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Ah nice to see a fellow La La Land fan :) perfect film is perfect

YES, TALK LA LA LAND TO ME. I saw it twice already (cried even more the second time) and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop. The cinematography, the colors, the continuous shots and the music just blow me away. Fingers crossed it wins the Oscar for Best Picture tomorrow! <3 

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Why in the heck would Monty put that picture on his IG story??? Gosh. My frustration level is through the freaking roof. This is a full blown, four alarm mess. I give kudos to everyone going to ECCC who have to stand in the presence of the two who have played us and allowed people to be bullied by Shatner and his fuck buddy. I can't stand to look at Sam. He looks like a fool with this girl. This is like Cody Kennedy 2.0. Bad reputation, no talent and out of work. Will be the same with Sam soon

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RFA+V and Unknown who are and aren’t virgins and why? love your blog!


  • Precious bean baby is definitely a virgin
  • He’s probably has had a past girlfriend or two (they weren’t really serious relationships either), but he’s never given himself to any of them
  • He’s such a nervous guy and he’d really want to make sure he truly was ready and was in love with the person for his first time


  • She isn’t a virgin
  • She’s regrettably mentioned before that she is not innocent
  • I can see Jaehee having a past, serious partner who she gave her first to
  • Plus she’s probably had more than one serious partner too


  • He used to be a bad boy, remember?
  • Though he stated that he never fooled around with girls willy-nilly, he did do the frick frack quite a few times (but only with his girlfriends, not one night stands)
  • Zen does somewhat regret giving himself up so easily though


  • Virgin
  • Despite with the whole 50 Shades of Jumin Han thing, before his route in the game he really disliked women
  • Jumin tends to be really uptight with these sort of things (canonically not believing in moving in before marriage, for example)


  • He’s had to seduce women for his agency work handfuls of times, so he’s not a virgin
  • It always made him feel dirty and guilty, but he never thought he’d actually fall in love so what did it matter
  • It wasn’t until MC that he changed his perspective


  • Maybe a virgin, maybe not
  • Rika probably never got that intimate with V, and he respected her wishes 
  • But V most likely has had past girlfriends, and he is a very trusting person
  • So who knows? He is the ultimate enigma of the RFA after all


  • With being trapped in Mint Eye almost all his life following some cult, I think it’s safe to say that he’s a virgin
  • And if anybody in the cult tried to come onto him I don’t think he’d care about them either way

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i feel like you'll appreciate this story. i'm a bi dude w/ a str8 friend who has casual flings w/ this girl. they're not dating, just fwb. he recently found out she was having flings w/ another girl, and came running to me to get my "bisexual opinion" on his situation. his "situation"? he was jealous about the girl seeing another girl while fooling around w/ him as well. the look on his face when i told him it was none of his beeswax what she does w/o him since they weren't in a relationship? 👌

aye lookin out for other bi/queer peeps 👏👏 anda!


my half of an art trade with amazing good frend @jetito!!! we both have characters named irene so we drew each others’ irenes!!!! im love this character so much she is adorable

i included versions with and without toner shading on irene because it was really experimental and idk whether it looks terrible or not, its the first time ive attempted anything even remotely resembling shading. though i do think the hatching in the eyes looks good, i ripped that off from flip flappers. please watch flip flappers

ALSO my spanish is a little bit rusty but her dialogue is supposed to be kind of a goof on sailor moon’s catchphrase from the spanish dub