylo Ren x Reader]

Summary: Leia sends the reader to Starkiller Base to try to bring Ben Solo home. However the reader fully believes him to be dead and gone, replaced by Kylo Ren. Nothing will convince the reader otherwise, not even Kylo Ren himself.

Word Count: 2,000+

Warnings: The reader fears death (many times?) at least once. Torture is mentioned in passing, but not practiced. (I wrote this almost a year ago. lmk if I missed anything)    

“Reason with him, Y/N. Please, just try to reason with him.” That had been the plea of General Organa. “He won’t listen to me,” she had said. “I’m the reason he went to the Dark Side in the first place. But he might see sense if you show it to him.” This was not an official mission. This was not mandatory. This was a request from a mother for the sake of her son. You were doing this for General Organa, because she thought that Ben might still be alive. You didn’t have the heart to tell her that you knew that Ben was gone forever, without redemption.

You approached Starkiller Base, not concerned with how you were going to get onto it, but rather what you were going to say to Kylo Ren once you were there. You hadn’t seen him in years, but when you saw him last, you had had enough time to break each other’s hearts. How he would react to seeing you again, what would happen to you, and whether you would even be able to land were all mysteries.

“We have you on our screens, now. Please identify,” a voice came from the Base’s Air Traffic Control.

“Diplomatic mission from the Ileenium System,” you announced. “Ambassador Transport X-Wing requesting deactivation of the deflector shield.”

There was nothing but static on the other end for a while, then the same voice spoke again. “We were not informed of any such mission from your system. State your personal identification.”

You closed your eyes, trying to think. But you let your thoughts slip past your control, and suddenly, you knew exactly what to say. “Kylo Ren,” you spoke to him. You somehow knew that he was there, listening. “You know who I am. Give me clearance, or I’ll tattle to your mother about you.”

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         ❝ so. ❞ john takes a seat next to hera, two coffees in one hand, one extending so the hot drink is held out to the younger witch. awkward silence, up until he finally asks, ❝ … so what’s this i hear about you taking a chunk of a building with you ?? ❞


‘Oh God, not this again.’

Dean hated soap. Hated it. He hated the smell, all sharp and unnatural; he hated the feeling of it all slick against his skin; and he HATED it when it covered the smell of Cas.

His Cas.

With a low growl, he crept up behind the boy in the pretty red cape and pounced, leveling him to the soft ground.

“Dean!” Cas protested, face pinching up in frustration at the young werewolf. “You’ve soiled my cloths again!”

“You smell like soap again,” Dean grumbled, already rubbing against all of Castiels exposed skin.

“Because I took a bath, Dean, I’ve already explained this to you,” he huffed, but the anger in his voice had already faded. This was practically a daily routine by now–Castiel would take a bath in the morning, start his chores, and by lunch he would be covered in dirt and Deans scent again. Mother stopped questioning him about it long ago.

“You smell better with a bit of earth on you, anyway.” Now Dean was nipping at his neck and ears. Castiel had shifted so he was laying comfortably between Deans legs. “You don’t smell like you when you use soap.”

Castiel giggled and stroked his fingers through the back of Deans hair–it made his tail wag and his leg jump and a pleased whine curl out of his throat, just like Castiel knew it would.

“People are different than wolves,” he explained in a hushed voice, “we have to stay clean, or others won’t want to be around us.”

“But you smell better without soap,” Dean insisted.

Castiel smiled, a large, just-for-Dean smile. “That’s just for you and me, isn’t it.”

'Yes,’ Dean thought, pretty green eyes sparking with possession. 'Mine.’

“Mine.” It was a growl more than a word, accompanied by a light bruise on Castiels warm neck, vaguely resembling the shape of Deans plush mouth. “All mine.”

“Yes, Dean. All yours.”
for m-arci-a, bc she dragged me into this trash au and I felt like giving her a gift *throws this in your face and runs away*

Could you give me a little bed for this one?
Alex Turner
Could you give me a little bed for this one?

Your song Secret Door off Humbug ends with the lyrics ‘fools on parade conduct a sing along.’ How do you feel about your devoted fans singing along to all of your songs at shows? Do you still like it? Does it make you feel weird? Or both? (CD 101 Interview) 


You know what’s cool? A music video made on an iPhone. You know what’s even cooler? A music video made with 5,016 separate iPhone images all filtered through PhotoTropedelic for extra effect. Like this video right here for “Fools Parade” by Trumpeter Swan. 

Find out more about how it was made @ Underwire

A thought from the corn belt...

Happy holidays and Happy 2017 to all of my fellow shipmates and sisters!

Well.  The marbles have been rolling around in my head since I awoke this morning and I must get them to quit.  So you, my dear friends, will help me settle thus said marbles by bearing my thoughts, theories, and any other fuckery that might roll with the words that come out with the marbles.

In no order - can’t tell which marble will spill first (just like BINGO balls in the old BINGO cage).

1.  It is of my opinion, and has been for a long time, that the RING Cait wears supposedly to represent Frank’s marriage to Claire, could very easily be Cait’s own wedding ring.  I know it’s nothing fancy, or so it appears, but how easy would that be?  She could be married to Sam all the while playing Claire.  It is also my opinion that she has some knocker of a ring somewhere that Sam gave her that would just make us all salivate.  Maybe someday we will be able to see it.

2.  Someone said somewhere in the last months since the BAFTA’S, that the way Tony and you know who acted like they were acquainted and well schooled with each other upon arrival.  Said person called them “paid escorts?”  Now this theory sounds very sane to me.  So, with the arrival of the new pics of Sam and “his girl” at an airport going somewhere together, could be another of those paid opportunities.  Maybe to the Audi thing?  I have only seen two of the photos and their interaction with each other baffles me.  I agree with the ANON who said that there really isn’t a correct way to be in an airport with a SO, but give me a break.  One of the two looks like he would rather be elsewhere.

3.  I believe that Sam and Cait have been married at least since 2015.  I also believe that they celebrated Christmas in Ireland with each other and Cait’s family.  Who knows?  Maybe Sam’s mom and brother’s family were there too.  

4.  Questions asked by that girl whom I can never remember her name, gave a lot away.  The “cook” or “eat out” answer by Sam - oops, said too much?  Cait’s face when that happened was so cute!  Like “what a dork”!  While Cait talked about her “get away”, Sam’s face went through so many emotions!  I can imagine in his head he was thinking, “WTF am I gonna say now?” and then he came up with the “amazing year” thing and the conversation came to an abrupt end.  I feel so sorry for him in those times because when it comes to ACTING his own personal emotions, HE SUCKS BIG TIME AT IT.

5.  I’m sure she is actually a nice person, but after the naked butt Instagram pic, which made me spit out my cocktail upon seeing it, I now do not care for her.  Can you imagine what her mom and dad said when they saw that?  My dad would have skinned me alive for something like that.  But maybe, her parents are not like mine or me.  My kid’s Cabaret Emcee picture, mostly naked with a cigarette in his hand and the best damn eye makeup I have ever seen, along with big ole ruby lips - about sent me into cardiac arrest!  And he ain’t a girl in a t shirt on a ladder!

6.  Why can’t Sam just be a respectable, good guy, married and settled man?  I find that so much more appealing and sexy than the cad about town, sex fiend these little bits of fluff say about him.  And, I believe, that he would prefer that too.  I adore the Barbour Man, cutting down a Christmas tree for the fam, charitable guy, that we get to see now and then.  Makes me wonder if Barbour likes their spokesperson flaunted like this.

7.  Sorry, told you it was a lot of marbles…  Get another dram and settle in for the rest.

8.  NO WAY, NO HOW, does someone act with a FRIEND like Sam and Cait do together.  That is REAL SHIT we see with the two of them.  Soul mates, lovers, spouses, very CLOSE, significant other vibes rocking with those two.  I haven’t seen anyone close to making the fire works go off with either of them.  And, I must add, it will take A SHIT LOAD OF AMAZING ACTING to get me to think that they are not the other’s everything.  I ain’t leaving this ship - I’d be stupid to.

9.  Almost there.  I don’t know who it is that thinks that this is a good idea for the show, career, Sam only fans, what ever.  This is madness and to me, only shows poorly for Sam’s image.  There are PLENTY of wonderful and powerful married acting couples out there that have success and keep their jobs and their marriage.  This is crazy.  Do I think it will stop?  I want it too, but I don’t think it will be easy to do.  Whoever is running this scam is making a big mistake.  

10.  I love Sam and Cait.  I truly feel sorry for them.  It must be achingly painful to sit by and watch your SO pretend to be with someone else.  BUT, I also hate that S&C are allowing this to happen.  AND, if it’s their idea to do this crap to keep eyes off of their personal relationship, they need their heads examined and some pretty in depth therapy.  A grown man and woman living their lives and love in the shadows is just plain stupid.  Sam and Cait, you are missing out on the best years as a couple.  Tell whoever to sod off.  Or reevaluate for yourselves. There’s years and decades of wonderful, fulfilling marriages on this ship and we will all tell you that this is just wrong.  Love should be flaunted,  cherished, and lived out loud.  Just ask us…

11.  Sorry. A couple of marbles left.  I think Sam and/or Cait read a lot of our blogs.  Maybe not mine, but I think they read and follow and sometimes go ANON - ING.  I would if I were them.

12.  Sam and Cait.  I’m sorry, but you aren’t fooling anyone.  Parade all the blonde chick a dees and suavey boy things you want.  We got eyes and we are not stupid. Try harder.  One way or another.  It’s YOUR life, not ours’.  We adore both of you and wish the best for you.  Now how about doing that for yourselves?  Aren’t you worth it?