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Congrats for the 1k foolowers! and you deserve even more! could you write #31 with (young) Remus Lupin, please?

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Remus Lupin x Reader
31. “You’re so cute when you’re sleepy.“  

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With your back against the headboard, you sit on the bed with Remus’ grey t-shirt on you, a book between your hands. It’s almost noon, but your boyfriend is still fast asleep, low hummings left his mouth as he sleeping like a baby. You glance up from your book, looking at him and bit your lip – he looks so adorable. This is the sight which you will never get tired of seeing. After you put down your book on the night stand, you slid next to him, tracing tiny kisses on his bare shoulder. He growls lowly, but didn’t open his eyes. You giggled at his reaction, shook your head before left the bedroom. 

The smell of fresh coffee fills the room as you tanding in the kitchen, making breakfast whilst you singing your favourite song quietly when you feel two big arms sneaking around your waist, a chin resting on your shoulder.

„Morning, sleepy-head.” – you murmured, slowly turning around.

He presses his forehead against yours. „You really had to wake me up?”

„It’s past noon, you dolt.” - you said, cupping his face.

His eyes flutters open, snapping up his head. „Sorry, love. Somebody kept me up all night.”

„Are you complaining?” – you asked with a cocked eyebrow.

„Of course I’m not.” – he said with a raspy voice, grinning before he leaning closer, kissing you slowly and gently.

His hair disheveled, eyes still weary as he burry his face in the crook of your neck, pulling you closer. You giggle as running your fingers between his brown locks.

„You’re so cute when you’re sleepy.”

You feel his smile on your collarbone, he presses a kiss on it before he says, „I’m almost always sleepy.”

„You’re almost always cute, then.”

He chuckles, drawing circles on your back with his hand, placing his head on your shoulders again. You gently push him away. „What if we eat some breakfast first and then spending the whole day in bed?”

With dilated pupils, Remus cup your cheek. „You’re the best.”

„I know.” – you smile, give a quick kiss on his lips before you turn back to the countertops.

When They Tease You And You Start Crying (BTS)

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: It would most likely be about something he doesn’t care about or think is a big deal (like your glasses or some shit, something he actually adores) and he wouldn’t mean any harm by it at all. He would think you two were just having some fun friendly banter and would be really caught off guard when you’d start crying. He’d feel sooo bad and apologize immediately because making you cry was the last thing he’d ever wanna do

YOONGI: I feel like since he’s not much of a joker normally, he’s teasing could get a bit mean without his meaning to (which would be why he wouldn’t tease you hardly ever) His words would cut a bit too deep than he had realized and  he wouldn’t expect your reaction at all. He would completely change direction completely and be extra buttery and sweet to you

HOSEOK: He would’ve been picking on everyone that day so you were not spared in the least. It would all be in good fun for him of course, but you would take it a little harder than the others since what he was teasing you about was something you had been feeling insecure about lately (but like, how would he even know). You’d probably leave the room before you start crying and he’d foolow you because he’d tell something was wrong. When you told him why you were so upset, he’d feel guilty af and apologize a million times

SEOKJIN: Honestly, I feel like he wouldn’t even have been teasing, but might of made an off-hand comment in a light tone that would hit you the wrong way. He wouldn’t notice how quiet you had gotten until he heard you sniffle a little causing his cheerful mood to do a 180. He’d apologize immediately, even though he’s not quite sure what he did

JIMIN: You would of been having a bad day already (apparently, it’s your job to fix your managers mistakes) so when you’d come home to a hyper boyfriend and a house full of annoyingly rambunctious members (Suga would be sitting quietly in a corner, minding his own business and behaving well, what a perfect son) your nerves would already be pretty frazzled. When he’d make a dig at something relatively small (’I think you did that wrong…’) you would snap at him so hard and fast, you’d think the other boys had died and become ghosts by how fast they disappeared. After cooling down, you both would apologize to each other

TAEHYUNG: Oh Tae, I feel like even though he looks kinda like Baekhyun, he wouldn’t have the same amazing sense to know when the jokes over. You’d both be having a good time, picking on each other for laughs when he’d step over the line and go a little too far with what he was saying. He’d realize the mistake he made a second later, but it would already be too late. He’d spend the rest of the day trying to make it up to you

JUNGKOOK: This little boy wouldn’t know how to filter himself at times when he was ‘not being an idol’, so he’d prob say something rude without meaning to. When he would, you would understandably get upset. Instead of ignoring him or walking away, you would tell him exactly why he was upsetting you so that he could learn and not do it again in the future. He’d listen to you so diligently and would definitely never make the mistake again

A Royal Air Force Avro Shackleton MR.3 (s/n WR970), in flight over cloud. WR970, the prototype Mk.3, was first flown on 2 September 1955. It was subsequently lost in a crash in the Peak District near Foolow, Derbyshire (UK) during operational tests on 7 December 1956. All on board were killed.

Unusual the inhabitant of a Lunar Forest, to date - Gryphon of sunset Dayfon!
This creature is almost impossible to catch on camera. This beast of all known bestiaries, is able to deftly adjust traps, and laughing, to disappear from the lens or become very unclear. But we were lucky to capture his first photo!


- LEDs “foolow me” eyes
- Cooling system in the beak, with additional ventilation through the nostrils
- Soft ears
- Lots and Lots of feathers! Large feathers was hand-painted
- Silicone padded tongue
- Zipper for ease of maintenance and dressing of the mask
- Soft and very interesting realistic fur that likes to change shades
- The beak is fully painted by airbrush, fur was part painted.