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clexa college au fics? sorry if you've already done this, i'm on mobile so i can't browse your fic rec tag

hey there! first of all, SORRY for the delay. idk if I’ve done it either, so here’s some (also, only gonna include reasonably recent fics that either have been updating or are complete):

Help, I Need Somebody (Not Just Anybody) — IT UPDATED! IT UPDATED! IT UPDATED!

Open Windows, Open Hearts — this is the smutty fic you’ve been looking for.

Room 615 — lexa is the stoic RA, clarke is the annoyingly obstinate transfer student. read it read it read it read it!

Breaking Out — this is one of my faves :) check it out!

don’t wanna be your girl — filth. delicious filth. hilarious too!

A Forest Fire — this is painful but 100% worth it.

Chasing Shadows — lexa is a French hockey player, clarke is more of a rugby gal, and this is a super awesome fic. read it!

Rude Awakening — clarke doesn’t like early mornings. great one-shot with the possibility (please please please please please) of more chapters!

Butterflies — this is a really great take on love and how the media (and ourselves) portray it. Seriously worth a read!

Waiting For Love to Strike — football! striker lexa and midfielder clarke! football!

She — you know it, I know it, your dog knows it, your neighbour knows it, everyone knows it. but just in case you don’t, here it is. a fandom favourite.

Remember when (we used to be between the sheets) — my good friend Carmen does it again: an honestly great fic, sequel to between the sheets.

Civil War — “And Clarke Griffin opened her annoyingly attractive, opinionated, and this time entirely wrong mouth.” No words needed.


Broken Rules — this is seriously great, a college and no strings attached sex au must read. read it.

To You, I Give Myself — ;))))))))

From You, I Take My Pleasure — ;)))))))) 2

The Favour — sweet and sexy, showing there is no right age for anything

April Fools — a fest of clexa hilariousness and sweetness. a great read :)

been lovin’ you for quite some time —CHRISTMAS!!!

She Was a Storm — haven’t read this one yet, but have been wanting to.

These Walls Are Paper Thin — an oldie that never gets old :)

There’s so many more, but then I’d take another century to post this. Besides, this is quite lengthy already, isn’t it? I think so. I hope you think so too ^-^

Someone come scream with me about Feste the Fool!

He’s really funny, obviously, but also painfully self-aware, and he can tell everyone’s motivations and inner workings almost better than themselves, and yet as hard as he tries, he can’t untangle himself from the plot against Malvolio.

On that note, Sir Toby and Maria don’t ever feel bad about making Malvolio seem and feel mad/possessed; they’re just worried that Olivia will punish them, and “can’t enjoy this sport”

“Notre Dame de Paris” (Batfam x gypsy! Reader x Ra’s Al Ghul) Part 1

Bonjour ma little wings! Here you have the first chapter of that disney au nobody asked for but everyone deserves! 

So this au will be based mainly in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, with also “Notre dame de Paris” Book elements and elements of the musical with the same name and elements from my imagination.

In the image above the fic will feature the main characters of each chapter


So I’ll give you 3 options and you message or coment your choice. The most voted of them will be the one that the reader will do.

Thanks to @hamsterforlive @chipsinabox @cecedot  and @aliceinwinderland for your coment and support of this au. Also thanks to   @algentforthewin @iisingintheshower @7tharchangel12 @pinkwitch21 @imaprincess09 @lostqueen1613 @cutiedaij @bloodhoundalice @browncoatforever @axa-vega @kaylaphantomhive @roxalienqueenx @memequeen108 for liking it and giving me the suport to write this!

Hope you enjoy!

Part1 (here we are)

Character GUIDE:

    Damian Wayne - Quasimodo

    Ra’s Al Ghul - Frollo

    Dick Grayson - Clopin

    Reader - Esmeralda

    Jason Todd - Phoebus

    Tim Drake - Pierre Gringoire

Other Info

  (y/n)  Your name      

 (h/c) Hair color    

   (e/c) eye color   

    (g/n) goat name    

   (f/c) Favorite color

The loud bells of Notre Dame rang, waking all Paris up.

Rolling in Paris, the city awakes to the bells of Notre Dame. The fisherman comes with fresh fish and the baker bakes to the Bells of Notre Dame. To the big bells loud as a thunder to the little bells as a sound, and some say the soul of the city it’s the total of the bells, the bells of Notre Dame!

A man dressed with a blue, black suit with yellow feathers in his collars and a matching blue mask, sat behind a cart. A bunch of children sat before him, waiting for him to end his song.

         “Listen! They are beautiful, no? So many colors and sounds, so many changing moves! Because, you know, they don’t ring all by themselves!” He said, suddenly he got a puppet of himself.

“They don’t?!” The puppet said.

“No. you silly boy! Up there, high, high in the dark bell tower lives the mysterious bell ringer! Who is this creature?”


“What is he?”


“How did he come to be there?”


“HUSH!” He hit the puppet with a stick as the children laugh at his antics.

“oww” The puppet whined.

“Nightwing will tell you! It is a tale, a tale of a man …and a monster!”

         Dark was the night our tale was begun on the docks near Notre Dame.

“Shut it up! will you!?” The man snarled

“We’ll be spotted!” yelled the other.

“Hush, little one” The woman shushed the crying baby.

Four frightened gypsies slid silently under the dock near Notre Dame.

“Pay, If you want a safe trip out of Paris”

But a trap had been laid for the gypsies and they gazed up in fear and alarm. At a figure whose clutches were iron as much as the bells,

“Judge Ra’s Al Ghul”

The bells of Notre Dame!

Judge Ra’s Al Ghul longed to purge the world of vice and sin, and he saw corruption everywhere, except within.

“Bring this gypsies back to the palace of justice”

“HEY, YOU! WHAT ARE YOU HIDDING?” A soldier pulled the bundle the woman was carrying, she fought back.

“Surely, nothing good. ..Take it from her”

She ran!

         The woman ran the judge closely behind. His dark horse’s hot breath hit the woman’s neck until she jumped a fence. He stopped and she ran towards the Notre Dame.

“SANTUARY! PLEASE GIVE US SANTUARY!” The woman knocks fast and loud on the church’s door. As the judge approached her she tried to run away.

He got a hold of the bundle and pulled hard, she lost her hold and foot.



As her neck came in contact with the cold snow in the stairs of Notre Dame. Al ghul looked unimpressed, he decided to look what the thing the gypsy was protecting.

“A baby?…No, A DEMON!” His eyes widened and quickly covered the baby’s face. He looked around for a way of getting rid of it. Hi eyes widened as he look at the well. He approached it, holding the baby out and ready to drop it.

“STOOOP!” Cried the archdeacon. Who in his arms, hold the dead gypsye’s cold body. Dark memories flood in the back of his eyes. The archdeacon Wayne looked up to the judge’s face.

“This is an unholy demon, I’m sending it back to hell. We’re it belongs.” The judge said nonchalant.

“See, the innocent blood you have spilt on the steps of Notre Dame.”

“I’m guiltless. She ran, I pursed.” He shrugged.

“Now, you would add this child’s blood to your guilt, on the steps of Notre Dame.”


“You can lie to yourself and your minions. You can claim that you haven’t a qualm. BUT YOU NEVER CAN RUN FROM NOR HIDE WHAT YOU DONE FROM THE EYES, THE VERY EYES OF NOTRE DAME!” Wayne pointed at the statue of the Mary and Jesus, as lighting illuminated their lifeless eyes.

         And from one time in his life of power and control, Ra’s felt a twinge of fear for his immortal soul.


“What must I do” The judge said, fear written all over his face.

“Care for the child” The Archdeacon said while carrying the body of the woman. “And raise as your own”

“WHAT?” He snarled. “I must be sated with this… monstrous demon from-“He seemed to have a realization, and his face relaxed. “Very well, but let him live with you in your church”

“Live here? Where?!”

“Anywhere…Just so he’s keep locked away where no can else can see… The bell tower, perhaps. And who knows, our Lord works in mysterious ways ” Ra’s looked back  at the baby. “Even this foul creature yet prove on day to be… of use… to me.”


         And Ra’s gave the child a cruel name, a name that mean TO TAME, DAMIAN.

Now here is riddle to guess if you can sing the bells of Notre Dame, who is the monster and who is the man?

Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells BELLS OF NOTRE DAME!


Paris woke up preparing for the festival of fools. People setting up colorful tents and a stage at the middle.

Damian looked at everyone, wanting to be freed of his dread. He saw a young little robin, he’s been caring for, for a while back.

“You think you’ll fly today?” He caressed the bird’s hair “I would do it if I where you. Who wants to be trapped here?” He huffed, his abnormal eyes locking down at the ant sized humans setting up the tents.

Then a flock of other birds flew by, Damian smiled encourageously at the little bird who started waving its wings until he was flying above Damian’s hands.

“Go” He smiled at the bird who flew away with the rest. Damian sighed sadly keep looking down. Suddenly the two gargoyles next to him came alive.

“Uff, I thought that bird was never leaving!” A purple bat gargoyle said, spitting straw from the bird’s nest. “I’ll be spitting feathers for a week!”

“Stop exaggerating, Steph.” Another bat shaped gargoyle, this one with yellow and black tones.  “That’s what you get for sleeping with your mouth open!”

“Har har! So funny Babs! Go scare a nun.” Steph said as she leaned in Damian’s shoulder. “Hey, Dami! What’s going on down there? A fight? A flagon?”

“A festival” Said Babs.

“You mean the fest of fools?!” Steph said, exited as Damian nodded “Alright alright alright! Pour the wine and cut the cheese!”

“It is a treat to see the colorful pageantry of the simple peasant folk” Babs said to Damian.

“Boy, I never liked a balcony seat for watching the FOF!” Said Steph ribbing her hands together.

“Yeah” said Damian darkly. “Watch” He then went back inside.

“Oh look a mime…” Steph was about to spit the mime but Babs covered her mouth before anything went down. Obligating Steph to swallow it. She then pointed at Damian. “Het hey! What gives?”

“Aren’t you going to watch the festival with us?” Babs asked.

Damian ignored them.

“I don’t get it!” Steph said to Babs.

“Perhaps he is sick”

“Impossible” A third gargoyle said. This one was completely black. “If 18 years of listening to your arguing hasn’t made him sick, nothing will.”

“But, Cass. Watching the festival of fools has always been the highlight of the year for Damian”

“There is nothing good of seeing a festival if you can never be on it”  She scared the doves above her before following Damian. “He isn’t made of stone like us”

Damian sat beside a handmade replica of the cathedral and the square. With handmade figures of the people living there. He looked longingly at them as the three gargoyles looked sadly at him, Cass decided to approach him.

“What’s wrong” Cass asked, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“I just, don’t feel like watching the festival”

“Never thought about going there instead?” Cass asked.

“Sure, but I’d never fit in out there. I’m not normal”

“Oh Dami, Dami Dami” Cass said as Steph jumped inside his replica.

“Hey! Quit beating yourself! What do he have to do? Paint you a fresco?!” Steph grabbed the Damian shaped figure from the bell tower and put it beside the other.

“As your friend and guardians, we insist you attend the festival.” Babs said, grabbing Damian by his arm.

“Me?” He asked.

“No, the pope” Said Steph. “Of course you!”

“It would be a fantastical potpourri of educational experience.” Babs nodded

“ Wine, women, animals and so!” Steph said.

“You could learn to identify regional types of cheeses.” Babs said exited.

“A bucket of snails!” Steph said holding a bucket.

“Study indigenous folk music” Babs gestured like she was playing a guitar.

“AND DANCE!” Steph poured the bucket over babs, who glared at her.

“Take it from me, life is not spectator sport. If watching is all you’re going to do, then you’re going to watch your life go by without you.” Advised Cass.

“Yeah, you are human! With flesh, and hair and navel… We’re just part of the architecture! Right Babs?”

“Yes.” Said Babs. Before putting the bucket in Steph’s head.

“Dami, just grab a fresh tunic, a clean pair of pants and go.” Cass tried to drag Damian but he just patted her head.

“Thanks for the encouragement, but you’re all forgetting a really big problem.”

“WHAT?!” The three of them asked.

“My grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul.” He grabbed a green clad figurine.

“Oh” said the three gargoyles.

“Well, when he says you’re “forbidden” of ever leaving the bell tower, does he mean ever EVER?” Babs asked awkwardly.

“Never ever, and he hates the Fest of fools. He’ll be furious if I asked” Damian sighed.

“Who said you had to ask?” Steph smirked evilly.

“No” Damian said

“You sneak out”

“Just once” Cass said

“Then, you sneak back in!” Said Steph again

“He’ll never know” Cass put a finger in her mouth.

“But if I get caught…”

“Better beg for forgiveness than ask for permission” Babs said, nonchalant.

“They’ll see me!”

“Wear a disguise! Just this once!” Steph put a towel over her head. “What Ra’s doesn’t know, can’t hurt you!” She hides behind Babs.

“Ignorance is bliss” Babs said, mater-of-factly

“No one wants to stay here forever” Cass says.

Damian thought it for a moment, before getting up.

“You’re right! I’ll go”

“YEAH! HURRAY!” Steph said as the three of them cheered.

“I’ll get clean”


“I’ll go down those stairs.”


“I’ll cross the doors and-”

“Good morning, Damian” Ra’s Al Ghul said darkly.


Meanwhile, under the watch of Notre dame a young gypsy woman with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes, walked in between the tents.

“(y/n)! wait!” Nightwing, or best known as Dick called you. “Where are you going?”

“Oh, Hello Dick. I’m just searching for Harley, she was repairing my scarf. You know, for the festival.”

“AH! I think I saw her in the green tent, she was helping Ivy.”

“Great, thanks.” You smiled at him and went to find the clown girl.

“WAIT! I’ll go with you!” Dick shouted. He ran towards you, and then proceeded to walk next to you, talking nonstop.

“Oh, where here!” He says.” Now, I have to go back and talk with pop Haley… You think, we can, maybe, I dunno… eat together later? I’ll cook!”

“Okay, but please. Let Jon cook, you will just burn it.” You smiled at him.

“Great! See you later!” He walked away and you got inside the tent, to see Ivy and Harley talking, sitting there with Zatanna.

“(Y/n)! Coming for your scarf?” Harley smiled. Ivy and Zatanna both greeted you with a smile.

“Hey Ivy, Z. Yes, Harls, did you fix it?”

“Fix it? Heck, I improved it!” She smiles, proud of herself. She gets your scarf from inside a brown basked. It was a silk (f/c) with sequins a preset from your mom. Harley had sewed new bright little jewels than sparkled with every movement.

“Oh, Harls… I love it!” You hugged her. She laughed and patted your back.

“Great! Now go! Go practice for your big moment tomorrow! You’ll break so many hearts!” She cheered

“I saw a rather quiet street, not far away. The guards don’t drop by often.” Said Zatanna.

“Great, thanks Z!”

“Be careful, (y/N)!” Said Ivy.

“Will do, thanks!” You smiled.


You put a hat you borrowed from Raptor on the ground, your trusty goat by your side. She watched that no one robbed you.

You started dancing, the only sound that could be heard in the street has the one from your tambourine.

Almost everyone that passed by, gave you a coin. Some looked at you lustfully, some other impressed, and more often that you would like disgusted looks.

A little kid approached you and put a coin in your hat, (g/n) beeed at him, jumping, the little kid smiled and you bowed your head. He bowed back when his mom called him. He said goodbye and ran towards his mom.

At the beginning of the street were you were, Jason Todd, acclaimed knight returned to Paris, his black hair brushed by the wind, his once boney shoulders were now broad shoulders and with what seemed like a red helmet looked at a map, his brown, almost red horse following behind.        

“Hmm, you go for a couple of decades and they change everything!” He said as he wrinkled the map and threw it away. As two guards passed by he decided to ask them.

“Excuse me, the way to the palace of justice?” But the two guards ignored him. He swearer. “I guess not” Then continued his way down the street.

That’s when, after leaving 2 coins in your hat he saw you.

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at you, enchanted.

You bowed your head nodding, at the same time you hit your tambourine, smiling charmingly.

He smiled rather silly before recomposing himself. Coughing awkwardly, he tried to smile charmingly before going away meanwhile you had heard the call of the guards approaching and tried to run away, (g/n) grabbed your hat but the money fell over, you went back and were gathering them when a guard grabbed you hat before you could reach it.

“Alright, gypsy. Where did you get the money?”

“For your information, I earned it” You got your hat and money back from his clutches.

“Gypsies, don’t earn money” The guard said. You glared at him as the other grabbed you from behind.

“You stole it” Said the one holding you.

“You’ll know a lot about stealing” You said.

“Troublemaker” said the other guard, trying to take your hat. You kicked him in the face, the got away from the hold of the other guard. Your goat then glared at them, kicking one in the shin and kicking the other one in the face. Knocking them down, one of them unconscious. You then took advantage and ran away in the other direction, running towards your secret shortcut to your tent.

Jason, who had seen everything followed you with his eyes until he couldn’t see you anymore. He was very impress with your fierceness.

When the guards tried to follow you he suddenly put his horse in their way, knocking them back down. The one who had bullied you more fell right on a puddle.

“Arsenal, sit” And the horse sat over the guard, making him fell in the puddle.

The people that gathered around them started laughing at their misery, Jason mockingly said:

“Oh, dear I’m so sorry! Naughty horse, naughty! Really, he’s just impossible” Jason leaned over Arsenal, smiling openly and rather fake. “Can’t take him anywhere!”

You, that had stopped in an alley seeing as your shortcut was crowded by guards, had seen everything. You bit your lip and smiled. That man sure has handsome! You looked at him one last time and turned the alley.

“GET THIS THING OFF OF MEE!” The guard yelled painfully.

“I’ll teach you a lesson” Said the other one, unsheathing his sword. Jason got his own sword from his sheath.

“You were saying” Jason smirked. “Lieutenant?”

Then the guard as if he had seen the light for the first time started stuttering and acting nervously.

“Oh, eh , Oh Captain!” He hit his head with his sword trying to salute him, only making a fool of himself. “AT YOUR SERVICE!”

Jason dig his sword on the ground and it cut the other guards moustache. Then he kneeled at the same height as the guards and said:

“I know you have a lot on your mind right now, but the palace of justice?”

In a few moments, they were yelling



Jason saw a few coins on the ground and grabbed them, leaving them in the hat of a beggar in front of him and followed the guards to the palace.

When they were far, you unhooded and looked at the handsome guard who just had given you back the money that fell in your escape.


That night when you arrived back to your tent, Dick was waiting for you. Food served and a beautiful flower inside a wood glass.

“Dick, what’s al of this?” You asked surprised.

“Well, This is your first festival of fools. I wanted to make it more special. I didn’t cooked this! I swear! It was Eddie! I didn’t know he could cook but surprisingly he can. So if it’s horrible it’s his fault!” Dick rambled.

“Thanks Dick” You kissed his cheek. And Dick’s face reddened.

You obligated Dick to get his mark off for eating. You two had a great time, laughing, making jokes and Dick re-told you the story of the mysterious bell ringer.

“Dick, you’ve told me this story since I was a baby!”

“I know, but it’s very mysterious right?”

“Yeah. It is” You looked outside your tent towards the bell tower, where you swear you saw something moving.

“You know, I told you I had a little encounter with the guard earlier?” You asked absent

“Yeah, I told you they’re complete idiots! Those should be the king of fools, haha!” Dick laughed before taking a sip of his drink.

“I meet the captain” You said and Dick spited his drink.

“DID HE DO SOMETHING TO YOU?” He yelled, checking for bruises.

“No, he was very nice. He even stopped the guards of following me…He was very handsome, his black hair” Dick cheeked his black hair and frowned “his starling blue eyes” Dick’s hands touched his eyes and his frown worsened “And, OH! Those shoulders! Those tights!” You sighed. And Dick pouted.

“I have those same things!” he thought

“Hey, I heard from Z and Ivy that there’s going to be a meteor shower tonight. Wanna go with me?” Dick smiled adorably.

(What will you say?)

A)  Yes.

B)   No, I’ll stay here.

C)   Yes, but we go with the others.

Fic Rec: Olicity Fanfics - The List - PART 2

To maintain a certain level of sanity, I’ve decided, like 5 seconds ago, to stop my original fic rec list at 50. So say hello to Part 2 :D Once this part reaches 50 a Part 3 will be up and so on to infinity and beyond. I am subscribed to so many fics (and respective authors) that some of them, alas, get lost in the madness of my MacBook. So, without further ado, I present you the 4 fics that didn’t make it to Part 1 but have the honor to launch this one. 

[Part One is here if you are new to this thing] 

1) Cross Your Heart by jemmaniac High School AU. Oliver Queen, football athlete, has to pass all his midterms exams or he’ll be permanently off the team. Principal Steel has the perfect tutor: Felicity Smoak. 

2) After Hours  by befitandchase BDSM AU.  Felicity Smoak is crushed by the debts of her student loans from MIT, so being a QC’s IT specialist is not her only job. As the Author points out, this is an OLICITY story but it starts out as a Smoaking Canarrow thing (but the term in this case is not 100% appropriate). Oh and currently, there is a mystery going on and every monday I sit and pull my hair because I need to know. If you like the genre, check this out. 

3) Timeless by mogirl97 Time Travel AU. This is a “funny” light one, for me at least :) Based on the River of Time books, sisters Felicity and Thea are accidentally transported back in time to 14th century Italy.

4) Unflinching by cityofolicity Bratva AU. Felicity and Oliver went to High School together; she tutored him. Seven years later they see each other again in not so pleasant circumstances. 

5) The Phoenix  & Free Fall by supersillyanddorky06. AAHH. Put these two together because I found them today and promptly inhaled them. The first one is a Bratva AU and the other one a Soulmate AU that loosely follows Season 1. In “The Phoenix”, Felicity is the daughter of a Bratva Captain and she falls in love with the broody Oliver Queen, a Bratva member. Then he breaks her heart. Three years later, a marriage between the two is arranged and she’s not down with it; Oliver though, always gets what he wants. In “Free Fall”, Felicity never believed in the soulmate thingie but she has to reconsider when she meets a mysterious man in green leathers..and a hot billionaire playboy.  

6) Darkness And Smoak by SomberClown. Shall I call this Bratva AU? Yes I shall *wink*.  [copy/paste the summary because today I’m too lazy to use my words] Working to pay off her mother’s debts, Felicity Smoak takes a job moonlighting as a dealer at an underground casino run by none other than Bratva captain Oliver Queen. It was supposed to be temporary, a way to get quick cash. She sure wasn’t supposed to fall for him. But then again, darkness has always haunted her. Looooooove this. 

–> Phew, it’s been a while! Here you go! <–

7) The Legacy Series by ash818 Next-Gen. ficSet in 2039 and then 2-3 years later, Legacy tells the story of Jonathan Queen, firstborn of Oliver and Felicity, and the event that lead him to discover his parents’ “other life” and subsequently put on the Arrow suit himself. You know, this series surprised me. It’s not Olicity Olicity, they’re not the main focus of the story but..I loved it. Tears were shed here and there. Did I mention it is written in the 1st person, Jon POV? Oh you’ll love him :P

8) Can’t Escape This Now by callistawolf​ Mob AU. Not Bratva! Don’t get confused! In this story, Oliver returns home after a year - I think - of exile in Russia, and discovers that his mother is basically planning his marriage to a docile young woman, and of course he takes the news badly..but then he meets her. 

9) It Runs In The Family by dettiot  Arrow/Iron Man crossover AU. And the funny thing is, I don’t even like Iron Man (my ex tried to show me the light but…no) *hides*. But this I had to read. Felicity Stark, daughter of Tony and Pepper, vice-president of a brand new division of Stark Industries, moves to Starling City to run the company and crosses paths with a masked vigilante in green leather, because of course someone is after her and her brand new processor… 

10) I Don’t Need No Cure by edanyeros The Paramedic AU you didn’t know you wanted. Ok, so, we all know that ogling someone comes with a price. Felicity meets Oliver the fireman and sparks fly. Obviously not everything is perfect. I’ll be honest *constructive criticism alert*. At least I think it is a criticism…or just my opinion. I, personally, found the last chapter a bit confusing and..a bit rushed. But I loved the story anyways, that’s why I’m putting it in here. *wink wink*  

11) My Friends Won’t Love Me Like You Do by smoakingbillionaires​  & amellthirst  THIS ONE. This one is my favorite College AU like..EVER. *fangirls*  Felicity moves to the East Coast to begin her first year of college. What happens when playboy Oliver Queen asks for her help to not lose his baseball scholarship, and the two of them begin a friends with benefits relationship? I am obsessed with this fic…and it is currently on undefined hiatus, but I’ll live! 

12) Safe and Sound by pangirl-fangirl Bratva AU *wide grin*. After a tragedy, Donna Smoak sends her daughter Felicity, to live with the notorious Bratva captain Oliver Queen. Danger is around the corner and mysteries need to be solved. 

13) Sportsmanlike Conduct by mogirl97 College AU. Felicity Smoak plans to stay two years at Starling University and then transfer to MIT to finish her master in cyber security and computer sciences. One night, her roommate Iris drags her to a hockey game and …

14) The Bratva Olicity Series by lala123. Bratva AU. Felicity and her mother are on the run from her father. Oliver Queen will lose his Bratva status if he’s not married by the age of 28. They agree to marry in order to benefit one another. 

Oh can I add that I basically read EVERYTHING by dust2dust34, supersillyanddorky06 & hopedreamlovepray? Yes I can. Some of their works are listed here or on Part 1. If I strongly recommend a single fic, I’ll include it here anyway.  

15) Model Behavior by befitandchase Just a quick 2-chapter College AU that I probaby enjoyed far too much *evil grin*. Felicity’s an art student and for her final sculpting project, she has to create something using a non-clay medium. The course’s teacher is a bitch, so what better way to troll her than to make a dildo with the help of the gorgeous man who models at the campus? Safe to say that chapter 2 is a total smut fest ;)

16) Fool Me Twice  by darlinginmyway. Hospital AU. You know…there is a reason why it’s 10.00 pm and I’m only online now. This fic is why. I found it earlier and I just had to binge-read it. I didn’t want to step away from the laptop, the chapters are massive and so satisfying to read. Of course tears were shed here and there..I suggest reading this one with your fave cookies in your proximity. What can you do when your first love comes back into your life after fifteen years apart? Or, Felicity is the best PT in Starling General Hospital, and she is assigned to help football player Oliver Queen to recover from ACL reconstruction. To do so, she’ll have to move in with him for 6 months. What will happen?   

17) What Happened In Vegas… by juleswritesallwrongs Oh this is a pretty pretty Season 1 Rewrite, almost 5000 kudos on AO3…and it deserves every single one of them. This fic is one of those evil things who make you cry even if you don’t want to; Jules took my heart and squeezed it. Be sure to have your Kleenex near you! So, in this fic, Oliver and Felicity met in Vegas and have a drunk wedding…and wedding night. The thing is, Oliver disappeared during the “accident” with the Queen’s Gambit, before the pair could annul the marriage. 5 years later, we found out Felicity is CEO of her own company and is known as the “Cool-hearted bitch Felicity Queen” - why? I hear you ask - … and then Oliver returns…

18) I Got Sinning On My Mind by Singing_Dreamer. This is *drum roll* A Bratva AU! You know..the problem with Bratva AU’s is that they are almost all about Felicity needing protection from something, so she goes/they send her to the cold Bratva Captain Oliver Queen. But I don’t effing care. I read them ALL, because every story has its twists and turns. In this story, Felicity is in Vegas when she meets Anatoly Knyazev and they form a friendly father-daughter bond. Some time later, while studying at MIT, she does something stupit and the Triad is after her. For hers and her mother’s safety, she agrees to do “jobs” for the Bratva, and Oliver Queen and John Diggle are sent there to protect her. The trio forms a strong friendship, but what happens when a few years later, Oliver and Felicity are told they have to marry each other?   

19) Layers by @writergirlwrites. Can I…? Sigh. I request the highest of fives for this fic. And more kudos on AO3. This is not your usual Bratva AU fic: women with agency, non-possesive Oliver - and it’s still glorious - mistery, romance..gah. Felicity Smoak is hiding a secret. One night, she returns home to find two murderous strangers in it. Running away, unable to let go of her shopping bag, she’ll find help in a blonde woman who will bring her in the world of the russian mafia..and in the house of the handsome Oliver Queen.  


I still maintain that, in 2012, The Folger Shakespeare Theatre in DC put on one of the best productions of Twelfth Night that I’ve ever seen. 

Here’s why:

-The play was set in 1914 on the deck of a Lusitania-like ship with a GIANT ASS stained glass window hanging, pendulum-like, behind the action. When the light shone through it just right, the rainbow pattern would fall on the floor.  

-Because of the time period, the play featured Malvolio in a fabulous yellow and black bathing costume and a string of pearls, a hilarious departure from the traditional cross-gartered stockings.  

-A Vaudevillian Feste (Fool) wore a brown pinstripe suit and bowler hat, and accompanied himself on the Ukulele. All of his rhymes were sung to tunes reminiscent of turn-of-the-century American dance tunes.  

-All scene transitions were underscored by a piano player, who would play Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” faster and faster as the plot got increasingly intricate. The faster the music, the faster the transition. This included everything from bodies to furniture. The final transitions morphed into highly coordinated flailing.

-So much more. If you’ve read this far, and care to hear other cool technical stuff about this production, feel free to send me a message!

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spill the tea

all the commentary I can find suggests that robert armin played pompey in measure for measure but he’s like….not a prominent role and even accounting for unrecorded improvisation it feels weird that you would have like 1602 armin play feste 1606 armin play lear’s fool but 1604 armin play this fairly minor character in measure for measure. I think he played lucio who is a much more vocal role throughout the entirety of the play & have some tenuous textual evidence, in any case even if lucio isn’t as much the wise fool type as feste or touchstone it’s not completely unlikely